Douluo Dalu 5 Rebirth of Tang San - Chapter 1016 Tang 3 VS Heaven and Earth 1 Sword

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Tang San drew the No. 1 lottery, which also meant that he would be the first to play in today's game. This game is also the first candidate to enter the semi-finals.

At this time, other players have also started to draw lots, grabbing a number in hand. The eighteen players who participated in the third round soon had their own signatures, but none of them showed it to people like Tang San. Let the opponent not be able to prepare in advance, this is the foundation.

"The first group of players enters the arena." The Tianhu Demon Emperor said calmly.

The eight thorns on Tang San's back propped up on the ground, propelling his body to fly up and fall toward the field.

And at this moment, not far from the lounge where he was before, a figure also rose up. Like Tang San, Feishi entered the arena.

Seed player!

Without turning his head to look, Tang San knew that he was a seeded player in this round. The next moment, he also felt who his opponent was, and his face suddenly became strange.

Ning Chenen was also looking forward to see who was so lucky, it was secretly annoyed, the lottery in its hand was not the second lottery, and it thought that it didn't have the luck to draw Tang San.

At this time, the audience was in an uproar.

Strong and weak, is this first match so clear? This is the first reaction of the audience when they see the two sides.

Tang San landed on the arena, and he had already lost the statue of the Sword Saint and the Great Demon Emperor. Naturally, in the eyes of all the audience, he was the weakest among all the eighteen contestants in the third round, and he was the only one who didn't have one. Kind of weak. After all, the Blue Gold Tree Clan is not good at fighting, this is something everyone knows!

And almost at the same time appearing in the arena, the one opposite Tang San. However, in the previous game, he was evaluated as a super strong player, and he has even become one of the most promising players to reach the end in the future promotion of the Battle of the Emperor. It can be said that, at least judging from the previous two knockout rounds, this one is definitely a favorite.

"The News of the World, this is the News of the World! Could it be that this is the price of using the statue of the Sword Saint and the Great Demon Emperor?" After a short period of loss, Ning Chen'en was somewhat gloating at the misfortune.

The one who appeared in front of Tang San really had a dull expression, no different from when he faced other opponents in the previous two matches. It is Qiu Zixuan, the first genius of the red-crowned crane demon lineage, the heir to the Sword Saint Demon Emperor, who won the title of Heaven and Earth Sword in just one game.

Yes, Tang San's luck can be said to be so bad that he won the draw in the last round. It is definitely a sword of heaven and earth that can rank in the top five from the two matches that have already happened. Absolutely seeded.

The referee has also fallen from the sky at this time. The referee for this match was an old acquaintance of Tang San, and possibly the Heavenly Emperor, the strongest emperor today.

At this time, Tianyang Tianjing Emperor was surprised, and his face was also a little strange.

Among all the emperors, he was the only one who knew what Tang San's trump card was, at least he thought so.

But, can the fierce dragon help Tang San block Qiu Zixuan's sword? These top demon kings, especially the seed players. Which one is not close to the strength of the emperor. The so-called close to the emperor, in fact, must have a gap with the real emperor. Tang San's fierce dragon had just made a contract, so there was definitely no tacit understanding, and it was hard to say how powerful the fierce dragon was. And Qiu Zixuan's terrifying explosive power was seen by everyone. At that moment of eruption, if the fierce dragon couldn't resist, Tang San would definitely lose. And how easy is it to stop it?

However, Tianyang Tianjing Emperor still had expectations for Tang San, at least it was different from other viewers who thought that Tang San had already been defeated.

Tang San bowed to Tianyang Tianjing Emperor, and Qiu Zixuan, the sword of heaven and earth on the other side, also saluted at the same time.

"Both sides are ready." Under the eyes of all the people, Tianyang Tianjing Emperor certainly couldn't help Tang San. He didn't even have that idea. After helping Tang San subdue the fierce dragon that day, he also had a new understanding of the Blue Gold Tree Clan Chief. What he wanted to see was whether Tang San could turn the tide against such a strong man, whether he could create Miracle.

Qiu Zixuan closed his eyes, and the sword intent instantly solidified. At this moment, it seemed as if it had disappeared. Between heaven and earth, there was only one sword. The mighty Sword Intent rushes into the sky, condensed but does not disperse, and the momentum rises instantly. There is no illusory light and shadow, only the powerful sword energy that seems to cut the world apart.

Tianyang Tianjinghuang's eyes subconsciously looked towards Tang San's side. How powerful is his divine sense, just from Qiu Zixuan's sword intent at this moment, he felt that Tang San was hanging. Although the fierce dragon is strong, it is stronger in the whole, but it is not an instant explosive force. It is not an easy thing to mobilize the power of destruction. It can be said that Qiu Zixuan's fighting method is the best way to restrain the fierce dragon.

Therefore, he also thought that Tang San was a little hung up. The fierce dragon just contracted may even fall because it cannot resist the sword of heaven and earth. After all, Qiu Zixuan is the top genius among the great demon kings today.

But a scene that surprised him happened at this time. Tang San didn't summon the Fierce Dragon Than Tyrant through the contract he had already concluded. Yes, no summoning. He just stood there so calmly, behind the blue-gold tree clan's tree shadow full of life breath. The thick life energy lingered around his body, and in terms of appearance, it was definitely quite good. Even Emperor Tianyang Tianjing felt very comfortable when he felt the pure life energy he released.

"Ready?" Emperor Tianyang couldn't help but ask him. This is to keep the fierce dragon and directly admit defeat?

Tang San grinned at Tianyang Tianjinghuang and said, "It's ready, thank you, Your Majesty."

The corner of Tianyang Tianjing's mouth twitched. If he wanted to admit defeat, why not say it now? Do you want to let the other party hack to death?

However, even if he is the strongest emperor in the contemporary era, he cannot ask any more questions at this time, UU reading www.uukanshu. com Otherwise, it will be questioned about fairness and justice.

He never wanted to see Tang San die. However, why do I feel that this kid is looking for death now!

He turned to look at Qiu Zixuan again. Qiu Zixuan didn't seem to know what Tang San was doing, still closed his eyes, his sword intent was still rising.

"Competition, start-start-" Tianyang Tianjinghuang announced the start of the match, he even deliberately lengthened his voice, waiting for Tang San's voice of admitting defeat. But Tang San still didn't say anything, just focused his attention on his opponent.

This kid...

Tianyang Tianjing Emperor was even a little annoyed at this moment, did he have to seek death?

But he couldn't delay any longer. He turned into a golden red light and rose into the sky, and the barrier separating the two sides also disappeared. His right hand has already made a void grasping action. In front of Qiu Zixuan's Heaven and Earth Sword, even if he wants to intervene and terminate the game, he must prepare in advance. The power of Heaven and Earth Sword is too strong and too fast. He was afraid that Tang San would be wiped out in an instant.

The moment the barrier disappeared, Qiu Zixuan's unparalleled sword intent erupted, the pitch-black long sword in his hand slashed out like lightning, and his body and sword became one, and the whole person had completely disappeared in the sword glow.

In an instant, the world was dark, as if the entire sky had been annihilated by this sword in an instant.

Tianyang Tianjing Emperor's right hand was about to be grabbed subconsciously, but the moment his right hand stuck out, it stagnated in the air. There was a look of astonishment in his eyes.

When the barrier disappeared and Qiu Zixuan made a move, its opponent Tang San also made a move.

Squat down!

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