Douluo Dalu 5 Rebirth of Tang San - Chapter 1017 The basalt shield, the shield blocks the world

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Tang San's movements were very simple, squatting down. Yes, squat. Absolutely unexpected action by all viewers.

While squatting, his eyebrows suddenly flickered, and then, a black barrier stood in front of him. Because of his crouching action, the black barrier completely blocked his body. The next moment, the sword of heaven and earth has arrived.


The terrifying collision sound instantly turned into an unparalleled sound wave and erupted in the field.

The appearance of the sound wave even turned the entire arena into a twist. The protective shield stimulated by the terrifying oscillating sound wave trembled violently, producing a large number of ripples, so that the audience could not see the situation in the competition field at this moment.

The dark world gradually returned to clear, but under the impact of the violent sound waves, the protective shield was still trembling with ripples, and after a long while, the ripples gradually dissipated.

What a powerful sword! The vision produced by this sword was even stronger and faster than the two previous Qiu Zixuan matches.

died? The patriarch of the Blue Gold Tree Clan was hacked to death? After the sword was cut down just now, there was obviously no sign of Tianyang Tianjing Emperor's shot. Without the protection of the referee, wouldn't it be certain death?

However, when the oscillating ripples on the protective cover gradually dissipated, revealing the situation in the arena, all the audience were shocked.

Qiu Zixuan seemed to have never moved, still standing in the same place, the black long sword in his hand trembled slightly. It seemed that its face was a little pale. It has always been very calm, but the expression at this time turned out to be a little dull.

Opposite Qiu Zixuan, the existence that the audience thought should have been annihilated by Jianmang still exists. Remember the URL m.luoqiuzwww. cc

"Jin Miaolin", the patriarch of the Blue Gold Tree Clan, was still standing there, and there were large cracks and collapses in the ground around his body. But he was still alive and standing there. But in his hand, there is a huge shield. The shield is dark, and there is no light on it, but just there, it gives people an extremely thick feeling.

That is…


Ning Chenen didn't return to the lounge just now, and just stood outside watching the game. Because the Tiandi Yijian match would end soon, he wanted to see how Tang San failed, even died.

But what does it see? At this point its jaw was about to fall off.

blocked? blocked…

It can't even believe its own eyes. Qiu Zixuan's powerful sword of heaven and earth was actually blocked by this guy from the Blue Gold Tree Clan?

What is that in his hand? Suddenly, Ning Chenen remembered. It knows what that is.

At the auction, a mysterious turtle shield that was not too expensive was sold. One side is not even stimulated with its own power, only a defensive shield. The introduction at the time was that the defense was extremely strong, and the emperor could not break its defense, but no one could control it. Huge weight.

At that time, this shield seemed to have participated in the auction itself, but in the end, it was taken away by the Blue Gold Tree Clan, who everyone thought was stupid and rich.

And at this moment, Tang San pressed both hands on the edge of the shield, leaning the heavy shield on the ground, actually, using this shield to block the sword of heaven and earth?

In addition to the unbelievable, Ning Chenen couldn't have any other thoughts now.

Does this work too?

And the audience was even more stunned. From the shield in Tang San's hand, they naturally understood what happened. At this moment, even the weakest audience subconsciously thinks, I can do it!

Everyone had even forgotten what Tang San had bought at the super auction, but this time, the banknote ability actually played a role again, and the Amethyst Coin Warrior once again proved that his auction was justified.

Following the statue of the Sword Saint and the Great Demon Emperor, this one sacrificed the Mysterious Turtle Shield to block the terrifying attack of the Sword of Heaven and Earth.

The expression of Tianyang Tianjing in the sky is also extremely wonderful. He didn't use the Fierce Dragon, but just used the shield that he had tried before, but couldn't mobilize its specific power, blocking the sword of heaven and earth.

Why is he squatting? Is it because it cannot sustain the weight of the shield? You must know that the emperors have also tried this mysterious turtle shield. For the emperors, the weight is very terrible, it is difficult to use flexibly, and it cannot be stimulated by the power of consciousness or blood, so it was put up for auction. meeting. Unexpectedly, Tang San actually used it to block the sword of heaven and earth.

In fact, when Tang San found out that his opponent was Qiu Zixuan, he knew that this match was easy.

Qiu Zixuan's strength is indeed strong. From a purely offensive point of view, Tiandi Yijian may even be one of the strongest attacks among all the contestants in the Battle of the Emperor. However, all of this person's focus is on how to improve the attack power of Sword Intent, and the ability is a bit monotonous. And although the attack power of one battle is extremely terrifying, the problem is also very obvious, that is, it only has the power of one blow, and after one blow, it takes a lot of time to recover itself. Therefore, as long as you block its attack, you will naturally be able to defeat it.

The Black Turtle Shield in the eyes of others is actually the existence of the Black Tortoise Shield, which is the strongest defensive artifact of the entire Falan Star plane. Although the sword of heaven and earth is fierce, it is still impossible to break the defense of the Xuanwu shield. Not to mention Qiu Zixuan, if the Sword Saint Great Demon Emperor came, as long as the sword light fell on the Xuanwu shield, it would not be able to smash it.

With a seemingly obscene movement, Tang San used his body to hold up the Xuanwu shield, and it was very easy to explain that the sword was dissolved. At any rate, he showed the strength of the Great Demon King. The Xuanwu Shield blocked both the sword light and the sword intent. The impact alone was nothing, not to mention that most of the impact was thrown aside by the Xuanwu Shield.

Tang San's hand flickered with light, and the Xuanwu shield disappeared out of thin air. Not in the storage ring. For something like the Xuanwu Shield, a storage ring cannot be accepted. Instead, it disappeared directly into the rune between his eyebrows. The next moment, he had jumped up and went straight to Qiu Zixuan.

Qiu Zixuan looked at Tang San with a blue-gold halo emanating from his body, a bit of bitterness appeared at the corner of his mouth, and said solemnly, "I admit defeat."

After Tiandi Yijian exploded with all its strength, its remaining power was barely going out. No matter how the Blue Gold Tree Clan is not good at fighting, that is the strength of the Great Demon King. If you give it a punch, you can take it away. That is his fighting style. Although it is extremely powerful, it also has very fatal drawbacks. But this was its choice, and it was in this way that it became the strongest of the red-crowned crane demon lineage under the Sword Saint Demon Emperor.

"Jin Miao Lin Sheng of the Blue Gold Tree Clan!" Tian Yang Tian Jing Emperor descended from the sky and stopped between the two sides. His gaze fell on Tang San, "You really surprised me!"

Tang San "haha" smiled and said, "Your Majesty is wrong, I didn't expect luck to be so good."

Yes, in the eyes of all the audience at this time, I am afraid that the reason why he can win this battle is all luck. Whoever faces the sword of heaven and earth with the absolute defensive power of the mysterious turtle shield, I am afraid they can stop it! And if another opponent gave him, what else could he do? The black turtle shield is so inflexible that it is impossible to defend against everything. It's not luck what is it?

At the time of the super auction, no one knew that they would encounter such a fighting method as the sword of heaven and earth. Otherwise, no matter who, won the mysterious turtle shield, wouldn't that mean that Qiu Zixuan was restrained to death? And this cheap was picked up by this guy from the Blue Gold Tree Clan.

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