Doupo: Elemental God - Chapter 1302 into a sea of ​​confusion

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"Hey, maybe you can catch some unexpected treasures."

Zi Yan smiled.

There are treasures in the chaotic sea, it is almost certain.

I just don't know if I've had that luck.


Lu Yunxiao shrugged, his face sullen.

The main purpose of this trip is still the gold of true spirit, and the rest are secondary.

Of course it's best to meet any baby.

If it doesn't happen, it's not unacceptable.

All I can say is, by chance.

"Come on, go in and see!"

Lu Yunxiao patted Zi Yan's head and said.


Zi Yan snorted softly, and then Shi Shiran stretched out Bai Nen Rou Yi, her small head slightly sideways, and a sweet smile on her face.

Lu Yunxiao smiled slightly, holding Zi Yan's jade hand with a big hand, and then heading towards the sea of ​​chaos.

Chaos Sea, this is an incomparably vast sea area, and the entire sea area is filled with a white mist that persists all year round.

This white fog not only blocked the line of sight, but even the soul force was forcibly blocked.

Even the soul of the Great Perfection of the Heaven Realm will never have a sensing range here that exceeds ten miles in a radius.

This is a terrible phenomenon.

This means that even if a high-level Dou Sheng comes here, those who should get lost have to get lost.

In the chaotic sea, once you get lost, you will usher in a fatal danger.

"In this white fog, my perception is almost suppressed, and I can only sense things within a very small distance."

Looking at the vast white fog around, Zi Yan couldn't help frowning slightly.

In this white fog, there seems to be a strange power that limits the ability to perceive.

Moreover, this strange energy cannot be expelled at all.

Even if she is now a six-star fighting saint, it is normal.

"There is an invisible rule of heaven and earth shrouded here, which limits people's perception."

"Apart from Dou Di, even if the nine-star Dou Sheng peak powerhouses come, they will still be affected."

Lu Yunxiao looked at the surrounding environment and said casually.

After his observation, he found something.

The strangeness of this chaotic sea is created by nature and man-made.

This sea area is special, but it is not special enough to affect the top fighting saints.

This is a strong man with transcendence rules, and rules and restrictions are set here.

This human Jedi was created.

I just don't know which Dou Emperor's handwriting this is.

"What about you, will you be affected?"

Zi Yan couldn't help but ask.

"What do you think?"

Lu Yunxiao glanced at her, his eyes were calm, but with an invisible arrogance.

Zi Yan suddenly smiled, smiling like a flower, "I know you are the best."

Lu Yunxiao ignored her, his right hand probed slightly, and a map appeared.

On the map, the lines are outlined, which are all kinds of roads in the chaotic sea.

That is to say, Lu Yunxiao can ignore the rules of this place and change a person, even holding a map is useless.

In the white fog, it is too difficult to identify the direction.

Lu Yunxiao glanced at it, made a rough note of the location, and looked into the distance, Element True Child ignored the white fog and saw the sea in front of him.

Then, Lu Yunxiao took Zi Yan and galloped away in the northeast direction.



Lu Yunxiao slapped it with the palm of his hand, and it caused thousands of miles of waves in the sea.

A silver-grey vicious beast with a size of tens of thousands of feet exploded directly into a blood mist that filled the sky.

Grey Demon Shark, an extremely ferocious beast.

This kind of beast, with a fierce reputation, has long since disappeared from the outside world.

Perhaps, it can only be seen in this chaotic sea.

The strength of the gray devil shark is quite powerful, and when it grows to its peak, it can even reach the ninth order.

Just now, Lu Yunxiao slapped the gray devil shark to death with the strength of a three-star fighting saint.

This kind of strength even surpassed the Yao Ming of the Nine Netherland Nether Python Clan, but here, Lu Yunxiao has met the third one of the same level.


The gray devil shark burst, but a round crystal came flying, and then Zi Yan took it and put it away with a smile.

This is the magic core of the Grey Devil Shark, a genuine ninth-order magic core.

"Tsk tsk, it's really a good place to make a fortune."

The ninth-order magic core is enough to refine the ninth-grade treasure pill, or even the ninth-grade Xuandan.

Putting it in the outside world, it is also a treasure, and it can be regarded as invaluable.

"Good place?"

Lu Yunxiao glanced at Zi Yan, is this a good place?

It has only been a long time since entering the Chaos Sea, and the ninth-order Warcraft has already encountered three heads.

With someone else, the corpse is cold.

This place is truly fierce!

"I don't know how many ninth-order monsters there are here."

Zi Yan grinned, and her pretty face became serious again.

The ninth-order monsters are extremely rare in the outside world.

But here, there are three in a row, which is shocking.

"No one has dared to go deep into the Chaos Sea since ancient times."

"The beasts here can develop freely with almost no human interference."

"There are many powerful monsters, I'm afraid."

Lu Yunxiao said with his eyes slightly condensed.

The Grey Devil Shark is a vicious beast only recorded in ancient times.

The outside world is gone, but there is in the sea of ​​chaos.

It cannot be ruled out that there are more other races in UU reading

"Hey, you said that the ninth-order monsters in this chaotic sea will not exceed hundreds."

Zi Yan bumped Lu Yunxiao with her shoulder and laughed.

"That's really hard to say!"

This huge chaotic sea has developed for countless years. Among them, the number of ninth-order beasts is probably more than imagined.

"Tsk tsk, if these monsters in this chaotic sea run out, the whole continent will be in chaos."

Zi Yan tsk tsk wondered.

"They can't get out, the rules here limit them."

"And didn't you realize that the three gray devil sharks that I encountered before had the strength of a ninth-order monster, but they didn't even have the most basic intelligence."

"It's just an instinctive beast."

In the outside world, fifth-order monsters have the intelligence that is not lost to ordinary humans, and sixth-order will speak.

The seventh-order can directly transform into shape.

And here, the ninth-order gray devil shark, still acts by instinct.

The difference is too big.

"It's as if something suppressed them and prevented them from living."

Zi Yan narrowed her eyes and said.

This chaotic sea is really full of mysterious atmosphere.

"This is what makes Chaos Sea so special."

"However, there is no need to pursue too much, it is not special, and it has nothing to do with us."

Lu Yunxiao shook his head and said, "Let's find the gold of true spirit first."

"As drawn on the map, this True Spirit Gold seems to be here..."

Zi Yan looked at the map in Lu Yunxiao's hand and pointed to the route.

"Well, let's move on."

Lu Yunxiao responded, and the two set off again.

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