Doupo: Elemental God - Chapter 1303 9 Cloudy Devil Python

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Following the route of the map, the two of them moved forward quite quickly.

There is Lu Yunxiao who can ignore the rules and see through the white fog. In the dark, many dangers are all avoided.

Such as the eye of the void, space turbulence and so on.

Under this white fog, there are various crises lurking.

During this period, Lu Yunxiao and Zi Yan were naturally attacked by fierce beasts again.

The strength of these beasts is not weak, and the tough ones have reached the ninth order.

The number of ninth-order monsters in this chaotic sea is indeed much more than the outside world.

This Jedi, which has been inherited from ancient times, has really not gained a false name.

For example, now, Lu Yunxiao and the two were attacked again.

Moreover, what I encountered this time is much more powerful than all the previous ones put together.

This time, Lu Yunxiao and the two encountered the ferocious beast frenzy that is said to be extremely terrifying.


Lu Yunxiao waved his sleeve robe lightly, within a radius of tens of thousands of miles, the rules were rewritten, and all the white fog was dispelled.

The entire sea clearly appeared in Zi Yan's eyes.

Immediately, Zi Yan's red lips were slightly opened, and her face was pale.

The sight in front of her was so terrifying, even with her cultivation base, her hands and feet felt cold.

If Lu Yunxiao was not by her side, she would definitely turn around and run!

I saw that in the distant sky, densely packed, countless magical beasts turned into torrents, rushing towards this direction.

The vastness of the beast tide can be called boundless, and there is no end in sight.

The tide of beasts came, setting off a stormy sea, with a terrifying power that could drown all things.

This kind of scene, I am afraid that Jiu Xing Dou Sheng will have scalp tingling when he sees it.

In this beast tide, a cursory scan shows that the number of ninth-order beasts is no less than dozens.

Maybe even more.

The overall number of beast hordes is even more innumerable, at least over a million.

This terrifying sight made Zi Yan swallow her saliva and her throat was a little dry.

She could feel that the weakest demon beasts in this beast tide were all seventh-order ones.

As for the strongest, it seems to be much stronger than her!

She now finally understands why this place is called a human Jedi!

This is not a place where ordinary powerhouses can set foot.

Even if it is a fighting saint, if the luck is not good, it will fall, and it is absolutely impossible to escape.

"My darling, I'm afraid that Huang Linger is coming, so I have to run away."

Zi Yan couldn't help but say.

What is the concept of a beast tide composed of millions of monsters above the seventh rank?

There is only one word to describe it, and that is destruction.

A real doomsday disaster!

Fortunately, there is Lu Yunxiao, and fortunately there is still a superpower who transcends the rules.

Otherwise, the best result for them today is to retreat.

"Long experience, is this a good place?"

Thinking of what Zi Yan said before, Lu Yunxiao couldn't help teasing.

Dare to say that Chaos Sea is a good place, really ignorant and fearless.

"No, I won't come next time if you kill me."

With such a beast tide, Zi Yan's legs were a little weak.

"Ha ha!"

Lu Yunxiao laughed, looking at the surging torrent of beasts, his face was still very sullen.

The number of stacks may be enough to stack Death Fighters.

But for Lu Yunxiao, who has a fighting power above the rules, although the beast tide in front of him is terrifying, it does not pose any threat.

Putting **** together, Lu Yunxiao stretched out his hand, "Get up!"

With one instruction, the entire chaotic sea suddenly began to fluctuate, setting off waves of tens of thousands of feet.

The waves continued to churn, but for a moment, an overwhelming tsunami formed.


Lu Yunxiao snorted softly, and the tsunami rushed away.

The stormy waves that were like day after day contained a violent force that was enough to destroy everything.

The tsunami and the fierce beast collide!

A huge wave of thousands of feet, surging in endlessly, that turbulent momentum can drown everything.


The tsunami collided with the fierce beast tide, and within a radius of 100,000 miles, the waves were turbulent and the momentum was shocking.

The extremely powerful energy shock even briefly expelled the surrounding rules, and the surrounding void shattered into disbelief.

Zi Yan hid behind Lu Yunxiao for the first time, her big eyes widened, watching this shocking scene.


Lu Yunxiao drank lightly and pointed his finger again.

The power of invisible rules surged, the waves rose again and again, and the waves set off, even if it was an indestructible mountain, were enough to smash.

The huge waves of 100,000 zhang seemed to go straight into the clouds, with the terrifying power that covered and drowned everything, and pressed down fiercely.


There was a shocking explosion, and the sea water fell from the sky, making the sound of winter and winter.

The terrifying beast frenzy was directly washed away, and there were even countless beasts, which were directly shot into blood mist by the spray.

The blood water dyed the surrounding sea area red.

Even those powerful ninth-order monsters were severely injured, and only a few really powerful ones survived and escaped by chance.


The sea crashed down, the waves dispelled the beast tide, and under the control of Lu Yunxiao, calm was restored again.

When I looked again, it was empty.

Only a few monsters still appeared in front of them. UU reading www.

It's just that these beasts are now sluggish.

This is Lu Yunxiao's current strength.

The beast tide that Jiuxing Dousheng would have a headache, Lu Yunxiao easily settled it completely.

No effort at all.

"It's kind of awesome!"

Zi Yan couldn't help smacking her tongue.

Lu Yunxiao still looked dazed, he swept it casually, quite leisurely.


Suddenly, Lu Yunxiao let out a light whimper, and a look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

He grabbed it casually, and Lu Yunxiao grabbed a huge black shadow tens of thousands of feet in the sea that had long been dyed blood.

The latter struggled desperately, and from time to time made a cold and eerie shrill cry.

"what is this?"

Zi Yan frowned, her eyes filled with doubts.

In this world, there are monsters that she can't recognize, which is really rare.

"This is the Nine Clouds Devil Python, an extremely rare ancient beast."

"Among the snake monsters, it can be said to be the existence at the top of the pyramid."

"Although it is not as pure as the ancient celestial snake and the seven-colored swallowing python, its bloodline is pure, but its ferocity and power are not inferior to them."

"The most important thing is that with it, Qinglin's strength can improve rapidly again."

There was a rare surprise in Lu Yunxiao's eyes.

As Qinglin's strength became stronger and stronger, her Jade Snake Three Flower Boy was useless.

The Nine Nether Earth Nether Pythons are now subordinates of Yunmen, so Qinglin can't do anything to them anymore.

And the rest of the high-level snake monsters are extremely rare.

This led to the improvement of Qinglin's strength, which was limited.

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