Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1097 Guild Wars (6)

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  Chapter 1097 Fierce Battle (6)


  The troubles of the Silver Moon Alliance itself, Eraszhuo came to Efraska only recently.

  Because of this, no matter whether it is Simpson or the other magic sunflowers, there is no accurate information about this one of the "Seven Sisters".

  Ren Simpson had no idea how to budget for it. Alustrio actually had the ability of "time-stop immunity".

   What I didn't even expect was that when immunity stopped, this person remained motionless when encountering "time stillness". It was not until he cast the "burning cloud technique" on his side that he finally countered.

   And because it was only a "projection" perspective, separated by a layer, Simpson finally realized something was wrong until now.


   The "Legendary Dispel Technique" is already being cast, but Simpson has already made a final decision in his mind.

   It is impossible to interrupt Kelben's legendary spell.


   "Just keep consuming their legendary spells!"

   In terms of reserves of legendary spells, Simpson is still far ahead of the other side.

  If you can change one shot after another, if you can use up all the limited inventory on the opposite side, this will also form a certain advantage in the encounter that will inevitably occur next.

   This thought flashed by.

   "Legendary Dispel" is also completed.

  Following a dark green light flying out, almost at the same moment, all the flow layers of speed per hour also instantly returned to the same.

   This is the moment.

   "Instant-Legendary Dispel!"

  Of course there are still nine-level spells in stock, but since the opponent has the ability of Alustri, there is no need for Simpson to waste spell resources to perform "time still" again.

   A shot of "Instant-Legendary Dispel".

   Almost following the previous one, there was another dark green light, which was also locked on Kelben, and flew out in a flash.

  However, even with a double shot...

   Still, it was exactly in line with Simpson's own prediction.

  Behind Isaac, on the left is the Archmage Lich, and on the right is the Archmage Ghost. Both raised their staffs at the same time.

   "Instant-Legendary Dispel!"

  The two dark green lights shot out at almost the same moment, which directly offset Simpson's two "Legendary Dispel Spells" in midair.

   At this time, Simpson stopped casting spells.

  Without it, on the other side of the tunnel, the "earthquake technique" is already erupting strongly.

The opening was originally carried out with the "dissociation effect", without any balance support, and it was completely reinforced by the magic of "rock stabilization". At this moment, encountering such a high-intensity earthquake, the tunnel cannot Unexpectedly, there was a collapse.

  A large number of rocks broke and fell, but in a blink of an eye, the effect line between Simpson and the projection was directly blocked.

   And the effect line is interrupted.

   Almost instantly, outside the tunnel, the projection of the leader of the magic sunflower disappeared.

   "Phantom spirit body!"

   "It's Kelben's Earth Tear!"

  Thinking of telepathy, Simpson immediately alerted all the magic sunflowers.

  At the same time, the "Destruction Ball" that was cast during the pause period flew sideways to the top of the tunnel under his control.

  He is already preparing for the tunnel to be completely flattened under the bombardment of Kelben's spells!

   And in response to his warning.

  Seeing the destruction of the "earthquake technique", the eighty-foot-long space, the tunnel is collapsing everywhere, and there is no gap that can be "projected"...

   "Phantom spirit body!"

   One after another, all the magic sunflowers gave up casting the "projection technique" at the first moment, and immediately started casting the "transformation spirit body" spell.

  Since Simpson mentioned Kelben's "tearing the earth", they naturally understood what it meant.

   Just like the legendary spellcasting of the giant dragon before, they had to transform into spirit bodies again to avoid damage!

  As for all of them, they all carried out the display of this "transformed spirit body"...

   "Twice legendary dispersal, one legendary spell ritual that was dispelled, this man's legendary spells have been exhausted, even the ninth-level spells, there is no more inventory."

   "Next, let's take this one as the main target!"

A certain level of nothingness above the enchantment is shrouded by an invisible twilight shield. A gaze directly penetrates the fluctuation of the "magic essence", and all the signs of the magic sunflower in the tunnel are completely Received in the eyes.

  Naturally, all these signs of spellcasting were automatically recognized by the name of the spell, the effect of the spell, and the target and area of ​​influence before the magical effect of the shimmer shield...

   All are "illusioned spirit bodies"!

   It should be said that this response was quite correct when Kelben performed a legendary spell and Simpson's counterattack was all intercepted.

   Only after performing the "transformation spirit body", these magic sunflowers can stick to the "castable area"!

   At most, after the Kelbana bombardment is over, more dissociation techniques will be performed.

  However, there is no problem with the choice of Mokui, but...

   Naturally, she will not just sit back and watch these magic sunflowers go well!

   Observing and thinking in a blink of an eye, her main goal is changing.

  Compared to the fact that the legendary spells have been exhausted, the scarlet leader Simpson, who doesn't even have a few rounds of ninth-level spells in stock, and the other, the dark leader Samuel, have finally become her first choice.

   However, at this time, she did not immediately start interfering.

   Can't start either.

   Simpson's various countermeasures seem to have been consumed for a long time.

  In fact, it is just the blink of an eye before and after the "time stop".

  At this point in time, her "spell transfer", the cooldown time, has not yet ended.

   Naturally, it is impossible to start interfering immediately!

  However, she is not in a hurry.

  Except for the crimson leader, all these magic sunflowers have just started to perform the "transformed spirit body". The completion time is a little slower than Kelben's legendary ceremony.

   She wanted to intervene, so she naturally had enough preparation time!

   waited quietly.

  For a moment, when Kelben directly tore up a hill-like ground, and then drove it with a bang, towards the tunnel, it smashed it vigorously.

  Seeing that at the same time, the "transformed spirit bodies" of the Felin Mokui were almost completed.


  Aiming at the dark leader Samuel's spellcasting location, a "crazy magic area" immediately enveloped the dark leader.

   "Transformed spirit body" directly failed.

  The chaotic magic energy violently impacted all life in the area.

   For this, Samuel is not completely unprepared.

  Incomparably decisive, his figure immediately drifted to the back.

   But this is the moment.

  Boom, boom, boom! !

   Kelben's legendary spell hits.

  The entire "Star", the huge mountain, suddenly shook and shook, and a considerable area was collapsing everywhere.

   It was directly hit by this "hill", and above the area where the tunnel was located, the mountain body suddenly collapsed completely, and the huge area was actually blasted in by this "hill"!

  The endless impact caused the entire mountain to vibrate violently. Most of the mountain was already falling to this side, and the endless collapse was already beginning.

  Facing such a bombardment, the tunnel is located, almost in an instant, and all the space has been completely suppressed.

   Those magic sunflowers who have completed the "transformed spirit body" are okay.

  The state of the spirit body, the avoidance of ordinary damage, except for those concussion impacts, has a certain impact on them, but basically they have not suffered direct damage.

  But it was shrouded by the "frenzied magic area", not only the "transformed spirit body" was not completed, but also the dark leader Samuel, who had not had time to evacuate from this area, could not perform magic again...

  The tunnel space was flattened in an instant, and the leader of the magic sunflower was also completely sealed by the rock in an instant.

  Almost at the same moment, through the mountain, through the rock, the endless impact and endless pressure that can change the material form like a big collision of the day also came.

  In an instant, the rock was compressed into a metal-like density.

  Even if Samuel had a damage reduction comparable to that of the ancient dragon, the flesh and bones of his whole body could not bear such a heavy pressure at all. His windbag-like body was suddenly flattened.

   At the same time as this, his body is also leaving the "frenzied magic area".


  But it was more serious than not leaving.

The duration of the "frenzied magic area" is only one round. If you don't leave, as long as it dissipates by itself, Samuel will naturally recover his ability to cast spells. At that time, as long as he is not crushed to death, because he does not need words and actions The ability to cast spells, and perhaps the possibility of self-help.

   But this departure was pushed into the ground under the original tunnel, and it was forced out of the "spell-able area"...


   Simpson was moving first.

  The crimson leader used telepathy to link the surrounding magic sunflowers, and issued instructions. On the other hand, the "Destruction Ball" that had already been created was driven to dissociate again.

  In an instant, a 10-foot-square space formed directly above him.

   But it took only a moment, and the heavy pressure that was still hitting from above flattened it again.

   It seems that Kelben can continue to drive this "hill" that has been bombarded down, so it is still continuing to increase the pressure!

   "So, if you combine with that one again, the intervention will continue..."

   "Kelben's blow should be able to severely injure most magic sunflowers!"

  The second "Earthquake Technique" was almost completed, and Isaac dismissed it directly.

  Based on his vision and his experience, it is natural to see that Kelben's spell is still going on until now.

   Not surprisingly, the total duration of this spell is 20 rounds.

  Duration of a full 20 rounds.

  The one above the sky will naturally not miss such an opportunity!

  In this case, if he casts the "Earthquake Technique" there again, it will actually help Mokui.

  In fact, that person will not miss such an opportunity.

   It is below, Isaac and others, together with Laila and the others, are quickly reorganizing and waiting for the "Star" to really collapse before killing them.

   Above the sky.


  A "dead silent magic area" was formed directly, where Simpson in spirit form was located.

  Death magic area, which is similar to the "anti-magic field", but it is not limited, and relies on the "shadow magic essence" to cast spells in a special area.

   Such an area is much more thorough than the "Shadow Shield"'s restrictions on normal spellcasters.

   "Shadow Shield", after all, it is only an obstacle, and it has not been completely cut off.

  The "Deadly Magic Area" has completely broken the essence of magic. Not only is it impossible to cast spells here, but even the magic effects are completely suppressed.

  At this moment, when this "death magic area" directly enveloped Simpson...

  In a short time, the spirit form of the leader of Mokui was directly suppressed, and the physical form of the body reappeared in a short time.

   was stuck in the rock again.

   Not only suffered continuous squeeze damage from the surrounding materials, but also endured the endless pressure from above.

   Fortunately, this time is not before.

  The previous Samuel was facing the infinite impact caused by the "hill" crashing down.

  At this time, although the force of heavy pressure is still there, the strongest and most direct impact force is gone.

  In addition, the surrounding magic sunflowers also performed "dissociation", even "destruction ball", and "fossil into mud" spells, which largely dispersed the pressure here...

"still have a chance!"

   Simpson is far from hopeless.

  The heavy pressure from the mountain, although it caused continuous damage, but with his life level, he could still bear it for a long time.

in this way.

  The one outside, if you keep staring at him, the other magic sunflowers will naturally be able to get out of trouble soon and come to his side.

  And if the person outside turned to someone else, he would also be sure to get out of trouble quickly!

   Naturally, there is no need to despair!

   Simpson actually had the worst plans in mind.

  Even if he finally falls here today, he will tear off a piece of flesh from the other side.

   So, when Griffiths revives him and Samuel and starts the duel again, they can also reduce some pressure!

  However, if you have the worst plan, if you have the worst plan, it is better not to fall to this point.

  In any case, the resurrection performed by continuous "wish spells" not only requires the resurrected person to drop a level, but also requires the caster to invest in a large amount of professional accumulation.

  At this time, Griffith and the others can't perform a few "wish spells".

  Even if he and Samuel could be revived at the same time, it would be impossible to revive several other magic sunflowers!


   And it was the time when Simpson was passively enduring while secretly preparing for something.

  No surprises, the "Death Magic Area" really only lasts for one round.

When the magic ability was recovered again, Simpson did not hesitate to re-control the "Destroyer Ball" and performed "Dissociation" again. On the other hand, with the "Automatic Instantaneous Spell", his body transformed into a magic weapon again. He took the form of a spirit body, followed by another shot of "turning stones into mud", turning the rock where it was located into mud in an instant.

   But at the same time.

  The fluctuations he could sense, approaching, another "deadly magic area" was forming.

  (end of this chapter)

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