Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1098 Guild Wars (7)

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  Chapter 1098 Fierce Battle (7)




  With Kelben's legendary spell bombardment, and then the continuous manipulation and oppression.

  In the end, the giant mountain-like "star" completely collapsed.

  It was far more violent than a landslide, and more than half of the mountain fell down directly.

  Landslide! Crack!


   "It's our turn!"

   "The last battle, completely eliminate them!"

  Facing such a huge mountain avalanche, but as if she had been waiting for it, Laila looked around the crowd, and finally stared at Isaac.

  The mountain collapsed, which was expected.

  They were waiting for this collapse before they could have the final decisive battle with Felin Mokui!

   At this time, those who are eligible to participate in this final battle have already arrived.

  Even Storm and Dove, who had infiltrated into the giant mountain before and led the elf army to retreat hastily before making contact with Felin Mokui, had already gathered here.

   Everyone agrees with Laila's intention.

   Isaac is no exception.

   At this time, it is time for the final battle.

  Going forward, there are landslides and ground cracks.

   In the future, there is a possibility of recovery for Feilin Mokui.

  Only at this time, when is the best time!

  And...according to Isaac's estimate, if he makes a shot at this time, that person who has never shown up can still cooperate with them a few more times!

   "According to the lady!"

   "Then let's start quickly and end quickly!"

   Isaac's nod.

  At that moment, everyone flew into the sky.

  Seeing this, Kelben, who has been keeping focused on casting spells and driving that "hill", has been continuously oppressing the Felin Mokui, then changed the direction of driving.

  Boom! boom! boom!

The huge original magical energy invested in the "Drive Seed" before, at this moment, this "hill" is clearly inserted deeply into the "Star", but after another shock, it is actually for Kelben. , from within the "star", it is being pulled out backwards.

  However, before the magic sunflowers below were a little relieved.


  As if directly using the "hill" as a giant stick, Kelben swung it from the air and smashed it directly onto the mountain below.


  After the continuous collapse, the mountain here has already collapsed a large area, how can I bear it, such a bombardment.

   With just one blow, a violent landslide occurred on the surface of the mountain in no time.

   Kelben has not stopped.

  Although at this time, the "hill" he drives is far less than the scale at the beginning.

  But it is still impossible to resist for pure bombardment.



   It means that everyone is rapidly approaching the "star".

Kelben, who was driving the "Hill Stick", was here again, and he delivered two heavy blows in a row. In a short period of time, the **** here was smashed and collapsed for him. Know how many layers.

  Seeing that the duration of the "drive" is finally coming to an end.

  For the last maneuver, Kelben once again drove the "hill" into the sky, and then flew down suddenly, and it was inserted again into the huge crater formed by the previous bombardment.

  Boom! !

   There was a huge earthquake!

  At this time, in fact, most of the magic sunflowers have passed the "Dissociation Technique", especially the "Destroying Ball", and quickly opened up a lot of shelter space below.

   But following Kelben's final blow, all the opening up was once again futile again.

More seriously…

   One moment faster than this.

  The one above the sky also cooperated again.


  The formation of a "deadly magic area" instantly enveloped Simpson again!

  When its form is directly restored from the spirit body to the physical body.

   Kelben's last blow was just as it landed.

   Just like the previous Samuel, under the endless impact and endless pressure of the "hill" falling, he was still trapped in the "deadly magic area", unable to cast any spells at all.

   Almost immediately, Simpson's huge body, the flesh and bones, were crushed and exploded in an instant.

   "Everyone, please follow me!"

   At this point, Kelben's legendary spell, the continuous driving time, is all over.

   No longer needing to focus on casting spells, Kelben finally took the initiative to signal to everyone, and flew to the place where he had previously bombarded with the "Hill Giant Stick".

   This is naturally the closest area to Mokui.

   Indispensable, everyone followed suit.

  Especially Galeron, to provide everyone with a "environment for casting spells", this is not to be left behind at all.

   In the blink of an eye, the black staff in Kelben's hand had been replaced with a rune staff.

  As soon as the staff pointed forward, a ray of "Disintegration Technique" flew out immediately.

  In an instant, a 10-foot-square space was also formed in front.

  Kelben's shot, Laila, Alustriol, and those Beren Lichs also shot one after another.

   More or less, these people all have one or two rounds of "dissociation" reserves.

   Wait for everyone to start playing.

   I saw one after another of rays continuously shooting out. The tunnel from earlier, as if it had been restored, quickly penetrated deep into the mountain.

   "Help them!"

  Isaac's voice also sounded.

   Immediately, the three great necromancers also cooperated.

  In just a short period of time, five or six shots of the "dissociation technique" all pointed to the space opened up by Kyle Ben, and quickly expanded the front depth.


  Isaac's gaze suddenly moved at this moment.

   That one is shooting again.

   Moreover, the impact is on the front of the newly opened tunnel.

  However, it was different from his previous awareness.

  This shot this time...

   "Deadly magic area!"

  However, if you have this awareness, you have this awareness. At this time, Isaac didn't have time to think too much.

  He could sense a change ahead, and Kelben, who already knew this side very well, would not have failed to notice it.

   "Pay attention, everyone. Most of these magic sunflowers are manipulating the 'Destruction Ball'. The front should have re-opened a certain space for them."

   "So, once you encounter something, be careful and don't hold back!"

  While warning everyone in a low voice, Kelben waved his rune staff again, and once again, another ray of "dissociation" flew into the depths of the darkness.

   Immediately following the next brake.

   Everyone with dark vision shrank their eyes at the same time.

   Just as Kelben reminded, a dark space appeared before their eyes.


  Almost at the same moment, another unsurprisingly dark and void sphere flew out from this space.

  Destroy the magic ball!

  Destroyer Orb is of course a level nine spell, and it can perform a "Disintegration" attack every round, but when it comes to overall damage, it is unsurpassed.

  However, this naturally does not make Isaac and the others frown.


   "This person's method is really ingenious!"

  Seeing a Quenching Ball flying out, but it was just a Quincy Ball.

  Isaac's eyes flashed, but he also stepped out of the team.

  He has already felt that the reason why there is only one annihilating ball and the reason why there is only one magic sunflower in front is that it is not that the magic sunflowers do not know how to unite quickly.

   This is the one above the sky, once again intervening with precision and subtlety.

  The creation of that "dead magic area", coupled with the inevitable interference before, this is the fundamental reason why the first magic sunflower is still alone at this moment and has not gathered with other magic sunflowers.

  However, Isaac would never think that that person could prevent the aggregation of these magic sunflowers for a long time by relying on this intervention alone.

   It is absolutely necessary to clean up as soon as possible and solve it as soon as possible.

  So, I didn't wait for Kelben and others to make a move.

  Stepping forward, he waved the scepter in his hand, and the "Quiet Orb" flew towards him, and a colorful shield appeared in front of him.

  Naturally it is the "Rainbow Shield"!

Although the Annihilating Ball is a ninth-level magic and has extremely powerful damage, but as far as the spell itself is concerned, it is not special. It is impossible to penetrate the "anti-magic field" and it is impossible to crack the "rainbow light". Magic ball", naturally, it is also impossible to break through Isaac's "Rainbow Shield"!

  After the colorful shield has been shaped, Isaac's figure has already directly met the "Destruction Ball".

  When the sixth layer of the colorful light layer, the layer of blue light that can stop all spells, collided with this empty and dark sphere, suddenly, the "Destroyer Ball" dissipated in midair.

   With another thought, the shield no longer blocked the front.

  The newly opened passage is only a cross-section of ten feet square. If the rainbow shield is directly in front, it will directly block most of the space.

   With a thought of Isaac, the shield floated above his head in parallel.

   And just his move.

   Lightning speed!

  Two figures came from his left and right sides, and in a flash, they rushed directly into the dark space ahead.

   Immediately afterwards, one screamed wildly, while the other remained silent, but as soon as the figures of the two entered the dark space, suddenly, Felin Mokui's rare roar broke out.

   "Instant - petrification!"

  First, it comes from the preparation of level 10 spell slots.

   There has been a fierce battle with the voters of the goddess of magic for a long time. Naturally, there are already many magic sunflowers, and these voters are immune to "dissociation".

  So, for level 10 spell slots, there is no "instant cast-disintegration" and the like, but this elder magic sunflower is equipped with a "petrification"!

  The spell was completed in an instant, and without hesitation, Elder Mokui pointed to the storm-Silver Hand who was killed wildly.

follow closely.

   "Time stands still!"

  In the narrow space, there is no possibility of dodging.

   With four claws, this magic sunflower directly confronted Dove-Hawkeye, but at the same time, with a natural way of casting spells that does not require words and actions, this does not affect him at all to continue casting spells.

   Once "Time is still", it quickly started to play.

   "Tymora's smile!"

  The petrification technique is aimed at "toughness".

  The voters of the Goddess of Magic have powerful "Physical Attributes" enhancements, so they have an extremely advantage in "Fortitude Immunity".

  However, Storm-Silver Hand didn't dare to be careless about Elder Mokui's spell.

  The professional ability of Master Harper is activated instantly.

  Blessings from Tymora, the goddess of fortune.

   That is, the "Petrochemical Technique" fell on Storm-Silver Hand, an incomparably miraculous characteristic, but it also fluctuated at the same moment.

  It seems to be a blessing of luck, but also seems to come from the interference of fate.

  Storm-Silver Hand's extremely powerful "toughness" directly resisted the influence of the "Petrochemical Technique".

  With Dove-Hingshou on the left and right, the figures of these two lightning-fast figures, without any pause, have already attacked Elder Mokui.

Although Elder Mokui has four claws and is born with the ability of "multiple attacks", but Feilin Mokui also naturally despises contact combat, and rarely makes shots on weekdays. How can it be possible to block the storm in close combat? The two of them, Dove, have actual combat powers up to level 32, comparable to the strong voters of the leader of the magic sunflower?

   In just a moment of confrontation, the elder Mokui's resistance was already completely broken by the two women.

  Especially Dove-Hawkhand, don't look at this guy who is usually a boring gourd. He is hundreds of years old, but he is not only introverted, but even shy when in contact with people, but this is when the real battle...

What I do in my daily life is Matamith Drano, with Yugoros, with Baatezu, with Tanar'ri, not to mention with the Dragon Witch Cult, with the Dark Lord Sect, and even with the hidden Myth Drano The matter of the Felin Mokui fighting under it.

   In terms of combat, among the Seven Sisters, even Storm-Silver Hand is inferior to her.

   At this moment of eruption, this "dumb sister" obviously didn't make a cold snort, but in the blink of an eye, it directly tore up the resistance of the elder Mokui.

  When the silvery long sword passed by, one of the claws of the elder Mokui was cut off by her in an instant.

  The long sword was sweeping like a storm of blades, and every blow was directed at Mokui's vitals.

  The body of the whole Mithril armor only swayed in a very small range.

  However, no matter the elder Mokui's claws, bites, or even the poisonous sting attack from the tail, they couldn't hit her at all, and even the rainstorm attack on her couldn't affect her.

  As if, although the shaking of the body was only in a very small range, it was not only a dodge, but also a connection to the attack.

  In just a blink of an eye, Dove-Hawkhand, who invaded Elder Mokui, didn't use any special abilities, but the long sword was already in its vital position, and it was pierced and seriously injured many times.

   And just at this time.

  The people behind are also here.

   As soon as Lila's staff moved, a strong lightning beam shot out instantly.

  Isaac had also used it long ago, and a flame-shaped energy arrow shot out with a snap of his fingers.

  Elder Mokui's "time stillness" has not yet been completed in the future, facing this multiple attacks...

   "Shoot together!"

  A wave of telepathy, but at this moment, it suddenly shook.

   A large number of "dissociation" attacks erupted at the same time.



  (end of this chapter)

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