Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5921 a mouthful of real springs

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The mine tunnel twists and turns, straight down, and after a while, it comes to an end.

At the end is a piece of fiery red rock, and a hole has been dug out. Below the hole is a piece of real spar, which is indeed much denser than other places.

Lu Ming tried it. The red rock is indeed very hard. At least, it is true for Immortal King Realm. It is very difficult to dig it out.

But for Lu Ming, it is no different from tofu.

With a wave of his hand, large areas of rock peeled off, revealing the densely packed real crystals underneath.

"Under here, there is a problem..."

Lu Ming sensed carefully, and found that under the real spar, there was a strong real force constantly permeating out.

"You go back first."

Lu Ming said.


The fairy king bowed, then turned and left. He didn't go far, and Lu Ming appeared behind him silently, pointing his finger at the back of the head.

The person's body shook slightly, and then he showed doubts, and said to himself: "Huh? How did I come here? What was I going to do before?"

Shaking his head in doubt, he walked out of the mine.

Lu Ming's finger just now has erased the fairy king's memory about the bottom of the mine.

With Lu Ming's current cultivation base, it is easy to erase the memory of a fairy king without a trace.

Returning to the bottom of the mine, Lu Ming waved his hands and set up a concealment formation to cover up the situation at the bottom of the mine, and then moved a large number of rocks to block the bottom.

With a thought, the power of truth turned into small iron rods, mining the densely packed real crystals.

Lu Ming mined nearly 100,000 pieces of real spar, and the real spar here was mined.

"One hundred thousand yuan is worth the ten-year mining volume of this vein."

Lu Ming was shocked.

This vein can only be regarded as a small vein of real spar, and the density of the spar is not high. A miner often needs to dig a lot of useless rocks to mine a piece of real spar.

Such a collection of 100,000 crystal stones is unique, so after the fairy king saw it, he didn't dare to hide it, so he hurriedly reported it.

Every few days, these fairy kings will be searched. It is impossible to fill their pockets.

But Lu Ming has no problem, who dares to search him?

The reason why he erased the Immortal King's memory about this place was to enrich himself.

One hundred thousand pieces of real spar is not a small amount, he will not hand it over foolishly.

"There seems to be something else under here?"

Lu Ming stared at the rock below.

The real spar has obviously been dug away, but below, there is still a strong real power overflowing.

Could it be that there are real crystals below.

Lu Ming took out a fairy sword, attached the power of reality, and chopped it on the rock. The rock here was several times harder than before, but Lu Ming's swordsman was still lifted like tofu.

Suddenly, an incomparably rich power of truth spread out. Fortunately, Lu Ming had arranged in advance so that the strong power of truth did not leak out.

"This is... the real spring?"

Lu Ming's eyes widened suddenly.

Under the rock, there is a spring water, which is milky white. This spring water is completely condensed by the power of truth, and it is extremely pure.

The smile on Lu Ming's face couldn't be suppressed.

He didn't expect that there was a real spring here, a pool full of spring water, and he made a fortune.

The value of real spring water is much higher than that of real spar.

Because the real power in the real spar is quite mixed, in addition to the real power, it also contains a trace of negative energy. If you want to absorb the real power inside, you need to remove the negative energy, and the efficiency is very slow.

But the spring water of the Spring of Truth is extremely pure and can be directly absorbed and refined.

Moreover, a real spring can continuously produce new real spring water.

In the original True Spring Conference, what the Twelve True Halls competed for was the distribution of the real springs.

"The real spring, is there really a spring underneath, and the power of truth keeps coming out? Where does the power of truth come from?"

Lu Ming observed carefully, but couldn't see why.

Afterwards, he took out several jade bottles, took away all the real spring water inside, and sealed them with a seal.

After taking away the spring water, Lu Ming finally discovered the mystery.

Around the Fountain of Truth, faint runes emerged, intertwined together, forming an extremely complex formation.

This is a natural formation. The Heavenly Cave erupted and evolved naturally. This formation can continuously absorb the real power between the heaven and the earth, condense the real power and finally turn it into an incomparably pure real spring water.

It is completely different from ordinary spring water.

"This spring is a hundred times more precious than a mineral vein, and it must not be passed on."

Lu Ming thought.

The ancestors of Cangtian and Huangtian would never have thought that if they asked Lu Ming to guard this mine vein, Lu Ming would find a real spring.

Lu Ming reinforced several formations here to prevent others from prying eyes. At the same time, he diverted the bottom of the mine to dig deeper, so that the miners would not easily find abnormalities.

After setting up, Lu Ming left the mine.

In a blink of an eye, another year has passed.

"Huh? Someone is spying."

Lu Ming, who was comprehending the fairy art, suddenly opened his eyes and looked in a certain direction.

Just now, he felt that someone was spying on this mine vein, but his cultivation was extremely high, and there was a high probability that it was Immortal Emperor Da Luo.


Lu Ming's immortal consciousness spread out, and the next moment, he caught a figure hidden thousands of miles away.

"Sure enough, there are creatures spying on it. The Inner Cosmic Realm belongs to the Youxu family."

Lu Ming found a creature covered in golden scales, which belonged to the Di Xu clan.

Dixu's family is the upper family, under the command of the Zhenzhen Palace.

"Shang Clan, why did you focus on such a small vein?"

Lu Ming looked thoughtful.

The Shang family is absolutely superior and powerful. In the entire Zhenyu world, there are only more than a hundred Shang clans. They will never lack real spar veins in the first heaven.

It should not be eyeing their small vein.

Is it just passing by?

The master of the hideous clan didn't know that he had been discovered by Lu Ming, and after observing for a while, he retreated.

But the next day, another master of the Di Xu clan came, and this person had reached the Fate Universe Realm.

When Lu Ming found this person, this person also noticed Lu Ming immediately.

"Ye Chen, the Great Elder of the Xia Clan..."

A cold look flashed in the eyes of Di Xu Clan's Fate Universe Realm, and then he also retreated.

"It seems that they are really being targeted..."

Lu Ming frowned slightly, and then gave instructions to strengthen the guard up and down the mine vein, and keep the defensive formation in operation at all times.

Seven days later, dozens of figures flew over from the distant sky, and the overwhelming aura enveloped the entire ore vein.

Those real immortals in the mine veins, miners at the level of fairy kings trembled and almost knelt down.

They all exist in the universe.

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