Evil Spirit World: I Push This World with My Flesh - Chapter 670 The boy shows off his power!

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Jiang Dao directly opened the mouth of the animal control bag, and released all the 36 Baiyin boys inside. For a while, the Yin Qi was overwhelming, overwhelming, and overwhelming.

Like a black river, it enveloped the sky.

The terrifying Yin Qi made all the **** emperors look drastically changed.

You must know that Jiang Dao has been feeding these Baiyin boys with the soul and flesh and blood of the emperor for a long time.

Under the nourishment of these things, the thirty-six hundred Yin boys have already defied the sky.

If they hadn't recognized Jiang Dao as their master, they would have gnawed through the animal control bag and rushed out of the animal control bag.

At this moment, they laughed like silver bells, their voices were piercing, and their aura was dim, as if the gate of the underworld had been opened.


Before a **** emperor who was close could react, he was hit in the face by a boy of Baiyin, biting his face fiercely, blood was dripping immediately, it was horrible.

The **** emperor screamed and struggled frantically, but it didn't work at all.

Soon there were two Baiyin boys following him, like fleas, they jumped on his body, held his left hand and both hands respectively, and gnawed hard at his chest.

The Baiyin Boys in other directions were not idle, and rushed directly towards the Nine-Headed God Emperor and the Immortal God Emperor.

Whoosh whoosh!

There were afterimages again and again, and the Yin Qi roared.

Thirty-six hundred Yin Boys looked like a real demon, and his speed was frighteningly fast.

More importantly, the attacks of these **** emperors seemed to be completely useless to these boys. When they hit these boys, there was a bang, and all the attacks dissipated automatically.

These boys smiled, opened their huge mouths, showing a mouth full of fine teeth, and gnawed hard at their bodies.

Puff puff puff puff!


The scene was chaotic.

Nine-headed God Emperor, Immortal God Emperor and others all showed panic and yelled.

Every **** emperor was climbed up by one or two Baiyin boys, and the fine teeth bit them fiercely, directly tearing off their flesh and blood, causing them extremely painful bites.

You must know that they are all the bodies of **** emperors. Although their physical bodies are not comparable to Jiang Dao, they are still comparable to gold and iron. Moreover, they are immortal. After the flesh and blood are bitten off, they will grow again soon.

But now after being bitten by this Baiyin boy, flesh and blood could no longer grow back, and an unspeakable cold force penetrated into their bodies, firmly preventing their wounds from healing.

"Go away, don't come near me, get out of here!"

The Nine-Headed God Emperor yelled in panic, and kept throwing his hands out towards these Baiyin boys. As a result, his palm slapped out and landed on these Baiyin boys, but it seemed to be hit in a quagmire. The skin of these Baiyin boys is sunken, but it will bulge out again soon.

It's like a piece of jelly, consuming power for nothing.


Soon, the Nine-Headed God Emperor uttered a shrill scream, and the two calves were directly hit by the three Baiyin boys, opened their mouths, and immediately bit down on their calves.

With one bite, blood splashed, and the Nine-Headed God Emperor almost passed out in pain.

Shocked and angry, he quickly raised his palm and slashed fiercely at the forehead of a boy of Baiyin, but just like before, the forehead of this boy of Baiyin was deeply sunken after he struck down with his palm.

But the Baiyin boy seemed to be okay, with a smile on his face, he opened his mouth directly, and bit down on the middle of the legs of the Nine-headed God Emperor.

The Nine-Headed God Emperor's face was startled, and he quickly grabbed the boy with both hands and pressed down **** the Baiyin boy.

As a result, he held down this Baiyin boy, but was directly thrown into the body by another Baiyin boy, who bit him between his legs.



The Nine-Headed God Emperor suddenly uttered an incomparably stern scream, and his face was distorted.

He almost felt like hitting his head to death.

Soon his body was thrown to the ground by the three Baiyin boys, who frantically gnawed on his body.

The **** emperors in other directions were all trembling with fright, their faces turned green.

What is this?

It's too weird!

The god-level masters can't do anything to them, these guys eat whatever they see, like a group of demon kings.

Especially the nine-headed **** emperor, the other party was completely abolished.

On the other side, the Heavenly Dao Palace Master, who was doing all he could to exchange blood, looked startled, and looked at the group of Baiyin boys who were raging, furious, and obviously recognized these things at once.

"It's them, the strange creatures bred on the dark side of the heavens!"

He gritted his teeth in hatred.

These creatures should have belonged to him in the first place.

He has been in charge of the Dao of Heaven for countless years, and no one knows the Dao of Heaven better than him. He has known for a long time that a group of strange children of Baiyin were bred in the dark side of the Dao of Heaven. Mature.

It was only later that Tiandao fell into a deep sleep, and there were too many things, so I forgot it for a while.

When he remembered later, these boys had already been taken away by Jiang Dao, and Jiang Dao was fulfilled.

Seeing such a scene at this moment, he only felt that anger was raging in his heart, and he had the thought of swallowing Jiang Dao flatly.

"What are you doing there? Don't worry about Chu Rukuang, let me suppress this group of boys first!"

The Heavenly Dao Palace Master shouted angrily.

Only he knows the horror of these boys. They gather the power of the dark side of the heavens, and they are the most terrifying, coldest, weirdest, and most vicious life forms in the world.

Can grow itself by devouring anything.

Once they swallow all the nine-headed **** emperor and the undead **** emperor, their strength will be twice as strong as now. More importantly, these boys are extremely difficult to kill, just like mad dogs. It will be extremely painful.

Because they can swallow all kinds of attacks.


The huge light and shadow immediately stepped forward, and condensed a huge divine sword, with a strong breath, walked towards the group of boys, swung the divine sword directly, and slashed at the group of boys.

"If you want to leave, get the **** out of here!"

Chu Ru frenziedly swung the fighting holy spear, his body full of murderous intent, and the moment the light and shadow struck out the divine sword, the spear had already pierced through it.

call out!


Terrifying fluctuations erupted instantly, and the rays of light billowed.

The sword-holding arm of the light and shadow was exploded by Chu Rukuang on the spot, turning into a terrifying mist of light.

Then Chu Rukuang shot wildly, and continued to penetrate towards the huge light and shadow.

A spear and a blow continuously pierced out, and fell towards the light and shadow. The light and shadow that hit the figure continued to collapse from top to bottom. Rukuang attacked again.

For a while, the two sides broke out again with terrible fluctuations.

A group of boys from all over the world can hardly surrender here.

There was a cold smile on Jiang Dao's face, and the raging fire on his body was burning, and he was constantly peeling out the curse in his body like a cocoon, pulling it out inch by inch.

The Heavenly Dao Palace Master's face was also gloomy, and he began to exchange blood with all his strength.

If it was a normal exchange of blood, he must have finished the exchange long ago.

But it's a pity that the curse that Jiang Dao released before was extremely terrifying, as if it had taken root in his body, even changing blood was extremely difficult.

In this way, both sides are all in full motion.

The bodies of the two seemed to be burning, and terrifying rays of light continued to emerge.

Suddenly, another ray of colorful light shot out from the vertical eyes between the eyebrows of the Palace Master of Heavenly Dao, and shot towards Jiang Dao's body quickly.

call out!


The colorful glow fell on Jiang Dao's body, and it roared directly, as if hitting a sacred mountain, bursts of green smoke came out, causing Jiang Dao's scales to fall off.

"Hey hey..."

The Palace Master of Heavenly Dao let out strange smiles, stared closely at Jiang Dao, seemed to have regained some power of action, raised his eyebrows and eyes again, and shot towards Jiang Dao's body.

call out!


The sound sounded, and as before, it knocked down a piece of Jiang Dao's scales again.

Then the Heavenly Dao Palace Master controlled the vertical eyes between the brows and began to shoot out rays of light continuously.

Like lightning, streaks of rays of light rushed out one after another, shooting at Jiang Dao's body in succession. Even if they couldn't kill Jiang Dao, it would be great if they could greatly affect Jiang Dao.

However, soon the Palace Master of Heavenly Dao couldn't laugh anymore.

I saw Jiang Dao's face was indifferent. After the Heavenly Dao Palace Master shot seven or eight colorful rays of light in succession, his body, which was sitting cross-legged and motionless, suddenly stood up and shook violently.


Slices of strange curse power were finally forced out by his body, like pieces of black cold rushing out of his pores, causing the space in all directions to sneer.

Flying sand and rocks on the ground.

With a blank face and cold eyes, he stared at the Heavenly Dao Palace Master not far away, took huge steps, and walked step by step towards the Heavenly Dao Palace Master, "Isn't it fun to fight?"

The face of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master changed, and cold sweat rolled on his forehead.

This guy!

How could he completely force out his curse so quickly.

"Jiang Dao, don't..."

call out!


Just as he was about to speak, Jiang Dao's body instantly appeared in front of Palace Master Tiandao, as if he was traveling through space. Both his strength and speed were extremely fast. Like lightning, his palm pierced into Palace Master Tiandao's body.


The face of the Palace Master of Heavenly Dao was distorted, his whole body was bent down by the beating on the spot, and he flew backwards like a shrimp.

At the same time, the Emperor Zidian, who was exchanging blood with his hands, was also grabbed by the back of the neck by Jiang Dao, and like a scarecrow, he turned suddenly and slammed **** the ground.

With a bang, the entire ground trembled violently, and the sand trembled violently.

The Emperor Zidian spurted blood, and finally woke up from the daze, his face was horrified, and he felt that all the bones in his body seemed to be shattered.

"Master Jiang, spare my life!"


Jiang Dao didn't say a word, but stamped the sole of his foot vigorously.

He stepped on the face of Emperor Zidian, denting his face on the spot, which was horrible.

Then with a kick on the sole of his foot, the body of the Emperor Zidian flew upside down on the spot, flying directly towards the group of Baiyin boys.

The eyes of the group of Baiyin boys lit up, and they made strange noises. They rushed out quickly and rushed towards the body of the Purple Lightning God Emperor, obliterating the Zidian God Emperor's body in an instant.

"Brother, save me, ah!"

Immediately, the Purple Lightning God Emperor let out a series of shrill screams.

Palace Master Tiandao's eyes were tearing apart, his face was livid, and suddenly he coughed up blood violently, staring at Jiang Dao, "Jiang Dao, do you think you can eat me?"


Jiang Dao's body rushed forward, and then he punched hard at the body of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master.

The Heavenly Dao Palace Master let out an angry roar, and rushed towards Jiang Dao with a quick punch.

It's just that he lost a lot of original blood, UU reading www.uukanshu.com and the curse in his body hasn't been completely eradicated. At this moment, his power is at most one-third of what it was before, so how can he block the river.


The body of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master flew upside down on the spot, smashed hard in the distance, and his arms were blown apart.

He landed in the distance, immediately turned over, quickly reorganized his body, then put his hands together, and quickly spun up, bursting out pieces of terrible black light, like a whirlwind.

"Tiansha Poison..."


Before the Palace Master of Heavenly Dao could say a word, Jiang Dao's body rushed towards him at an extremely fast speed, and he punched him hard in the face. His face was twisted, his teeth burst, his head spun around a dozen times, and his body was ruthless again. He flew out fiercely.

"It's a mess!"

Jiang Dao's tone was cold.

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