Evil Spirit World: I Push This World with My Flesh - Chapter 671 reincarnation devil

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The Heavenly Dao Palace Master was coughing up blood, and was dazed by Jiang Dao's punch. He twisted his neck more than a dozen times, and finally recovered. His face was frightened and filled with shock.

This damned Jiang Dao didn't give him a chance!

He didn't even leave time for him to finish casting the forbidden law.

Suddenly, he took a look at the old man Wudu, Venerable Turtle, and Daoist Qi who were fighting with Venerable Wu Dao. Without thinking, he rushed directly to their battlefield and shouted, "Old man Wudu, save me quickly!" ..."


As soon as the voice sounded, Jiang Dao appeared directly behind the Palace Master of Heavenly Dao at an unbelievable speed, and slammed his fist **** the back of Palace Master Tiandao with unrivaled force.


The Heavenly Dao Palace Master squirted blood, his clothes burst, his entire back was sunken on the spot, and his eyeballs were about to come out.

His body flew forward fiercely again.

But this time, before he landed again, Jiang Dao's body instantly blocked the place where he was about to land, grabbed his face with a big hand, and directly treated his body like a scarecrow, facing the ground hard Smash it hard.


The ground is torn apart.

The body of Palace Master Tiandao was ruthlessly thrown to the ground, he coughed up blood, his muscles and bones were broken all over his body, his face was distorted, and he was so beaten that he was powerless to fight back.


Jiang Dao raised one sole of his foot, and stepped on the face of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master unceremoniously, looking down, his tone was indifferent, high above him, like a ruler.

"Master Tiandao, how is it? Is my strength satisfactory to you? As proud as you, did you never think that this day will come?"

He looked like he was pointing the rivers and mountains, with scales shining all over his body.

The hideous barbs shone with a strange luster.

The Heavenly Palace Master kept coughing up blood and looked at Jiang Dao in horror.

He lost more than half of his original essence and blood, so he was destined to be Jiang Dao's opponent.

The physical power of the opponent destroys everything and is immune to all attacks.

Even the current curse on him can't hurt the opponent at all.

Such a divine body has a violent beauty that overwhelms everything.

Suddenly, the Palace Master of Tiandao squeezed out a embarrassed smile on his face, and said, "Master Jiang, it's a misunderstanding, it's a misunderstanding, please spare my life, okay? You spare me, I won't be your enemy anymore, I can help you, aren't you Do you want to enter the cracks in the real world? I can help you, and from now on, I can follow suit for you, please forgive me, there is not much hatred between us..."


Jiang Dao looked at the Palace Master of Heavenly Dao with a surprised face. He didn't expect this high-ranking guy to say such words. He couldn't help laughing suddenly, his voice was wild and wanton, like a supreme terrifying demon god, and his laughter shook his head. The sand and dust in these countless miles are boiling.

"Ha ha ha ha..."

Jiang Dao's laughter was extremely hearty, huge and deafening, forming golden ripples, sweeping away in all directions, and said with a smile, "I heard that right, you are as proud as you, and you actually beg for mercy? Could it be Is the sun coming out from the west?"

"That's right, that's right, Gang Leader Jiang, you are a hero who knows the current affairs, right?"

The Heavenly Dao Palace Master continued to laugh.

"A man who knows current affairs is a great man."

Jiang Dao squeezed out a smile and said, "However, if a person doesn't even want to lose face, then this person must be extremely terrifying. Whether it is scheming or means, they will reach incredible levels. Therefore, I don't accept it. People like you are too dangerous. Leaving you by my side is like a poisonous snake, ready to bite me at any moment, Heavenly Dao Palace Master, you'd better die with dignity!"


The sole of his foot kicked suddenly, the power exploded, the golden light was shining, and he crushed down hard, denting the entire head of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master.

The Heavenly Dao Palace Master let out a roar, and said bitterly, "Jiang Dao, don't push people too much, even if I die, I will make you seriously injured!"

His two palms frantically grabbed Jiang Dao's body.

Especially Sensen's left paw, which was cold and bewitching, went straight for Jiang Dao's crotch.

With a backhand grab, Jiang Dao grabbed the opponent's left paw on the spot, folded it hard, and with a click, he pulled it out directly, and pulled out the left arm of Palace Master Tiandao on the spot.

There was still thick black blood sticking inside.

These blood threads are constantly wriggling, like tentacles, trying to penetrate into the body of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master again.

Jiang Dao showed a cruel look, he shook his palm forcefully, the golden light surged, and immediately another terrifying Chiyang divine fire rushed out, covering the cyan claw, and quickly burned it up.

Chi Chi Chi Chi!

The cyan claw was burned and twisted quickly, like a living thing.

The strips of black blood on it were also rapidly turning black, giving off a burning smell.

The Heavenly Dao Palace Master let out an angry roar, still struggling frantically under Jiang Dao's feet.

While burning the opponent's arm, Jiang Dao kicked it out, kicking the body of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master towards the group of Baiyin boys.

The eyes of a group of Baiyin boys lit up, seeing the body of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master flying towards them, they immediately let out bursts of ringing, bell-like strange laughter, and the bodies rushed out quickly, densely packed, and rushed towards the Heavenly Dao Palace Master.

"Old Man of the Five Poisons, Venerable Turtle, and Strange Taoist, save me quickly!"

The Heavenly Dao Palace Master screamed in panic.

Daoist Qi who was fighting Venerable Wu Dao frowned, and the black wooden sword behind him suddenly unsheathed, soaring into the sky, turning into a black lightning, instantly piercing through the void, and spinning around the group of Baiyin boys like lightning.

Bang bang bang!

A group of Baiyin boys who were surrounding the Heavenly Dao Palace Master were sent flying backwards by him on the spot, leaving dark wounds on their bodies.

From the wound, there was smoke, and a group of children babbled and screamed in pain.

After the black wooden sword flew a group of boys, it immediately turned into a stream of black light and rushed directly towards Jiang Dao.

Jiang Dao's face froze, and he took a step forward suddenly, his whole body burst into golden light, and there was a terrifying sound like a surging tide. He moved his fists in rotation, and directly hit the black wooden sword fiercely with his fist.


The sound roared, and the breath was terrifying.

Pieces of black light and golden light swept around, like a mountain roaring and a tsunami.

The black wooden sword flew upside down by Jiang Dao's punch on the spot, and like lightning, it was inserted back into the scabbard behind Daoist Qi again.

At the same time, Jiang Dao's body was also shocked back on the spot by an extremely terrifying force.

His entire fist was rapidly blackening at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It looks like it's been stained with ink.

A layer of strange black along the face of the fist quickly penetrated towards his arms, shoulders, and chest, bringing with it waves of eerie and strange power that corroded everything.


Jiang Dao shouted suddenly, the golden light on his arm was burning, and all his blood was bursting with golden light.

The original power of Dicha's holy body was exploding, quickly stopping the invasion of this black black light, and quickly forcing this black black light out.

After the black light was forced out, it immediately fell to the ground, making a chi chi chi sound, and quickly dyed the entire ground black, as if it had been corroded by a poison.

At this moment, the strange Taoist reached out and grabbed it, and a big khaki hand descended from the sky, covering the sky and covering the sun, and suddenly grabbed the body of the Palace Master of Heavenly Dao, intending to capture the whole body of Palace Master of Heavenly Dao directly.

Jiang Dao's face turned cold, and a Holy Battle Spear appeared in his hand. The golden light was gorgeous, and he started to move, directly striving to penetrate the big khaki hand.

"You also stay for me!"

call out!


A terrifying murderous intent erupted in an instant, with dazzling rays of light, and fiercely charged into the big khaki hand, quickly destroying all the structures in the big khaki hand, causing the big khaki hand to burst rapidly, sending out a bang. Bang bang.

The body of Tiandao Palace Master fell from the sky again.

The big khaki hand also collapsed and dissipated immediately.

Daoist Qi's complexion sank, and the black wooden sword behind him flew out like lightning again, spun, and slashed down towards Jiang Dao's body suddenly, black light burst out, creating dense and countless phantoms.

It was like a **** cloud covering it all of a sudden.

Jiang Dao snorted coldly, raised his battle holy spear and slammed towards the black wooden sword.

clang! clang! clang! clang!

The sound was ear-piercing, and the black light and golden light kept surging, colliding dozens of times in a blink of an eye.

Under Jiang Dao's terrifying power, the black wooden sword was thrown upside down again, turned into a black light, and stuck behind Qi Daoist again.

But same as before.

After dozens of collisions, the holy spear in Jiang Dao's hand turned black, like ink.

It was covered with a layer of weird cold power.

Jiang Dao's body swayed, he swung the Holy Battle Spear, and directly shot the entire Holy Battle Spear towards the body of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master.


The Master of Heavenly Dao Palace looked horrified, and when he heard the movement, he turned his head immediately, but was still pierced through his chest by the holy spear of fighting, and with a bang, he flew out quickly with his body, smashed hard into the distance, and was nailed to the ground.

"I will kill the Heavenly Dao Palace Master, no one can protect him, as I said!"

Jiang Dao shouted.

Daoist Qi's face darkened, knowing that there was nothing Jiang Dao could do, he suddenly let out a roar, and shouted, "Devil of Samsara, how long are you going to watch the show?"


His voice spread out, like a mountain roaring and a tsunami, one after another, carrying a huge coercion, mighty and powerful, sweeping towards the distance.

At the same time, an incomparably terrifying aura erupted suddenly from the end of this plain of reincarnation, overwhelming the sky and covering the earth, like a tide, continuing to rush in this direction, accompanied by the sound of deafening laughter.

Like a ten thousand year old demon born.

"Ha ha ha ha...."

The sound of flying sand and rocks, wrapped in endless death demonic energy, is earth-shattering.

The expressions of Chu Rukuang and Saintess Yaoyao all changed.

Especially Chu Rukuang, his pupils shrank suddenly, and he shouted, "Jiang Dao be careful, an ancient murderer is coming!"

The other **** emperors in all directions also showed horror, backed up again, and quickly got out of the way of the battlefield.

Lord of Samsara!

It was him!

This guy is not dead yet?

He has been dormant in this area?

Before the endless years, there was a legend of the Demon King of Reincarnation in this endless sea. At that time, he was already an extremely terrifying existence in this world, known as the ancient troll.

It's just that when the cracks in the real world opened later, he forced his way into it and encountered several extremely terrifying enemies. Under the siege of those enemies, he died and disappeared in this area.

This area is also named after him!

Unexpectedly, for countless years, he is still alive!

"Reincarnation Demon Lord!"

In the other direction, Venerable Wu Dao, who was fighting with the three sanctified souls, couldn't help but turn cold, and suddenly looked back, his eyes shot out a very dignified light.

Obviously, in his eyes, this reincarnation demon is also an extremely terrifying existence.

On the opposite side, Daoist Qi, Venerable Turtle, and Old Man Five Poisons all showed strange smiles.

"Unexpected, Venerable Wu Dao!"

"The Lord of Samsara has not fallen, in fact, he is still alive!"

"Do you think that we have no chance of defeating you by blocking you here? You are wrong. You will die today, and no one can save you. Not only you are dying, but all the spirit removers and night watchmen, this time will be extinct!"

The three of them drank loudly.

Venerable Wu Dao's face darkened in an instant, and he said, "Okay, that's great, no wonder you dare to intercept me here, but if you want to kill me, how can you do it without paying the price?"


Golden light erupted from his body, and a terrifying and supreme profound art was activated again. The rays of light were gorgeous, and patches of terrifying lightning appeared directly on his body, and they rushed towards the three of them.

The three of them shouted directly, and once again bombarded the body of Venerable Wu Dao.

"Samsara Demon Monarch, solve that Jiang Dao first!"

The strange man opened his mouth and drank loudly.


The terrifying sound of wild laughter was deafening, and it quickly swept out from a distant place, billowing demonic energy, mighty and mighty, bringing up a boundless wind, flying sand and rocks on the ground, and indescribable tiny stones were flying.

A **** aura that makes one's heart skip a beat permeates here, making one unable to bear the feeling of vomiting.

As if it were a source of death. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

In this endless cloud of demons, an extremely tall troll suddenly appeared, with a terrifying appearance, gloomy and horrifying, several thousand meters high, and his whole body was covered with thick and cold thorns. Black scales.

His appearance is more terrifying than Jiang Dao's Dou Zhan Hegemony!

Especially a pair of eyes, wild and strange, overlooking all living beings, with a strong smile on his face.

"Hey, if I haven't been born for countless years, the world will almost forget me!"

His voice reverberated, and his body was filled with a strong death energy, which was so scary that he suddenly looked at Jiang Dao with his wild eyes, and said, "Interesting, after so many years, there is a new Disha Holy Body, Heavenly Dao Palace Master, you It really is too useless, after so many years, they have not been completely eliminated!"

"Reincarnation Demon Lord, kill him quickly!"

The Heavenly Dao Palace Master screamed in panic from a distance.

He was nailed to the Holy Spear of Dou Zhan by Jiang Dao, and it was difficult to escape at this moment.

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