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After Cao Lin left, Wang Zhan glanced at Xue Longji, and was about to speak, but his brows were slightly wrinkled, he suddenly looked in the direction of the hall door, and said loudly: "What are you two, what is your purpose in Yanfu?"

When Wang Zhan's words fell, Xue Long was shocked and looked at the door of the palace suddenly, and then glanced at Wang Zhan again. He couldn't notice anything, but the palace master actually noticed it?

At the same time, Granny Li and Yao Ranxi, who were still more than ten miles away from the hall, were all shocked, and their voices sounded like the souls that were directly resounding, causing their souls to throb.

In particular, Granny Li, who completely restrained Er's aura, is both at the peak of the ancestors, and it seems that she can spy on Cun, the Palace Master of Yan Palace, who can see through it at a glance?

In one room, Granny Li became more and more in awe of Yan Mansion. As the Palace Master of Yan Mansion, I am afraid that the realm of immortals on the surface is so simple, how can she see through the realm of immortals at a glance?

What a joke!

"Yao Ranxi and Li Yun of the Thousand Realms Temple, take the liberty of visiting, and hope that Palace Master Wang will forgive you!"

After only a moment of shaking, Yao Ranxi and Granny Li bowed together and said loudly.

"Yao Ranxi in the Temple of Thousand Realms?"

Hearing the words, Xue Taki, Sen Ming, etc. were shocked. They didn't expect that the Thousand Realm Temple would actually be in the Yan Palace? And the Yan Palace just destroyed the Ten Thousand Poison Sect?


Wang Zhan narrowed his eyes slightly, glanced at Xue Taki and the others, and asked in a deep voice.

"Returning to the palace master, Yao Ranxi is the daughter of the contemporary Qianjing Temple's master. The entire Qianjing Temple has an extraordinary status and is deeply favored by the entire Qianjing Temple. She can be called the pearl of the Qianjing Temple, while Li Yun is a contemporary The confidant of the temple master of the Thousand Realm Temple has reached the peak of the ancestors, and the entire Thousand Realm Temple also has a very high status!"

Hearing Wang Zhan's question, Sen Ming bowed his hands and responded.

Hearing this, Wang Zhan nodded, and although the two of them arrived with some doubts, he still opened his mouth and said, "The original distinguished guest has come to the door, please come in!"

It didn't take long for the two figures to appear in the sight of Wang Zhan and the others. They were Yao Ranxi and Granny Li.

"See the Palace Master!"

Yao Ranxi and Granny Li bowed their hands and bowed slightly with respect. Seeing the wonderful voice sitting next to Wang Zhan, as confident as Yao Ranxi, they both forbade a feeling of shame.

"You two are polite, please take a seat!"

A warm smile appeared on Wang Zhan's face, and with a wave of his hand, two chairs suddenly appeared behind them.

The two were not polite, and after another salute to Wang Zhan, they sat directly.

"Know two, what?"

After two sittings, Wang Zhan didn't hesitate and asked directly.

When Wang Zhan's voice fell behind, Xue Long and others also looked at Yao Ranxi. The five hegemonic forces in the Qianjing Temple Dongcang have never intersected with the Yan Palace. It stands to reason that even if they know that the Wandu Gate has been destroyed, they will!

"The truth is concealed, but I hope that this time, I will ask each other for everything!"

Yao Ranxi gritted her teeth, stood up and bowed her hands to Wang Zhan, directly.


"What's up?"

Wang Zhan's eyes flickered, and he asked with interest, "The Pearl of the Thousand Realms Temple, what are you asking for?"

"I want to refine a kind of pill, but I still lack the main medicine, Xuanming Poisonous Flower, the main medicine, which is produced in the Poison Marsh Mountains, but I couldn't find it in the Poison Marsh Mountains. Now the Wandu Gate has been destroyed by your palace, and the main medicine , I think it is only owned by your palace!"

Yao Ranxi didn't hesitate, she spoke directly, and even told her identity as an alchemist. With the current strength of the Yan Palace, even the Pearl of the Thousand Realms Temple would dare to offend easily.

"Oh? I didn't expect Miss Ranxi to be able to refine pills at such a young age?"

When Yao Ranxi's voice fell, Wang Zhan was shocked and surprised.

Once, I was really frightened. Although the transformation of the aptitude system was called the best, it was also extraordinary.

Even so, it is only to reach the realm of immortals, and Yao Ranxi can only make immortals by his own cultivation, and he can refine medicine pills. Although the reason behind the huge background, his own qualifications are also very important.

Pill medicine, if you want to refine it, you must at least have the level of Master Dan, and Yao Ranxi is so young, he can reach the level of Immortal and Master Dan. Arrogance, if there is no unexpected increase in Shattering Punishment, its face is nothing at all.

Xue Taki and the others were also shocked. It was the first time I heard the news. I didn't expect that the Thousand Realm Temple was hidden so deeply. The Pearl of the Thousand Realm Temple was only afraid of cultivation aptitude. It is no wonder that he can be favored by the high-level officials of the entire Qianjing Temple.

Such a baby, who pets?

Seeing Wang Zhan pondering, Yao Ranxi gritted his teeth and said solemnly: "Grow the pill, so that the immortal powerhouse can be raised to a realm without any side effects, if the Palace Master Wang is willing, the Temple of Thousand Realms is willing to cooperate with the Yan Palace, the Yan Palace Xuanming Poisonous Flower and Its medicinal materials, and the main medicine of the Thousand Realm Temple, as well as the refining, are divided into four or six!"

"The Sixth Temple of the Four Thousand Realms of the Yan Palace!"

When Yao Ranxi's voice fell behind, everyone in the audience was shocked. Even Granny Li looked at her sister in How could she have never imagined that her sister's refining would actually plant an elixir that would make her crazy?

It can make the strong immortals raise a realm without side effects!

I know how scared it is, once it is passed on, it will be enough to make the immortals in the entire Xuandang world go crazy. Knowing that the immortals are already called the top experts in the Xuandang world, the ancestors and the immortals are respected.

Being able to raise a realm without side effects is enough to save countless years of hard work. Which immortal powerhouse is jealous?

Xue Taki and the others are all rounded. Although they have already reached the ancestors and need to plant medicinal herbs, they know that planting medicinal herbs is enough to bring a lot of changes to a faction?

Although it is the real power, the ancestral immortal powerhouse determines the rise and fall of a power, and the immortal powerhouse is also lacking. It is the mainstay of a strong power.

And after planting medicinal herbs, are you still afraid that there will be no immortal powerhouses? The pile can also pile it up, although the strength will be weaker, after all, it is also a strong immortal!

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