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Even Wang Zhan was a little shaken. He suddenly stood up and stared at Yao Ranxi, planting medicinal herbs, the system mall. I didn't expect Yao Ranxi to be able to refine it?

Originally, I only checked the space ring and looked at the so-called Xuanming Poisonous Flower, which is the wealth of the Ten Thousand Poison Sect. I didn't expect it to be such an unexpected joy?

Just now, Wang Zhan did some research and found that the wealth of the Wandu Gate, the Xuanming Poisonous Flowers are quite numerous. I thought that Yao Ranxi had found them because they should have been collected by the Wandu Gate, planted medicinal materials, and made poisonous or cultivated for the Wanpo Gate. It should also be very heavy, otherwise Wandumen will spend so much effort to collect it!

"Okay, I promise!"

"Forty-six points, except for the Xuanming Poisonous Flower, please ask Miss Yao to make a list. If this seat is used, it will be sent to the Thousand Realm Temple!"

Wang Zhan almost did not hesitate, and he agreed. He was also afraid that Yao Ranxi would default on his debt. With his current strength, if Yao Ranxi dared to default, he would mind destroying a hegemonic force and deterring a whole Xuan dynasty.

Moreover, if such a terrifying medicinal pill is passed on, the Thousand Realms Temple alone will definitely defend it, and its four hegemonic forces will definitely be jealous of the terrifying medicinal pill, and they will swarm, even if the Thousand Realm Temple will block it!

If Yao Ranxi dared to deceive, and even went there in person, just by leaking the news, the entire Qianjing Temple could be put into danger.

"Can I ask Palace Master to give you a few Xuanming Poisonous Flowers so that you can get acquainted with them first?"

Hearing this, Yao Ranxi was overjoyed, then looked at Wang Zhan and asked.


Wang Zhan smiled, took ten Xuanming Poisonous Flowers directly, just now the space ring, flicked the space ring, and the space ring floated to Yao Ranxi's face.

Yao Ranxi was delighted to receive the space ring, her thoughts penetrated into it, and she smiled contentedly. In fact, the effect of Meidan is really, really, only refining Meidan, and maybe she can use Meidan to enter the pinnacle of Dan master. At this time, you will be able to pursue the realm of the unparalleled alchemist!

Compared with cultivation, Yao Ranxi undoubtedly prefers alchemy, and cultivation is for alchemy.

Therefore, as long as there is an extremely high achievement in alchemy, there is no top powerhouse, even if the aptitude is ordinary, but with the help of medicinal pills, they can pile up their cultivation realm.

"If that's the case, then we'll say goodbye!"

After achieving his goal, Yao Ranxi hurriedly returned to alchemy and directly surrendered to Wang Zhan.

Wang Zhan's expression froze, he glanced at Yao Ranxi, and after realizing the eagerness of his eyes, he chuckled: "Okay, welcome Miss Ranxi to Yanfu again!"

You are really obsessed with alchemy, perhaps because of this, you can achieve such a fearful alchemy at such a young age, right?


Yao Ranxi bowed his hands to Wang Zhan, said loudly, and then turned around and left without hesitation. Granny Li apologized to Wang Zhan and followed quickly.

If she didn't see that Wang Zhan and his wife resisted the punishment, Granny Li would definitely let Yao Ranxi cooperate with Yan Mansion. The current Yan Mansion is qualified, and once the news leaks, Yan Mansion can also share some of the money for the Thousand Realms Temple.

Being able to withstand the punishment, the strength of the Yan Palace is even more terrifying than imagined. After the coma, something remarkable must have happened. Perhaps that is the true power of the Yan Palace!

Watching Yao Ranxi leave, Wang Zhan's eyes flickered, looking at Cao Yuan, and handing Yao Ranxilie's list of medicinal materials to Cao Yuan, he said, "Yuan, from now on, I will be responsible for the cooperation with the Thousand Realms Temple, and I will also be responsible for it. Send the medicinal materials to the Temple of Thousand Realms!"

"The Palace Master!"

Cao Yuan received the list of medicinal materials and responded respectfully.

Wang Zhan nodded and glanced at Xue Taki, Sen Ming, and Cao Yuansan in the hall, three of the three ancestral immortals in the Yan Palace except the Yan Palace, and the strongest people in the Yan Palace except for Miao Yin.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Zhan's face condensed, and he said in a deep voice: "This seat of the world, one day, this seat will leave the world, are you willing to follow this seat?"

Wang Zhan's sudden words, to Xue Taki and others, were tantamount to thunderstorms, and they were completely stunned on the spot, but in just a moment, they returned to normal. Today's Xuan Dang Realm has many outsiders, and even the entire Xuan Dang Realm Many powerful forces, all outside.

I just didn't expect that Wang Zhan actually belonged to his world.

Xue Taki glanced at each other, bowed to Wang Zhan without hesitation, and said loudly: "Wait to follow the Palace Master to the death!"

If you haven't seen Wang Zhanliang's punishment, you may not hesitate. Now, seeing the horror of Wang Zhanliang with your own eyes, you have already been completely convinced by Wang Zhan and Miaoyin, and even the punishment is no good. Opportunity!

Hearing the firm words of Xue Taki and others, Wang Zhan's face flashed with relief, and continued: "I still have some enemies in this seat. Following this seat, I haven't encountered much danger. Are you sure you will follow?"

"Wait to follow the Palace Master to the death!"

"Who dares to be the enemy of Yan Palace, wait for the sword of the Palace Master!"

When Wang Zhan's voice fell, several firm words rang out, and the whole hall reverberated.

Wang Zhan nodded and smiled with satisfaction. Now that he has received Xue Takisan's clear allegiance, he can cultivate with peace of mind.

"Jinxian The perfect ancestral pinnacle elixir, without side effects, can improve the realm of the ancestral immortal powerhouse!"

"The Holy Body Pill, the perfect ancestral pinnacle pill, helps the ancestral immortals to temper their physique!"

"Ning Yuan Dan, ..., help the ancestral immortals to refine the purity of strength!"

Wang Zhan took three kinds of medicinal pills one after another, three of each kind, and with a flick of his finger, he flicked some medicinal pills onto Xue Taki and other faces, and the same explanation sounded in Xue Taki's ears.

For a moment, Xue Taki and the others were all stunned. He squinted, looked at the fragrant medicinal pills on his face, and looked at Wang Zhan again, his head was blank.

How did he never expect that Wang Zhan actually possessed such a feared medicinal pill? A perfect ancestral pinnacle elixir, looking at the whole world, there must be a variety of elixir in existence, at least, as strong as, never seen a variety of elixir!

Now, Wang Zhan directly took three or six terrifying medicinal pills, and directly rewarded them?

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