Fantasy: My Sect is 100 Million Points Stronger - Chapter 1260 The change of the ancient emperor

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Seemingly feeling the cold and fierce emotions, the master of the sky in the black box, Yuan, was extremely pleased, and said: "Teacher, don't worry, for the master is the master of the sky, it's just a trivial disaster, it's nothing, if you have the heart. , to become stronger as soon as possible, and to rescue the teacher, is the greatest reward for the teacher!"

"Master, don't worry, the disciple will do everything to save the master!"

Leng Lie calmed down for a while, and then said loudly.

Feeling the cold determination, Master Yuan smiled, then his face sank, and he said solemnly: "Teacher, you must remember these few words as a teacher!"

"I have watched it for my teacher. Although the old ghost took away the corpse, the ancestor of the Immortal Sect is not weak, not to mention the bad luck, but it is very likely that he will be severely injured. , you are the only one left."

"Don't think about revenge, find a quiet place to live!"

"After the lost battle is over, leave immediately, concentrate on your practice, and wait for your recovery."

"If there is nothing wrong with your ghost master, he has a way to find you, just wait and then you can follow your ghost master to find some opportunities and enhance your strength. If your ghost master has an accident, what are you doing? Don't think about it, don't go out, just stay here!"

"Remember, the family of those who hold the sky is your greatest chance, and you can give up everything else!"

"The present forbearance is for the sake of future success. If you are full of anger for a while, you can't solve anything. It is normal for you to be bullied if you are weak. After you are strong, you can find your way back!"

"Everything is alive."

"Don't live up to the effort you made this time as a teacher!"

The solemn words of Yuan Zhang, who held the sky, reverberated in Leng Lie's mind one after another, and his breath gradually disappeared. Feeling the disappearance of Yuan's breath, Leng Lie trembled all over, with tears in his eyes.

Before the master fell asleep, he was still thinking about himself, still worrying about his own safety, so why is the teacher's kindness in return?

Cold and bitter, heart is like colic, not only hates his own incompetence, but also hates the Immortal Sect. If it is not the Immortal Sect, how can he be like this? How could Master do this?

Everything is due to his lack of strength. If he has enough strength, what immortal sect, what seal, will be shattered with one hand!

After a long time, Leng Lie just calmed down. He wanted to understand that it is impossible for him to compete with the Immortal Sect now. In this lost battle, it is already the world of the Immortal Sect. Once it emerges, it will definitely die.

When you are alive, you have the capital to make a comeback; when you die, everything is gone!

"Master, don't worry, no matter what, the disciple will live!"

With a murmur of gnashing teeth, he looked at the entire deserted island coldly, then found a mountain, opened a cave, and hid it directly here.

Master is right, his biggest reliance is the family of those who hold the sky, and this opportunity to lose the battle is not worth it!


In the secret realm of the Kraken pilgrimage, the ancient emperor of the demon dragon hovered above the sky, with a dazzling brilliance all over his body, reflecting the entire secret realm of the Kraken pilgrimage. On the stone pillars below, many ancestors of the Kraken clan showed surprises on their faces, staring closely. The ancient emperor of the demon dragon in the sky.


"Good! Good!"

"This is an unprecedented change for my Kraken clan. From now on, my Kraken clan will fear nothing!"

Many sea-monster ancestors murmured excitedly, one by one excited.

In the center, the demon **** locked by the chains was already sluggish. From him, the demon power was continuously extracted, pouring into the body of the ancient demon dragon in the sky like a tide, and was completely absorbed and refined by the ancient demon dragon.


"You **** and thieves, you really deserve to die!"

"If you don't have this god, how can you break through the star god, and now you dare to bite the master?"

The demon **** roared with rage, but his voice was weak, and the whole person seemed extremely weak.

"Master Devourer? You are also worthy of it?"

A hot-tempered sea-monster ancestor roared directly, looking at the demon god, full of anger and murderous intent.

"I'm waiting for you to be my faith and wholeheartedly, but in the end, you want to take away my sea-monster clan chief?"

"Also, don't think I don't know, you are delusional to use the blood of the entire sea-monster clan as the root and this sea-monster tablet as the foundation to smelt the flesh and do that heaven-defying thing!"

"If it's just to seize the patriarch, maybe I will endure it for the sake of the Kraken, but you shouldn't, and you should pay attention to the entire Kraken!"

"Although I believe in you, I'm not stupid."

Immediately afterwards, the ancestor continued to roar. Although the other ancestors did not make a sound, they also stared at the demon **** with cold eyes, with murderous intent flashing in their eyes.

These roars fell, and the demon **** was suddenly silent. How could he have never thought that his abacus would be known by these guys? No wonder he dared to imprison himself in the first place!

It's just that these ants don't know that he not only wants to sacrifice the entire Kraken, but also sacrifices the entire lost creatures of the war. Taking the entire lost creatures as the root, UU Kanshu takes the four gods as the monument. Foundation, condensing a body that belongs to the gods of faith alone.

Unfortunately, after preparing for a long time, it still fell short.

If it wasn't for an accident when he took the house, why would this happen?

One wrong step, one wrong step.

The old ancestor saw that the demon **** didn't speak, snorted coldly, and didn't continue to speak, but looked at the ancient demon dragon in the sky.

At the beginning, they made a lot of preparations to imprison the demon god. Now, there are not many people in the entire Kraken clan who secretly believe in the demon god. Otherwise, with the strength of the demon god, even if they used the sea demon **** monument, they would not be able to imprison him for so long.

Of course, the power of the demon gods is still very strong, so they must sit here all year round to maintain the entire formation, and they dare not neglect them at all.


But at this moment, a roar exploded, and the rays of light blooming around the ancient demon dragon exploded abruptly. Many rays of light seemed to be transformed into stars, surrounding the ancient emperor of the demon dragon. At this moment, the ancient emperor of the demon dragon was like the center of the universe. Surrounded by stars, Dao Yun permeates, like a supreme **** king, full of endless majesty.


From the body of the ancient demon dragon, strands of mystery permeated. These mysteries, like elves, danced around the ancient emperor of the demon dragon. With a bang, the upper body robe of the ancient emperor of the demon dragon exploded in an instant, and the strands of mystery suddenly swarmed. Go, branded on the back of the Ancient Demon Dragon Emperor, a peculiar picture book instantly appeared on the back of the Ancient Demon Dragon Emperor.

The catalogue was a ferocious dragon pattern, but around the dragon pattern, the sun, moon and stars appeared.


When the branding of this picture book was completed, more and more terrifying suction emanated from the ancient demon dragon, and the demon **** imprisoned below only felt that the power in his body was passing at an extremely terrifying speed. The most important thing Yes, he can't suppress it yet, he can only watch his power being swallowed up by the ancient demon dragon!

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