Farming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times - Chapter 672 only worse

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   Jiang Bilian begged bitterly, but was kicked over by Xuanyuan Junde. She got up regardless of the pain and continued to rush towards Xuanyuan Junde.

  Because it was so hot on the ground, Jiang Bilian was wearing a thin skirt, which was so hot that she wanted to die, and tears were streaming down her face.

   "Your Highness~ Don't do this... I beg you..."

   "Go away!" Xuanyuan Junde did not pity Xiangxiyu at all, and kicked Jiang Bilian away again.

  Jiang Xinyan sat upright in the carriage, just about to take out a handful of melon seeds and eat them, she didn't feel hot at all.

   The excitement made her stunned. Aren't those two beauties his concubine?

  Why are the three princes willing to be rough with them? No wonder it is said that the ancient royal men liked the new and disliked the old, and it really was.

  However, he hit two women at the same time. Could it be that his new target is the old lady, which made Jiang Xinyan as disgusting as eating flies.

   Watching the third prince punch and kick Jiang Bilian and Wei Yan, Jiang Xinyan couldn't help scolding him as a beast in her heart and pitied the two beauties.

   That weak appearance, how can it stand up to the beasts.

   Although Jiang Bilian is vicious and Wei Yan is not a good person, but their husbands beat them violently in front of so many people.

  Jiang Xinyan was still not happy, but she didn't plan to help them either. Jiang Bilian sent people to chase her all the way, and the revenge has not yet been avenged.

   "Your Highness~" Wei Yan ignored the burning pain on her face and rushed to stop Xuanyuan Junde's leg, preventing him from continuing to abuse Jiang Bilian.

   At this time, Wei Yan was sincere and wanted to prevent her husband from hurting Jiang Bilian. They had negotiated to stop His Highness from accepting beauties.

   "Bitch! You're courting death!" Xuanyuan Junde kicked his feet up, he roared, his voice hoarse, like the low voice of a beast.

   "Pfft..." Wei Yan spat out a mouthful of blood, her body instantly fell limply, her face pale.

   "Sister Yaner~" Jiang Bilian screamed and ran over to help Wei Yan.

   Xuanyuan Junde was stunned for a while, looking at the woman on the ground, and then at Jiang Bilian, his expression gloomy, his eyes flashing with dangerous signals.

   "Bitch, why didn't your Highness tell you to go back to the carriage?"

   Jiang Xinyan was stunned when she saw this scene!

   She originally thought that that bastard, Emperor Dongchen, was scumbag enough, but she didn't expect his son to be even more scumbag, actually hitting her own woman!

   And Mo Yao and the beauties of Xichu in the carriage behind were all stunned. The men in Dongchen Country were so scary, and the beauties were beaten.

  Why do they believe in Madam Chu and want to marry a man from Dongchen Kingdom!

   "Your Highness..." Jiang Bilian raised her head aggrievedly, tears filled her eyes, she was so pitiful, as if her heart was broken.

   And she bit her lip stubbornly and explained to the third prince in a weak and helpless voice.

   "My concubine doesn't know why the carriage stopped. My concubine and sister Yan'er came over to take a look when they were worried about His Highness. Who knew that His Highness would kick the concubine indiscriminately...Uuuu..."

   Xuanyuan Junde snorted coldly, "Don't pretend, you know it in your own heart."

   "Your Highness~ I really don't know what I did wrong?"

   Xuanyuan Junde squinted and stared at her, with a cold tone: "Lian'er, you are so courageous, you dare to openly destroy the good deeds of His Highness, who do you think you are?"

   Jiang Bilian's face was pale and her body was trembling. She hurriedly knelt and climbed to Xuanyuan Junde's feet, grabbed the corner of his clothes, and cried.

   "Your Highness has been wronged, my concubine will never dare to stop His Highness's good deeds."

   Xuanyuan Junde kicked her away and said coldly: "Block? Are you worthy? Jiang Bilian, since you said you don't have it, then you invite the beauty in the carriage over."

   Jiang Bilian covered her stomach and moaned in pain, but a look of surprise appeared on her face. She looked at her husband in surprise, puzzled and indignant.

   "His Royal Highness beat the concubine and sister Yan just because of the beauty in the carriage?"

  Jiang Bilian was on the verge of collapse after speaking, and the two maids hurried over to support her, and Wei Yan was also supported by the maid and walked to her side.

  Xuanyuan Junde raised his eyebrows slightly, his expression rather arrogant, "Who asked you to come and stop this Highness?"

   "My concubine..."

   Xuanyuan Junde interrupted her impatiently, "Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and invite the beauties over!"

   Jiang Bilian hesitated for a moment, and had to endure the severe pain from her abdomen and staggered towards the carriage.

   He groaned in pain every time he took a step, his eyes flashed with viciousness and resentment, gritted his teeth, and walked slower than an ant.

   "Bitch! What's the ink? Hurry up and invite someone." The third prince urged impatiently.

   It's really a wink, don't you know that the scorching sun is burning like fire at this time?

   Xuanyuan Junde originally wanted to grab it by force, but since he was interrupted by his two side concubines, it would not be bad to ask them to invite the beauties to accompany him.

   Wei Yan lowered her eyes, clenched her fists, endured the severe abdominal pain, and walked slowly beside Jiang Bilian.

   The two of them moved away slowly, because the distance was too close, and then the ink was next to the carriage, and the heavy curtain was lifted...

  I saw a girl in a red gauze dress sitting in the carriage. The girl was charming and beautiful.

   At this time, her eyes were blurred, and she was leaning softly on the soft cushion and closed her eyes to rest. When she heard the movement outside, she opened her eyes and looked around blankly.

  Finally, his eyes fell on Jiang Bilian, and she shouted with a tender smile, "Sister~sister~"

   "Cousin-in-law? You're actually Chu..." Wei Yan's scream drowned out her sister.

   "Sister Yan knows her?" Jiang Bilian asked eagerly, interrupting Wei Yan's unfinished words.

   "Her name is Jiang Xinyan, the castle owner of Xuanyan City." Wei Yan naturally knew that Jiang Xinyan was Jiang Bilian's younger sister.

  When the prime minister's house used a fool to marry him, no one knew about it. Later, when Chu Lijie messed up Jiang Bilian as the third prince concubine.

   Everyone in the capital knows that Wei Yan has been jealous with Jiang Bilian since she married the third prince.

   She forgot to tell Jiang Bilian that her stupid little sister was no longer stupid.

   At this time, looking at the two of them with scars all over their bodies, looking at the embarrassed appearance, and then looking at the noble and glamorous fool sitting in the carriage.

   Wei Yan instantly felt unbalanced, so she specifically told Jiang Bilian that her foolish sister was in the carriage.

   Hearing Wei Yan's words, Jiang Bilian's face changed suddenly, a strong killing intent emerged in her eyes, and she stared at Jiang Xinyan hatefully.

   Fortunately, they got off the carriage to stop them. If His Highness accepts a fool, then the queen must be a fool.

  Jiang Bilian gritted her teeth and squeezed out a few words between her teeth, "So you are so beautiful as a queen?"

   "Hey, why doesn't my sister know my sister?" Jiang Xinyan smiled and sat up straight.

   She understood what Jiang Bilian said, but she didn't understand what it meant. She also knew that Jiang Bilian was reborn.

   Then, according to Jiang Bilian's meaning, did he even become a queen in his previous life?

   She stretched out her hand and touched Jiang Bilian's pale cheeks, and asked tenderly, "My sister has hysteria? When did my sister become a queen?"

   "In your previous life, you married the third prince and finally became the queen, but unfortunately I didn't see your final appearance. It turned out to be so beautiful."

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