Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 443: Last of the Family Tree

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Chapter 443: Last of the Family Tree

Their actions of indiscriminately shooting towards the hotel wouldn’t have been possible if the armed men took the civilians inside as hostages, but instead, they actually did the opposite and allowed the civilians inside the building to themselves, which gave the others the opportunity to escape from the building through the underground parking lot.

Unfortunately, though the workers and most of the people staying at the hotel managed to escape, there’s also a few people who got left behind, especially those at the upper floors as they were afraid to go down during the initial shootout, causing them to be trapped inside their own rooms.

The only good news for them is that the machine gun is not pointed at the building they’re staying at, or its walls would have long been battered from the onslaught of its bullets..

Now, they can only pray to god about their survival and that the armed men would be quickly apprehended or killed.

Inside one of the apartments in an apartment building somewhere in the city, a couple can be seen watching the live broadcast of the stand-off between the armed men and the authorities while eating some snacks on the table like it was some movie to be enjoyed.

Ring! Ring!

The man looked at his phone ringing on the table with the caller ID that read “Police Chief”, and he picked up the call with a frown on his face while watching the television and said, “What is it?”

“Hmmm, I’m watching what’s happening at your location and I don’t think you’ll be needing our help now since I can see a small military convoy heading your way”

After saying those words, the man immediately hung up the call and went back to watching the TV.

The woman turned to him and asked, “What did he want?”

The man took a couple of peanuts into his mouth and replied, “He wanted our combat drones to help them”

“Ohh, I don’t think those “people” would like our company intervening in this kind of situation. After all, it would just show how incompetent they are on managing the country. Most especially now that such a large group of armed men was able to smuggle high grade weapons into the country, and of all places, in Central City, the central hub of economy of the country”


Dray and his trusted man, Nash immediately noticed the elevator on their side going up, and they looked at each other and pulled out their guns and pointed it towards it as they waited for it to stop at its designated location.


A few seconds later, the elevator stopped at the floor they’re at and the door slowly slid open, but they saw nothing inside.

They looked at each other and gave an understanding nod as they slowly walked towards the elevator cautiously.

[Boss, he’s gone!]

The two men were about to step foot inside when a voice suddenly came through the radio, halting their steps.

“What do y-”


Bang! Bang!


But they should have just ignored it! Now their actions had caused them devastating consequences!

Randy, who had been hiding on top of the elevator the whole time had heard what was going on outside and quickly took this chance to jump back down inside the elevator through the trap door and fired two successive shots, killing Nash and injuring Dray in the process.

“Overconfidence leads to recklessness” said Randy as he stood before his nephew that’s glaring at him while holding on to the wound by his left shoulder.

“You’ve underestimated me because I’m alone and you sent all your guards after me, and only left him with you, that was a mistake, but did you really know why you really failed? You didn’t take people of the hotel hostage and had your more heavily armed men after me instead, just how confident were you kid? A pity, you were so close to killing me”

[Boss! What happened!? Everyone hur-]

Randy shot the radio beside Dray, startling him.

Dray glared at him and said, “You bastard, don’t think this is over yet. I’m not your only ene-”


“Sorry kid, but I’m not really one to listen to some villain kind of speech right now”

Randy didn’t even allow him to finish what he wanted to say, and with a jerk of his hand, he shot him on his head.

“Well, that was a very anticlimactic way to end things, and they even brought the big guns and didn’t use it towards me”

Randy’s voice lingered as he once again descended the stairwell, and the scene he left behind was soon filled with the people who were chasing him earlier, and when the elevator door opened and they saw the scene that greeted them, all of them wailed in anger.

The kid probably didn’t expect that he would die in such a way, where it would probably go down in history as the lamest death, and he didn’t even get to finish the entire clip of his gun.

All his efforts that took years planning for revenge, just went down the drain in a snap of a trigger.

At the same time, a small military convoy finally arrived and helped the remaining officers storm the building as they slowly took down the armed men inside where they soon met the SWAT team from earlier, and together, both teams ascended the floors.

Along the way, they also encountered a distraught Randy who seemed like he had gone from hell and back, and one of them escorted him out of the building.

They didn’t even suspect him that he’s one of the people who had caused this huge incident that had caused widespread fear in the city, and probably even throughout the entire nation as such an incident is as rare as a blue moon, so they just assumed that he’s one of the tenants of the hotel.

Once he got outside, Randy saw the chaotic scene outside that’s full of people and debris littered around the ground. He just looked on for a couple of seconds before he started walking to the side as he walked past police officers, firefighters and paramedics rushing in and out of the building.

He didn’t stop, and he didn’t even go to any paramedic like he was instructed, and after a while, he arrived at a dark alleyway, then he placed his hand on his jaw and started scratching it until it was finally revealed that he was actually wearing a skin mask the entire time!

Which finally explains why he didn’t bother destroying the surveillance evidence and just left right after the deed was done.

“I guess I’m the only one left in the family tree now huh”

Remembering Dray’s face after he shot him, Randy could only sigh in pity before he slowly disappeared on the once again crowded street filled with civilians, who are just too curious for their own good.

People just can’t hide the fact that they love seeing chaos and destruction.

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