Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 444: Fight!

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Chapter 444: Fight!


“We barely did anything”

Somewhere in one of the residential communities in the city, a car can be seen driving along the street with two women inside, and one of them clearly looks unsatisfied about something.

“What do you mean we barely did anything? If we weren’t there, then a few of those police officers would have died” Miya said.

“Since when do we even care about them?” Tony said with a roll of her eyes.

“Uhhh, since we left the scene? Hello, we’re going to have a lot of interactions with them in the future, especially now that we are living in this city. I had reminded you many times that those days when we had a lot of conflicts with the authorities are in the past now. Stop looking back and start looking ahead, how many times should I keep remending this to you so that you won’t forget?” replied Miya as she gave Tony a side glance while driving.


“I thought you had already managed to reign in your temper, but it seems you didn’t yet”

Tony just snorted while Miya chuckled as the two finally reached their destination, the mansion.

Their car alighted in one of the parking garages, and Tony was suddenly curious about a thought that struck him and said something to Miya.

“I wonder if Randy was able to do it?”

Pulling the suitcase carrying her rifle from the back of the car, Miya looked at her and said, “We’ll know when he gets back. Besides, that man will have a lot of explaining to do to his woman after what happened tonight”

Tony thought for a moment and finally remembered something that happened before tonight’s events.

“Oh shit, how is he gonna explain why he wasn’t by her side during Summer’s kidnapping?” Tony said, with a little smile on her face.

Miya also chuckled, imagining Randy’s miserable expression right now, “Not our problem anymore, are you going to make dinner tonight?”

“Sure, what do you want?”

“Anything, as long as it taste good”

“Hmm, hey, I just thought of something again, Randy wouldn’t blabber about us to her right?”

“I don’t think so, but if he did, then we’ll know tomorrow”

“Then if he did…should we kill her?”

“Olivia? No!”

Their voices increasingly grew softer as the door slowly closed behind them.


Meanwhile, in one particular hotel room, Randy was receiving his due “punishment” for his absence during such dangerous times.

“What happened to you!? How could you leave Cathy all by herself at the hotel during the shootout!? You weren’t even present when we took Summer back! Would you care to tell me what the hell you have been up to during those times!”

Cathy had brought Summer down to the dining hall of the hotel to give her mother and Randy a private space for their “talks”, and right now, Randy is on the receiving end of one of them.

“Randy! Are you even listening to me?! My goodness! I wonder what will my subordinates think of me when they see me right now”

With a little frown on his face, Randy just kept standing before the window wall of their room while watching the aftermath of what he did earlier at the hotel across from them.

The place was sealed with that familiar yellow-black tape combination that everyone sees in a crime scene, and along with a few police officers patrolling around the vicinity of the building.

Where pretty much the place has become devoid of guests due to what happened earlier tonight.

“Randy! Why are you not talking!? Do you have anything to say to me, huh!?”

It can be seen that Olivia is really angered with what happened tonight that she’s even showing her Slavic side and speaking with an accent.

With Olivia pulling his shoulder back, Randy looked over his shoulder, then at her and said, “I’m hungry babe”


Followed by the sound of his tummy growling, an indication of an upset stomach or he’s just really hungry like he said.

Hearing him, Olivia’s already angered expression became even grimmer as the hand grabbing Randy’s shoulder became tighter like she wanted to crush his shoulder like those people on the internet, where you see them showing off and crushing an apple with their bare hands.

Though a couple of seconds later, Olivia quickly calmed herself down as she took a deep breath and said, “Go, just remember that this talk isn’t over yet, you jerk!”

Randy’s expression quickly brightened because of her words, “Thanks babe! Then we’ll continue this later, alright?!”

With his back already facing her, Randy was already walking towards the door while saying those words, but Olivia had failed to notice that Randy’s face quickly turned grim the moment the door was about to close.

Standing on the same spot that Randy was standing on earlier, Olivia slowly and gracefully turned her body around and looked towards the door where Randy had disappeared to and mumbled, “Just what are you hiding from us, Randy? Is it such a big secret that you’re not even willing to confide it to me?”

Walking down the empty hallway, Randy is mumbling to himself with a frown, “Damn that bastard, he really just had to appear now of all times when my life is already starting to turn for the better. Just how do I explain this to her? He’s already dead, but he’s still causing me more problems!”

Meanwhile, something is happening again at Michael’s membership training.

“Beat him up Chad! Left hook, right hook! Uppercut!” yelled one of their classmates in excitement.

“Had you not not eaten dinner boy!? Start landing them punches!” yelled Brandon’s cousin with a mocking laugh.

“This kid is clearly built differently from the rest of the kids here. No matter how amateurish Chad is, he’s a big guy and even I wouldn’t claim to be able to dodge all of Chad’s attacks, but that kid Michael makes it look so easy” said one of the instructors while watching the fight between Michael and Chad unfold at the campgrounds with his colleagues, all of them clearly don’t have the intention of stopping it at all.

“It’s no surprise, everyone of you have read his file before coming here. He’s known to be really good at fighting, and we’re talking streetfights with a group of people against him. Most notably, a lot of those people were members of the Black Skull Syndicate, and as you can see, he’s still alive even after what he did to them” said the head instructor with his arms crossed.

“Are you hinting that he’s got a big backing sir?”

“Hinting? It’s clearly common sense that he has, do you really think those hyena like bastards would allow anyone to live this long after humiliating them?

Hearing their words, the head instructor just smiled as he looked at Michael who had just knocked Chad out with a single punch with a mysterious gaze, seemingly deep in thought.

“And down he goes!” said Brandon, as he was already expecting for it to happen when the fight started.

Standing beside her cousin, Mary looked at Chad lying on the ground and being helped by his friends and said in amazement, “He didn’t even manage to land a hit on Michael, did he learn martial arts or something? I think the skills he showed isn’t something that you can easily learn in a year or two, maybe even longer”

“I think it is quite possible though. After all, Chad isn’t even a trained fighter to begin with, but if he was, then I doubt that Michael would be able to easily dodge those frenzied attacks”

Standing beside them, Maine couldn’t help butt in into their conversation and inserted a piece of her insight.

“Huh, that does make sense”

Mary looked at her, then she realized Maine was right after thinking about what she said.

Maine just rolled her eyes at her as anyone with a brain would also come to the same conclusion like hers..

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