Flower Master in the City - Chapter 2914 Summer is no evil

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Garuda, also known as the Golden Winged Dapeng Eagle.

It is a legendary bird with a golden body and all kinds of majestic and precious colors on its wings.

It is said that it feeds on poisonous dragons every day and keeps accumulating poisonous gas in its body, so the breath it blows is extremely poisonous and can corrode all things.

The founder of Zhelong Baosha is the demon cultivator Jin Yuxian, whose body is the golden-winged Dapeng eagle. It has inherited the cultivation method and has the characteristics of both demon cultivation and Buddhism.

Jin Yuxian ascended to the True Immortal Realm as early as tens of thousands of years ago, but left behind a lot of magical powers and secrets for Zhelong Baosha.

Among them, [Garuru's Breath], also known as Wan Poison Demon's Roar, naturally has a cold air in its poison.

As soon as Master Longxiang saw Mahazi's posture, he felt bad and rushed out of the screen, but unfortunately it was too late.

After Mahazi made this move, the whole figure was like a rag that had been wrung out of water, and slowly fell into the arms of the rushing master Longxiang.

"Master, Master, I'm sorry, I..."

At this time, Mahazi also felt that he was impulsive. Although Xia Xia was definitely eliminated, there were still others who were affected, and I was afraid that it would cause a lot of trouble for the sect.

"do not be afraid!"

Master Long Xiang is indeed a person who protects the shortcoming, and said directly: "You did nothing wrong, that kid must be no different from a demon, you are killing the harm for the alliance, as for the others, it is just some small sacrifices. ."

"Small sacrifice?" Jixing Xianweng looked around, but did not see Zhu Jiuchen's figure, so he couldn't help but feel sad, and when he heard the words of Master Longxiang, he instantly shouted angrily: "That's a number of young immortal cultivators at the level of gods, yes The future of the entire league is only

Because of the momentary anger of Mahazi, it is said that it has perished, and you must give an explanation to the Dragon Treasure Temple! ""What do you want to explain? "Master Dragon Elephant has always been reasonable and not forgiving, and being unreasonable is also not forgiving." Your apprentice Zhu Jiuchen has a personal relationship with demons and intends to overthrow the alliance. My beloved disciple, Mahazi, stopped it in time and took the demons and alliance traitors as

Field beheading, is this explanation enough? "

Jixing Xianweng was so angry that he almost vomited blood: "Great monk, don't deceive people too much! Even if your apprentice kills innocent people without authorization, you still have to punish, it's really terrible! Is it?"

Other elders and apprentices did not escape the wave of breathing just now, and they couldn't help but accuse them at this time:

"Did you say demons are demons?"

"Could it be that my disciple is also a demon?"

"This kind of killer move has been banned in the alliance for a long time. Why did Mahazi use it against his fellow practitioners?"

"Master Dragon Elephant, your master and apprentice are indeed going too far this time!"

"Shut up for me!"

Master Long Xiang looked at his apprentice looking like he was about to die, and was already distressed. As a result, the people around him were still chattering and arguing, and he was so angry that he immediately roared wildly.

I have to say that the imposing manner of a Six Tribulation Quasi Immortal is indeed astonishing, which directly shocked everyone in the audience. Jixing Xianweng wanted to say something else, but he was almost shocked by his blood and stunned on the spot. Originally, his cultivation level was comparable to that of Master Longxiang, or even slightly higher, but it is a pity that Zhu Jiuchen has been infused in recent years.

Too much calamity, so that the realm has fallen seriously.

The old immortal with long eyebrows is as steady as Mount Tai, her eyebrows wrinkled, and she couldn't help scolding: "Ye Longxiang, don't you really take the fate of other alliance comrades seriously?"

"Don't mention my common name." Master Long Xiang glared at him angrily, and then said: "Changmei, you don't have a dead apprentice, what are you mixing here."

"So many young Junyans died all at once, how are you going to explain to the Presbyterians and the Supremes?"

The old immortal Changmei did not bring his apprentice to watch the calamity, so his position can be impartial, "With the people below, you can talk about the demons, do you still have to be able to overwhelm the Presbyterian Church, and the Supremes? ?"

"What do you want?"

Master Longxiang was also annoyed in his heart, and pointed at Mahazi with great distress: "My apprentice is also seriously injured, and he is worried about his life. You are still caring about it here."

"Your apprentice's life is life, and our apprentice's life is not life!"

"That's right, it was Mahazi who had to fight with others, but he couldn't afford to lose, so he used a forbidden technique!"

"My disciple is so innocent. He didn't die in the battle with the demon, but he died here, at the hands of your Zhalong Baocha disciples!"

Although Master Longxiang acts arrogantly, he is not an idiot. What happened today is indeed that Mahazi has gone too far.

It was just a small fight at first, and it would be harmless for everyone to watch and even make a small bet.

But now the situation is completely different. Several innocent people have died, and they are all young Junyan in the alliance. If they don't give up some benefits, I am afraid that these elders will not let their master and apprentice easily. "Well, everyone present today, I will pay you 30 tribulation pills each." Master Long Xiang was indeed generous, and said arrogantly: "These pills are enough for you to cultivate another tribulation period. God's disciple

. ""Thirty is too little. "Someone was immediately moved and started the bargaining mode, and the life of the apprentice was instantly forgotten. "At least fifty, after all, to become a disciple of the transcendence stage, at least fifty disciples of the integration stage are required.

It is possible to succeed. "

Master Longxiang frowned, but still said: "I will add fifty more to each of you, a total of one hundred, who has any opinion?"

Several elders could not help but glanced at each other, and then showed a satisfied look. The only one who is dissatisfied is Jixing Xianweng, because there are no more integrated disciples in the sect. Zhu Jiuchen is the only seed of their Jixing sect, but everyone else is satisfied. soon

Because of some inexplicable being destroyed.

"Ji Xingzi, what's your opinion?" Master Long Xiang looked at Ji Xing Xianweng with a defiant expression, "I'm also very sad that your apprentice died. Well, I'll give you twenty more, and you can take them back. Train other qualified disciples in the sect well, no matter what, it is better than Zhu Jiuchen

That trash is strong. "

Suddenly the conversation changed: "You Pole Star Sect, won't you even be able to find a qualified disciple of the integration stage, right?"

"No, no, no?"

"I don't want any of your medicinal pills." Jixing Xianweng felt greatly insulted, "I remember today's events."

After saying that, he turned to leave.


But Master Longxiang stopped him.

"What else do you want?" Jixing Xianweng's face was gloomy.

Master Long Xiang said slowly: "Today's affairs must be set on a tune, otherwise Xianlu Division and Supreme will not be able to explain the past."

Jixing Xianweng snorted coldly: "Do you want me to cooperate with you to lie?"

"It's not for me, it's for all of us." Master Long Xiang's eyes slid over the faces of the other elders one by one, "If you are not accurate, how can we feel at ease?"

Several other elders couldn't help but look at Xianweng Jixing.

If Polestar Immortal Weng did not cooperate, what happened today would still be revealed. When the time comes, they will not only spit out the benefits they eat, but may also be punished.

Jixing Xianweng instantly understood the sinister intentions involved. If he refused, he would immediately become the public enemy of these people.

"What do you want?"

Jixing Xianweng had to endure his anger and said coldly.

"Today's affairs, we need to make a statement. I have already made up my mind, and this is how it is." Master Long Xiang did not say anything polite, and began to tell the story in front of everyone: "Today is the day of the ghost king crossing the calamity. The ceremony, we were all invited to watch the ceremony, but it was delayed due to some things, so our respective disciples

Or juniors arrived here first. "

Several elders quietly listened to the story of Master Longxiang, and by the way, they considered the rationality in their hearts and whether there were any loopholes that needed to be filled.

"As a result, just before the ceremony began, a demon escaped the light of the chief elder and broke into the shrine."

"My apprentice Mahazi was the first to discover the signs, so he saw through the demon's disguise and took the lead, and the rest followed to fight the demon."

"It's just that this demon is not weak, and in the end, several young handsome Yan died unfortunately. My disciple had to use the sect door restraint technique to annihilate the demon on the spot."

"Of course, after we arrived, we cleaned up the aftermath of the demons and ensured the smooth completion of the Heavenly Ghost King's tribulation ceremony."

After the elders heard it, they couldn't help but look at each other.

"Then what about my apprentice, is he a fellow demon?" Seeing that Master Longxiang never mentioned Zhu Jiuchen, Ji Xing Xianweng knew that he was hiding something else.

Master Longxiang chuckled lightly: "Zhu Jiuchen is naturally a good man of the Alliance who fought bravely against demons and then died honorably."

"I think this story is okay." An elder stated his position directly.

"It's not a story, it's a fact." Someone immediately corrected.

Although the remaining elders felt that the story was naive and full of flaws, it was fine if they could tell the truth. With the endorsement of several of their elders, who would dare to question whether it was false.

The long-brow old immortal sighed leisurely, and did not mean to object.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Jixing Xianweng's face again.

Jixing Xianweng was alone, hesitating for a while, but said lightly: "I won't agree with this kind of thing, but I can keep silent, what you say is what you say."

"Ji Xingzi, don't go your own way!" Master Long Xiang immediately changed his face: "Shame on your face, you really think how important you are, don't you?"

"Today's matter, you admit it, and you don't admit it!" Master Long Xiang's patience was obviously exhausted, and apparently there was not much, so he directly tore his face: "If you nod your head and admit it, Then we Zhalong Baosha will give you a thin face in the future. If you don't recognize it, you will die in the hands of the demons.

It's not difficult to have one more of you! "Ji Xing Xianweng's temper also came up, and he said directly: "Since this is the case, let's fight." I also said it bluntly. After leaving here, I will go to Lawyer Xian and directly say that my disciple was killed by Mahazi, and that Mahazi used forbidden techniques.

Love will not be concealed, and also, my disciple's friend can never be some kind of demon! "

Master Longxiang said coldly: "Humph, I said he is a demon, he is a demon! Everyone else is dead, who can prove that he is not a demon?"

"I can prove it!" At this time, a clear voice sounded: "Xiamen is definitely not a demon."

Then, another lazy voice said: "Damn fat man, what do you say to these idiots, they all have a disease in their brains, and they say it for nothing!"

Hearing these two voices, the elders couldn't help being stunned, their eyes full of astonishment.

"You, you are not dead?"

Mahazi's eyes widened and his body stiffened, "No, this is absolutely impossible!"

"What's impossible." Xia Xia replied with a smile: "With your little strength, it's too hard to kill a fly, but you still want to kill us?" No more breath.

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