Fox in the Penalty Area - Chapter 108 free yourself

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This time, the goal was finally irrelevant - the goal was from the team's right flank, and he didn't hit his left flank the whole time.

But Peng Weijun was not happy at all.

His hands were at his sides, clenching and loosening constantly.

He would still feel unhappy.

Even if the loss really has nothing to do with him.

He is not unwilling to lose, he is just unwilling to show no performance in this defeat, and finally had a chance to compete with the European champion, but he did not show enough convincing performance at all. He was really unwilling to waste this hard-won opportunity like this.

How much effort did he put in to play in the Club World Cup semi-finals...

In the end, I didn't do anything!

Shit, I'm like a fool who came to Baoshan empty-handed and ended up taking nothing with me!

The team is already three goals behind, which means that the head coach may soon make a substitution adjustment, and he who stayed on the court for the reason of "offensive" may also be replaced.

If you really don't want to leave empty-handed, Peng Weijun may have to hurry up...


Kamara was just about to catch the ball when the South China Tigers left back rushed up like a gust of wind to grab the ball.

So he took a step forward, made the action of catching the ball, and let the football pass again, trying to throw off the opponent by repeating the same trick.

But the South China Tigers left back did not get his wish this time, because when he rushed up, he waved Kamara's jersey.

Although he just pulled it and released it quickly, he grasped the timing of the pull very well, just when Kamara was about to start.

So Kamara seemed to have suddenly lost his strength, kicking on the ground but not kicking up, and could only watch the football roll past him.

And the South China Tigers left back immediately turned around and ran back.

Seeing this, Kamara spread his hands and protested to the referee: "Hey! Referee! Look at it!"

The referee's whistle sounded, blowing Peng Weijun for a foul.

But that's all, he didn't catch up to Peng Weijun to show a yellow card, and he didn't even give a verbal warning.

Kamala was a little dissatisfied: "He pulled my clothes!"

He also tugged at his jersey.

The referee from Egypt ignored him and just signaled the Madrid Pirates to take a free kick.

Kamara was also very helpless, and he turned his attention to the left-back of the South China Tigers.

The other party has already sprinted back to his position.

hey, it's going fast...


Kamala soon got his revenge.

He successfully broke through Peng Weijun's defense on the wing and sent a cross.

But this time Hu Lai was not able to grab a point, because Kamara's cross was a little weaker and failed to kick up.

The football was cleared by Yao Huasheng, who was defending at the front point.

Although he did not complete the assist, Kamara was not very disappointed.

The Madrid Pirates have already won this game. Since the left-back has not been replaced, his interest now is all on the other side.


Although coach Parrotti warned his players at halftime not to be arrogant and underestimate the enemy.

But with a three-goal lead, the Madrid Pirates' players inevitably relaxed a bit.

After all, it's 3:0, isn't it relaxing?

It's too impersonal.

So when he saw his team slackening on the sidelines, coach Parrotti didn't shout at them to remind them.

Instead, sit back on the coach's bench and let the players play freely.

As a "good guy", he also knows how to relax.

Blindly strict requirements are not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes it is necessary to open one eye more than the other, so as to manage the team effectively for a long time.

Now that the team has a three-goal lead, there is no reason for him to continue whipping the players forward.

There is no suspense about the outcome of this game. For the rest of the game, let the players let go of their freedom and play whatever they can.


With the Madrid pirates loosening control of the scene, the South China Tigers finally got some opportunities.

However, Qin Lin no longer waved his arms on the sidelines to let the team press the offense as he did before.

Because after the Madrid Pirates loosened control, the South China Tigers players also had physical problems.

From the first round of the Club World Cup on the 14th to the 22nd today, in nine days, the South China Tigers played three high-intensity and high-quality games.

It is a great test for their physical fitness.

In this game, Qin Lin also asked the players to actively attack, which requires more physical strength to support their running.

Physical energy will be depleted faster than usual.

So it's understandable for the Madrid Pirates to relax - facing such an opponent, it's hard not to relax.

The South China Tigers players also suffered a heavy blow to their morale after conceding three goals.

There is no intermission at this time, and it is impossible to count on the head coach to revive morale.

Besides, even if he could request a timeout, Qin Lin would no longer be able to lift the players' low morale.

In the past, he could still inspire the players by drawing pie and fighting chicken blood, but now he is three goals behind, and any chicken blood or pie is ineffective.

Qin Lin decided to make a substitution.

He asked the assistant coach to go to the warm-up area and call someone back.

The person called is Yang You.

The backup left back of the South China Tigers - he is going to replace Peng Weijun.

Although Peng Weijun worked very hard in this game, the gap in strength was too large, and after all, he was not a real left-back, so his side became the key target of the Madrid Pirates.

Considering that he has nothing to think about now, Qin Lin is going to replace Peng Weijun, lest he really be beaten and collapsed by the Madrid pirates.


Peng Weijun has no time to worry about whether he will be replaced now.

He completely let himself go.

Before he knew it, he forgot where he should stand as a left-back, and without the coaches' instructions in his mind, the position was getting higher and higher.

He did not suppress his offensive genes at all.

Kamara noticed that Peng Weijun's position was very high, and he realized that this was his opportunity, so he pulled to the wing and waited for his teammates to pass the ball to him.

But the teammates failed to pass the ball over.

When Joaquin Bella got the ball in the middle circle, he was closely pressed by Elias, the midfielder of the South China Tigers.

Originally, he could pass the football directly to Vukovic, but in that case, it was just an ordinary return pass and could not create a threat.

And he has seen Kamara who is pulling the side. If he can pass the ball to Kamara, he can directly threaten the goal of the South China Tigers, and maybe he can score another goal.

But he ignored Elias who was next to him and controlled the ball a little more. Instead, he gave Elias a chance. The latter used both hands and feet to grab the ball!

After stealing the ball, Elias did not dare to control too much, and immediately allocated the football sideways to his teammate Huang Yao next to him.

Before receiving the ball, Huang Yao noticed the right wing of the Madrid Pirates' backcourt, and the South China Tigers had a huge space on the left - because both Kamara and Gregory pressed on.

So after receiving the ball, Huang Yao made a slight adjustment and made an oblique long pass with his big feet, hitting the ball to the left empty space!

"The South China Tigers have a chance! Huang Yao's oblique pass is transferred!"

Although there was no suspense about the outcome of the game after being poured three balls, when the South China Tigers got the opportunity to attack, the fans of the home team in the stands cheered them on with huge cheers.

They also know that there is a big gap between their team and the Madrid Pirates, and they don't expect the South China Tigers to beat the Champions League.


After Joaquín Bella conceded the ball, Kamara immediately thought that the huge space behind him might be exploited, so he immediately turned back to defend.

Sure enough, when he ran back, the South China Tigers player passed the football over!

Not far in front of him is the left back!

He is accelerating!

How can you let your kid slip under my nose? !

Kamara also started to pick up speed.

The two started the 100-meter race again.

"Kamara!" Spanish commentator Sanchez exclaimed.

The fans in the stands were cheering for Peng Weijun.

"Come on Peng Weijun! Run fast!"

"Get up, get up!"

There are fans who are reminding him loudly that Kamara is catching up.

However, in such a noisy environment, it is impossible for Peng Weijun to hear their cries.

In the South China Tigers, Peng Weijun is the fastest player, but in front of Kamara, who is known for his speed, his speed advantage is not so prominent.

Despite Peng Weijun's first-mover advantage -- ahead of Kamara -- the distance between them is gradually shrinking as the two men rush forward.

Peng Weijun ran gnashing his teeth, finally trying to catch up with football.

But at the same time, Kamara also caught up with him, and Ka kept pace with him in the interior!

It is almost foreseeable that as long as Peng Weijun receives the ball, he will inevitably slow down, and then it will be difficult for him to get rid of Kamara.

At the same time, the right back of the Madrid Pirates, Gregory, is also quickly returning to the defense. When the time comes to face the two of them, Peng Weijun will hardly have any decent chances...

Peng Weijun didn't seem to care at all. He made a gesture to move the football forward without any intention of slowing down and controlling the ball.

Kamala naturally did not slow down.

The two of them were just like that.

But when Peng Weijun was about to touch the ball, he stepped over the football, and at the same time, the sole of his left foot stepped on the football that rolled over!

When he crossed the football, he braked suddenly and shook Kamara, who was caught off guard!

Kamara didn't expect Peng Weijun to be so bold - isn't he afraid that after the football is stepped on by himself, he will cheapen Gregory who is back on defense?

He looked back and saw that Gregory, who was chasing back, was indeed rushing towards the football...

But just when he was about to destroy the football, Peng Weijun, who had made an emergency stop, had already turned around!

Peng Weijun, who is less than 1.7 meters tall, showed his short stature at this time - flexible enough!

After the emergency stop and turn, he used his right foot to buckle the football to the middle!

Gregory stretches out and kicks in the air!

Peng Weijun turned inward!

The two pass by!

"Wow beautiful!"

Seeing Peng Weijun's series of operations, the narrators He Feng and Yan Kang shouted at the same time.

At the same time, the cheers over the Lotus Stadium suddenly increased!

Peng Weijun, who cut in, did not continue to dribble the ball after catching up with the football, nor did he look up to observe the movement of his teammates. There is only one thing in his mind now.

That is…

I'm going to take a kick!

He picked up the outer instep of his left leg and slammed it on the football!

The Madrid Pirates central defender Bettia who came up to defend only felt his eyes dazzled!

A white light flashed...and the ball was gone!

That big football disappeared before his eyes!

"Peng Weijun shoots—!"

The football whizzed past Betia's and flew straight towards the corner flag area.

And then...turned back again!

Go straight to the back corner of the goal!

Even though goalkeeper Olmer Cabaro tried his best to save and fully stretched his body in the air, he still failed to touch the ball!

The football draws an exaggerated and weird arc, just around his fingers!

Then rub the inside of the far post and fly into the goal of the Madrid Pirates!


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