Fox in the Penalty Area - Chapter 30 The Japanese team was cornered

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Tatsuya Sugiyama fell to the ground after shooting, but his eyes were fixed on the football, and he saw the football flying into the goal. He got up from the ground, then raised his arms and shouted, celebrating.

"Tatsuya Sugiyama——!!" the Japanese commentator roared in a long voice, "Shu Tuo——! The goal is scored!! The Japanese team equalized the score! Now the score is 1:1! In the 31st minute of the first half In time, we equalized! We still have hope! Don't give up! Come on, Japan!"

The Japanese commentator is so excited, naturally, because the outcome of this game is related to whether the Japanese team can get tickets for the World Cup.

After the Chinese team scored the first goal, he was in pain, and at the same time felt anxious for the team.

Huge pressure lay in everyone's heart, like a boulder that could fall at any time.

Seeing Tatsuya Sugiyama's goal now, the commentator only felt lighthearted.

Regardless of the final result, at least Tatsuya Sugiyama's goal is a good sign.

Chinese commentator He Feng sighed: "Oh, wrong in and wrong, wrong in and wrong... Morikawa Junpei's through ball has actually been seen through by Wang Guangwei, but Wang Guangwei's interception touched the football to Sugiyama. Zai... Tatsuya Sugiyama's movements are really fast, and the stop is a little bigger, and he can immediately follow up with a direct half-volley - if he waits for the ball to completely fall and then controls it, then it must be There is no room to shoot. Mao Junzheng and Liu Yan are already in front of him..."

Although he was a little disappointed about losing the ball, He Feng could still keep a calm mind and analyze it for everyone.

On the one hand, this is because of his professional quality as a commentator, and on the other hand, because the Chinese team has already qualified for the tournament ahead of schedule, and his mentality is also very relaxed, and he can face all the ups and downs in the game with a relatively peaceful mentality.

Although everyone knows the enmity between China and Japan, it is not that they have lost to Japan before, and even in other words, "Is there less time to lose to Japan?"

As a professional football commentator, He Feng is different from pure fans when he thinks about problems. He actually agrees with Coach Dillon's training in the last two top 12 games.

Since it is training, of course there are winners and losers.

As long as the game can be implemented as planned by the coaching staff, in the end, regardless of whether he wins or loses, He Feng thinks it is acceptable.

But most fans don't think so.

So after losing the ball, there were still huge scolding and boos in the stands.

The scolding and boos were given to both the Japanese team that scored the goal and the Chinese team that conceded the goal.

Not allowing Hu Lai to participate in the game has already made many Chinese fans very upset. Now they have conceded the ball and were equalized by the Japanese team... Many Chinese fans seem to blame all this on Hu Lai's absence.

"If Zhou Zijing's previous opportunity was replaced by Hu Lai, we were already 2-0 ahead, how could it be possible for the Japanese team to score?"

"The little Japan has been beating us all this time! Why can they do this? Isn't it because there is no Hu Lai in front of us that the little Japan is so unscrupulous?!"


I don't know if the TV broadcaster did it on purpose. During the boos, the broadcast shot cut to the face of the Chinese team coach Jorge Dillon.

He stood on the sidelines with a calm face and showed no emotion because of the goal.

Assistant coach Kiley Sequeros and translator Yu Jintao stood on the sidelines with him.

Unlike Dillon's calmness, Yu Jintao covered his mouth and seemed to be talking to him.

"These boos and curses are probably not all for the Japanese team."

Dillon said with a calm expression and a very calm tone: "Of course, there is a part for us. But it doesn't matter, as a coach, you must have your own perseverance and not be at the mercy of the fans. The fans understand, or the coach understands. We can’t give in just because the fans scolded a few times, so let the fans be the coaches.”


The match resumed amid boos, and the equalizing Japanese team was aggressive and continued to attack the Chinese team's goal.

The Chinese team had to temporarily shrink the defense first, hoping to withstand the three-pronged axe after the Japanese team took the lead.

How fierce is the Japanese team's attack?

Even Morikawa Junpei came up and shot from a long distance, and the quality of the shot was quite high - at least no anti-aircraft guns were fired.

Just a little bit off the goal about two or three meters and flew out of the baseline.

This is the second match between the Chinese team and the Japanese team in the top 12 match. Compared with the last match a year ago, the Chinese players can feel that the pressure brought by the Japanese players in the attack has increased significantly. .

After all, a year ago, Japan's World Cup qualifying situation was not as bad as it is now. Although the Japanese team ranked third in the group at that time, there are still seven rounds of the top 12 competition. At that time, no Japanese player would believe that they would face the fate of possibly going to the play-offs at the end?

At that time, the motivation for the Japanese team may have come from the idea of ​​"can't lose to the Chinese team at home again".

It was a fight for face.

Now, it's a real fight for survival.

In another round of twelve last night, Iraq lost 1:5 at home to Iran.

The Iranian team is tied with the Japanese team in points. At the same time, in terms of goal difference, the Iranian team now has 12, while the Japanese team has only six, which is very poor.

As a result, the Japanese team's ranking will drop to third.

The third place needs to go to the play-offs with the third place in another group. At present, Australia is the most likely to win the third place in another group. So if the Japanese team wants to play the play-offs, the opponent is most likely to be Australia.

After beating Australia, the Japanese team has to compete with the fourth place in the Central North American and Caribbean qualifiers for the last ticket to the World Cup.

With the strength of the Japanese team, if they really want to play the play-off with the fourth place in Central, North America and the Caribbean, they will definitely win, and there is no suspense.

But the key is... Except for the first World Cup in 1998, how many years has Japanese football not experienced the taste of going through the play-offs to reach the World Cup finals?

Now go to the play-offs for the play-offs... is it shameful?'s still a matter of face.

As the "top class" of Asian football, Japanese football has grown accustomed to being strong for so many years, and being forced into a corner suddenly is both unfamiliar and angry.

This kind of anger is completely different from being beaten by the Chinese team at home.


"Ito Nu... Be careful!"

He Feng exclaimed, Ito Nu's shot was blocked by Liu Yan with his body.

The second place was controlled by the Japanese team.

Tatsuya Sugiyama made a gesture to shoot directly, raised his foot high, and lowered it gently. When he lowered it, he used the outer instep to assign the football to the team's right midfielder Akira Fukuzawa.

The latter keeps the ball and shoots directly!

Fortunately, Lin Zhiyuan chose the position very well. He didn't need to move, he just held the football in his arms.

"Good shot! Lin Zhiyuan defended the ball beautifully! The position selection is very accurate!"

He Feng and Yan Kang both let out a sigh of relief.

During this time, the defenders and goalkeepers of the Chinese team had a particularly high appearance rate. After all, most of the time, the Japanese team was attacking.

We all hope that the Chinese team can withstand.

At present, the first half of the game is coming to an end, and the Chinese team's defense is indeed withstood.

Although there are many similar thrilling scenes in the middle.

But anyway, the Chinese team really defended.

"... There are two minutes left in the first half, and the stoppage time should not be too long... Although the Chinese team was equalized, their performance after conceding the goal is still stable. As long as they can Keeping this score until halftime, I believe Dillon will make adjustments... It must be said that although Hu Lai was not called up this time, from the perspective of the first half alone, the performance of the Chinese team can not be considered bad... "

While He Feng was talking, goalkeeper Lin Zhiyuan threw the football forward with his hand.

Zhou Zijing retreated to respond and pushed the football back to his teammates in the middle of the midfield.

Gao Ruimin received the ball, and then he chose to distribute the football to Roque on the wing.

But neither before catching the ball nor before passing the ball, he did not glance in the direction he was going to pass the ball.

So when he passed the football, the ball did not fall to Luo Kai's feet, but passed to the left back of the Japanese team, Kawasaki Eiji!

It looks like... no, it's not like, that is, Gao Ruimin just passed the football directly to Eiji Kawasaki!

The Japanese team's left back is almost pressed to the left wing position, which shows how anxious the Japanese team is.

It stands to reason that the opponent's full-back presses so high, as long as Gao Ruimin can pass the ball to Luo Kai's feet, it will be another perfect counterattack opportunity.

But now it has given the Japanese team a chance to attack!

Kawasaki Eiji himself did not expect the Chinese team to give him such a big gift, and he adjusted more when he received the ball. Then he did not dribble the ball directly, but passed it diagonally to Tatsuya Sugiyama who was in the penalty area!

While receiving the ball, Tatsuya Sugiyama shook Liu Yan away with a very beautiful turning movement. After adjusting his direction, he swung his foot again to shoot.

Wang Guangwei and Mao Junzheng both rushed at him at the same time, but he stabbed the football out of the two of them.

It was passed to Ito Nu, who was pulled into the back spot.

The top scorer of the Japanese national team calmly pushes!

Lin Zhiyuan was swayed by Tatsuya Sugiyama's first shot fake, which caused him to be half a beat slower when he pounced on Ito All the movements were made, but they were not blocked. Watching the football fly into the goal he guards again...

In the 44th minute, the first half was about to end. The Japanese team scored another goal and overtook it!


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