Full-time Occupation - Chapter 2361 Turn to Tang Yin!

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Although Baozi's playing style and operation often give people a feeling of being off-line, but after all, Ye Xiu and Tang Yin are two guys who brought him up from Mengxin all the way, so he still has this ability to judge. Baozi didn't hesitate at all, just like Ye Xiu beside him, he started to move immediately, dodging attacks that might come from unknown directions at any time, and at the same time looking for the figure of Autumn Leaf.

But Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf did not appear in front of Ye Xiu and Baozi, but appeared in front of Tang Yin in a flash.

Of course, Tang Yin is familiar with One Autumn Leaf. After all, it has been so many years since he came to this world. Back then, he saw Xingxin Internet Cafe playing the Glory match, and saw this game and character that only appeared in the middle of the game. This made Tang Yin completely sure. What kind of world is he in.

Not to mention that it wasn't the first time he had faced this character, and it was a bit regretful to say it, but Tang Yin had always wanted to fight Ye Xiu who was using One Autumn Leaf. But it never came to fruition. After all, One Autumn Leaf is a team account, and it was not easy for Ye Xiu to launch the character in the online game to satisfy Tang Yin's PK desire when he was still in Excellent Era.

After all, when a professional alliance character goes online in an online game, even just one character will cause an uproar.

And Tang Yin knew this, so in order not to embarrass Ye Xiu, he never said it. Now that he was facing Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf, Tang Yin's mood was still a little complicated.

But it's complicated. Although Sun Xiang's move was a bit unexpected, Tang Yin still reacted immediately.

But Tang Yin's reaction does not mean that other people can also react immediately. After all, the last second Sun Xiang's attack target was Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion. In the end, those were all deceitful tricks. The focus is on the instant movement of his hand, which is directly close to Tang Yin's Getaway.

To be honest, ordinary players had no time to react to Sun Xiang's manipulation.

And Tang Yin's Xiaoyaoyou, as the character with the highest health on the field, even if Zhou Zekai forcibly pulled him over and shot him head-on, and consumed a wave of health, he still had 74% of his health. In terms of health, it can be said that Tang Yin's health can surpass all characters on the field.

Of course, this is not to say that the people in Samsara don't know the importance of restricting Tang Yin, but what can they do, after all, no matter how powerful Tang Yin is, he is a more comprehensive sharpshooter. After all, the threat in the team competition was not as great as Ye Xiu's. Therefore, Box-1 of Samsara can only give priority to Ye Xiu, who is now Happy's free agent.

And after the opening, the two sides had a series of tactical confrontations, and the initiative was snatched by everyone in Xingxin one after another. Even if they snatched it back a few times, they couldn't last long. This result made them want to control Tang Yin, a long-range output player. Difficulties, it can even be said that there is no opportunity.

The only thing that can affect Ye Xiu is Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer. As long as he can make Tang Yin's output in this game less comfortable.

But that was Zhou Zekai's attitude towards Tang Yin, that is, when he was "free", he interfered with each other. Even in terms of Zhou Zekai's health, he and Tang Yin would not have any pressure to attack Tang Yin. After all, the exchange of blood, no matter how you look at it, is also a disadvantage for Zhou Zekai, who has less health.

Now that the game is at this point, the situation in the other part of the arena is still very dangerous. Jiang Botao of Samsara saw that the hangover medicine was completely surrounded by Ye Xiu's Lord Grim and Baozi's Baozi Invasion, and focused his fire. At such a critical juncture, what Samsara thought of now was not to restrain Ye Xiu and the others, but to forcefully attack Tang Yin's escape. This move really confuses the audience.

"Why did One Autumn Leaf stop Tang Yin? Shouldn't he be rescuing their magic swordsman now?" Ye Xiu's father had only come into contact with Glory after all, and he wasn't that familiar with the players' names, so he asked directly by his ID.

"It's not the same as blocking everyone. The purpose is to block the fire of Xingxin's people. Since there is always one person to be blocked, of course the priority is to block Xingxin's strongest output. Uncle may not know that Tang Yin has a With the ultimate output style of play, the opponent who took away 100% of his health at one time before this style of play is the one who fell Du Ming before. And at this critical moment, if Tang Yin used it regardless of the skill cooldown, Then reincarnation really has no chance to stop it. And Tang Yin sharpshooter is a long-range profession after all, as long as he completes the melee, it is not too difficult to restrain Tang Yin's output. Of course, the premise of these is to complete the close body." Responsible The commentator Xiao Shiqin explained.

But now Sun Xiang relied on bluffing, teleportation, and completed the most difficult stage that Xiao Shiqin said. After all, even they didn't realize that Sun Xiang's attack target was Tang Yin before Sun Xiang made a move.

And Tang Yin also realized the key point immediately, without any hesitation, he shot randomly. The dense rain of bullets directly turned into a one-on-one attack under Tang Yin's operation, and they all greeted Sun Xiang.

That's right, Tang Yin was planning to rely on his own life value to do it directly and recklessly.

However, facing Tang Yin's rain of bullets, Sun Xiang had no intention of stopping at all. His switch to fire was very sudden, and his operational ability itself was one of the ceilings of the professional league. One, in terms of operation alone, there is not much difference between him and Tang Yin and Ye Xiu. This can be seen from the previous PK match between Sun Xiang and Ye Xiu whose HP was very close. Not to mention that Sun Xiang still has close combat.

Dragon tooth!

It hit with one blow, but its powerful stiffening effect was overwhelmed by Tang Yin's random shots.

Explosive bullets, stiff bullets, silver bullets, ice bullets, all kinds of grenades...

Sky Strike, Continuous Burst, Falling Flower Palm, Round Dance Stick, Phantom Dragon Fang, various Chasers...

The attacks of both sides started directly at this moment.

The person who used the box-1 strategy against Ye Xiu at the beginning of the game was the current Sun Xiang. Now that the reincarnation wave is clearly targeted, they naturally have such a tactical connection. The two sides have fought for so long to teach. Xiang still understands Tang Yin's style of play, after all, it is comprehensive.

For a while, Sun Xiang relied on his melee advantage, since he suppressed Tang Yin's firepower. However, even if the firepower breaking through from his side is suppressed, there is actually not much difference in the speed of the loss of health between the two sides. But this also succeeded in causing Tang Yin's attack to be completely unable to cause damage to Jiang Botao, and the next output could only rely on Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion.

One Leaf Piercing Clouds, No Waves, Set Fire Lord Mo Xiao!

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