Full-time Occupation - Chapter 2362 Leave it to us!

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With Sun Xiang's departure, whether it was Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer or Jiang Botao's Empty Waves, Samsara's attacks immediately focused on Ye Xiu.

After all, under Sun Xiang's previous bluffing attack of Qiang Long Ya, no matter if it was Ye Xiu or Bao Zi, they had to dodge in such a situation, and this was Jiang Botao's opportunity. He seized the opportunity to hit the second blow, and then cooperated with Zhou Zekai's attack, immediately launched a very strong counterattack.

Split waves!

This skill has the most domineering grab judgment, and the normal attack parry can't match Jiang Botao's attack. Although Ye Xiu's Lord Grim, as an undisciplined profession, has some grabbing skills and parrying skills, but now Ye Xiu didn't do this right away, because now Ye Xiu and Baozi are still estimating Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf The next possible sneak attack position?

As a result, when they found Sun Xiang, Sun Xiang had already moved in front of Tang Yin's Xiaoyaoyou in an instant, and at this time Jiang Botao's attack had already been launched, and it was impossible to parry him. So Ye Xiu and the others could only continue to dodge, and Ye Xiu and the others were avoided by the Ripple Slash, which undoubtedly gave Jiang Botao room to continue outputting further. The sword was struck by Jiang Botao.

Broken Wind, Blast!

After all, the direct distance between the two sides is here, and the skills that Jiang Botao will use at this time are of course the speed-type wave sword to increase the efficiency of his moves. Further consolidating Ye Xiu's neutral position at this moment, the Blazing Flame and Frost Wave Swords followed closely. One had a strong knockback effect, while the other had a strong control effect, even just like the last one before. The fluctuating three-fold wave of the magic swordsman is formed by the lightning wave sword struck. Finally, use a circular wave sword to ambush!

At this moment, it can be said that Jiang Botao really didn't hold back his hands at all. His first move was an almost desperate explosion, that is, his level 75 ultimate move Nebula Wave Sword is still cooling down, otherwise Jiang Botao's Offensive, there is a high probability that it will be used directly without hesitation, no matter whether it can really produce any attack effect in the end.

The five consecutive wave sword strikes were like Jiang Botao's attack covering a large area of ​​the attack net. It was about to completely bury Ye Xiu's figure.

Although Ye Xiu himself was not fighting alone, considering Ye Xiu's current situation, the Steamed Bun Invasion who was closest to him obviously couldn't give him much help. After all, Baozi's Baozi Invasion has already started to attack Wulang, just because he was also evaded and retreated just now. Now they are attacking with long-range throwing objects, and at the same time, they can't make any effective attack interference at close range.

While Jiang Botao was constantly dodging the Baozi's attack, he still completed his attack on Ye Xiu.

The current changes in the situation were indeed caused by Baozi as the core. After all, Baozi used to rely on Tang Yin and Ye Xiu's instructions to operate, and he himself did not have a clear and accurate combat awareness. As far as the blocking situation is concerned, there are various changes in the situation again, which is why the current Baozi is a bit out of place in this battle.

As for Baozi's incompatibility, it was all resolved in Jiang Botao's more reasonable and effective balance.

But now Jiang Botao's HP is only 10% left!

After all, if he wants to guarantee his own output, it is impossible not to pay some price. But now Jiang Botao's HP has completely entered the state of red blood, but although his HP is already very incomplete, he has used his continuous wave sword to trap Ye Xiu's Lord Grim.

A moment, as long as he can get over Ye Xiu's trap for a moment is enough.

This is of course not Jiang Botao's direct attack, but Zhou Zekai's attack on the other side, because at this moment, Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer raised the Barrett sniper rifle again.

Perfect cooperation, this wave of Jiang Botao and Zhou Zekai's cooperation is absolutely perfect. On Jiang Botao's side, he directly exploded to restrict Ye Xiu's actions, and the final and real killing move was done by Zhou Zekai who was behind Ye Xiu.


The sound of Barrett's gunshot instantly resounded throughout the audience. Cloud Piercer was not far from the main battlefield, and the single shot from Barrett's sniper rifle stopped almost instantly, leaving no room for dodge. Even Ye Xiu is the same. One shot to the head, double the damage, plus the back damage bonus, if this shot is concentrated, Ye Xiu's life may even be directly crippled right now.

After all, Ye Xiu's health is just over 40% after the previous period of confrontation, and Zhou Zekai's damage from all of this is at least 30% starting, and the worst case may even be as high as 3%. fifteen.

At this moment, all the audience felt that time seemed to stand still at this moment.

After all, until now, no one thought that Xingxin had just regained a slight advantage in the last second. A wave of big moves suddenly broke out on Samsara's side. Moreover, Ye Xiu's HP, which was originally ranked among the top, can directly reach the point of competing with Jiang Botao for the bottom. And the target of the attack was one of Xingxin's most important people!

The audience screamed.

Surprise, joy, regret, resentment... all kinds of densely packed, different emotions completely broke out on the scene at this moment.

At the moment when blood splattered and bloomed in everyone's vision, everyone took it for granted. After all, this blow from the Barrett sniper rifle itself was unavoidable.

However, someone blocked it!

Steamed Bun Invasion.

The bullets from the sniper rifle flew towards Ye Xiu at the same time, and at the same time, the figure of Baozi Invading also appeared on Ye Xiu's expression. That's it.

In the next moment, blood mist filled the air.

The life value of Steamed Bun Invasion began to drop rapidly.

"Bosses, it's up to you!"

It's all on you.

To be honest, neither Tang Yin nor Ye Xiu could remember how many times they had heard Baozi say this. In anyone's eyes, the deception in this sentence was so obvious. But everyone in Xingxin who was familiar with Baozi knew very well that Baozi had always taken such words seriously. If you say you want to see him, then he is trying his best to express himself. And it was the same when he said it.

"Leave it to me!" This was Baozi's most intuitive expression after receiving this sentence, and he always responded with such confidence. Even his self-confidence has always been known where it came from.

But this time.

"Bosses, it's up to you!" Baozi said to Ye Xiu and Tang Yin.

"Leave it to us!" This was Ye Xiu and Tang Yin's response.

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