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I’m Picking Up Pieces in PUBGChapter 2784 pieces left

Jiang Siming suddenly discovered that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds he played was different from others’! He can find fragments of various colors in the game, and after synthesis, they can be turned into abilities, attributes, talents, money, antiques, even medicines, exercises, and so on! Relying on constantly picking up pieces in the game, Jiang Siming completed a life counterattack and made a fortune! “It’s going to run poison! Jiang Siming!” “Oh, wait, I’ll go to the other side of the sea to pick up something!” “I’ve been beaten, don’t come to help me with a gun, Jiang Siming!” “You hold on first, I’ll find something and come back soon!” “How fast?” “Turn a map and come back.” - Description from MTL

The Strongest Gaming LegendChapter 3065 National War Advance

The world-class online game launched by the United Nations in 2020, Tianlin, is officially launched at the same time in all countries of the world. Su Ye was born again from 2025 to 2020, and he kept all the main developments in the past five years. What? You only have a black iron weapon, I have a bronze suit. What? The gold level of your pet, sorry, my god is a pet! What? A bottle of pharmacy 1 gold coin is too expensive, the boss gave me ten barrels! Su Ye Li Zhi: Since you are born again, you have to be the strongest player! - Description from uukanshu (translated)

MMORPG: Opening Awakening Super God TalentChapter 1964 : Domain of Skyfire, news of Fire Spirit Orb

Qin Luosheng passed through, crossing into a parallel world with extremely advanced virtual technology. Enter “Destiny Dimension”, accidentally awaken the SSS super god talent, obtain sublimation power and charm value MAX. When others were still complacent about exploding a piece of golden equipment, he was already covered in magic costume. While others are still carefully speculating about the NPC’s personality and preferences, he has put his heart to heart with many NPCs, various hidden tasks, special occupations, invincible skills, heaven-defying equipment, and no money to give him. - Description from MTL

Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse GameChapter 1261 big plan

In a parallel world, Fang Heng travels through an unlucky ghost who just committed suicide. Ok? What? All humans in this world are forced to join the game? shock! Will you be wiped out if you don’t play the game? Good guy, this unlucky guy who committed suicide turned out to be an ex-professional player? He actually has the highest-level S-level talent skill – Zombie Clone? The S-level talent has actually been upgraded! Can my zombie clone hang up? [During your offline period, your zombie clone group has completed the production of a wooden logging axe*720; you have gained basic production experience value: 1921]. [During your offline period, your zombie clones cut down 27,821 trees; you get wood*128,973, and you get skills-basic cutting experience: 2171921]. When the players were still struggling to survive in the zombie apocalypse, Fang Heng’s zombie clones had already begun to evacuate the entire forest. Fang Heng: This game is a bit interesting. - Description from MTLNovel

Pirate: I Loaded The Game PanelChapter 784 Fanwai 64 illuminates the [Sun] of the new era!

Come to the world of One Piece with the game panel! Take the ghost fruit as the foundation to become the death god! If it weren’t for the panel to remind the game’s public beta to officially start in three years, Adrian would think this is the stand-alone text! In 1498 of the Haiyuan calendar, the execution of the One Piece, accompanied by the great nautical era, and the legendary fourth natural disaster… Hey wait, why don’t these players know the plot? Isn’t that a moving leek? - Description from MTLNovel

The World Civilization Million LordsChapter 5041 , the usurper Luo Ji (3)

The prospective college student Luo Ji, who is enjoying the last summer of the third year of high school, has undergone earth-shaking changes at this moment after accepting the invitation of the game friend and becoming the player of the game of “Civilization Rise”. This is a war game between the world and the world, and it is a fierce collision between civilization and civilization! To annex the five continents, sweeping across the three oceans, and see how Luo Ji led his people, in this powerful enemy look around, the battlefield of the heroes to fight for a battle to the most powerful imperial civilization! - Description from uukanshu translation

Dimensional CodexChapter 3573 Conclusion (It's been hot in the morning and cold in the afternoon recently)

When Founder opened his eyes, he was surprised to find himself reborn into a fantasy world of dragons and magic, knights and princesses. Not only that, even the game system designed by Founder before, also followed him into this world. Then the next step is to cross the thousands of planes, gain infinite strength, become a brave, defeat the devil to marry a princess, and reach the pinnacle of life … wait, before, why I was born again is the evil that everyone shouts and fights Religious? - Description from Qidian

I’m Playing Cards In Duel CityChapter 18 Evil God is immortal

Su Yu, who created a trumpet in the fully submerged trading card game “Yugioh: Linking the World”, traveled to the game world inexplicably, and even brought his own NPC template. Time is back before the game is launched, and the player has another month to come. The nameless pharaoh is still sleeping in the body of the high school student Muto’s game. The cross-epoch-worthy competition duel city has not yet started. When the game was officially launched, the player logged in and found that there was a brand new NPC in the game that was not in the original game. Su Yu: Should the players over there draw card packs? Fifty-one packs, five hundred and ten companies, fair prices, fair-minded! The players stared directly at the pot of lust marked as UR in the product list, and their eyes were burning, and the same thought came out in their minds— ——Just draw that card! - Description from MTLNovel

Monster Synthesis Masterv2 Chapter 1075 : Zerg Queen

Link, who accidentally joined the starting point and crossed the ranks of the army, returned to the holographic virtual online game “Destiny” half a year ago and became an unnamed NPC in the game. Link, with a lucky value of 1, encountered a crisis as soon as he entered the game, and accidentally activated a version of the artifact that can be used to synthesize monsters. Thus, the monster security company turned out! Link’s left-handed villain, right-handed player, had a great time cutting the leek. Six years later… Link drove his super strong fortress and looked at the Starlight Devourer, the magic phoenix, the Zerg queen… Crying without tears: “Three years and three years, if you don’t show up, Emperor Paul, I will be pushed as a BOSS by the player!” - Description from MTL

Rampant Online GamesChapter 2858 Outraged!

The presidents of the four major guilds in “Rampant Online Games” fear him, and the NPCs fear him. He is omnipotent, just like the god in “Heaven”! - Description from MTL

Heroes of the Invincible UndeadChapter 2832 dances with dragons

Rod found himself in the invincible world of heroes, bound to the game system. Killing, getting stronger, endless battles, blood and fire… Let’s see if Rhode can seize his own opportunities and become the undead dharma god in the world. - Description from MTL

VRMMO: Nine Rounds of ReincarnationChapter 3980 : decide to take action

The lover is forced to death, he enters the game of the catastrophe with terrible hatred; I wanted to get the best job, but got the worst game attribute, which can be called peerless waste; Heaven rewards those who have aspirations, he has finally reaped a reward after untold hardships; The best career, working with beautiful women and friends to fight against the devil, and rise to fame; Battle soul, martial soul, blood soul, and magic soul, let’s see how he chooses! The enemy is now, let’s see how he can turn the tide! In the face of private enmity, let’s see how he treats love, family and friendship! National interests, let’s see how he goes first to the country and then home! Disturbing the world, let’s see how persistent he is! Taoist, ninja, swordsman, knight, the combination of Chinese and Western, national characteristics; wonderful online games, everything is there. - Description from MTL

League of Legends Invades Another Worldv4 Chapter 757 Silver Dawn

Calademos continent, Dreus led the Noxian Empire cavalry side by side, The king of the kingdoms lowered his arrogant head. Invasion of the abyss, the coalition defeated, Galen Crown Guard commanded the Fearless Pioneer Army to face the demon army. Theocratic revival, the gods twilight, The world will finally surrender at my feet! ! - Description from MTLNovel

Online Games Are Coming: Start Ten Thousand Times RewardChapter 767

Qin Feng, who fell in the battle of the gods, awakened again and was reborn and returned to the beginning of the game’s release. Not only that, but he also found that… he actually awakened a ten thousand times reward system! Kill monsters with tens of thousands of times experience! Thousands of times the amount of dropped items! National war points ten thousand times reward! Even if you kill the boss, you can get back ten thousand times! … “Dingdong~You have selected the profession [Mage], the effect of [Ten Thousand Times Reward] is triggered, and you have successfully obtained [SSS-level Hidden Mage Profession Optional Scroll (Only)]*1.” “Ding Dong~ You have extracted the talent skills and triggered the [Ten Thousand Times Reward] effect. You have successfully obtained the SSS-level rare and unique talent [Instant Cast (Unique)] (Effect: When the spell skill is released, the CD defaults to 0).” “Ding Dong~ You opened the [Mystery Treasure Box] and triggered the [Ten Thousand Times Reward] effect, and you successfully obtained the supreme artifact [Eternal Staff (Artifact)].” - Description from MTLNovel

Infinite Battlefield: Ten Times the PointsChapter 482 Ancestor thunder demon

In this infinite battlefield where everything depends on points, Su Yang has obtained ten times the points for his SSS talent! ! Seal players ten times the points! Ten times points for selling items! Even cash back can get ten times points! “Impossible! There was no such abnormality in the previous life!” The rebirth of a certain beauty was shocked. “He is more terrifying than the Demon King!” A certain strong man hid in the corner shivering. …… Three years later, when the alien army rushed to the solar system, looking at the distant Su Yang, who burst the star with his bare hands, all were silent. “This… is that ordinary human being you are talking about?” - Description from MTLNovel

This Swordsman is Too SteadyChapter 60 Walk for the sky (big

Lu Qingshan, the top ten well-known player on the “Nine Heavens” sword repair rankings, travels through the rebirth to the game world he has been fighting for. Swordsman, the career with the highest damage and the thinnest blood volume in “Nine Heavens”, so swordsman players are also known as “reckless”. In this life, Lu Qingshan still chose the profession of sword repair. It’s just that this sword repair seems to be a bit too stable??? - Description from MTL

I’m Really Not Targeting the Mages~ explain 1

“Roger, the Lord’s Mansion is offering a reward for the corpse demon, do you want to pick it up together?” “No, I’m not very strong, so I won’t take risks.” “Roger, there is one less person in the southern mine, look?” “Next time…” “Roger Roger… Forget it, when I didn’t ask.” Ten years later. [You killed 1 Demon Explosive Frog, killing a total of 164,250 Demon Explosive Frogs] [Your spell resistance is increased to 100%] Roger at the pool rubbed his sore old waist and said to himself: “Finally… it seems to have become a little stronger.” … This is a fantasy wasteland world that has been cleansed by the nineteenth ring spells. Roger came across with the career template of “Xia Yin”. He has only one wish: Before the real catastrophe broke out, it became stronger every day. … - Description from MTL

This Group of Players Are All Slimesv13 Chapter 7 Story after that 2

Lu Fan has crossed! Still a super-slow upgrade devil! Fortunately, he has a summoning system that can summon players to act as residents in the territory. But the question is, why these players are all slimes! - Description from MTLNovel

The King Of Passive SkillsChapter 563 Passive Skill Iron Arm

Zhang Shan is a salted fish and intends to make a living by playing games, but when he entered “New World”, he actually drew the passive king talent, and had a chance to get passive by spawning monsters. When he gradually gained various passives such as crit, stun, blood-sucking, and increased attack, Zhang Shan couldn’t help but yell, I want to hit ten - Description from MTLNovel

I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witchv2 Chapter 187 Fire Chasing Moth

When he woke up, Liao Zixuan found himself in the game world of “Falling God”. Just when he was about to not lose face to the army of transmigrators and was determined to become a legendary boss… On the opposite side, the country girl who was frightened to the ground touched the little wolf’s head tremblingly with her thin and dirty hands. Fine! Not to mention not being able to reincarnate as a human being, he was also confused as a summoned beast of others. But this setback can’t stop Liao Zixuan, who was called “God-level accompaniment” in his previous life. So many years later… In the game, there is a Queen of Eternal Night, the terrifying witch who destroys the world, the holy witch of the elemental religion, and the commander of the Fallen Abyss Fortress, which has become a mysterious existence that makes all major forces and countries tremble with fear. Outside the game, there is another super-popular goddess who is regarded as a legendary character by countless players, and runs through the main line of each version of the plot, making countless dead houses sleepless at night and fanatical adore… And behind all of this, Liao Zixuan put away his hoe with satisfaction. Did you see it, from the silly little village girl, to this super Chinese cabbage…I raised it! - Description from MTLNovel

Rise In CalradiaChapter 392 : Recruiting a military traveler

The world of horseback riding and slashing is full of stories, and the continent of Calradia is full of opportunities. But when you go through the screen and really enter this world, everything looks strange and familiar. The five countries are fighting for the front, the war is endless, and the blood is scattered all over the earth. In the fog of war in the Middle Ages, where should people from other worlds go? Beautiful women and fine wines, kings and nobles. This is Calradia! This is a paradise for careerists! - Description from MTLNovel

Destiny Online: Halo PaladinChapter 175 dogs are real dogs

what? Can’t beat the copy? Come come Strength, swiftness, wisdom, vitality, firmness, meditation, luck… Many auras add to your body, even if you are a naked and cute new, I can let you single the BOSS - Description from MTLNovel

Game Making: Start By Healing the PlayerChapter 910 Youth and Memories

Chen Xu traveled to the parallel world, and was surprised to find that many classic and excellent games in the previous life did not appear in the parallel world. I wanted to make a big picture, but why did I still have an ’emotion collection system’, and the emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, anger and other emotions provided by players who have played games made by themselves can make them stronger? But why is it so much easier to get resentment than happiness? Looking at his points harvest, Chen Xu expressed puzzlement. As a result, Chen Xu’s career as a game designer gradually turned crooked. In “Under the Legend”, countless players beat the table and shout: I was played by this game! In “Escape”, countless players shouted, my cabinet moved, and I stopped playing. In “Dark Souls”, when countless players entered the game with a smile, “Go away, please go away, leave the fire girl behind and go out with your fire, we don’t want to spread this fire!” Soap, Xiaoqiang, and Ghost sacrificed in “Call of Duty”; Zack was killed and Alice was killed in “Final Fantasy 7”; Arthur and John were betrayed in “Red Dead Redemption”; Countless players went berserk: Nima Chen Xu old thief, can’t we be kinder to the protagonist? Q: How do I feel about players’ anger towards themselves? Facing the reporter’s question, Chen Xu smiled slightly: What kind of verbal criticism is this, this is the encouragement of players around the world to me, this is love! Thank you all, I will keep up the good work! - Description from MTLNovel

With the Famous Name of the Three Kingdoms~ Testimonial

When other players are still stalking for how to recruit the Three Kingdoms, Qin Xiaobai already has such super-historical names as Baiqi, Hanxin, Chen Qingzhi, Yue Wumu and Zheng Chenggong. When other players face the heavy internal affairs to help the hand, Qin Xiaobai already has the historical names of Shangfeng, Xiao He, Di Renjie, Wang Anshi, Zhang Juzheng and so on. Trembling players, see how I crush you with the All-Star Deluxe lineup. A little white screamed. “Oh… wait, it looks a bit wrong, for the hair I brushed out some sister paper…” 妲 褒姒, 褒姒, Zhao Feiyan, Taiping, 婉儿, Wu Mei Niang…, said where the good names are going. A little white surrounded by sister paper sighed: “I don’t want to bring my sister to the Three Kingdoms.” - Description from Uukanshu translation

Get God-level Talent at the Start of Online GamesChapter 1718 See who's trash!

When online games merge with reality. Betrayed by his brothers and lovers, Zhang Yi, who has been reborn after eight years of the last days, enters the game again with the super artifacts and god-level talents obtained before the rebirth. The world will be in Zhang Yi’s hands and will be restarted… - Description from MTLNovel

Digitalization of the WorldChapter 861 Bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon Empire

The world is suddenly digitized and has become a huge game field. God? magic? Or is it an alien? No matter who caused all this, Blue Star’s original order has begun to collapse. … Sales: I’m a sharp-skinned one, I want to change my job as a magician. Blacksmith: Hey, I changed my job automatically, but why is it still a blacksmith? Boxer: Haha, I am a natural fighter. A certain netizen: I also changed my job automatically, but why am I the keyboard man? Do I have to use the keyboard to knock people? Farmer: Animal trainer? Not bad! Not bad! … Death during the national war and sudden rebirth brought Wang Xian back to the year before the start of Blue Star’s digitalization. - Description from Unknown

The Strongest Through Live Broadcast SystemChapter 1372 Need a reason

Reporter: What is it like to bathe in front of millions of people in front of a beaver? Lin Fei: It feels very soft! Great! Very comfortable! Travel through the world of games, animation, and movies and become the king of every world! !! (The current mainline world traversed is League of Legends. In the process of crossing, you may mix through the branch world of movies or comics) - Description from Uukanshu

I Can See All The Bosses’ DropsChapter 1323 Ling Yi? Lin Yi.

When everyone is killing monsters day and night for a good piece of equipment, the protagonist is frowning at a backpack of equipment materials: “Why can’t it be loaded.” Immediately exclaimed: “The backpack is still too small!” Also known as: “I can see the drops of all monsters”, “Can I see through cheating”, “I don’t want to be the public enemy of the game”,… Signed works, please feel free to collect, comment, and recommend Sanlian. The more enthusiastic you are, the more diligent the update will be, because the author is an emotionless coding machine (manual dog head). - Description from MTLNovel

Mysterious TribulationChapter 1134 Warlocks

Mysterious recovery, dawn of the gods, must it be a good thing? Accompanied by the rejuvenation of the aura, there is…the unsolvable horror! A strange surname, a soul that travels between two worlds, a mysterious epic… - Description from MTLNovel

Online Games Go Back One MinuteChapter 1452

In 2222, on August 1, two major events happened. The first thing, “World of Hope” is officially open beta, this is an epoch-making online game, currency exchange, 100% real, known as the second world, and in the later stage, the game will be realistic, the real world, Change the world order. The second thing, Ye Chun, a young man in the civilian area of ​​Jiangnan City, Huaxia Kingdom, on his eighteenth birthday, awakened his supernatural powers and could go back one minute in time. What can you do by stepping back a minute? Equipment enhancement failed? It doesn’t matter, the backward time will be stronger again, and it is too strong to be stronger. The treasure chest didn’t open what you wanted? It doesn’t matter, the rewind time will be reopened until you are satisfied. Failed to reclaim wasteland? It doesn’t matter, if the details are wrong, go back a minute and you can save it. With one minute of backward time, Ye Chun simply became the uncrowned king of the Hope World. - Description from MTLNovel

The Mercenary World of Online Games~ End of the testimony said a lot, all in my heart

Mercenaries, with self-intelligence awareness, can replace the players to fight, blame, and make copies. Mercenary World, a multi-national game, smashing the chapters of the classic games of the old era, integrating all kinds of elements, players can choose any game to go to the peak – task flow, competitive flow, copy flow, business flow , the flow of war, the flow of business, the flow of leisure … set a high degree of freedom, the existence of play is reasonable, overnight. Starting from the mission of God, grasping an opportunity, there is an infinite possibility of counterattack! - Description from Uukanshu translation

Collector of Online Games~ Testimonials

The salted fish youth Qin Yan, after experiencing a variety of virtual games, finally opened his own lucky road in the abyss game. A pair of red high heels, from the puzzle of the abyss game producer. Zeng was obsessed with joining the great forces, and ushered in a new life after leaving. On the big stage to show his strength to the world, Qin Yan and his partners will eventually bloom … - Description from Qidian

Game Across the Worldv3 Chapter 1382 "Slay" the dragon!

Cultural fragments descended from outside the world of Gaem, and fate quietly changed… As a cultural carrier, games contain immense power, abilities and talents can be obtained in the game world! No resources, no contacts! But the game world is fair, and the coming role determines everyone’s future! The dungeon has its own golden house, and there must be Yan Ruyu on the battlefield! [Three years of games, five years of college entrance examination] [On how to pass the trainee practice copy] [One hundred postures for the clearance of the game doctoral copy] [Nordell Game Strategy Award] On the eve of the college entrance examination for another year, a cultural core was discovered and a brand new game world was born! Shen Chen, Salted fish player, game dead house, game design programmer! When he woke up from a dream, he came to this world, looked at the score sheet and made trouble. I was destined to miss the book, and eventually became a 996 civilian? No, the undead team has not completely defeated me, how can the game world that comes to bear me! what! How is the village called Beijun Village? How can talent have tenacity and blood anger? The greed of the knight? Bishop Faor, why are you ignoring me, what does indifference mean? No, Warcraft? Alliance… Is the so-called cultural core… Is Heishi step so strong? All parry and block? Does it mean to be impeached? see through? Wait online! anxious! How to fight Ratman Hogg! What is the lair of Sivana’s daughter Sivanas, watch out for the dragon’s breath! …It turned out to be so, the game has crossed the world! Why did cultural fragments come to this world? What is controlling all this behind? Chaos, natural disasters, insect swarms, and groups are coming one after another! I will cut off the black hand reaching out to this world… - Description from MTL

Break Through the Steam Game Libraryv9 Chapter 1126 Master Lu, when will you become No. 1 in Jinmen?

“Hollow Knight”, “The Elder Scrolls 5”, “Taiwu Picture Scroll”, “Chinese Parents”, “Horse and Blade”, “Salt and Refuge”, “Famine”, “BioShock: Infinite”, ” Tomb Raider, “Amazing Immortal Cultivation Simulator”… the world of the game, experience it yourself. Come on a passionate adventure! - Description from MTL

Diablo Destructionv2 Chapter 4063 Stop pretending, it's a showdown, so take the blame

The history of the destruction of the fantasy dark continent war (jie) battle (cao) of the princes of a hundred races. - Description from MTL

League’s All-around Mid LanerChapter 416 You, Zoe, are you crazy?

He is the dawn of LPL! He can reach the top of the world suit in one month with a very high winning rate of 70! His Yasuo makes all mid laners feel terrified and will always occupy a ban position! He can use 24 different heroes in a row to make a winning streak! He also has a host girlfriend! Fans call him almighty mid laner, eternal god! - Description from MTLNovel

Lord of the People: a Hundredfold Increase From the UndeadChapter 765 , as bright as the sun

Wake up, the whole people cross. Everyone has their own territory and becomes a lord. Fang Hao, who also crossed, opened his eyes but was a farmer who was recruited and was driven into the tiger’s mouth. Kill the lord in anger and get compensation for the ‘hundred-fold increase’. Reopen the way of the lord. 【Hundred-fold increase trigger, get 10100 Skeleton Pawn. 】 【Hundred-fold increase trigger, get Iron Sword 10100. 】 When everyone is working hard to collect resources and struggling to survive. Fang Hao’s resources have long been piled up like a mountain, and he has wiped out all the surrounding forces and established his own country. - Description from MTLNovel

Broad World~ Thanks for finishing this book

From Candleburg to Baldur’s Gate, to Amn. From the turbulent sea to the endless gloomy region, witness the glorious life of a traverser on the mainland of Faerun. There are ferocious monsters, wise wizards, and crazy gods here. There are gorgeous magic, powerful magic, superb martial arts. Everything will happen here. - Description from Unknown

War in Heaven~ The end of childhood

Fanatic virtual gamers: Tired of the stereotyped linear drama emotions? Want to try a real open world game? Are you tired of playing an RPG that can only play a role? Want to lead the subordinates in virtual reality and experience the thrill of governing the army? Welcome to the massive open killing game “War in Heaven”. …… Seeing the game’s winning and losing judgment mechanism, a professional player who is interested in PVP for 20 years and is also very interested in AI, has a bright smile: “It’s time to show the real killing method… How about building an AI army by the way?” - Description from Uukanshu translation

Don’t Mess with the YordlesChapter 274 : Jax

[LOL League of Legends universe doujin] The book is also called “I finally became a big boss after ten thousand years in Runeland”. In Ionia, the “earth of birth”, Reid witnessed wars that only existed in ancient myths. In Freljord, the far north, Reid met the three sisters of the ice and the northern gods, and witnessed the secrets buried in the ice and snow. In the continents of Valoran and Shurima, Reid watched people from the “earth of birth” move westward. The arrival of the Protoss, the rise of the Titan, the birth of the Celestial Warrior, the war of Icacia, the destruction of the Shurima Empire, the war of the Darkborn, the wraith with iron armor, the curse of destruction, the rune war, Noxus With the establishment of Demacia, the rise of Picheng and Phigang. Reid witnessed all this, and the legend he left in Runeland was: “Don’t mess with the Yodels.” Skirt Number: 451984587 Old Cat’s Cat Tent (Book Friends Group) - Description from MTLNovel

Modify Super GodChapter 955 Little Fu Ni's background is so big!

The future me actually let me enter a virtual game called “Otherworld”, and then play the game against the creation-level evil god to save three worlds?! Please! Is this something a normal person like me can do?! but…… Not to mention that the game can make money, can the power obtained in the game have the opportunity to bring it to reality?! The key is…… The future me even brought me three golden fingers! In this regard, Sui Yu said: “I’ll take over this epic main quest!” - Description from MTLNovel

The Earth Supplier of the Wizarding WorldChapter 356 After the war

My name is Yanxing, an earthling, who can travel freely between the earth and a magical world. The elves like the silk I brought them. Orcs like the soap I brought them. The human nobles crazily pursued white porcelain. The dwarf was fascinated by the alloy he bought from me. Even the undead hope to order a set of high-quality coffins from me to show their identity. One day… angels, dragons, demons found me. I said to them: “My market is open to all races and creatures. What you pay can be gold coins or your labor…” - Description from MTLNovel

Cultivation OnlineChapter 1120 Fighting For The Treasure(2)HOT

Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him.In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living.Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds.---------------------Disclaimer: The MC is extremely overpowered and talented but also naive/innocent at first due to his illness. If you cannot wait for character developments and dislike OP MCs, this is not your cup of tea. Furthermore, the 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we are currently living on so do not use our common sense for this novel. This is pure fantasy, after all.---------------------My other novels: Dual Cultivation/ Inferior Cultivation System

Undead Farmv2 Chapter 831 Gas is going to explode

The tomatoes and potatoes are piled up in the warehouse, the dead horses are squeezing the milk, the vampires are carrying the watermelons, the succubuses are picking the eggplants, and the Lich King is quietly licking the ice cream… The people who died in the crown pointed to the tribes: Let the dead be born, and let the dead die! (This book is based on the dungeon and the Warriors, Warcraft, heroes invincible, riding and cutting, and another million finished “Wasteland Ranch” character guarantee) - Description from Uukanshu translation

Real Cthulhu Running GameChapter 1948 Another debuff

TRPG, which refers to the role-playing game on the table, the feature of the game is that you can play your own role in an immersive situation, and within the scope allowed by the rules, you can have various open-ended story development according to your actions to achieve different ending. The Cthulhu running group is a major category of TRPG. The explorers played by players are just ordinary people, but they want to explore mysterious events, face unknown mythical creatures, and unknown fears. There is only one piece of advice here, that The less you know, the longer you live. And Liu Xing just wanted to run a Cthulhu group online because of curiosity, and ended up straying into the real Cthulhu running group game. . . A group of 655622053 (which has been upgraded to a crowd of 2,000, with ample space), and a second group of 455841754 welcome you to join. - Description from MTLNovel

League of Legends Millennium WarlordChapter 666 only chance

Coincidentally absorbing the world’s runes, the ace killer Lester came to Valoran continent, The Rune War has just ended, and the bald Purple Potato Spirit, who has a heavy mission, embarks on a lonely journey of disowning six relatives. At this time, the Lockhey tribe had just occupied the immortal fortress and established a state. At this time, Demacia was still rubbing forbidden magic wood and mud on the toilet. At this time, the Misttails were still alive and kicking on the eastern islands of the mainland, At this time, the two sisters, the father and daughter, the filial angels, are still sweet and cute loli. Jarvan I was not yet born, Noxus was not yet imperialized, The slumbering poor shell people have not yet been used as power sources by the despicable Philos family, and the welfare of the leg-controller, Camille, has not yet become a cell, The pale lady of black roses is still guarding the dry well of the immortal fortress, sealing the magic iron armor of the tyrant Uzul, The premature crossing left Lester dumbfounded, helplessly looking at the Noxian man dressed as a barbarian and speaking an unknown language. “So why did I come to this boring world with no stalwart Sona, no plump Ali, no black sheep, and no vegetable Sarah? I haven’t waited for me to live for a thousand years. I’m dying of old age, the key is that I don’t have a system yet, and I can’t understand the language, what are the pictures?” With countless questions, Lester saw a tall woman who never dressed properly, wore dark purple eyeshadow, and had an exceptionally good figure. “Ancient Remnant, do you want to learn Noxian with me?” On the goose down bed, Lester learned multiple languages ​​by himself and finally understood the true meaning of life “I actually merged the world runes that can last for a long time? This is a development game? That’s fine.” - Description from MTLNovel

Virtual EndChapter 155 "Members also have their own sons" (5)

Introduction 1: Liming City has been the city with the highest crime rate in the old land for ten consecutive years. Talking about the rebels and the Knights of Space and Time that continue to create terrorist activities and endanger the safety of citizens, Mr. Chen She, the outstanding Liming City Councillor, outstanding entrepreneur, and gold medal super dream producer, was emotional. “They are a bunch of lunatics, it’s too much!” “They want to give me a yellow robe! They think I am the returnee in the fable!” “Can someone take care of them? I can’t control them!” Introduction 2: After traveling to another world for ten years, Mr. Chen She decided to create a world famous painting of the stream of consciousness in the future with “Super Dream Producer Thinking”. “What are the countless media shooting on the skyscraper on the left?” “Oh, that’s Chen She, an outstanding Dawn City Councillor, an outstanding entrepreneur of the Silver Star Federation, and an artist of the surreal genre receiving the award.” “Who is surrounded by the Resistance Army and the Space-Time Knights in the underground world on the right?” “Oh, that is Chen She, the wise leader of the rebellion, the terrifying head of the Temporal Knights, and the leader of the largest armed group, planning a conspiracy.” “Where is the legendary super dream producer who has come to the end of the virtual world, broke the boundary between virtual games and reality, and led the people to break the iron wall of capital?” “Chen She, the producer of Super Dream, is thinking: How did things turn out like this?” - Description from MTLNovel

Global Monster OnlineChapter 1393 The Golden Clan (3)

Talented scientists have gamified the world with the “dream factor”. After the game, a large number of creatures turned into various monsters: zombies, warcraft, dragons! Some humans are forced to log in to the game, incarnate into various professions, struggling to survive in this real game called “Global Monster OL”. - Description from MTLNovel