God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1202 - 1202 Comprehend the Divine Soul

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1202 Comprehend the Divine Soul

A city lord from another city walked over from Lin Xiu, then patted Lin Xiu on the shoulder and said aloud.


Lin Xiu nodded slightly, then looked at Baili Haoling and left together.

Now the city lords from other cities also seem to be very excited.

They gathered at the front.

What exactly is this divine soul engraving?

“City Lord Lin.”

Just as Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling were gathering at the meeting point, Sun Ruo and Ling Yu, who were at the same table before, also walked over.

At this moment, the eyes they looked at Lin Xiu were filled with respect.

Before, they thought that Lin Xiu was just a young boy, but they didn’t expect that he would kill Sun Qi on stage.

“Divine Soul engraving, where can we see it?”

Lin Xiu said curiously.

Now everyone gathered here, but Lin Xiu didn’t see anything special.

“Another world.”

Ling Yu suppressed his inner excitement at this time, then spoke up.

Another world?

Lin Xiu was startled and seemed a little confused.

As everyone slowly gathered here, Fu Tianyuan’s figure also appeared in front.

“Is everyone here?”

Fu Tianyuan stood on a podium in front and glanced at the crowd.

“Then, this year, it has been confirmed once again that the space for the engraving of the divine soul has been opened!”

As soon as Fu Tianyuan finished speaking, he waved his hands to either side.

A powerful force was released from his hands and the surrounding space seemed to be distorted at this moment.

What a powerful force.

When Lin Xiu saw this scene, the expression in his eyes changed slightly.

He knew that Fu Tianyuan’s strength was very powerful, but he never imagined that his strength would be so powerful.

No wonder so many city lords have to come here when they receive invitations. This is the effect of strength.

“Is this going to break the space…”

Baili Haoling opened his eyes wide when she saw this scene.

Her eyes were full of surprise.

“should be.”

Lin Xiu nodded slightly.


At this time, with Fu Tianling’s stern shout and his hands shaking at the same time, the space around him suddenly burst!

Taking a closer look, you can clearly see that there is a huge space crack in the area in front.

Are we going in from here?

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw this scene.

And the surrounding warriors seemed to be very excited.

“come in.”

While talking, Fu Tianyuan walked into this broken space first.

The warriors behind also walked in one by one.

“let’s go.”

Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling also walked in directly.

As he walked into this broken space, Lin Xiu realized that he seemed to be in another world.

All around are stars and the position he is standing in is like being on an asteroid.

But the weird thing is that there is air here, but the gravity has changed.

But for a warrior of Lin Xiu’s level, this change in gravity is easy to adapt to.

“Divine Soul engraving, I finally can see it again!”

Ling Yu stood in front of a boulder next to him at this time and said excitedly.

At this time, Lin Xiu also followed its gaze and looked over the rock.

Taking a closer look, you can clearly see a huge alien beast engraved on the rock.

This alien beast is formed in this circle with a special pattern.

It looks very weird.

“Is this the divine soul engraving?”

Baili Haoling also walked over, looked at it curiously and said.


Ling Yu nodded, still staring at this divine soul engraving.

“This is left over from a powerful god-king from the past. Back then, he killed everyone, extracted all the spirits of other god warriors, then inserted them into the rocks here.”

“And City Lord Fu has obtained the inheritance of that powerful God King, so he has the power to open up this space.”

Hearing Ling Yu’s words, Lin Xiu also understood why Fu Tianyuan was so powerful. It seemed that he had inherited the power of that God King.

This Fu Tianyuan, Lin Xiu didn’t really mind him, it’s just his brother Fu Tianling…

Thinking of this, Lin Xiu’s eyes showed a faint killing intent and it disappeared in a flash.

Lin Xiu looked at the rock with his eyes now, but he didn’t feel much.

“Lin Xiu, where are you going?”

At this time, seeing Lin Xiu walking to the other side, Baili Haoling said.

“I’ll take a look over there.”

Lin Xiu had already seen that there were still many rocks around and each huge rock had all kinds of strange patterns engraved on it.

These patterns are of weapon type, some beast type and some are like element type.

“By looking at these things, can you comprehend the power of the divine soul…”

Baili Haoling said a little puzzled.

She looked at the engravings on several rocks, but she didn’t feel anything at all.

As for the other city lords, they are now very fanatical, staring at the engravings on the rocks, not moving at all.

Lin Xiu also walked to one of the rocks at this time.

Staring at the scene on the rock, motionless.

“What are you looking at?”

Seeing Lin Xiu’s actions here, Baili Haoling said curiously.


Lin Xiu pointed to the engraving on the rock.

Baili Haoling followed Lin Xiu’s eyes and looked over and he could clearly see a dragon-shaped creature engraved on this huge rock.

It looks like it is showing its teeth and claws and it looks extremely fierce.

This dragon is not those lizards with huge wings, but a Chinese dragon.

“It’s a dragon…”

Baili Haoling said subconsciously.

“Comprehended! Someone has comprehended!”

At this moment, there was an excited voice from behind.

Baili Haoling and Lin Xiu, who heard this voice, both turned around subconsciously and looked behind them.

Looking closely at this time, they found that in front of a rock not far behind, there was a lot of golden light emitting from the body of a warrior.

These golden rays of light quickly surged above his body, then formed a huge bear-like alien beast.

“Have you comprehended the divine soul!?”

Baili Haoling’s eyes widened, filled with surprise.

Some of the surrounding warriors looked over there with jealousy in their eyes.

Looking at these Divine Soul engravings, although there is a chance to comprehend the power of the Divine Soul, the probability is very low.

It also depends on how smart a warrior is.

The more powerful the divine soul, the more difficult it is to comprehend it.

“You came.”

At this time, Lin Xiu stared at the imprint of the soul on the huge rock in front of him and suddenly a vicissitude of life was transmitted to his mind.

Who is speaking!?

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