God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1203 - 1203 Divine Soul - Black Flame Dragon

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1203 Divine Soul – Black Flame Dragon

When Lin Xiu heard this voice, the pupils in his eyes narrowed slightly.

He looked around, but found that there was no one other than Baili Haoling.

“Are you talking?”

Lin Xiu looked at it seriously, then looked at the rock, and said seriously.

Just now, he seemed to hear the rock talking.

“What’s wrong?”

Baili Haoling seemed to hear Lin Xiu’s words at this time, and said aloud at this time.

“It’s nothing, I just seemed to hear someone calling me.”

Lin Xiu thought for a while, then said.

“Someone is calling you?”

Baili Haoling was startled, then looked around, there was no one around, and she didn’t hear anyone called Lin Xiu.

“There’s no one ah…”

“Maybe you heard it wrong.”

Lin Xiu thought for a while, then shook his head.

It should be impossible to say that this rock can speak…

“Want to comprehend the divine soul of the Black Flame Dragon?”

At this moment, a piercing voice came from the other side.

Lin Xiu turned around and saw Fu Tianling’s figure clearly.


Seeing Fu Tianling’s arrival, Baili Haoling snorted.

This guy encouraged Lin Xiu to go to the platform previously and wanted to kill Lin Xiu, she still remembered it.

“This is the divine soul of a powerful God King. The God King who was called the ‘Killer God’ at the time almost sacrificed his life to kill him.”

“Do you think you can comprehend it?”

As Fu Tianling spoke, he looked at Lin Xiu mockingly.

His eyes were full of disdain.

He didn’t let Lin Xiu die on the platform today, which made him very unhappy.

Now that he has a chance, he obviously came to mock Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu ignored his words and just looked at the dragon-shaped engraving on the rock.

For some reason, Lin Xiu had a special feeling.

‘Plop’ ‘Plop’.

It was as if his heart was beating at a special frequency.

His strength, at this time, felt like it was being tugged and slowly released.

“Lin Xiu…”

At this time, Baili Haoling noticed that a faint golden light emanated from Lin Xiu’s body, and his eyes widened.

This kid…

And Fu Tianling was also startled at this time, as if he didn’t understand what was going on.

“What kind of Divine soul is that?”

At this time, some of the city lords on the other side looked at the huge rock where Lin Xiu was standing, and said curiously.

“This divine soul is the most difficult one to comprehend, and it is almost impossible to comprehend it successfully. Instead of looking at this, might as well… damn!”

The warrior beside him opened his eyes wide as he was speaking halfway.

He was in disbelief.

What did he see? He saw a faint golden light emitting from Lin Xiu’s body, and there was also a faint golden light on the huge rock!

He’s… comprehending the divine soul!

Lin Xiu closed his eyes at this time and let the golden rays of light from his body radiate out and converge on the rock.

Slowly, the rock seemed to tremble slightly.

clack clack——

On the huge rock, there are a lot of cracks.

In the next moment, it exploded directly!


With this explosion, those warriors who were still on the other side who wanted to comprehend the soul, looked at Lin Xiu at the same time.

“This…this is…”

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