Godly Student - Chapter 5291 Does he know?

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"So arrogant guy, he's actually investigating us!" Just when these immortals were about to take a good look at the special abilities of the descendants of this holy city, they suddenly felt that the other party was investigating their existence.

"If he is really a descendant of the Holy City, I don't think he would have thought that there would be immortals here, right? And even if he is investigating us now, can he know that we are immortals?" Bai Xin said with a smile.

With just such a descendant of the Holy City here, what do they have to worry about?

So even if the other party is investigating them now, he feels that there is nothing to be angry about.

And what can the other party find out? Can it still be found out that they are immortals? At most, it's just to find out how many people there are.

"That's true, but this guy is quite courageous. The last time he broke into this place alone, and now he dares to break in, and he is still alone.

The last time I could only say that he was lucky, but this time, he was not so lucky. "Jiang Kang said.

"It's natural, but I think it's fine. If he's really one of those living puppet casters, that's even better.

Not only did we complete the mission in one go, but we also got the living puppet technique, which really kills two birds with one stone! "Wu Qi looked at the immortals who were still seriously arranging the seal, and said with a smile.

The four people chatted happily here, but they underestimated Cheng Yu's avatar.

Although Cheng Yu did come alone, he did not know that there were immortals here. And he came precisely for their immortals.

Cheng Yu's body is now hidden, and naturally he dare not reveal his identity.

But this Cheng Yu clone is different, because his appearance itself is to attract those immortals, so he has to expose himself.

Now that he has exposed himself, this avatar can completely ignore the reactions of those immortals to him.

Therefore, at this time, Cheng Yu's clone can investigate everything without any scruples.

Cheng Yu has always wanted to find out how many immortals are in the back mountain, but he was afraid of exposing himself before, so he did not dare to investigate.

Well now, this Cheng Yu clone can unscrupulously go to check how many immortals there are.

As a result, the immortals thought that Cheng Yu had not found any useful information, but they did not know that the information that Cheng Yu most wanted to know had already been learned.

"There are only fourteen immortals, and it seems that at most one will come over a month!" Cheng Yu's avatar and the main body are in the same mind, and everything that the avatar perceives, the main body can perceive.

And most importantly, this connection of mutual perception of everything is invisible to outsiders.

Just like Cheng Yu wants to connect with those living puppets, there is an invisible line between the two. However, there is no such "line" in the induction between Cheng Yu's body and his avatar.

Therefore, the connection between Cheng Yu's avatar and the main body will not be noticed by these immortals.

Now that I know that there are only fourteen immortals on this mountain, this is indeed the best result.

But even so, it is still very difficult for him to deal with fourteen immortals.

If they can be drawn out one by one, then Cheng Yu must be sure to kill them.

But now the situation is not so simple.

"I wonder if the divine tree can kill fourteen immortals at once?" Cheng Yu felt that he would definitely not be able to do it. If the divine tree could do it, it would be cool.

If these fourteen immortals are destroyed, then they can destroy the passage in the back mountain generously.

Because the clone at this time not only inquired about the number of immortals, but also inquired about the location of the passage, where there are several people and five people guarding, but it is not far from the location of immortals.

As long as there is no consideration, Cheng Yu has already figured out the two most important things through his avatar, which also gave Cheng Yu a bottom line.

At this time, he already knew that the Lord was moving towards the clone.

"Sure enough, these immortals won't shoot easily, but if I want to destroy that passage, these immortals will definitely interfere."

"It seems that the clone has to find a way to lure these immortals away. As long as I destroy the passage first, I will slowly grind these fourteen immortals to death!" Cheng Yu thought silently in his heart.

Soon, the Lord has appeared in front of the clone.

"I didn't expect you to actually dare to come here. I really have to admire your courage." The Lord looked at this middle-aged man, and felt even more excited.

This time, he is very confident. With these immortals here, even if he can't catch this guy again, those immortals will definitely help him catch it.

"You couldn't help me many years ago. After all these years, what do you think I dare not come?" The clone said with a smile.

"It seems that you are very confident in the improvement of your own strength, but how do you know that my strength is not advanced?" The Lord smiled.

"If there are no immortals, do you believe that you will die today?" But the clone smiled deliberately.

"You...how did you know there was an immortal here?" This time, the Lord was really surprised.

Not even the inner court knew this secret, not even the five chief elders knew about it.

But this guy actually knows that there are immortals here. This is really incredible. How did he do it?

"Who do you think you lied to again? Are you facing those stupid chief elders?" The clone said with a smile.

"Hmph! Since you know there are immortals here, you dare to come, and you are so confident in your own strength?" The Lord said coldly.

"As a descendant of the dynasty, don't you know how many immortals were killed in my holy city? You only have fourteen immortals here. What do you think can help me?" The clone said indifferently.

Regardless of whether he is really capable of killing fourteen immortals, at least he must not be cowardly.

At least in terms of momentum, he would have to overwhelm the opponent first.

What's more, in his eyes now, those immortals are the biggest threat, as for the Lord, he is no longer in his eyes.

It's just that he came to this back mountain, and the master's level is definitely unavoidable.

Those immortals obviously wanted to see the excitement first, and were unwilling to take action on their own, so they let the Lord take the lead.

"You...you..." The Lord was not angry with Cheng Yu's words, but was frightened by the other party again.

Not only does this guy know that he has immortals here, but he also knows how many there are, which is too scary.

Looking at the natural look on this guy's face, there was no timidity at all, but it made him a little worried.

This guy clearly knows that there are fourteen immortals on this mountain, but he dares to come to the door by himself.

And think about the fact that his holy city did kill a lot of immortals back then. Could it be that this guy really has that ability, and these fourteen immortals are not his opponents?

"This is impossible, this guy is definitely frightening himself." The Lord thought to himself.

They had fought against each other back then, and this guy's strength was not as good as his own, or else he wouldn't have run away.

It's just that this guy's way of running is quite powerful. Could it be that this guy just came to test it, but he couldn't beat him and ran the old way?

"Hehe, I almost let you pass by. It's not surprising that you can find out these news. But if you really have the ability to kill these dozen or so immortals, then you won't run away back then!" The Lord adjusted Take a look at your emotions and say with a smile.

This guy brought him too many surprises, and as a result, his emotions were biased, which was not in line with the state of mind he had cultivated for so many years.

"That's because I haven't recovered the bloodline power of the Holy City back then, but now, you'll know if you try. I think if you don't die, those immortals won't take action!" Cheng Yu looked confident.

"Really? That old man is going to try today to see if you've really become stronger!" The Lord said no more politely, his expression changed, his hands spread out, and the Qi sword formed by the five auras was instantly in the air. The chest appeared and flew towards Cheng Yu.

Although he didn't believe everything Cheng Yu said, what Cheng Yu just said was right.

Those immortals will never shoot casually. Even if he is not dead, it is estimated that after he is defeated by the opponent, these immortals are afraid that they will be willing to take action.

So his fight with this guy is impossible to avoid.


Cheng Yu flashed immediately, and the five qi swords passed through him instantly. However, the Qi Sword turned around and flew towards him again.

But to the Lord's surprise, UU reading www.uukanshu. This guy com Cheng Yu didn't plan to fight him at all, but ran directly in the direction of the channel.

It turned out that Cheng Yu didn't intend to waste time with the Lord here at all.

Because he knew very well that without the immortals taking action, he could indeed kill the Lord.

It's just not as simple as it said, and there are immortals waiting there, can he really kill this master?

He didn't believe that those immortals would really let him kill this Lord.

If the dynasty does not have this master, how will the immortal world and the human world connect in the future?

So this master is actually the contact person of the immortals in the human world, and those immortals will definitely not let him kill them.

Since he can't kill the opponent now, and there are so many immortals staring at him, why is he consuming his strength and wasting time here!

But even if he didn't want to fight with this master here, he wouldn't flee directly to the place where the immortal was.

He didn't have the ability to really kill the fourteen immortals.

And what he knew more clearly was that whether it was the Lord or those immortals, they would care about that passage.

Now his clone can use the wooden empty mirror to investigate the back mountain in an open and honest way. Knowing the location of the passage, he will naturally use this passage to attract these guys.

The immortal over there hasn't moved yet, but the Lord has chased after him without the slightest hesitation! ?

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