Godly Student - Chapter 5292 twin?

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Seeing that the descendants of this holy city did not fight against the Lord, but fled directly in the direction of the passage, it was a bit surprising.

"Is this guy simply, just ran away?"

"He has already checked us out just now. Although he doesn't know who we are, he knows that if there are still people here, he will naturally not dare to fight with the Lord again!" Wu Qi said.

"But the direction he is fleeing is exactly where the passage is. He won't destroy the passage, right?" Bai Xin said.

"He shouldn't know about the existence of the channel, right?" Jiang Kang wondered.

"He was investigating us just now. I don't know if he can find the passage!" Bai Xin said.

"It's not impossible, the channel is always open now, and the consumption of spiritual energy is relatively large, plus there are five guardians there supporting the operation of the channel.

If he really investigates, he should be able to find the anomaly over there, but he certainly doesn't know what it is. " Uzzi said.

"Even if he doesn't know it now, when he rushes past, I'm afraid he will know something! We can't let him destroy the passage, let's go and have a look!" Jiang Kang said.

"But they are still arranging seals now? What if we leave and someone sneaks up on them?" Jiang Huai looked at the ten immortals who were still arranging seals and said worriedly.

Although it is said that they have their own personal interests, but no matter what, they all perform tasks together.

If something happens to these people, it's not good for them either.

So even if it's for their own benefit, they can't ignore these ten people!

What's more, everyone said before that the four of them had contributed to trapping those living puppets before, so now it was their turn ten to seal the living puppets.

So their arrangement of seals is the same as they guard their arrangement of seals, it's all part of everyone's cooperation.

It seems a little unreasonable if they just left now.

It's not necessarily dangerous, but what if something goes wrong?

"Don't worry, I just checked, and I didn't find anyone else breaking in. It should be fine!" Wu Qi sensed it in the back of the mountain and said.

"Well, if I stay, there is only one person there anyway. If you really need to take action, I believe any of you can handle it.

And with me guarding here, it will be safer! "Jiang Wei thought about it and said.

"Well, I'll stay with Jiang Wei, you two go over there and watch! It's just a human cultivator, even if he is really a descendant of the Holy City, I think the two of you are enough to deal with them!" Bai The letter also said.

"That's fine, then let's go over there and see. I also really want to see if the descendants of this holy city are really powerful!" Wu Qi nodded and did not refuse.

If more people came this time, they would indeed worry more.

Now that Cheng Yu is alone, they really don't think there is anything to worry about.

As long as he doesn't let him destroy the passage, even if necessary, they can take down each other with a single shot.

At least they thought so.

So Wu Qi and Jiang Kang rushed to the passage, while Bai Xin and Jiang Wei stayed to guard them and set up the seal.

"Actually, we don't have any problem if we don't guard them!" After the two left, Bai Xin said with a smile.

"Having said that, but since the descendants of the Holy City have broken into this place now, I think it is necessary to take precautions!

If something really happens, at least we are prepared, don't worry about anything going wrong! "Jiang Wei said.

"That's true, but the descendants of this holy city dare to come here alone, this courage is indeed big enough.

It's just that this time he is doomed to miscalculate, as long as he is caught, then this time we can make a lot of money! " Bai Xin said with great anticipation.

"If he really got these puppets, then we really made a lot of money!" Jiang Wei also laughed.

Killing the descendants of the holy city, destroying the holy city, this is their task, which must be completed.

However, compared to this task, it is really beneficial for them to get the living puppet technique, so they are actually more concerned about whether they can get the living puppet technique smoothly.

"Whether he got the living puppets or not, as long as he is really a descendant of the holy city, I think these living puppets are definitely related to their holy city.

So as long as you catch him, you will always know who will live the puppet art! "

"That's true!" Jiang Wei nodded.

"Huh? Something seems wrong, why did they run to the other side?" But after a while, Bai Xin suddenly found that Jiang Kang and Wu Qi were not heading towards the passage.

"That guy changed direction!" Jiang Wei said.

"That guy really doesn't know what it is, otherwise he will definitely try to destroy this passage!" Bai Xin said.

"That's natural. If he knows what the passage is, I think he will destroy that passage even if he tries his best!" Jiang Wei laughed.

"That's fine, he didn't go to the passage, but fled in other directions, then this passage would be safer.

What if they fought there and spilled into the passage? ' Baixin said.

"That's true, it's better if it's okay. If something really happens, we don't know how to get back!" Jiang Wei said.

"Don't worry, now the descendants of this holy city have come to the door by themselves, and our task can be completed easily. Once we get the living puppet technique, we can go back directly!"

"I hope so!" Jiang Wei nodded.

But at this moment, someone suddenly appeared in front of them!

Jiang Wei and Bai Xin stopped talking for a while, and they looked at each other, full of confusion.

"Who?" Bai Xin asked coldly.

"The one who wants your life!" The other party replied calmly.

"Looking for death!" Seeing that the other party dared to talk to him like this, Bai Xin immediately slapped the other party with a palm.


But to his surprise and Jiang Wei's surprise, the other side blocked this palm technique with the same palm.

"How is this possible?" Bai Xin couldn't believe that a lower world cultivator actually blocked his palm.

"Is this person's breath familiar?"

"It seems to be the person just now!" Jiang Wei's words made Bai Xin react, and he found that the other party's breath was the person who was chased by the Lord and the others just now.

"No, that person is still running away!" Jiang Wei sensed it and found that the Lord and the others were still chasing the person before.

"Could they be twins?" Bai Xin also found out, and couldn't help but be very puzzled.

There is obviously a person over there, but this person's aura is exactly the same as that over there.

"Get out of the way!" But before they could understand the problem, the other party launched an attack on their own initiative.

I saw a huge sword shadow slashing towards them.

Originally, when the sword shadow came down, they could easily avoid it.

But the problem is that when they were about to avoid them, they found that there were ten people behind them who were sealing the living puppets!

It is the most taboo to be sneak attacked when setting up the seal. Maybe these ten immortals may be seriously injured.

So Bai Xin had to take the opponent's sword hard.

But fortunately, the other party is only a lower realm cultivator, and there is an absolute gap with him in strength, so although this sword shadow seems terrifying, he does not take it too seriously.

I saw Bai Xin waved his hand, and a light curtain appeared above him, forming an arc-shaped barrier.

With just one barrier, it is impossible for this person to break through.


However, everything was beyond his imagination. When the sword shadow fell, his barrier was broken.

"What!" Bai Xin was full of confidence, and this barrier was enough to ensure everyone's safety.

But he never imagined that the other party would break through his barrier so easily, which was incredible.

However, at this time Jianying had already slashed towards them, and he didn't have time to think about what was going on, so he stretched out his right hand to take over the barrier.


But an even more unbelievable thing happened. Bai Xin was smashed by this sword shadow and flew out on the spot, and blood spurted out of his mouth.

"This..." Jiang Wei on the side was stunned.

Who is the fairy?

Bai Xin is a real immortal, but just now, he was actually knocked into the air by a lower realm cultivator.

This is too exaggerated, right?


But all this did not end, the other party slashed out again, but this time the target was not Bai Xin, but the ten immortals who were arranging seals.

"How dare you!" How could Jiang Wei let the other party succeed, dodge in front of the ten people, and strike out at the same time with both palms.

However, with the example of Bai Xin just now, Jiang Wei naturally did not dare to be careless, and shot with both palms at the same time to block the sword shadow that fell down.


But even so, UU reading www. uukanshu.com Jiang Wei even took a few steps back, which really surprised him.

"How can a lower realm cultivator have such a powerful force?" Jiang Wei's face was full of disbelief.

Compared to Bai Xin, who was carelessly injured, although he was also repelled, he was not injured.

But even so, he still couldn't believe that the person on the opposite side was actually a lower realm cultivator.

"Are all the monks in the lower realm so fierce now? Maybe this is the power of the legendary holy city?" Jiang Wei suddenly remembered that this guy's aura was the same as that of the descendants of the holy city, so that doesn't mean that he is also the holy city. posterity.

Since he is also a descendant of the holy city, such a powerful force comes from the holy city, not all the monks in the lower realm now have such a powerful force.

"It seems that this holy city is indeed not as simple as we thought!" At this moment, Bai Xin stood up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and looked at the person opposite him seriously.

Although he was injured by the opponent, the injury was not serious. After all, the strength gap between the two was still an insurmountable gap.

However, it is precisely because of such a huge gap between the two sides that he was injured by the other party, which also proves that the Holy City is really a very magical place.

Thinking now that so many immortals died in the holy city back then, it doesn't seem unreasonable.

You must know that the people standing in front of them at this time are only the descendants of the Holy City, not the masters of the Holy City! ?

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