Godly Student - Chapter 5484 The situation is not good!

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Cheng Yu originally thought that if he landed on the spider king's body smoothly, he would be able to cut off the spider king's head, but he really thought everything was too simple.

This spider king is now a half-step true immortal, and his body has already undergone substantial changes.

Even if Cheng Yu is allowed to kill it now, it will be difficult for him to kill it for a while.

However, although Cheng Yu's beheading action was unsuccessful, what surprised Cheng Yu most was that Cheng Yu's behavior at this time had completely angered the Spider King.

And although Cheng Yu didn't kill the spider king now, the spider king also felt that his life was in great danger.

Because it also knew that Cheng Yu just couldn't kill it temporarily.

But if he didn't stop his current behavior and allowed him to continue attacking like this, it would definitely be killed by Cheng Yu.

So Spider King had no choice but to stop advancing, and immediately woke up, raised his body and shook Cheng Yu, and threw Cheng Yu off his back.

"It's a pity!" Cheng Yu rolled on the ground, stood still, and looked at the huge spider king who had fixed his eyes on it, feeling a little disappointed in his heart.

Such a good opportunity just now failed to kill the Spider King's sword, and now it is a bit difficult to get such an opportunity.

But if you miss it, you miss it. At least the Spider King's advancement process has been interrupted. It may be very difficult for him to advance further now.

And as long as he finds an opportunity, he will definitely be able to kill this huge spider king.

Besides, the Divine Tree is coming to an end, there are no loose immortals, and with the help of the Divine Tree, a few avatars have killed countless mortals, and now there are not many fairy tarantulas left.

But when they saw the spider king waking up, especially after the spider king let out a howl, these fairy tarantulas seemed to go crazy.

Even if there were not a few loose immortals left, they even knew that they might not be the opponents of these humans, but they were not afraid of life and death at all, and rushed towards Cheng Yu's clone and the sacred tree one after another.

Naturally, Cheng Yu's avatars and sacred trees would not refuse anyone who came.

There were so many loose immortals before and they didn't shrink back. Now they are just a group of ordinary immortals. What else is there to be afraid of?

This will only make these fairy tarantulas die faster.

Originally, after so many fairy tarantulas had been killed, they already had the intention to retreat, so it was still difficult for them to kill them all.

They wanted to kill but couldn't, and when they wanted to help Cheng Yu himself, these fairy tarantulas would rush up to interfere again.

Now that they were not allowed to retreat after receiving the spider king's order, this obviously indirectly helped Cheng Yu's clones to kill all the fairy tarantulas.

Perhaps in the spider king's view, it doesn't matter if his subordinates died.

As long as they can hold back Cheng Yu's helpers, and the delay is enough to kill Cheng Yu, his two clones and the golden toad.

It's just that Cheng Yu underestimated its strength, and it obviously underestimated Cheng Yu's strength as well.

Cheng Yu was able to kill this place with several clones, which had never happened before.

This has nothing to do with its advanced retreat, because it has never made a move before.

I have so many ethnic groups, these ethnic groups are enough to kill any intruders.

But this time and this time, Cheng Yu appeared here majestically, which proved that Cheng Yu's strength was actually different from all the fairy beasts who wanted to break into this place before.

But the spider king obviously didn't think so much, it just felt that its territory was invaded by these humans, and even interrupted its advancement to a true immortal, which was definitely a big mistake it couldn't forgive.

So it has to kill the interlopers anyway.

It has eight legs, but any one of its legs is like an indestructible sharp weapon. It stabs down, Cheng Yu blocks it with a sword, and the whole person is blown away, which is enough to show the strength of this spider king How powerful.

Such a huge body, but very fast speed, Cheng Yu was knocked into the air, and this guy rushed up quickly, trying to stab Cheng Yu with his sharp legs.

But Cheng Yu was not a vegetarian either, so he turned around quickly, hid to the side, then kicked hard, stretched out his long sword and stabbed at the spider king's abdomen.

For spiders, the abdomen is also the softest place.

But at this moment, a spider web spurted out, and Cheng Yu was about to be caught in it.

And Cheng Yu also knew that this spider web was not the spider web of other fairy tarantulas that he had encountered before. This thing was not only extremely poisonous, but also extremely tough.

Even if he and the other two clones attacked continuously for a long time, they still didn't break through.

If he is caught by this spider web now, he may really be killed by this guy on the spot.

So he had no choice but to give up the idea of ​​attacking the spider king's abdomen, and immediately turned around and dodged to the side.

He also clearly saw the edge of the spider web flying past his eyes, which scared him into a cold sweat. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

However, Cheng Yu's two avatars were not idle either. They flew up into the air, and at the same time, two huge sword qi fell down, intending to attack the spider king's eyes.

But this spider king avoided these two attacks, but because of its huge size, these two attacks still hit its back.

It's a pity that the spider king's back is very hard, and there are only two shallow scars left.

However, the Spider King suddenly spread its wings, which were larger than those of the Sanxian, and flew up with all its strength. The eight legs were like eight weapons, and it attacked a clone.

All this happened too fast, there was no way for this clone to retreat, it could only grit its teeth, and quickly slashed several times, towards the Spider King.

However, all these sword qi were blocked by the spider king, without causing any damage to it.

Cheng Yu himself looked back at the situation of the other avatars, and saw that there were still many fairy tarantulas that had not been killed, so he was also very anxious.

This spider king is indeed very strong, and now it is not a real immortal, so he can still fight against the opponent.

But if the opponent has completely turned into a Zhixian, then there will be a qualitative change in his strength, then he really doesn't even have the qualifications to fight.

Fortunately, the advancement of the Spider King has been interrupted now. For the time being, it should have no way to advance further.

But it's hard to say, if it can be killed as soon as possible, it is naturally the best.

And now he only has two clones to help, even with a golden toad, their strength is very limited.

If you want to kill this spider king, you may need to gather all their strengths.

Of course, the most important thing now is that it is very dangerous for the three of them and one beast to deal with this spider king, and they might even die.

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