Godly Student - Chapter 5485 You die!

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Although Cheng Yu is in urgent need of help, he knows that the other avatars can't get away now, otherwise the sacred tree will be in danger.

However, their speed of killing fairy tarantulas is still very fast. If it weren't for the lair of fairy tarantulas, there are indeed too many of them, and they would have finished their work long ago.

Now he can only procrastinate for a while, as long as the spider king is not allowed to continue to advance.

One of the avatars has been stared at by the Spider King, but he and the other avatar rushed to save it, but this guy can't really kill his avatar, or his loss will be great.

For Cheng Yu, the fairy vein is very important, but no matter how important the fairy vein is, it is far less important than his clone.

Fairy spirit veins are very rare, but in the fairy world, there are fairy spirits everywhere. Even if there is no fairy spirit vein, it will not affect his cultivation and strength.

But if he lost a clone, it would be a permanent loss.

So even if he failed to get the fairy vein, it was absolutely impossible for him to lose a clone.

Although they couldn't do too much damage to the spider king, leaving a scar on the spider king's body would still bring pain to this huge guy after all.

These scars will definitely not make the Spider King fatal, but the pain caused by each scar will increase the Spider King's anger towards him.

Spider King's speed is very fast, but Cheng Yu's speed is not slow either.

In addition, if either Cheng Yu or the two avatars were stared at by the Spider King, the other two would come out to divert the Spider King's attention, making it impossible for him to concentrate on dealing with any of them.

Although the Golden Toad wanted to help, it couldn't fly, and it couldn't help it in such an air battle, so it ran back to protect the tree.

With the return of the golden toad, they killed the fairy tarantula even faster.

Now the goal of Cheng Yu's side is also very obvious, just to delay the time, after the Divine Tree's side has killed all the fairy tarantulas, he will have enough helpers to join forces to kill this big guy.

"My purpose is only to obtain the immortal spirit veins. It is still too late for you to leave now. You have cultivated to this level with great difficulty. Would it be a pity if you died here?

Although your advancement has been interrupted, if you leave now, you still have the opportunity to continue to advance.

If you miss this time, you may not be able to successfully advance again in this lifetime!

For the sake of your own future, those who are sensible should leave quickly! " Cheng Yu saw that it would be difficult for him to kill the opponent for a while, but it was a great threat to them, so he made a plan and played the emotional card with this guy.

Such creatures can naturally understand human speech, but they cannot speak by themselves.

What he said now is the truth. Although its advancement process has been interrupted, the time is not long now. If it can find a place to continue its advancement, it may still succeed.

But if the delay is too long, and the accumulated power decays again, then it cannot continue to advance, and can only advance again.

But it is very difficult to re-advance, and even if you enter the advanced state again, because there was an interruption once, even if no one interrupts it next time, its advancement process will be extremely difficult. The big ones may stop themselves here.

So it is actually very difficult for this guy to successfully advance.

And there are many who will never even have a way to successfully advance.

Therefore, if the spider king is willing to leave now, Cheng Yu will not be able to chase it down, after all, he does not have that strength.

His goal is indeed only to obtain the fairy pulse, as long as he gets the fairy pulse, he will not be able to run in time, so he doesn't have to fight it to the death.

It's just that the spider king howled, obviously not enjoying Cheng Yu's affection.

Cheng Yu interrupted his advancement process, and Cheng Yu is its biggest enemy. Now it can't wait to tear Cheng Yu into pieces, where will it let Cheng Yu go?

Besides, its strength is obviously much stronger than that of Cheng Yu, even if he still has helpers, it is not afraid at all.

So why does it escape?

What's more, this fairy vein is the root of its advancement. If there is no fairy vein, how can it go to other places to advance?

Even if it wants to advance further, it can only find another place with a fairy vein.

It doesn't mean that one must have a fairy vein, as long as the place with the fairy vein also has such a strong fairy spirit.

But since it is a place with fairy veins, there are naturally other guardians, how can they tolerate other beasts running to their own territory to advance?

It's the same reason as it won't tolerate other beasts coming to its territory to advance.

So even if it knew what Cheng Yu said was right, it was impossible for it to leave here.

Only by killing Cheng Yu and his assistants can it continue to advance.

Even if it fails this time, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com but it still occupies the fairy vein here, then it must still have a chance to succeed.

But if the fairy spirit vein here is lost, it is tantamount to the real loss of the future.

If it goes to other places with fairy veins, it is even more likely to be killed by other guardian beasts.

So in comparison, killing Cheng Yu and his helpers is obviously the most cost-effective and easiest thing to do.

"If you don't know what's good and what's wrong, you'll regret it!" Seeing that this guy didn't pay attention to it at all, Cheng Yu rushed towards it with a howl, and he was helpless.

He knew that it was really impossible to fool this guy away with such a few words.

But its existence is indeed quite a threat to them, although theoretically speaking, as long as this guy does not become a true immortal, he has a chance to kill the other party.

But this guy can be regarded as a half-true fairy now, at least compared to Sanxian, he is really much stronger.

So he has the opportunity to kill the opponent, but the opponent also has the strength to kill them.

And in terms of strength, the opponent's strength is much stronger than his, so it seems easier for the spider king to kill them.

If this guy is really willing to leave, he would be very much looking forward to it.

But this guy is obviously consumed with him.

"It seems that today is really a life-and-death situation!" Cheng Yu knew that his strength was worse than that of the Spider King, but he finally got to this point. May retreat.

So it's up to who's method is better.

But if he wanted to kill the spider king, he still had to wait for time. Before the other helpers came, the three of them were enough to kill each other.

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