Grand Academy of Natural Sciences (Glan Natural Science Academy) - v2 Chapter 1097 escape

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"Can't run!


After Entropy noticed that Laidlaw, who had stolen its 0.02 mg mass, was leaving, he suddenly had an indescribable sense of daze and grief.

Suddenly, it seemed to return to its own childhood.

At that time, it still had a flesh and blood body, and the superstar was still on the eve of doomsday.

That year it just gave birth, and one day it slept for a long time, the mother questioned to wake him up for milk, the father dissuaded the mother, let it continue to sleep soundly, no one knew that it slept so well that day, because it did The first dream in life, the spiritual soul is undergoing wonderful changes.

And when it was young, a person used a charcoal pen to scribble on a book. When his father saw it, he instinctively wanted to stop it, but his mother discouraged it, telling him that maybe it was constructing its own ideas, and it was indeed at this time. Thinking endlessly, the brush scribbled in his hand seemed to open a gate of time and space, pushing this young child to the ranks of geniuses.

When he was a teenager, his leg bone was broken due to an accident when he learned to fly skateboard when he was a child. Since then, he was afraid of joining this project. It was his father who ignored his crying and insisted that he overcome the difficulties and learn, otherwise he would not be able to go home, so he won. The fear is gone, and the spirit also becomes more confident at this moment.

after that…

Entropy suddenly understands what he has lost, exactly what it is!

Everything in the future is uncertain, but it can achieve today's achievements largely because of the choices it has made in the past. These experiences are like countless miracle factors, injected into its body, making it encounter setbacks and difficulties. At times, it is often more intelligent and insightful than others, and more likely to complete the challenge. Success after success has finally shaped it into the protagonist of no one in the world.

And these miracle factors are often accumulated from countless small things in the past experience, bringing it a better foundation and better quality.

But at this moment.

The entropy after being cursed by the eye of the two-dimensional observer, these miracle factors, which were originally full of uncertainty, began to collapse at the microscopic level, from an uncertain entangled state to a yes and no confirmation state.

Although this 0.02 mg mass is not the total amount of the miracle factor of entropy, or even only a small part, it is undoubtedly very important for a protagonist who spans two time and space!

It is equivalent to the first dream of that year, when I was forcibly woken up by my mother, and when I did graffiti, I was forcibly stopped by my father. That year's fear of flying skateboards continued in my heart...

"give me back!

! "

At this moment, the emptiness and loss in Entropy's heart surged like a tide.

The higher the creature, the greater the number of miracle factors in its body.

Even the eye of the observer can only reduce a part of the entangled miracle factor, but it cannot completely characterize a creature in a short period of time.

But for these higher creatures, this part of the quality lost is often more precious!

Because for a weak person who has no hope of Dengfeng, even if he loses some climbing miracles, so what? After all, he will never try to challenge himself, try to create miracles, and become the one that everyone looks up to. main character.

The entropy at the moment is like a wild beast, only Lei Luo, who is fleeing with all his strength, is left in his eyes.

The space in front of him collapsed like a building block wall again. Entropy was about to step out, catching up with the mouse who stole 0.02 grams of his own mass. Behind him, a force like a volcanic eruption suddenly appeared, even if it faced this This kind of attack can't be ignored, so he can only retreat for the time being.

The Milky Way roars filial piety and majesty, and the torrent of law rolls across.

"I'm still here!"

Furious proudly introduced himself: "My name is furious!"

If it is normal, Entropy faces such an enemy, although it feels difficult but also feels a little fun, and often chooses to patiently solve it by himself. After all, this is one of the few creatures in this indigenous world that can put pressure on itself.

Being able to personally kill a creature standing at the top of the food chain is a powerful creature that can only be bred with an entire continent. Destroying it is equivalent to destroying the hope of this continent. This sense of accomplishment makes entropy clubs who like to collect. Feel inexplicably excited.

However, at this moment, it has no such mood at all.

"Get away from me!


The entropy of fury directly stretched out two mental tentacles. Although the speed of fury can respond, it has been avoided, and it can only be prepared for soul protection. This is the information it has already known from the ancients.

However, what surprised it was that after these two mental tentacles came into contact with him, they did not launch a soul invasion as in the information, but burst out with an incredible power of hunger, and threw it away.

Without this annoying fly, Entropy immediately tried again to use high time and space capabilities to chase the fleeing Lai Luo and Shura Dao to regain his quality.

The fury that flew upside down, after a short period of stunned, the anger in my heart gradually ignited.

This kind of practice of chasing another person instead of ignoring the strong enemy that is constantly being challenged by him is equivalent to declaring to this fighting madman that a challenge that I don't care about at all is unworthy.

This undoubtedly deeply stabbed the arrogant heart of fury.

At this moment, it is wearing an armor cast with the profound meaning of the inheritance law of destruction, holding the Galaxy Roaring filial piety that the Honkai people have been tempering for millions of years. It can be said that it integrates the strongest defense and the strongest offense, and is at the peak of unprecedented confidence. , but was ignored by the enemy in this way, which has deeply hurt its self-esteem.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

When it controlled its body and breathed heavily, when it saw the entropy that had stepped into the shattered void half a step, the grand roared and filial piety: "The two of us, only one of us can leave here alive!


Immediately following the thread of the law that covers the sky and the earth, with its waving galaxy, the turbulent and majestic covering the entropy that is in an embarrassing situation.

If it forcibly enters the curvature space-time, it is likely to hit the darkest area of ​​the curvature space-time, which is the deepest chaotic area of ​​the curvature space-time, even for Entropy is also a dangerous zone from which one cannot escape and walk.

As a last resort, Entropy could only avoid the fury blow.

Immediately, there was a turbulent and majestic law torrent, submerging the vast area where it was first.

Entropy has realized that without killing the creature, it will never be able to free itself from the other's entanglement.

It was forced to turn its head, the irritability in its heart was mixed with hatred, and it slowly stretched out one after another mental tentacles. Against the background of this dark and vast cosmic void, it looked like a deep-sea monster that had finally woken up from a deep sleep.

"It's self-destruction."

Hearing this furiously, he was stunned for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, it showed a solemn color, held the Galaxy Roaring Warhammer high, and said word by word: "Then... come on."

a few days later.

Lai Luo and Shura Dao, who ran at all costs, finally appeared at the edge of the star screen world atmosphere.

Perhaps it was because there were too many superhuman beings implicated after Sicily summoned the Law of Disorder, which made the blockade of the sky at the moment seem abnormally chaotic.

The two people, who were worried, finally felt the law and vitality of the star screen world, and they no longer needed to continue to flee by urging the rootless source at any cost.

When they got here, they were protected by the star screen world. Even if Entropy chased after them, the two were confident enough to escape back to the mainland.

in this way.

The two couldn't help but turn their heads and looked at the long void, which was still empty, with no trace of entropy.

Both of them were silent for a while. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

"In the state of rage, even if Entropy wants to defeat it, I am afraid it will not be a short time."

Laylo was the first to speak to break the silence.

It's just a furious ending. Both of them already know in their hearts that against that terrifying creature, there is no creature in this world that can defeat it alone, let alone kill it.

"Let's go."

Shura Road sighed: "I only hope that the Aurora world has discovered the call here."

Compared with the unrealistic expectations of the Asura Dao, Lai Luo was obviously more practical. His heart was tingling, and he seemed to have accepted the fact that God had given him death, but he said calmly on the surface: "We still have the Sea of ​​Whirlpools and Frost Continent."

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