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Perception, it's been three years.

The rage at this moment has returned to the violent and powerful it used to be. It is like a panting old cow, looking at the life form that is almost desperate.

"The sub-material is indeed one of the most perfect materials known to the super-civilization, the pinnacle of the material science research of the super-civilization, but it also has its own flaws."

Only the supremacy of strength is suppressed, and it is far more wise than the ancients, and it is far more wise than the ancients. It has cracked the mystery of the filial piety of the Milky Way with its wisdom, and even turned a warhammer that looks like a skillful workmanship, like peeling an onion. In general, the power of taking the noodles layer by layer, which is passed down from generation to generation, until the forty or more layers are peeled off, it is restored to its most primitive form, and it can no longer pose a threat to it.

In this way, the rage is like a tiger with its teeth pulled out.

However, Entropy was still satisfied with this, and began to destroy the Destruction Armor again.

The sub-material warships condensed with the power of destruction and sublimation are indeed impeccable in defense. Even if the entropy attack, it is difficult to pose a threat to the rage of the battle armor.

However, entropy uses the means of recharging, releasing low-level energy again and again, and regularly and repeatedly stretching and tempering each piece of armor. In just one room, the entropy of each armor has fine cracks.

It only pulled its furious teeth, and also peeled its tiger skin, allowing it to completely expose its minions and become a plaything for its own banter.

Facing the fury of fear, Entropy hurriedly continued to explain: "Its flaw is that it is superconducting by itself, and it can't even be attached to energy at all. Any attempt to attach energy will make it dissipate in an absolutely tight structure. But the energy Conserved, after some dissipated energy, even if the impact is extremely slight, it will inevitably leave some traces on its structure. In this way, the energy of a specific frequency is transmitted, it will be like a sponge that has been dried without water, although it looks like a sponge. There has been no change since then, but its internal structure has actually undergone tremendous changes, and the most intuitive point is that the connection between the original particles has become loose..."

It must be said that at this moment, the high entropy rhetoric, the seemingly infinite beauty is superior, but in fact it is playing the piano to the cow.

Fury didn't care about that at all.

It only knows that the distance between itself and the other party has reached an indescribable length, a distance that it cannot spy on in its entire life.

"I really want to taste the taste of the soil of my hometown again."

Furiously watched as his armor of destruction gradually shattered, and then the spiritual tentacles attached to his body. For a moment, with the injection of ultra-high law and pressure, the body full of violent aesthetics gave a "Peng" sound, and the void of the universe shattered into pieces. The blood mist drifted away.

A cruising battleship floated away.

Several super-bodies greeted them tremblingly, entropy entered the aircraft, and listened to the data on the loss of super-bodied civilizations calculated by the super-bodies.

Even if it is as tough as entropy, the mood is forbidden to change again and again, showing pain and compassion.

However, when he heard that a considerable part of the super body and the super body citizen system were destroyed by himself, and because of the loss of the war, he began to support Tong, rebelled, and wanted to overthrow his own rule, he was replaced by anger and hatred.

"The founder of the superhuman civilization, the savior of the superhuman body, has given his life, but now he is resisting the rule!


After Entropy worked hard to suppress the anger, he turned towards the superstar: "Chase!"

Compared with dealing with the internal troubles of the super-civilization, it undoubtedly cares more about the 0.02 mg of mass that it has lost, and it may not even be aware of its own changes.

If ever, it would definitely take the loss of superhuman civilization more seriously, and even be willing to pay for it, then it would truly be the savior of all superhumans.

Now, however, it is gradually lost.

The Miao aircraft reached the edge of the star screen world at the fastest speed.

"Sir A2, you can enter."

Citizen No. UDD2939 super body report: "The edge of the inner screen blockade, if you go deeper, you will gradually be rejected by the laws of the world. If you don't have a qualified outer shell protection, it will cause reverse erosion damage."

Entropy doesn't know anything.

Even this time, it was only willing to do so, and it didn't even think that it would be able to chase those two.

Feeling extremely heavy and depressed, Entropy thought and deduced the follow-up effects that the quality that he had lost would bring to him.

First of all to be sure, it is only 0.02 mg, so it will kill itself and even get hurt.

Secondly, it is certain that it will age itself, and it will not make itself unresponsive, and the various functions of the body have not been lost.

just weird...

This kind of attack does not seem to be a blow to the conventional meaning of one's own cognition. It will hinder any function and behavior on the surface of oneself, but it makes the soul's perception keenly aware that the quality of one's loss will cause unforeseen consequences to one's own. Afraid of influence, the law attack form manipulated by the other party has even exceeded its cognition range.

"Preliminarily simulate the power of stars, use the power of stars after interfering with the gravitational force of stars, collect the power of continuous strikes after collecting stellar energy, condense the power of the collapse point of supermassive space, the power of supermassive real body... The curse of the unknown higher law."

Analyzing Entropy's ability to create Sun, Sun Storm, Sun Eye, Singularity, Astral Body, and Two-Dimensional Observer's Eye, the more and more he felt that creatures posed a threat to him, the threat was not It comes from the strength of the other party at the moment, and the potential of the other party.

It has a faint premonition that if the opponent is given enough time and a favorable environment for growth, then it will very likely grow into a self, or even surpass its own life form.

"Open academia database!"

Entropy instinctively issued an order, but it made the super body in the aircraft look at each other in dismay.

"Sir, the superhuman civilization database has completely collapsed with the collapse of the citizen system..."

Entropy only remembered that at this moment, he was so annoyed for such a short moment.

What have you done?

After ten.

On the one hand, there are a large number of super bodies headed by Tong, and on the other hand, there are a large number of super bodies headed by entropy, and the two sides actually confronted each other on the edge of the apocalyptic super body star atmosphere.

A confrontation with the idea determines the confrontation that the super body does not go towards.

Tong was the first to speak.

"It has been proved that the influence of the superstar double violent particles is full of deterministic destruction, and it is completely suitable for life. Living together, the only correct choice!"

The same call was echoed by most super bodies.

The super body, known for its rationality, knows that even if the star siphon plan was successful, it would only last thousands of years of life for the super star. When the new doomsday era comes, it will have to find a new world and start a war.

Once, because of the trust in entropy, for it to lead the super-body civilization to the doomsday crisis, because of the trust in its wisdom and leadership, and its unparalleled combat effectiveness, belief has become populism, blindly following.

But now, in the face of a dead end, it has awakened.

Entropy himself has shattered the civic rules he once shaped, and the civic order of the super-civilization has been restored.

While gaining the potential, watch the entropy.

It stood up and asked: "Deny, the savior of the superhuman civilization, the hero of the superhuman body, but the era has come to an end. The current paranoia has become an obstacle to the continuation of the superhuman civilization, and it has become the superhuman desire to survive. The insurmountable new apocalypse, I hope that I can reflect on myself, let go of my own obsessions, take the right path, once again lead the super body civilization into a new era, and become the savior of all super bodies."

"So, all betrayed?"

In the face of Tong's persuasion, Entropy was cold: "My life was given, but now I betrayed, the savior of the betrayal? In this case, the life taken back, the super civilization without super star, will be meaningless!"

A civil war between super-bodies, which was avoided, started.

The super civilization, which has suffered heavy losses, has now started a life-and-death civil war, and even the curtain blockade has found an area loophole.

until a few years later.

Even with the support of the vast majority of super bodies, entropy's almost unparalleled combat power has slaughtered all the rebel super bodies one by one, and re-established a new iron-blooded ruling order.

However, the super civilization faced by this entropy is a desperate situation composed of veteran soldiers.

On the other hand, in the Star Curtain World, although the failure of the Storm Land has cast a shadow over it, the stronger Frost Land has absorbed the support of the remaining forces of the Storm Land and some of the defeated soldiers of the same force, and its strength has steadily improved. The body civilization will face a crisis that is far more urgent than that of the Storm Land Expedition.

"Launch El Niño cataclysm. UU reading"

The entropy at the moment is like a tyrant without any emotion, it is covered with blood, only the creatures in the indigenous world, and its kin, countless super bodies.

Its iron-blooded rule has been unable to tolerate any similar voices.


And as a follower of the victor's side, things are not going well either.

Because of the lack of more stringent laws and extremely expensive resource conditions it faces, the super civilization has tolerated any mistakes and waste, any mistakes, even minor changes, cannot perfectly complete the consequences of entropy will, only death.

"The astral siphon plan continues, and the advantage is still on the side of super civilization."

Entropy looked down at the world covered in yellow sand and muttered: "The ultimate guardian of the superstar!"

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