Guardian of the Star Cyclones - Chapter 4235 : complex emotional system

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Chris Parker had already anticipated all of this.

Ye Yun praised this scene in Ye Yun's eyes.

Compared with using supernatural powers and absolute strength to crush him, this guy has achieved the ultimate in tactics, using everything, and controlling the situation and the enemy to achieve perfect averting danger!

This blow was used by him, and with a spin, he kicked towards the door of the energy storage with a huge amount of energy.

The blocking guard was shocked, but because of the order, he could only prop up a strong barrier again to resist the attack.

At this time, Chris Parker sneered, and a reverse impact hit Chris Noel again!

Noel was shocked, and thought: Big brother! Why is it me again? !

Even Ye Yun couldn't understand this time, could it be another feint?

What Ye Yun couldn't understand, naturally other pseudo-insighters couldn't understand either.

I thought that my "assist" would break the door of the energy storage, and I had to chase it up to prevent Chris Parker from further damage.

As a result, the opponent counterattacked before the start.

Fortunately, they reacted quickly enough, but what exactly is this guy going to do?

Noel hurriedly parried, a block and an energy shield, which perfectly blocked Chris Parker's blow.

Before he could take a closer look, he found that the other party bypassed him and suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes.

"Damn! His goal is the main library!"

"Hurry up!"

Several people were moved back and forth, trying to catch up, but found that there were a few hidden thunders on the ground at some point.

Ye Yun did know that Chris Pike had planted a hidden thunder long before the reinforcements arrived.

I always thought it was for sneak attack reinforcements, but I didn't expect it to be activated at this moment.

After activation, the energy of the explosion slightly prevented everyone from chasing, and this short time difference made their blocking completely broken.

With full speed, Chris Pike crazily rushed towards the gate of the main library. While accumulating energy, he rushed into the group of guards like a python.

A blow to the collapsed mountain relied on blowing away all the guards, the earth prison blocked the formation, and the spiral rock protrusion completely blasted the protective barrier of the gate.

After some operations, when the chasing pseudo-insighter saw him, the other party was already inside the energy pool.

"Wait a minute! Chris Parker, if you want to save someone, you can't just die like this! Come out quickly!"

At this moment, this group of guys didn't dare to get too close to the energy pool. Once it exploded, less than half of the fortress would be razed to the ground.

Ye Yun was also puzzled, this can't be destroyed by force, so what's the point of going in?

Seeing Chris Parker disappearing into the cracks of the energy bank, Hun Nian whispered: "Don't forget that I used to be the garrison supervisor here.

It was a hundred years too early for you to want my life.

Tell Gao Tiansheng that he will definitely pay the price for this incident! "

After finishing speaking, the whole breath disappeared in the energy bank.


"Hurry up!"

"Hey, don't go in."

"What if you don't go in?"

"Use the energy imprisoner, hurry up!"

"It's useless to use that in the energy bank! It's all over if it blows up!"

Ye Yun was chasing closely. After sneaking into the energy pool, he found that there was another passage here!

"Maruhoshi, did he plant a bomb?"

"Yes, but... After I invaded, I discovered that the structure of these bombs is very complicated, and there seem to be contradictory dualities."

"What do you mean?"

"A few are very easy to find and have a simple internal structure, while a few are deeply hidden and have an extremely complicated internal structure. I think Chris Parker is a bit conflicted at this moment.

On the one hand, he wants to save the target, on the other hand, he doesn't want to cause too much damage. "

" is indeed a complicated guy."

Through this battle, Ye Yun discovered that Chris Parker is very complicated. His emotions are similar to those of human beings. He wants to save his partner by all means, but he doesn't want to implicate his subordinates.

It seems that you have given up on them, but in fact you have given up on yourself...

It is the same now.

It seems that he wants to blow up the entire fortress to attract more combat power and cause greater chaos, but in fact he wants to save his partner at the smallest cost.

Ye Yun suddenly asked: "Maru Xing, can you understand?"

"I think, I understand somewhat, after all, Captain, you are also very complicated."


Ye Yun continued to catch up with Chris Parker. During the pursuit, Wanxing displayed the various areas connected in series before, that is, every coordinate point that Parker had visited.

Ye Yun has always had a question. Maruhoshi discovered through the monitor that these bombs have already been dismantled, and even if there are a small number of complicated and hidden bombs, they are restricted by other control systems at this moment.

It means that even if it is all blown up, it is useless.

As the former fortress guard commander, wouldn't he know all this?

Is it the recent information asymmetry, or is there another conspiracy?

At this moment, Chris Parker gave the final answer!

I saw him click on his communicator, press the switch, and the hidden bomb was activated immediately.

The bombs were activated, and the energy prisoner played an effective role, limiting the further damage of these bombs.

Before they could rejoice, a chain reaction was triggered immediately!

Didi Didi

In the main control room of the fortress, the space pressure collapsed.

The main energy pool was shaken.

Wanxing immediately showed all this to Ye Yun, and drew a conclusion through chain calculations.

"What a complicated situation!"

"He uses the shock wave of the energy confinement device, UU reading plus space stabilization, causing changes in the entire space of an area.

While increasing the stability of the space, it stimulates the ultimate defense mechanism of the energy bank.

This mechanism will activate the sinking mechanism, allowing the energy bank to seal itself.

Only by using the genetic locks of the six supervisors can it be decoded and the supply of the energy pool restored.

That is to say? "

Xi Xi, Ka Ka, Kua Kua...

Various voices sounded, and the entire fortress was inexplicably disconnected!

Marustar: "More than 58% of the energy in the U-shield fortress is out of control and disconnected."

"Good method!"

At this time, Gao Tiansheng also realized the problem immediately, smashed the steel wall with his fist and said: "So that's your idea! You bastard! Find him for me, I'm going to rip him off!"

"My lord, he should be rushing to the target, we shouldn't give up the defensive strategy."

"Damn it! Let him destroy it any longer, and the entire U-shield fortress will be useless. If the enemy breaks through, can you bear the responsibility?!"

"Yes! Go and catch Chris Parker immediately!"

Standing at different angles, sitting in different positions, the results you see will naturally be different.

Whether it's Chris Pike or his partner, it's just a trivial matter compared to the entire U-shield fortress.

It is impossible for him to destroy the defense system of the entire fortress for these two people, let alone almost blow up half of the fortress.

He has already made a mistake once, and he cannot make this kind of principled mistake again.

Of course, this is also Chris Pike giving him hints through actions.

You can catch me, you can kill me, you can catch my partner, and the price is the entire U-shield fortress!

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