Guardian of the Star Cyclones - Chapter 4236 : Butterfly fire rekindled

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Gao Tiansheng wanted to arrest Chris Parker, but he was helplessly familiar with the U-Shield Fortress, even more familiar than Gao Tiansheng, the highest official.

Just because Chris Parker was once the chief security officer of the fortress.

He knows the settings of each area, the passages, loopholes, and mechanisms of each building.

Even if some things have changed and some innovations have been made, some things cannot be changed and there is no need to change, including the special security mechanism of the energy bank.

Chris Parker also took advantage of this to cut off the energy supply of most of the fortress. It won't be long before more than 90% of the defense system will be completely useless.

"I don't know if you have maintained the backup energy. If you are still as lazy as when I was with you, hehehe, then there will be a good show. I bet you don't have backup energy in your library!"

After Chris Pike sneaked around for a quarter of an hour, a whole new chain reaction finally broke out.

"My lord! There is a big problem with the backup energy bank!"

"what happened?"

"80% of the reserve energy pool is, yes"

"What is it?"

"It's empty."

"What?! Bastard! What the **** is going on?"

"Just now Lienke asked the captain of the defense over there, saying that someone secretly sold the energy of the backup bank..."

"It's just a bunch of moths, shameless and hateful, find them for me, I will use them to sacrifice to heaven!"


Although angry, Gao Tiansheng immediately thought that this problem was also his negligence. Besides, Chris Parker, who hadn't shown up for a quarter of an hour, was waiting for now!

Looking at Yidie coldly, he thought: You'd better not show up, otherwise you two will die without a place to die today!

buzz buzz

At this moment, Gao Tiansheng looked into the distance, and the lighting systems in pieces were useless, and the entire U-shield fortress fell into a complete power failure.

"Damn! Find a way to restore my energy supply immediately!"

"My lord, the six keys cannot be collected at present. General Sato has gone to the field battlefield and has not returned yet."

"Damn it, order him back immediately, nothing can happen to the U-Shield Fortress."


boom boom boom

At this time, several violent explosions sounded.

Due to the lack of energy, the monitoring system was naturally forced to stop, and it was impossible to continue to track Chris Parker.

In this quarter of an hour, he planted bombs everywhere, which has affected thirteen important areas of the fortress.

Once an explosion occurs, various chain reactions continue to occur.

Gao Tiansheng clenched his fists and was furious, but he suddenly admired this opponent in his heart.

"I didn't expect you to be so well prepared. I underestimated you at the beginning."

There is no way, Gao Tiansheng waved his hand and said: "Release the first alert, rescue the explosion point in the fortress with all your strength, control the energy rampage, restart the core energy bank as soon as possible, and use all the energy that can be used for me to ensure the safety of the main system. operate.

Especially the shield cannot be destroyed! "


He did not forget that the enemy's high-altitude battle group was only temporarily evacuated, but not eliminated.

At the same time, on the field battlefield, the commander who had just arrived on the battlefield received a communication.

"Go back? What the **** is this Gao Tiansheng changing from day to day!"

"My lord, the core energy bank has launched an emergency plan and sank to a sealed state. The reserve energy of the fortress was sold privately by a group of moths. The reserves are insufficient. If this continues, even the basic defense system will not be able to maintain. That's why the commander ordered you to go back. .”

"Damn it, this guy, who shows off his might on weekdays, is a waste in battle. Why didn't you see him being so active when he pushed Chris Parker away. Mud, come back!"


On the side of the mysterious battlefield, I had planned to fight again, but saw the enemy withdraw inexplicably.

Mystery asked, "Did I try too hard?"

Maruhoshi: "No, the situation inside the fortress has changed. Chris Parker has made outstanding contributions. He is a very amazing guy!"

"Oh? He expanded the results of the battle to this extent by himself? That's really powerful, is the captain okay?"

"It's okay, I'm testing his strength, and I appreciate him very much now."

"Then what should I do next? Should I take advantage of the victory and pursue it?"

"Let me ask for instructions."

"it is good"

"The captain asked you to lead the battle group to add fire. If the protective cover of the U-shield fortress completely fails, then a round of long-range attack assistance will be carried out. If it does not fail, it will not be used."

"Then I am always at your disposal."

"Okay, let me assemble the battle group."

Soon, Maruhoshi used Chris Pike, plus their command, to reintegrate the Chapter.

Some of them disobeyed the command and left without permission, but they still gathered about 70% of their combat power to return.

"What's going on now?"

"I heard that the leader has gone in!"

"Ace and the others?"

"They're here."

"Why not together?"

"That guy asked us to meet up in the past, just ask."

"Okay, let's go!"

Soon the two sides met, and after some exchanges, they learned the truth.

"What? Nichang! You're not joking, are you?"

"Ace, is this true? The leader left you on purpose and entered the fortress alone?! What are you doing for food!"

"You are the guard directly under the leader. If you don't stay with him, you come out by yourself. Do you know what your responsibilities are?"

"I even look down on you guys! Did you feed the dog the oath you made when you entered the guard?"

"Shut up! Now is not the time to talk about these things. If you want to do things for the leader, UU Kanshu can now enter through this passage! Wanxing will guide us, go?!"

"Go! Why not!"

"Yes! The leader has paved the way for us, and now the inside of the fortress is in chaos. If we don't want to add fire, when will we wait?"

When everyone heard the words, their fighting spirit surged immediately, and they all wanted to rush in to help.


It's just that Marustar uses the communicator to tell them that now is not the time.


"We won't listen to you! The leader is waiting for us!"

"Yes! The leader must not be allowed to fight alone!"

Just when they were about to rush in, Mystery dodged to block the entrance of the passage.

Mystery whispered: "Even I can see the things, why don't you understand when you get along day and night, besides not wanting you to sacrifice in vain, it's more because he doesn't want to cause trouble for him."


"We are not afraid of death, we voluntarily attract firepower for the leader, get out of the way!"

"Mystery, we thank you for the previous matter, but this is a matter between us and the leader, you get out of the way."


Mystery: "I didn't receive the order from our leader, you'd better obey the order obediently, otherwise don't blame me for being rude."

Didi Didi

Wan Xing said: "Everyone, be safe and don't be impatient. Going in like this won't help, it will only disrupt Chris Parker's strategic deployment. Our leader is following him to ensure his safety. You can rest assured."


"Then we just wait?"

"You have to do something anyway."

"Just wait for the U-Shield Fortress to go out again. If there are no variables, it will be useless for everyone to go."


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