Guardian of the Star Cyclones - Chapter 4264 : the choice of fate

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Marustar tried to use reverse technology to find out where the other party was, but it was a pity.

Meike Ben: "Don't try to find me with the technology of the machine race. The machine race is powerful, but in the vast universe, they are not the top calculators, and their existence is also a curse."

Maruhoshi explained: "Another symbiotic image is used, more like a residual consciousness."

Ye Yun looked at Ben and asked, "I want to know, what exactly do you forbidden gods want to do? Besides, what do you want to do?"

Ben was silent for a few seconds and said: "The purpose of the Forbidden God Race is very simple, and they want more possibilities."


"The death of the universe is inevitable. Among people of different races, the situation and definition of the existence of the universe are different, but death is the only eternal truth.

You know, even the universe of Forbidden Protoss will also die. "

"Then do you want to **** our universe? But our universe, don't you mean?"

"You are right. Our original rescue plan, or the Forbidden God Race, is not as bad as you think. At least from an objective point of view, choosing a dying universe for fusion and rebirth is all a matter of course. A good choice."

"But it's obviously not objective for us."

"That's why the war broke out, and in the process, various branch lines will arise, including parallel universes and universes of the same dimension.

We have discovered that destroying a universe does not properly handle the crisis of our universe and may even hasten his death.

So someone came up with the idea of ​​ethnic migration, but that would be another ridiculous plan.

You must know that the creatures born in different universes are not the same.

The energy and elements it carries are also different.

In this way, not to mention saving the universe, even migration is an extravagant hope. "

"So, don't you plan to give up? What are these now?"

"Of course I won't give up, will you give up?"

Ye Yun: "..."

"Every destiny person must have a desire in his heart, and with this desire and desire, you will continue to grow stronger.

Ye Yun from O'Hara Alliance, do you think you are special? "

"I don't think so."

"Don't deny it, I know, you are special, but you are not the only one.

In the vast universe, even a random mid-level sky island has the same powerhouse.

They are also full of potential, and they are also burdened with various destinies. They are another you, and they are strong people who hope to realize their ideals and change their destiny.

Each of them is charged with powerful energy, alien energy, special mutation, power of creation, master of time and so on.

Some people have already reincarnated tens of thousands of times, but none of them achieved their goals.

In other words, the time dimension we are in at the moment is just a branch. "

"...", Ye Yun: "What exactly do you want to say?"

"I'm talking about the purpose of the Protoss Race, and my purpose, don't you want to hear it? Or is it because we have different understandings of the universe, and you don't understand at all?"

"please continue."

"Very well, then let me tell you something that you can understand. The purpose of the Forbidden Gods is to change the timeline and change the results of all these in the continuous creation.

Tried countless times, there is always a way to go.

Whether it is merging the heart of the universe, or rebirth of the entire universe, or restarting the singularity, or even a ladder across the universe.

We are all trying one by one, and for this, we can push back countless times and replay every possibility countless times.

This is what the Forbidden Gods do! "

Ye Yun seemed to have some understanding, and said: "You mean, the Forbidden Gods have changed the timeline many times, and the purpose is to keep trying to save your universe?"

"It can be said that in this process, countless strong people have been born, ours, yours, other universes, high universes, middle universes, low universes, and even alien creatures, undead, etc. .

They will keep trying as long as possible.

This is an experiment, an experiment that never ends. "

Ye Yun was silent for a few seconds and asked, "What about you?"

"I, of course, want to stop all this and let time return to the time he should have had."

"How does it sound..."

"I'm more of the evil side, right?"

"Is your purpose to destroy everything?"

"No, what a stupid idea, I want to save everyone, you don't understand, the more you experiment, the more branches it produces, and the more changes it produces.

Maybe in these changes, we can really find the so-called singularity, and then change everything, but before that, I think there is a high probability that we will create an extremely terrifying world.

A world capable of destroying everything at any time!

Destroy 80%, you can let the existing everything continue, if you don’t destroy 90%, there will be a “destruction” that will destroy everything, what is your choice? O'Hara Ye Yun. "

"I don't believe in probability, I only believe in myself."

"Well, it's not the first time I've heard such an answer, so your choice is."

"Sorry, my choice is to decline."

Ye Yun raised his hand and blasted out a blast of energy, and the virtual platform was instantly destroyed.

Crewe: "This guy has a very good way of speaking. UU Reading I can understand, and even for a moment I think I should agree."

Marustar: "My computing power also tells me that this guy is right, but I believe in your choice more."

Ye Yun: "I also think he is right, as long as he is telling the truth."

Two people: "That?"

"It's very simple. I don't believe in the Forbidden God Race, that's all. Is there anything valuable here?"

"Besides this experimental data, there is nothing else, it has been swept away by the mechanical bugs."


Tear the space and return to the Forest of All Souls soon.

High-level sky island, infinite universe, under the starry sky, in ruins.

"Boss, are you communicating with the next dimension again?"

"The boss' ideal is to recreate the universe, Ravel, you won't understand, hurry up and pick up the trash."

"Idiot, it is to collect useful resources and regroup!"

"Bring yourself to shame."

The Forbidden Protoss sitting on the top of the garbage tower opened his eyes, crossed Ye Yun off the list, and said calmly: "It seems that you are not the guy who changed everything."

When Ye Yun returned, everyone asked about the situation and found that it was just a phantom left by an enemy, so they didn't ask too much.

Liang Hong saw that Ye Yun had something on his mind, and was just waiting for a chance to ask.

The incident of the Forest of All Souls came to an end, and I have to say that they did receive a good gift.

This is a very powerful germ and "detoxification" formula.

"Destruction, or salvation?"

O'Hara: "Boy, why are you confused? Destruction is indeed a way of salvation. The simplest analogy is that many plants will let predators eat their seeds in order to reproduce, and then spread them to farther places."

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