Harry Potter’s Book of Sin - Chapter 2677 decision and recklessness

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, so far, there is nowhere to escape!

The game plan was already a big gamble, and despite the fact that the teams still had different attitudes, they all participated in it from the very beginning with the intention of putting life and death aside.

And it, of course, also includes Harry Potter.

Even if Maca helped him, it was a lot of luck to be able to get out of his body in the end—or in other words, the witch Kern had no intention of spending too much time, so he just let it go.

And once again, even Harry himself believed it to be a "strategic retreat" in such a deep situation.

So, that means...

"Even if I'm found out, can I just bite the bullet and continue?"

The flashes of thoughts are more than the short-lived flashes of light, so that at the moment when Luna's voice suddenly sounded, Harry himself knew what he was thinking.

I only understand that even if I know that some things will end in failure, I have to do them first!

"What if you are looking at it? What if you are an incomparably strong ancient wizard? Now, I will retreat again, and I want to retreat again! If it is really an enemy, then let the magic be torn to smithereens! ...just take a breath, let's taste it!"

In an instant, Harry finally raised his head with a grimace.

Already planning to hide and hide like a mouse again! Peter the dwarf star who fears death, the son of James Potter Lily Invance Potter, the brave, determined, and willing to sacrifice for his family and friends, the last man of the Potter family!

When Harry tore off the invisibility cloak and raised the sword in his hand straight, it was as if the golden red flame was gushing out from the child's hole. The affirmation given by the Gryffindor sword, the biography of the man who walked from the barren swamp.

"Duel! The witch named "Death"!"

Harry threw away the wand he had switched to in his left hand, because it belonged to it. Now that the plan has worked out, use your wand at least in the final battle of life and death!

Holly body, phoenix feather core, eleven inches long.

Even exchanging it for a real Elder Wand would give it to anyone, not to mention a "fake" Hermione Pro to use to execute the plan?

As far as Harry Potter's ability to make decisions on the spot has always been, Hermione has long said to Maca that she is very envious, but has learned so far, the talent that is unique to Harry.

Check it out!

Looking directly at a strong enemy is a very difficult thing.

The woman was looking at her with a calm face. Can she be scared away just by looking at it with her eyes? , and can!

Harry Potter is the real Gryffindor, just a little bit, and no one can change it.

The sound of the wand being thrown to the ground far away, the starting point is crisp, it bounced a few times, and then rolled away...

Speaking of, every endowment you have is not necessarily all good in reality.

Just like Harry's kind of decisiveness, many times it is actually equated with "reckless". After all, whether the decision made can be successful or not depends on whether the decision maker's choice is correct.

If Harry's every decision is only rolling in the arms of luck, it will naturally be a very bad habit, and it can hardly be called "talent"-


The sound of a sharp blade breaking through the air echoed through the auditorium, and it overlapped with a sound, simple but extraordinary.

Because apart from the incomparably sharp blade, the lingering sword light flickered out of thin air at this moment. The looming picture that seems to be interspersed with frost-spotted air is the best proof that the Gryffindor sword is in harmony with its master's will.

When Harry's posture of waving his sword was finally vaguely similar to that of Godric back then, even the **** of death, who was holding death in his hand, would probably be willing to take such a sword in vain.


When a legend meets the biography of another legend, this historic collision does not seem... not as intense as the literal description suggests?

Perhaps..., should say "obviously". Obviously, there is a real power gap between the two. And the gap, even if Harry accidentally broke out this time, could not be shortened to the extent that he could win the game.

Witch Kern's body was faintly swirling, and the green light that appeared at first glance contained an aura of death that was stronger than the Slaughter Curse.

Harry's movements became faster than ever, almost to the point where he could see clearly. The dazzling blade of the sword flickered back and forth with the movement, so that the side could understand that the Gryffindor sword seemed to have the ability to resist those deadly streamers.

But only like that.

The blade of the sword touches the body of the enemy, and the lightning-fast sword light will do. Since they touch it, then even if you just want to leave a mark on the other party, that's fine.

Then all of a sudden!


A crisp metal crashing sound finally ended the sound of nothing breaking through the air. The hazy figure of Harry, who was moving at a high speed, suddenly stumbled, and then left his right hand very abruptly, and stopped in the middle of the auditorium.

Perhaps many of the previous masters of that sword had more dazzling records and accomplished more incredible things than Harry. But it must be said that Harry just now has done enough!

Only enough, UU reading www.uukanshu. com, in other words, the enemy is actually stronger...

So, the sword is in the hand of the stronger.

"The Sword of Recklessness, it's been a long time since I saw it." Kern held the sword and glanced down, his hair fell silently like an unhooked gauze curtain, obscuring his vision, "It's really, very suitable, pity already."

The rash decision seemed to lead the situation to despair.

As I said just now, if Harry's every decision is just luck, it obviously can't be called "talent".

However, when one's recklessness relies on the so-called "guidance of destiny", and a "guidance of logic wisdom". The nature of the matter has become completely the same.

"Zeng" geometry, secretly called "Ath Dumbledore";

And now, it's replaced by...

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