Harry Potter’s Morning Light - Chapter 2597 aura

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   Chapter 2597 aura

  Albus looked at the artificial Rem's blood on the table and remained silent.

  As he pondered, Pomona thought of Mundungus he had seen in Hogsmeade not long ago, after all despite being a thief, he was still an artist and popular on many occasions.

   "Should I drive him away?" Pomona asked.

   "How about the results of your investigation into Harry's Patronus Charm?" Albus asked suddenly.

   She adjusted her mind.

   "Do you remember what an 'aura' is?" Albus said.

   "Remember, that's a term for a magical phenomenon of unknown nature," Pomona replied.

  Albus did not speak.

"The aura can surround a person or a place that has been touched by magic. If it is a person's aura, it is related to the characteristics of the person. If it is a local aura, it is related to the frequency of casting spells and the energy of the spell." Pomona Continue to say "even the surrounding environment, even where magic is not used often, there will be residual spell energy."

"Tracewire can feel the residual energy," Albus said. "Those interns who signed a nondisclosure agreement did not remove the tracewire, but accepted the record at the Ministry of Magic, and there were people around them who used magic and wouldn't be punished. For the record, you know, even Squib is born with a 'halo' and the Pen of Acceptance senses it, but eventually the Squib's aura disappears and the Book of Acceptance refuses to put her or his name on it."

   "You want to talk to me about Neville?" Pomona asked.

   "He doesn't have as much magic as Harry." Albus stood up and paced around the headmaster's room. "Did you find a 'talent' in him?"

   Pomona remembered what he had seen in the greenhouse, and he seemed to be talking to absinthe.

   "No," Pomona said.

   "It's like a companion star around the main star, often hidden by the halo of the main star, but we can't see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, what was Neville doing on the day of the incident?"


   "Neville's halo was nearly extinguished, and then came back on again, allowing the Book of Access to find evidence of his magical powers, just because he nearly died?" Albus asked.

   "I can't answer your question, Headmaster," Pomona said.

"You should spend more energy on him." Albus picked up the artificial cow blood on the table. "Natural Rem cow blood is full of energy. It can create aura and provide energy for the rune. I will use this potion. Hand it over to Severus, I don't think anyone can assess its actual efficacy better than the Potions Master."

  Why don't you test it yourself?

  Pomona wanted to ask, but was afraid to ask.

   "Harry's release of energy, you can see the pulses, what do you feel like the pulses of the tinder bushes and the goblet of fire?" Albus asked, staring at the glass bottle.

   "I'll step up," Pomona said.

  Albus walked to Phoenix Fox and said softly to it, "You stay by her side during this time."

   Fox called out, as if agreeing.

  Pomona looked Fox in the eye, and it was looking at her too.

   "You can go." Albus said.

  Pomona bowed to him and left the principal's room.

===================================================== ========

   When Harry Potter began his journey to destroy the Horcruxes, Albus asked him to bring a bottle of invigorating potion that contained sorbus bark, a plant that repels dark creatures.

  Potion is not like a person, it will affect the performance of magic because of emotions, or the maker who configures the potion needs a relatively calm environment. When a person is angry or happy, it will affect the casting. If it is offensive magic, the anger will be more powerful, and the Patronus spell that needs happiness will be affected by the happy mood.

The revitalizing potion with Yamanashi bark provides a stabilizing aura that wards off the dark powers of Horcruxes, Ron doesn't, and although he carries the Deluminator that Albus gave him, he is carried by Slytherin's locket Negative emotions coming.

   Jealousy is not the attribute of the Horcrux, but because Ron himself had a jealous mood.

   She thinks about it now, the silver button on the cloak that Albus gave her might not just serve as a "safe guard". But after returning to human society, Pomona gave the cloak to Hermione, she thought she didn't need it anymore.

   Sirius is the brightest star at night. In fact, it has a companion star, but it is too small, about the size of the earth, and almost invisible to the naked eye. It was not observed until 1862 and was determined in 1915. However, in Mali, Africa, the star was worshipped at least 1,200 years ago, and the cycle and orbit of the companion star were recorded on tribal woodcuts, murals and textiles.

  The companion star of Sirius is a white dwarf star, and the white dwarf star no longer has material inside for nuclear fusion, so the star no longer produces energy and no longer uses heat to resist gravitational collapse.

   But it didn't completely die, or it didn't become a so-called black dwarf, by which time the universe would be dead silent. Before it still has residual temperature and does not stop emitting light, if it exists alone, not in a binary or multi-star system, it will continue to output energy steadily and is one of the most stable stars. For example, Sirius and its companion star. After Sirius expands, throwing material to the companion star will ignite the companion star, causing a supernova explosion, which is usually the end of most white dwarfs.

A lot of magic doesn't disappear when the master dies. She once thought that Albus was listening with a deluminator. In fact, it was possible that this was the real gift that Albus gave Ron at the end. He could still hear the voice of his lover when he wanted to. Hear her and get to her side.

  Tina asked Pomona if she had ever been in a long distance relationship. For some people who spend money on mediums to communicate with their dead loved ones, just hearing their voices is enough.

   But for a living person, just talking is not enough, and Tina didn't feel enough about Scamander at the time to leave her American career behind and go back to England with him.

  Maybe Victor is better than Ron in the eyes of many people, and even Harry is a better match for Hermione than Ron, but Hermione will not give up on him because others think other options are better.

   And Ginny too, Harry herself didn't know if she would come back alive, she was still willing to wait for him.

  Shakespeare once wrote in A Midsummer Night's Dream that love is not seen with the eyes, but judged with the heart.

  In blind love, all vileness and wickedness do not count, but can be transformed into beauty and solemnity.

   "I know a fennel-blooming beach, overgrown with primroses and blooming violets, fragrant honeysuckle, wild roses in Xiangze, and a fragrant brocade blanket spreads all over the sky."

  Only lovers and lunatics can have such fantasies that make more sense than reason in such a restless mind.

  Weasley's Tricks sells daydreaming spells in addition to the ecstasy, and maybe what she's experiencing right now is the result of using that product.

  If the sedative is not properly formulated, it will cause irreversible sleep, but she is not dead or petrified, she is just wandering in her dreams.

  If it is a dream, please let her be free, she wants to become a fog again, dancing under the midsummer moon, she will not be close to humans again.

   Punishing unfaithful and dishonest people is too tiring. It’s like a fire burning in your chest. It feels very painful. Not only do you suffer, but others are also uncomfortable, and there will be no consequences to prevent him from doing it again.

   She didn't want to suffer any more, and she didn't want to repeat the unquestioned things day after day like Sisyphus.

'Let me go. ’

"Do not!"

   she heard someone say.

   "Come back, professor!" said the voice, "if you die, I'm done."

   The person who said this sounds like he's in big trouble, what's wrong with him?

   A flame suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. On the opposite side of the flame was Neville Longbottom. He seemed to have grown a lot, and his face was not as round as he was in the third grade.

"You're an adult, can't you still deal with him?" she said in a trance, and then felt a kind of gravity, pulling her down, and then she came from the place full of flowers to Brussels in the middle of winter, still floating outside the window heavy snow.

   "This is his talent?" said Albus, sitting on the stool next to her.

   "I'm going to find evidence," Pomona said. "Otherwise you wouldn't believe it."

  Albus smiled.

   "I will believe what you say, whether you have evidence or not."

   "Even if I lied to you?"

   "When did you lie to me?" Albus asked.

   She began to recall.

   "Harry is nearsighted, he can't see far away." Albus said suddenly, "It's a long way."

   "What?" Pomona asked.

   The old man was looking at her with blue eyes full of wisdom, without half-moon glasses.

   "You can see the light, right?"

   She still felt puzzled.

   "Not with your eyes, but with your heart." Albus said softly, "Wake up that fire of life with your heart, dear, as you have ever done, no matter how weak it may be."

   "Is it possible?" she asked in disbelief.

   "Why is it impossible?" Albus asked back, "If all this, as you think, is just a dream."

   (end of this chapter)

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