Harry Potter’s Morning Light - Chapter 2662 "London Landmark" (middle)

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  Chapter 2662 "London Landmarks" (middle)

In Conan Doyle's novels, Sherlock Holmes, who lives on Baker Street, is eccentric, indifferent, withdrawn, calm-headed, quick-thinking, superior in observation, conceited to the point of arrogance, and often fooled by his super-powerful reasoning. The police, and those who take pleasure in it. One of his few hobbies is playing the violin, but because of his personality, his audience is very small.

  Pomona feels that the real Sherlock is just not good at getting along with people. For example, he can share a living room and dining room with Watson, and the landlady is responsible for providing meals. Everyone feels very happy. Sherlock is not the kind of person who doesn't know how to share. Watson gets along very well with him. Even though Sherlock likes to get up early, Watson who likes to get up late will not be woken up by his violin sound ; and Sherlock will not feel that he is "disturbed" because of Watson's appearance. A good roommate will not only take care of each other carefully, try not to make too much noise during activities, and affect each other's rest. Sometimes, it is best to have some common language.

  When Holmes plays the violin, if he can play it well, it will be a beautiful piece of music, but most of the time, he always fiddles with the strings randomly, which is the noise.

   But Watson tolerated Sherlock. He knew that Sherlock was using his voice to help him think. Many times, the clues were as confusing as the **** of thread that a cat scratched.

It was described in "A Brief History of Time" that a complete teacup is in a highly ordered state, while a broken cup on the floor is in a disordered state. As time goes by, the teacup on the table falls to the ground. The degree of disorder will increase, so this is called the psychological arrow of time, which is the direction in which Muggles feel that time flows, and vice versa seems impossible and irrational to them.

   The Restoration Charm looks like a "rewind", returning the destroyed item to the way it was before it was destroyed, but life is not included.

  Harry's home in Godric's Hollow still remains the same as it was more than 10 years ago, and the repair spell cannot repair the damage caused by the powerful curse.

The spell was first used in 1754, when Olabella Nut, a staff member of the Prohibition of Misuse of Magic Office, used it to restore the "accidental" destruction of the Colosseum before the Muggles discovered it, and "subsequently" this Charms were popularized.

However, "before" this, an "accident" occurred in London, England in the same year. At that time, Garrick, the most popular actor in the theater circle, rioted when he was preparing for the "Chinese Cultural Festival". Fires occurred frequently during this period. Even if the staff of the Ministry of Magic modified the memories of Muggles at that time, these damages could not be changed. Things destroyed by Fiendfire cannot be repaired by the Restoration Curse.

  In that era, there were no organizations similar to "Death Eaters" and "Witch Party", and more of them were "Lone Wolf" operations.

  Although Sherlock Holmes despises the police and sometimes ignores laws, regulations and social norms, his anti-social personality will not create and "repeat" some vicious cases, although "technically" he can do it.

As long as people lose trust in Sherlock, he will change from "detective" to "suspect" and vice versa. serial killer.

   Sinistar told Pomona that three of the female bodies dug up in his backyard were believed to be related to Death Eater activities in the 1970s.

  Bellatrix likes to wear cocktail dresses, which are supposed to be suitable for all kinds of formal or semi-formal parties.

  Pomona used to work as a "cleaner" and clean up the scene where they had trouble, but she never went to the place where they partyed before they started the rave.

  Pomona had always felt that Severus was also a "lone wolf", but not long ago, Albus had told her that Severus was someone who desperately needed to fit into a group.

   However, her memory is not very good, forget this. Perhaps, he is not as lonely as he seems, but he has not found "like-minded" friends.

   Do you know what it's like to be alone all the time?

   There are many people in this metropolis, but not everyone who comes to the bar is with friends. They have something else on their minds besides alcohol, perhaps to confide in a stranger, or to meet someone who is also alone and desperate to escape the entanglement of loneliness.

  From ancient times to the present, people have always had an illusion that wine can "add to the fun". But in fact, there are more than one scientific journals telling you that alcohol actually has the opposite effect. It only stimulates the cerebral cortex for a short time, just like it gives people the illusion that drinking alcohol can warm the body, but in fact it is just Short-term acceleration of blood circulation does not really generate heat.

  It's like passion, short and violent, when the world is asleep, it makes people do something out of the ordinary.

  Even the purest soul is attracted to darkness, and this "gravity" is not like the force of order between planets.

Pomona hoped that Severus would not return to the dark, not that he continued to study black magic, but that he would stop messing with his past "friends" and do some "unforgivable" things .

   "Did you know that there is no word 'virgin' in the ancient Egyptian script."

  She watched his lips open and close, but didn't listen to a word.

   "How did you know if you didn't ask me?" He was kind enough to ask for her.

   "How do you know?" She repeated obediently.

"There is a secret passage through the Hall of Hieroglyphs to the Slytherin Common Room." He whispered in her ear, making a hissing sound, reminding her of Harry's second year in the castle. Parseltongue everywhere.

"What are you thinking?"

  She was thinking about going out at night wearing an invisibility cloak like the children, except that those who violated the school rules would hide from Snape, but she wanted to knock on the door of his office.

   "Have you studied hieroglyphics?" Pomona asked.

   "Not that interested, but Albus told me about what he saw in Cairo." He looked her in the eyes. "Do you know what he meant by that?"

  Pomona remembered the letter Albus had given her, and now seemed a good time to give it to him.

   "What do you usually talk about?" She asked in a daze.

  He didn't speak.

   "Can you dance?" he asked after a moment.

   She thinks he asked that question.

   "Will you?" She asked back.

   "Yes." He replied.

"Who taught you this?"

   "Dark Lord, my partner is Bella." He said in a low voice, "It's you."

   "Albus taught me, in the Headmaster's office," Pomona replied.

  Just as he was about to continue, the elevator had reached the ground floor. As the elevator door opened, the guests who entered saw the two, and they all showed surprised expressions.

  Severus took her hand with a calm expression, parted the crowd blocking the door and left the elevator.

  The people behind squeezed into the elevator with just one glance at them. After all, to them, the two people who got out of the elevator just now were just "passers-by", not to mention seeing "couples" coming and going in and out of the hotel is nothing more than normal.

  So, this is just a "disguise" for carrying out a secret mission, and has nothing to do with their real relationship. They can continue to be friends when they go back.

   She had seen Lily and Severus' "breakup", and since then they've gone their separate ways, not even being friends anymore.

   It would have been nice if Lily could have drawn Severus into the Order of the Phoenix, but they were no longer friends by then, and Lily didn't call him "Severus" anymore.

  Holmes and Watson, who share the living room and dining room, each have their own bedrooms. For adults, bedrooms cannot be shared.

   There is a bottom line for "friends". As long as you don't cross this line, you can go back, and once you cross it, you can't turn back.

  So, although the idea she had in the elevator before was exciting, she still didn't implement it.

  (end of this chapter)

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