Harry Potter’s Morning Light - Chapter 2672 “blind date”

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  Chapter 2672 "blinddate"

In the London Museum there is a map of a prehistoric landscape showing the remains of mammoths, rhinos, bison and bears, as well as a flint ax found in Southwark, south of the Thames, which means that in prehistoric times , there are tribes of unknown origin living here.

   There is also a beautifully crafted bronze shield that once belonged to the Romans. Although the Roman legionaries are known to have used iron swords, their timing was low in iron, which is why they were made so short.

The bronze ware did not completely withdraw from the Roman army, or the civil service did not completely disappear from the Roman legion where Caesar was. At that time, it was the end of the Roman Republic. This shield was carried by the free people themselves. passed down from generation to generation.

  He was not afraid of war, and even thought it was a kind of glory, until he died in battle, and this shield was buried with him. In short, that world was vastly different from the "Buckingham Palace Annex" where Pomona and Severus were going.

  The first image of "Annex" to Pomona is shiny, all the metal objects have been polished to a bright spot, and the marble on the ground is as smooth as a mirror, and it does not have that luxurious sense of alienation.

  When Louis XIV built the Palace of Versailles, he chose the Baroque style not entirely because of the luxury of this decorative style, but also because it symbolized "authority". Portraits of Louis XIV can be seen everywhere in the Palace of Versailles. After all, the Palace of Versailles is his "home". Isn't it normal to see his portrait in the master's house?

   "How do you feel?" Severus asked lightly.

  Pomona was momentarily speechless.

   Then Severus walked into the hotel with Ruth familiar.

This restaurant is not a Michelin star restaurant, because it is not the "subject" that attracts guests. Many people come to the hotel restaurant for "experience". Most real guests will choose to enjoy a night in their suites Seven thousand pounds for "room service".

   "Good afternoon, Mr. Smith, long time no see." The waiter at the door said to Severus with a smile.

  Severus smiled falsely.

   "I'm really sorry, the seat you usually like to sit in is no longer available, do you mind sitting in another seat?" the waiter asked again.

   "Of course." The old bat was "understanding" to be considerate.

  So the waiter took them to a corner, and there were tableware for two on the table.

   "Please wait a moment." The waiter said with a smile, and then walked away.

   After he was gone, Pomona looked at Snape.

   "Since when did you become a regular visitor here?" Pomona asked in a low voice.

  He pretended to be mysterious and didn't answer, when another waiter came over and handed Pomona a menu that looked like a greeting card.

   "Good afternoon, miss, this is the tea we can provide, I hope there are some of your favorite drinks in it."

   "Oh, thank you." Pomona took the menu, opened it, and there were 26 kinds of tea in it.

   "You can have some champagne, too," Severus said.

   "If you ordered champagne, then I don't suggest you drink hot tea right away, it's not good for your stomach and body."

   "I want tea." Pomona said with a smile, "just your best-selling one."

   "I'd like champagne." Severus said with a smile curled up at the corners of his mouth "to celebrate 'victory'."

   "Okay." The waiter smiled and said, "Would you like to order something special again?"

   "Call Cody, please." Severus said to the waiter. "I have an appointment with him today."

   "Yes, sir."

   Then the waiter left their table quickly.

   "What's 'special'?" Pomona asked immediately.

   "That means 'extraordinary'." Severus said in a long tone.

  Pomona was furious.

  When visiting the Evans house, Mrs. Evans would also remind Pomona, Lily and Mr. Evans not to drink cold beer and cold Coke before dinner, but no one listened to her.

  How could the situation be different in another place?

==================================================== =========

   Although the "Breakfast Meeting" was held in the museum, the food was prepared by the chef of the hotel in advance by Georgiana. The expectant guests were astonished when they saw the food on the table.

   "Sit down, please," said Georgiana, sitting at the head of the long table like a hostess.

  The Genoese bankers looked at each other, but sat down according to the etiquette. If there was a female companion, the waiter even opened the chair for her.

Everyone knows the luxury of French cuisine, but in front of them are some "home cooking", such as scrambled eggs with porcini mushrooms, grilled sausage, Aravis cheese, cream of mushroom soup, and red raspberry pistachio beef Rolled Sugar Pie.

   This is not up to the standard of a "state banquet" at all, and can only be served on the tables of some richer families. Maybe the guests' meals at their own homes are richer than this.

   "I often heard Napoleoni say that Genoa is his hometown, and you are all his old family." Georgiana said with a smile, "So we don't do the same things as the French."

   "What's that?" A young Genoese looked curiously at the center of the dining table, where there were no decorations, but a silver cover, which looked like there was a dish.

   Georgiana looked at him.

   "How about we make a bet?" she said with a smile.

   "What bet?" asked the young Genoese.

   "If you guessed right, you can take any of them away." Georgiana said, and those women dressed in ancient Greece appeared beside the rich and powerful.

  A discerning eye can tell who they are, and the guests have no interest in them.

"It is said that Antony and Cleopatra lived a very luxurious life in Egypt, but every day was the same, and they felt boring, so one day they made a bet." Georgiana picked up the Glasses with iced champagne "Cleopatra said to Antony, do you believe I can consume 10 million sestares in one meal?"

"I've heard the story," said another Genoese, "but what Cleopatra actually ate was pearls soaked in vinegar, and no matter how much food was on the table or how expensive it was, it was worth ten million cents." Styles is so far away."

   "I think you've already guessed it." Georgiana said, and as soon as her words fell, an attendant lifted the silver cover, revealing the "vegetables" inside.

   "You want us to eat pearls too?" asked a bald man with a beard.

   "How about a try?" Georgiana urged.

  The guests watched those "pearls" cautiously.

   "Let me try it." St. Tirell said, and then the attendant took a "pearl" and put it in a gold plate, holding it, as if holding a sacrifice, and placed it in front of St. Tirell.

   Regardless of its color or size, it looked like a real pearl. St. Tirell put it into his mouth with his hands instead of a knife and fork.

   Everyone watches him chew.

   But no one heard the crisp sound of teeth chewing hard objects.

   "What is it?" asked the bald bearded man.

   "Foie gras." Saint-Tirrell said calmly.

  At this time, the Genoese came to act. They shared the plate of "foie gras pearls" on the table and broke it apart in their hands. It was just a layer of fondant shell, and the shell was indeed foie gras.

  The attendants opened the door at this time, and placed the freshly baked, still hot bread at the guest's hand. Georgiana also took a "pearl", put it on the bread and took it into the mouth.

  Others also imitated her meal. The silky foie gras is as delicate as chocolate sauce, but ordinary families may choose real chocolate sauce.

   "What you ate just now is worth 26 million francs." Georgiana said with a smile, "Do you think what I said is true?"

   "I believe." The young Genoese who almost bet with her looked at Georgiana and said, "What are we going to bet this time?"

  Georgiana squinted at him, and he looked at her with bright eyes.

"I think everyone should know that some countries are falling into famine because of the reduction in grain production in the Baltic Sea." Georgiana looked around at everyone, "When others are hungry, they don't envy those who are full, but Mengde Squieu also said, 'Health maintained by strict diet is also a troublesome disease', in any case, let's have some good food to cheer up the fun."

   "For the food." The young man immediately said excitedly, "And the beautiful Miss Georgiana, thank her for the food and wine she prepared for us."

   "No, we should respect Montesquieu." A black-haired 30-year-old man raised the champagne in his hand.

   "Respect Montesquieu." The rest shouted together.

   For a while, the champagne poured into the glasses was uneven, and the crystal glasses made different sounds when they collided, which sounded like musical scales, converging into a sweet song.

  (end of this chapter)

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