Heaven-devouring Dragon Emperor - Chapter 7097 spiritual interruption

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Interruption of spiritual power

"Void hegemony, go!"

Hum rumble!

Jiang Tian squeezed a little with his right hand, and a ten-foot-sized Void Dominance appeared in the underground spiritual channel!

Its appearance immediately changed the ratio of spiritual power distribution.

The spiritual power in the No. 3 treasure hall increased from 30% to 40% in an instant!

And the extra 10% came from No. 1 and No. 2 treasure halls respectively!

There are no more and no less on both sides, and half of each is occupied!

"Huh? What's going on!"

"Hey, the spiritual power seems to have dropped?"

at this time!

The refiners in Hall No. 1 and Hall No. 2 noticed something strange!

Could it be that there is a problem with the spiritual power channel?

They immediately activated the refining array to check the status of the spiritual power channel.

The result is surprising!

Everything in the spiritual power channel is normal and there is no abnormality!

"Then why did the spiritual power suddenly decrease by about half?"

"Maybe it's because the three treasure halls have been opened to the limit at the same time, which makes this half-step divine vein consume too much!"

"It is indeed possible!"

In the No. 2 treasure hall, the refining masters communicated with each other and analyzed various situations.

The same is true for Yizhong and Baodian!

Master Bai communicated with the large array of refining equipment, and after checking it, he was very puzzled!

"Strange! There is no problem with the spiritual power channel, but why is the spiritual power reduced by about half?"

"Could it be that the three treasure halls were exhausted at the same time, causing its spiritual power to decline?"

Master Bai muttered to himself, unable to judge the specific situation for a while.

And the middle-aged man in the golden robe attributed all the abnormalities to the mysterious warrior in the No. 3 treasure hall!

"No matter what happens, it must be related to that person!"

"Everyone, it's not too late. Now try every means to speed up the refinement in an all-round way, and complete this sacrifice as quickly as possible!"

"Fellow Daoist Jin, don't worry, you have given us such a generous commission, of course we must do our best, only succeed, not fail!"



Under the complicated situation, Master Bai finally started to take action himself!

He slammed on the huge pattern at the center of the formation, and the entire refining formation suddenly burst out with a huge suction force!

The power of the underground spiritual veins began to spew out at an accelerated rate!



"Master Bai?"

Dozens of refining masters were stunned!

This is the first time they have seen Master Bai's method.

As refining masters, they certainly understand what this means!

This means that with the same 40% supply of spiritual power, the speed of spiritual power consumption is doubling!

The channel of spiritual power has not changed, it is still 40%!

Do not!

To be precise, it should be 35%!

But the amount of spiritual power absorbed is more than that!

Because the speed of absorbing spirits in the large formation doubled, the consumption of spiritual power increased from 3.50% to 70% in an instant!

"Master Bai is really amazing, hahahaha!"

Feeling the drastic change in spiritual power, the middle-aged man in the golden robe was elated, and finally expressed his depression.

Master Bai said solemnly: "Although there is no problem on the surface, the old man suspects that someone has done something secretly. As for the method, the old man can't investigate now. He can only ask the senior management of the business to conduct a comprehensive investigation after the refining. If someone is really sabotaging, even if Fellow Daoist Jin doesn’t take action, our Wanguang Trading Company will make him pay the price!”

Master Bai gritted his teeth, his face was as cold as frost!

As a senior master craftsman and the chief guest elder of Wanguang Trading Company, he has never been defeated since he made a move.

For the first time refining, we strive to achieve perfection!

As for the large-scale complex magic weapon of the Golden Robe Middle Age, there is no room for loss!

Because once it fails, Wanguang Trading Company will have to pay huge losses!

An ancient remnant treasure, plus more than two hundred pieces of black scythes of immortal treasure level, if compensation is really needed, it will be enough to make the senior management of the firm furious!

Therefore, this refining must not go wrong!

"Rise again!"

Master Bai seemed to feel that it was not enough, he gritted his teeth and urged the big array to swallow crazily again.


The extracted spiritual power is getting bigger and bigger!

There was something wrong in Hall No. 2 instantly!

"Not good, broken!"

The face of the leading master craftsman changed drastically!

"The essence of the spirit veins is rushing towards Hall No. 1 at an accelerated rate. How could this be?"

"Damn it! Isn't Master Bai sitting in Hall No. 1? How could such a thing happen?"

In Hall No. 3, more than a dozen master craftsmen panicked!

"How to do?"

Everyone asked the leading old man one after another.

"The god-suppressing clock can't be destroyed, it's what I've devoted my whole life to!"

The old man in the yellow robe roared furiously, overflowing with murderous aura!

"Don't worry, it won't be destroyed!"

The leading refining master gritted his teeth and activated the large formation of refining.

He also has a way to absorb spiritual energy!

Even if it can't compare with Hall No. 1, at least it can overwhelm Hall No. 3!


As soon as the secret technique was activated, the entire refining formation trembled violently.

Rolling spiritual power was drawn up crazily, jumping from 2.50% to 40% in an instant!

Seventy percent of the spiritual power in Treasure Hall No. 1 dropped by ten percent in an instant!

And in the No. 3 treasure hall, Jiang Tian's expression also changed suddenly!

At this critical juncture of the sacrifice, the spiritual power of Hall No. 3 was interrupted!

"It makes no sense!"

Jiang Tian originally only stole half of the spiritual power from the other two palaces.

But the other party took everything from him!

How can I bear it?

"If that's the case, don't blame me!"


Jiang Tian reversed the Swallowing Void Art and released a large amount of spiritual power that had been swallowed before to prevent problems in the sacrifice.

Then open the Void Dominion, directly blocking the spiritual power channels on the No. 1 and No. 3 halls!


In an instant, the essence of the entire spiritual vein poured into the No. 3 treasure hall!


Jiang Tian's strength soared, and the process of sacrificial refining accelerated crazily!

The spirit of the flames is overjoyed!

"Master is very skilled, Yanling will never let down expectations!"


The spirit of the flames of the earth used the soaring spiritual power to show its power crazily, making the sacrifice speed increase again and again!

Hall No. 1 and Hall No. 2 fell into rage and frenzy!

"Damn it!"

"Spiritual power is interrupted!"

"how so?"

"It's going to be a big deal!"

Everyone exclaimed and cursed, completely panicked!

More or less spiritual power, the sacrifice can continue.

But if the spiritual power is suddenly interrupted, the sacrifice may disintegrate halfway and declare failure!

"Quickly find a way to continue the spiritual power!"

In the No. 1 treasure hall!

Without waiting for the middle-aged man in the golden robe to urge him, Master Bai waved his hands together and sacrificed a spirit-gathering circle to levitate in the void.

At the same time, throw out a large number of top-quality spirit crystals to supplement the spiritual power consumption of the formation!

But this is only a drop in the bucket, and it still needs the full support of dozens of refining masters!

Hula la!

In an instant, piles of materials containing aura were sacrificed.

The spiritual power contained in it overflowed crazily under the swallowing of the large refining array, maintaining the sacrifice of the "Scythe of Immortal Slaying"!

A similar scene also took place in the No. 2 treasure hall!

The difference is that the owner of the "Zhenshen Bell", the old man in yellow robe surnamed Yuan, is more nervous than everyone else!

He couldn't help throwing out a large amount of resources to ensure that the sacrifice will not be interrupted!

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