Heaven-devouring Dragon Emperor - Chapter 7098 Continue to empower?

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Chapter 7098 Continue to empower?

"Yuan has paid for everything this time, and must ensure the success of the refining!"

"Fellow Daoist Yuan, don't worry, even if I don't want the reward this time, or even pay some of it, I will make it for you!"

The leading master craftsman was furious.

I could have earned a generous commission, but now I may have to pay it back!

Emergency measures were staged in both the No. 1 and No. 2 treasure halls.

And in the No. 3 treasure hall, Jiang Tian is enjoying the spiritual power of the half-step divine vein to himself!

"not bad, very good!"

Jiang Tian was elated for a moment!

If there had been such a supply of spiritual power, the sacrifice of this treasure might have been completed long ago!

And now, the sacrifice of the entire magic weapon is also rapidly accelerating!

He came to the final moment of the sacrifice far faster than he expected!


Three hours later!

Jiang Tian yelled, waved his hands together, and made a huge seal of refining!

This seal contains the vigorous bloodline spiritual power and his strong will.

Enveloping the entire compound large-scale magic weapon!


With the integration of the seal, the aura of this magic weapon is completely integrated and becomes a whole!

"It's done!"

Jiang Tian was extremely excited!

At this moment, the magic weapon has been completed!

But he can't feel its power here!

Because the power of this treasure is too powerful, if it is used a little, it may collapse the Artifact Refining Hall.

And what he has to do now is to recognize the Lord with a drop of blood!

"bring it on!"

As soon as Jiang Tian rubbed his right hand, he was about to burn his blood and will for this magic weapon.

at this time!

Suddenly there was a terrifying loud noise in the No. 1 treasure hall!



The violent fluctuation suddenly rose, passed through many barriers, and involved the No. 2 and No. 3 treasure halls!

"Hahahaha! It's done, it's finally done!"

The middle-aged man in the golden robe couldn't stop laughing wildly. With one step, he stood directly on the Baizhang Black Scythe!


A stream of blood essence was poured in, and he immediately started the Lord Recognition Ceremony!

A moment later, the magic weapon shrank sharply, turning into a black sickle magic weapon about an inch long, and he held it in his hand!

"Congratulations, Fellow Daoist Jin, on your success!"

"Master Bai has worked hard, and all the masters have worked hard too!"

The middle-aged man in the golden robe thanked everyone, but the arrogance on his face couldn't be concealed!

And after holding this magic weapon, his eyes full of murderous intent quickly turned to the No. 3 treasure hall!


The "Dementor Golden Glow" erupted wildly, directly blasting the mysterious warriors in the No. 3 treasure hall!


Jiang Tian, ​​who was about to bleed for the magic weapon, suddenly sank!

Directly activate the magical power of "Phantom Eye" to resist!


The golden glow and the purple halo collided, causing a special wave.

The heavy treasure that had just been sacrificially shook violently, making him very angry!


Jiang Tian resolutely injected a stream of essence and blood, and completed the ceremony of recognizing the master of the magic weapon!

He knew that it was time to leave this treasure hall!

"Void hegemony, take it!"

Hum rumble!

In the underground spiritual channel, the void hegemony disappeared instantly!

Spirit power supply returned to normal.

But at this time, Hall No. 1 and Hall No. 3 no longer need any spiritual power.

Because the sacrifice is over!

And in Hall No. 2, the yellow-robed old man was burning with anxiety!

The complexions of a dozen master craftsmen were ashen!

"Fellow Daoist Yuan, it was me who was incompetent and failed to refine a perfect 'soul-suppressing bell' for fellow daoist!"


The old man in the yellow robe clenched his fists tightly, his whole body bursting with murderous intent!

The god-suppressing bell has been refined, but the grade is not ideal!

Because of the spiritual power change that occurred at the last moment, the power of this magic weapon only reached about 80% of the estimate, less than 90%!

Don't underestimate the loss of about 10%!

In the contest with the peak power, it is likely to decide the outcome!

"who is it?"

"Who broke the old man's magic weapon, I want you to lose your life!"

The old man in the yellow robe put away the "Shenzhen Bell" and roared out of the No. 2 treasure hall!

at this time!

In the No. 3 treasure hall, Jiang Tian's face was full of anger, and he used the void hegemony to forcefully suppress the space turmoil!

The movement in the No. 1 palace was too strong, ignoring the heavy palace walls and heavy restrictions involving him.

The ceremony of recognizing the Lord by dripping blood that he was about to perform was interrupted by it!

If the sacrifice had not been completed, I am afraid that the entire magic weapon would be destroyed by this external impact!

"This account will be settled later!"

Jiang Tian glanced at Hall No. 1 coldly, and turned his gaze away to complete the confession of the Lord by dripping blood.

"Master, although the sacrifice has been completed, the spiritual channel of this magic weapon has not been closed, and you can continue to empower it!"

"Can you continue empowering?"

Jiang Tian was taken aback!

He was surprised by the reminder from the Earth Flame Spirit.

"Isn't the sacrifice already completed? The spiritual power channel should have been closed. At this time, the empowerment really works?"

Jiang Tian asked with a frown.

"What the master said is both right and wrong!" Earth Flame Spirit explained: "The spiritual power channel of a single magic weapon is indeed closed at the moment the sacrifice is over, but the spiritual power channel of the combined heavy treasure is not like this. Its spiritual power channel will be closed at a relatively slow speed before it completes the recognition of the master by dripping blood and its aura is completely stabilized, and at this stage, it can still be empowered!"

"So it is!" Jiang Tian's eyes brightened!

If it wasn't for the reminder from the Earth Flame Spirit, he really wouldn't have known about this situation!

He thinks that the talent for refining is far beyond ordinary people, but now it seems that there are still some details that are not complete!

"Since it can be empowered, what kind of spiritual power is better to give it?"

Jiang Tian muttered to himself, his thoughts racing.

The magic weapon has been kneaded into shape, and the spiritual power channel will not exist for too long, and it may be closed in an instant.

And in this short window period, what kind of spiritual power should be given to it to make it even more powerful?

"Wind, thunder, electricity, space spiritual power, including the five elements are all available, it depends on the master's own thoughts, but time is running out, the opportunity is fleeting, please master as soon as possible!"


Jiang Tian took a deep breath, and decisively opened the Thunder Array!

Speaking of empowerment, his most violent power is of course the power of thunder and lightning contained in the thunder array!

Lei Li is one of the most violent forces in the world!

And as he is the Immortal Physique of Thunder Source, the lightning power he carries is naturally extraordinary and quite terrifying.

Since it is necessary to empower, it is natural to focus on Leili!

Although he has several other equally powerful powers, those powers are not suitable for empowering!

For example, physical strength cannot bestow this treasure!

The Star Sword Intent has already been poured into the Sword Immortal Treasure at the beginning of its sacrifice, so there is no need to repeat it now.

As for the spatial spiritual power, although it can improve the space attribute of this heavy treasure, his purpose of refining this treasure is not to imprison and escape!

But the main attack!

From this point of view, even the two spiritual powers of wind and fire are not as good as Lei Li!


Boom, rumble...crack!

The violent roar resounded through the void, and the thousand-foot thunder array dropped purple and gold thunder pillars, frantically pouring into the already formed heavy treasures.

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