Honkai Biography - v8 Chapter 142 Linked to each other, defeated by self

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"Who's smothering me?"

Sakura's face was gloomy, and the murderous intent in her eyes made people shudder.

Even if she is not good at mental attack methods, it is not just anyone who can affect her thinking logic.

Sakura can only think of six people who have been in contact with her and have the ability to do this.

The first person to bear the brunt is Mebius, who is most likely to harm her and is the most suspect. Every time she thinks of snakes and snakes, Sakura's teeth itch with hatred, but it is conceivable that she is definitely not much better in the eyes of the other party.

Mebius has the most secret methods, and Sakura can find a lot of motives and reasons for her.

However, for some reason, relying on her sharp but unreliable intuition, Sakura thought that probably, maybe, should... It wasn't her who was harmed by Mebius.

From another angle, imagine if one day, Mebius suddenly disappeared, then her daily life may feel quite unaccustomed...

Without a rival who can "supervise" oneself to keep improving and growing, life is quite boring, and I usually don't know who to quarrel with.

And, would Mebius use such disgraceful means? She should disdain doing this. Although Snake's methods are insidious and vicious, they are all "straight and straight", and she has hardly ever used indirect tricks that rely on the power of others to deal with Sakura. From this point of view, the snake snake is still quite cute...

"Huh? No! No! The green-haired dead worm is not cute at all! It's abominable!"

Sakura tapped her forehead and quickly changed her views and senses of snakes. It seemed that there was a real problem with her thoughts, and for a moment, she would think that Mebius was cute, which was simply unreasonable.

The second is the end, the second most suspect, the motive for harming her is also obvious, the rival in love.

Although Zhan Yan has always been "honest" and never showed her possessiveness to Wutong in front of anyone, Sakura has reason to believe that as long as there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the other party will definitely kill herself. After all, everyone I want to occupy the parasol alone.

Although Xingyan seems to be "generous" and has no worldly desires, Sakura feels that she is the most "mindful", "selfish", and "domineering", and in some respects, she is the most acceptable, deserving, and hateful Mei. Even more "disgusting" than Us.

From a random example in daily life, we can see that white hair and golden eyes are disgusting. For example, in the end, I let Wutong come to my room every time. Others have shared it, too domineering, too selfish, and too cautious!

The third suspect is Indus, who likes to have fun. If it's her husband, then things will be easier to handle. Sakura believes that Wutong will definitely have a "backhand", and she will not put herself in danger, let alone not want her.

However, Sakura couldn't think of Wutong's reason for doing this for a while, um... It's not unexpected, and there are still many motives that can be found by hard searching, but unfortunately they are not very "obvious" or "absolute".

The fourth suspect is Dr. Mei. Although Mei does not have the ability to influence Sakura's thinking, it cannot be ruled out that she has related methods.

If it is Mei, then her original intention should not be to harm herself. Her motivation may be similar to her reason for "traveling" back to the past, to find a "method" and "direction" to defeat "End Yan".

The fifth and sixth suspects are Ling and Xiaozhi respectively. The possibility of them can basically be ruled out. In theory, these two have that ability. However, there is no reason to do so. Sakura trusts her sister and Xiaozhi very much. Little knowledge of people.

Thinking of this, Sakura shook her head vigorously, as if she wanted to "throw" the distracting thoughts out of her mind. Now is not the time to think about these issues. How to crack the illusion, or how to find the parasol, is the most important thing.

Who has influenced her thinking, you can wait to go back and then look for it slowly, and take revenge slowly. If you can't go back, what's the use even if you know the real murderer?

Traveling back to the past is infinitely more difficult than traveling to the future, but if you want to travel to a "predetermined" future, it is infinitely more difficult than going back to the past.

Because if you want to travel back to the past, you only need to follow the direction of the "branches" of the tree of imaginary numbers, "go back", go to the "source", and go to the "trunk", and you can, at least have a "direction".

However, if you want to travel to a "predetermined" future, you need to find a correct "direction" from countless "fork branches".

If human beings can find it, then human beings can find a "future" that overcomes the collapse, a parallel world bubble and civilization that overcomes the collapse.

However, such a "future" has not been discovered or observed by humans so far.

So this is almost impossible. If Sakura wants to do it, she will only be able to find Wutong if there is someone "leading" her in the "future", on the timeline where Wutong is located.

Time passes on the tree of imaginary numbers, and there is no direction or law to speak of. Unbridled "branching" and "growth", any person, or even any kind of material, makes different "choices" at the same time. , will lead to "dividing" into countless "futures" and countless possibilities.

Therefore, Sakura at this time was actually very desperate, because she didn't know what to do to find Wutong.

She can only pray that this is an illusion, or that Wutong has already known and speculated what she and Mei are going to do, leaving a "backhand" on her.

Otherwise, let alone the core of the Herrscher of the Origin in her body, which is already dark and dull, even if it is full of vitality, she can't find the phoenix tree.

Not to mention that the Herrscher of the End is the enemy of civilization, her enemy, even if the Herrscher of the End is her friend, willing to help Sakura, with the strength of the two, plus the power of the collapse, they are all looking for less than sycamore.

If there is a "once" of the phoenix tree, it is good to say, at least there are traces to follow, other worlds just don't have the phoenix tree, and the possibility of finding the "now" of the phoenix tree is very high.

But Wutong doesn't even have "once", and I don't know how he did it, how to wipe away the traces of his "past", and when did he remove it? Anyway, he gave Sakura to the "pit" .

In countless "choices", without any hints, it is almost impossible to find the only and correct "answer".

Not long after, Sakura landed on the moon with an uneasy and mortal determination, and saw the Herrscher of the End in the "standby" state.

In fact, Sakura didn't know what to do or what to do at all. There was no "direction" and "method", but she could only come here, because only here could bring her a tiny possibility.

The Herrscher of Zhanyan in front of her, as Sakura expected, was not the Zinyan she was familiar with, nor the rival in love with whom she lived day and night, but a girl who looked very much like Zhanyan.

"How can we take away her power and power?"

While thinking, Sakura used her eyes to look for the relics of Apollonia, Qianjie, Kosmo, Padofiris and others, and prepared to bury them for a simple memorial.

However, at this moment, the motionless Herrscher of the End suddenly "opened" Dan Mo's ruthless eyes in advance, and turned to look at Sakura.

What does it feel like to be watched by a "god"?

Creepy, fearful... This is the instinct of living beings, it is the instinctive reaction of being human.

It is probably like an ant with thinking ability seen by a human who likes to mutilate living beings.

Sakura wasn't afraid, and reacted very quickly. She pulled out the knife that she had almost never used before, and slashed forward without any hesitation.

Although the strength is not as good as the other party, but Sakura is not even afraid of the end, is she still afraid of the Herrscher of the end?

Time paused for an instant, and everything around seemed to have stopped moving. This was Sakura's most peak strike with her current physical fitness and strength.

But that's all, she can stop time, but she can't cut a "future".

No matter how fierce and terrifying the attack, it is useless without direction and "can't hit" people.

It seems... not a fantasy.

Sakura's heart sank to the bottom.

What about the sycamore?

Your wife is going to die, so why don't you come out and help? !

Unfortunately, Wutong couldn't hear Sakura's heart and did not respond to his wife's expectations, which made Sakura even more desperate.

Her eyes became dark and lifeless, and it looked like the eyes of Mebius just now, and there was no hope.

However, next, the "miracle" that surprised Sakura once again happened. The powerful effect of her knife was outstanding, and she even directly pierced the eyebrows of the Herrscher of the End.

It's... not right! It's not that the power of this knife is great, but that the opponent did not resist! Sakura responded.

Why didn't you resist? Is it... still "standby"? Strength is not fully restored?

Do not! wrong! It's not that there is no resistance, the Herrscher of the End is "leading" her to do so!

The next moment, a dazzling "white light" burst out from the broken eyebrows, and even Sakura didn't respond, and was "devoured".

Where the "white light" shines, everything is "purified". At this moment, the moon is particularly dazzling.

When her sight returned to normal again, Sakura found herself in an ethereal world, with a deep and mysterious "ocean" above her head, and a "sky" as clear as a mirror under her feet. The "ocean" was very calm, without a trace of "waves", " ripple".

Sitting on the "Throne" in front of him is a "person", a "person" that seems to have faded, and its appearance is more similar to the Herrscher of the End.

Where is this place? Conscious space? Or... another world?

Who is she? The Lawyer of the End? Broken consciousness? Or... Broken Will?

Will and consciousness are different.

Sakura wasn't sure, her heart became a little nervous for no reason, this was the first time she faced the real "collapse".

Tension is not from fear, fear, but from the unknown.

Of course, it could also be said that it came from fear, but what Sakura was afraid of was not her, but that she would not be able to see Wutong from now on.

Sakura didn't know what she wanted to do, why did she bring herself here, whether she was kind or malicious to herself, whether she would choose to "deal" with herself and help herself, and what was the price of the "deal"?

In the ethereal and mysterious world, quiet, silent, without a trace of sound, it seems to be in a vacuum.

The two "people" looked at each other for a long time, but neither of them spoke.

Sakura's heart is full of doubts, what is the other party doing? Why don't you say anything? What's the point of just looking at yourself like that?

Do not! wrong!

She is not Honkai's will or consciousness, she is simply the incarnation of Honkai!

Sakura, whose brain was "running" at a high speed, suddenly figured this out.

She had been on the moon, had seen part of the power of Honkai Will that was sealed, and defeated her, and even knew what state and feeling it was like talking to Honkai Will.

Wutong also talked to her about what to pay attention to when coming into contact with the real Honkai Will.

Thinking of this, Sakura's heart fluttered. In front of her was "truth", a "truth" without consciousness and will.

If she can get and control the "truth", then...

Is this a gift from your husband to you? Otherwise, why did she come here through the Herrscher of the End so smoothly?

Involuntarily, greed arose in Sakura's heart.

This must be a gift from Indus for yourself!

Sakura's steps subconsciously took a few steps forward, and then her figure stopped.

It wasn't that she realized that she had to be more careful and to stop the greed in her heart, but... she couldn't move.

Suddenly, the core of the Herrscher of Origin at Sakura's chest floated out, out of her control.

Sakura watched helplessly as the gift her husband once gave her once again bloomed with a dazzling pink light, and then... shattered and scattered.

Do not!

how come? !

Why is this so? !

Sakura's heart was screaming, she couldn't accept it.

This is a gift from Indus for her! special gift! One of her most cherished gifts.

It is her hope to return to Wutong.

The broken pieces are like broken dreams and fantasies. Amidst the brokenness, a faded "human" figure with a similar appearance to Sakura walked out.

The moment her figure appeared, the world was filled with a huge amount of information and knowledge, and even Sakura's mind was instilled with a lot of knowledge that was constantly arguing.

Fortunately, Sakura had learned "shielding" from Wutong, but her mind was still aching from that moment.

Sakura recognized her, "Honkai Will", or more precisely, the guy who had been defeated by himself as part of the power of the Honkai Will sealed on the moon.

Sakura suddenly realized that she had never defeated her.

It turned out that it wasn't anyone else who harmed her, but her.

Do not! Not her, but her own greed.

Perhaps because of what "seeing" is the real despair, Sakura figured out a lot of things in an instant.

She lost to her own greed, and from the moment she used Bella to win a few Herrscher "gems" and powers that did not belong to her from "Broken Will", UU Reading www.uukanshu.com she The "road" of the future is already doomed.

Sure enough, the biggest enemy of human beings is himself, and the person who really harms himself is himself.

Since "Honkai Will" appeared, she hadn't looked at Sakura. She walked straight to the incarnation of "Honkai", then took out a dagger that also faded and inserted it into "Honkai"'s chest.

She is in control of "truth".

Sakura seemed to see herself stabbed into the chest of the Herrscher of the End, but unfortunately, "Honkai Will" is not her, and "Honkai" does not mean that she is the Herrscher of the End.

Right now, she's just a loser.

However, at this moment, the accident happened again, and the "Honkai" who had no conscious thinking suddenly raised his right hand and grabbed the wrist of "Honkai Will". At the same time, the corner of her mouth opened a strange arc.

Then, a faded "long sword" about three meters in length was inserted from behind the "Throne" and instantly penetrated the chests of "Honkai" and "Honkai Will".

"The power that doesn't belong to you, don't try to control it, or it will hurt yourself. This principle is used when hurting human beings. How can you ignore it when it comes to yourself? Haha"

After the "Throne", another "human" shadow appeared, which was also a faded "human" shadow.

Her appearance is very similar to Wutong, and she also has a smiling smile on her face.


"You're... Wutong?" Sakura looked vigilant, her tone uncertain, her body could move now.

"Inaccurate, in your understanding, I should be called..."will", free but not so free..."will". "Will" turned his head, looked at Sakura with a smile, and said.

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