Honkai Biography - v8 Chapter 143 Separate walks, recognize yourself

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Sakura sat on the ground like the sky, secretly adjusting her physical and mental state, and asked vigilantly: "What is your purpose?"

With the appearance of "Broken Will" just now, her thinking was affected by some bad influences, and she only realized the problem when "Will" appeared.

"Don't be nervous, take it easy, Miss Sakura, beautiful and moving, don't point your knife at me, we are not enemies. Think about it, I saved you just now. As for my purpose, it's very simple, and it's not It's unspeakable, and it's natural to send you back to him."

"Will"'s tone of voice and the smile on his face were almost identical to Wutong's stern look.

Hearing these words, Sakura wasn't surprised, but she wasn't happy either. Her voice and face were cold, and she refused to be thousands of miles away.

"What price did he pay?"

"The price? No, no, no, he didn't pay any price, how could I care if he asked for a 'pay'? Don't I have to listen to what he says?"

"Huh? What do you mean? Stop pretending to be a ghost." Sakura is not a fool, how could she believe such a thing?

"Hehe, well, I just tried to make a human joke, and it didn't seem to be successful. It seems that you also know that 'free is the most expensive in the world', not bad, really good, very conscious, This alone is better than many people. Unfortunately, the 'deal' between me and him, I can't tell you, you can consider going back and ask him. "

"Will" waved his hand gently and turned the other two "faded" "people" and "polluted" into the appearance of a parasol, and then together with the "Throne", they were put into the sleeves.

Sakura's eyes narrowed and she asked suspiciously, "Are you acting just now?"

"No, no, I'm enemies with them, but... they're too weak, huh, how is this pen outfit? Dear Miss Sakura."

"not so good."

For some reason, Sakura could feel a sense of familiarity on the other side, which made her feel extra awkward.

Is it because of imitating the unreliable appearance of Indus, is the imitation too similar?

Sakura pondered for a while and asked, "What price will I have to pay?"

She wouldn't naively think that after Wutong "paid", she didn't need to "pay".

However, "Will" smiled and said: "You don't need to pay any price, I'm not lying, because he has 'paid' for you, it's really enviable, Miss Ying, since you met him, your luck has always been very good.

"You have a husband who loves you so much that he is reluctant to let you experience and endure that stupid and boring 'ugly state' for more than half a million years, and even abandoned his 'once'.

"Ha ha.

"But you don't have to blame yourself, you don't have to think you are stupid, and you don't have to regret it, you deserve this love, and everything he has done for you is what you deserve.

"Even when I saw you, I was deeply attracted by you. Even if he didn't 'pay' the price for you, I wouldn't ask you for any price. Of course, if your heart is really uncomfortable and you feel that I don't care Kindly, consider kissing me as a 'price'."

"Huh?" Sakura narrowed her eyes, her face very ugly.

"Uh... don't you like this joke? Well, don't be angry, just treat me as a fart just now." "Will" seemed to be shameless, smiled indifferently, and said, "Actually, you are Don't be angry, because I have no 'specific' at all, you can't kiss if you want."

"How do I get back to him?" Sakura doesn't want to talk nonsense with her anymore, she's not a sycamore, what's there to talk about?

"Is it impatient? Hehe, well, as you wish. The 'method' and the 'direction' are actually very simple, when your eyes are moved away from the tree of imaginary numbers, from the countless 'forks' Move away and you can see his figure... Oh, sorry, I forgot, at this time, you are too weak, you may not be able to see his figure, your eyes are too narrow, you can't help but look' Tree' and 'Sea'. But it doesn't matter, I can give you a little help."

"Will" conjured a "staff" about two meters long out of thin air, which also faded, and then lightly tapped the sky-like ground.

In an instant, the world of "collapse" shattered, and a pink "road" covered with cherry blossoms appeared at the feet of Sakura and "Will".

Sakura recognizes this "road", which is the "road" that Wutong once set up for her.

"I...have been on this 'road' all the time? Everything I've experienced before is an illusion?" Sakura asked uncertainly.

"No, no, you did escape from there before the 'road' was formed, and with that 'miraculous' power, you returned to the past. This is just a little help from me."

"Will" said with a smile, turned around and walked ahead.

"Let's go, keep up, the 'magic' I just cast, isn't it magical? Is it handsome?"

Sakura got up and quickly followed behind her, keeping a certain distance. She still held the handle of the knife tightly in her hand and did not let her guard down, even though she knew that her vigilance was meaningless in front of her.

"Will" has always been "enthusiastic" and does not seem to have any malice.

But Sakura's hostility to her has never been concealed.

"It's okay, a little worse than him." Ying Dandan said.

"Oh? Is it? Well, I'll just treat you as complimenting me."

"Can you not learn from him? Don't talk? I'm more used to you who are a little more 'cold', can you recover?"


From an angle that Sakura couldn't see, the smile on "Will"'s face was meaningful: "Hehe, I didn't learn from him, this is just me, what I used to be."

"Huh?" Sakura was slightly stunned.

What does she mean by that? Will the consciousness generated by the "collapse" and the will formed by consciousness also have the same appearance?

The essence of "collapse" is "crumbs"?

uh... no, it doesn't seem right...

Taking back her divergent thinking, Sakura suddenly realized something, and hurriedly asked the question she asked when she first met: "Are you Wutong?"

"I remember this question I've already answered, it's not accurate."

"Inaccurate...?" Sakura pondered for a few seconds, then boldly guessed, "You are... the phoenix of the 'future'?"

"Will" said slowly: "The answer is very close, so smart. Unfortunately, I won't reward you, maybe, you can give him a reward.

"The Indus in the future...that's my past, my 'primitive', I said, I am the 'will', the will of collapse, the will of civilization, the will of mankind, the will of the self... another 'road' with the will of 'maybe'.

"You may think that other parallel worlds have no Indus? Hehe, yes, there is no him, but from your 'now' onwards, every world has me.

"I am the unity of all ages, and the creator of 'one' and 'three'. I am the origin of thousands of civilizations, the chaos and ignorance of the past, the omniscience and pollution of the future, and the ruler of dreams and reality. , the ruler of nothingness and reality, the ruler over time and space...

"Oh, yes, you probably don't like these long 'names', and neither do I. Maybe you're suspecting that I'm lying at the moment, and I don't want to justify it, because no matter what I say, you won't believe it , you only trust him, so you can ask him when you go back."

"Wutong will become like you in the future?" Sakura was deeply suspicious, she really didn't believe what the other party said.

"No, more than 4,000 years ago, he chose a 'path' different from mine. If I remember correctly, there are records in his diary full of lies. If there is."

"Will" paused in his footsteps, looked back at Sakura, and smiled meaningfully: "And who is the 'source' that caused me and his different 'paths'?"

"Su." Sakura said without changing her face.

"No, even without him, you and Wu... Hehe, well, it's because of him. I have already answered the doubts in your heart, and the rest of the road is up to you."

"Will" handed the "staff" in his hand to Sakura, passed her by mistake, and left without looking back in the direction of "the way back".

She was born in the "future", but lives in the "initial". Her will has awakened in the "now", so she chose to return to the "source" to "pollute" countless "collapses" and "pollutions". The "determined" end, and... the only tree of imaginary numbers.

When she was ignorant, she was the puppet of the "tree" and longed for freedom. After awakening, she returned to the "arms" of the "tree", seemingly involuntarily, but her mind was free.

Watching her leave, Sakura looked down at the faded "staff" in her hand, a little unsure.

"This is... 'Broken Will'?"

Whether the victim is guilty or not depends on the specific incident, some are completely innocent, and some have some problems of their own.

Victims may not be perfect, but perpetrators must be guilty, even if a small part of the perpetrators are justifiable.

"Will" gave Sakura the power to judge her again.

In fact, there are still many doubts and questions in Sakura's heart, but "will" seems to not want to answer, and her figure disappears in a blink of an eye.

Humans have to rely on themselves.

Looking up at the incomparably long "road" in the distance, Sakura fell into a brief moment of confusion.

The more you learn, the more questions you have in your mind.

At this time, Sakura thought of a bunch of questions. For example, the enemy of human beings may be human beings themselves, but is her enemy really herself? The enemy of mankind, is it her enemy again?

The big tree may be able to shield the small tree from the wind and rain, but the small tree under the big tree will never grow taller.

Is what she is trying to do to help mankind defeat "the end"? Or... is it actually prompting mankind to "end"?

Sakura seems to have gained nothing from this "former journey", but it seems that she has gained a lot of things.

Different experiences lead to different thoughts.

In a snow-covered courtyard.

Wutong put away the playing cards, threw the empty yogurt bottle into the trash, and then took out a small red mud stove and a copper mandarin duck hot pot.

After adding the clear soup, he threw two different hot pot base ingredients in, then took out a few plates of ingredients and put them on the stone table, and handed Ji Lin and Guan Xing a set of cutlery.

"My teacher loved hot pot and skewers when I was a child, but I didn't like vegetables. At that time, I thought that the existence of vegetables was wrong. I was more innocent when I was a child. I thought that what was right was right, and what was wrong was wrong."

Wutong threw several kinds of ingredients that were not easy to be cooked and resistant to cooking into the hot pot in advance, and said with emotion: "When I am an adult, my thinking has changed, and I feel that there are so many right and wrong in the world? The so-called right and wrong , good and evil, are just views from the standpoint and perspective of human beings, and are the definitions given by human beings.”

"What about now?" Guan Xing asked casually, she helped the master prepare the dipping sauce and put it in front of Wutong.

"What's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong."

"What about the future?"

"Heh, who knows what the future holds?"

"Master is really a fickle man! No wonder I have three sisters."

"That's better than nobody. Don't say that you are my apprentice in the future. I can't afford to lose that person."

"It's not that no one wants the disciple, but... the vision is too high."

"Yes, people who can't find a partner love to say that."


Stargazing puffed up his face, like a little pufferfish.

At this time, in the courtyard, the closed door was gently pushed open by one person.

Walking in like a walk from the outside, a "girl" with black hair like waterfalls and golden eyes came in. The "girl" looks rather immature. It seems that only the literati can have a unique atmosphere of books.

Instead of wearing a combat uniform, she wore a modern-style cross-collar skirt that was as black as ink. Judging from the fabric, it was also winter clothes, with a large cloak embroidered with gold patterns of the same color on the outside, and holding a roll of paper in her hand. Books, with Xuanyuan sword "Light Dust Willow" hidden in his sleeves.

Turning around and closing the door, Lin Chaoyu moved his nose and felt that his stomach was even more empty, so he walked over following the smell of hot pot.

"Guian, the three adults, the moonlight tonight is like water, so gentle and bright~www.novelbuddy.com~ Would you mind taking the morning rain to appreciate the moon together?"

Lin Chaoyu's voice was soft and delicate, but neither humble nor arrogant. She put the book into the silver-white "bracelet" she wore on her wrist, and bowed her hands politely, as if she had no hostility towards Wutong.

Stargazer looked up at the moon, which seemed to be very close to them. At this time, the moon seemed very large, and she could see the craters and craters on it with the naked eye.

"Come and sit." Wutong waved and "sweeped" the stone bench beside him, and took out another set of tableware.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Lin Chaoyu was not polite, she just came to eat.

Guanxing retracted his gaze and glanced at Xiao Chaoyu beside him, surprised.

In fact, she thought that the first person who came here, even if it wasn't Senior Hua or Senior Xiao Yun, might be Xiao Lingshuang, but she didn't expect it to be Lin Chaoyu, who had a mediocre talent.

"How did you overcome yourself?" Guan Xing smiled with great interest, she used her male speed to grab a big shrimp for Lin Chaoyu.

"Thank you." Lin Chaoyu took it with a bowl and asked curiously, "Overcome oneself? What does the lord mean by... overcoming oneself?"

"Haven't you met 'self'?" Stargazing was a little surprised.

Lin Chaoyu shook his head blankly, then pondered for a moment, and said, "Although I don't know what the adults are referring to, Chaoyu feels that it is more important to be able to 'recognize one's self' than to 'conquer oneself'."

"...Then how did you get here?"

"Help the students grade their homework and walk along the road that suddenly appeared." Lin Chaoyu blinked his big golden eyes.

"No enemies or 'monsters' or anything like that?"

"No, my mind is as clear as a mirror, and everything I do is my own mind. How can I encounter that kind of thing?"

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