How Come These Monsters Have Health Bars - Chapter 594 Abnormalities in the Yun Family, Mystery of Bloodlines

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Faced with such a situation, Li Jing remained calm on the surface, but he was full of suspicions in his heart.

Xiangyun gave birth to this...

what's going on?

Similar to what I encountered in the past, is it not the original product or is it parasitized by some kind of existence?

There are two possibilities.

But the possibility is slim.

The first is whether it is original.

The blood streak on the top of Xiang Yunsheng's head would only appear once when he was in a trance, and then it would disappear quietly after a moment. Obviously, this was not deliberately hidden by some existence hidden in his body.

After all, it is impossible for the other party to know that Li Jing's blood will appear in Li Jing's eyes, let alone the ability to hide his blood.

Like the butterfly demon Ren Jie who had the ability to make blood bars disappear earlier, people did not deliberately cover up the blood bars, but a very special innate ability covered everything including the blood bars.

Then it is parasitized.

The Yun family is a family of pharmacists, who doesn't know everything about their own body research?

Immortal Domain is not Blue Star after all.

There will be a process of clinical verification for external remuneration for prescriptions and prescriptions.

It is also impossible for pharmacists and alchemists to follow the old path of their predecessors step by step, and only do what others have done, and usually "research and develop" some new products by themselves.

Especially a pharmacist family like the Yun family.

The entire family is a pharmacist.

What is the difference between only gnawing on the old books handed down from the ancestors and not researching new prescriptions and salted fish?

At this time, the "white mouse" is definitely indispensable.

In a place like Xianyu, it is extremely difficult to find it from the outside world.

Even if you want to test the medicine, it must be a proven prescription.

People are not stupid, making fun of their own bodies.

Don't eat things indiscriminately.

This is the last word in the system of cultivating immortals.

Most spiritual objects cannot be directly imported by human cultivators.

Among them, some are highly toxic in themselves, and some have other lethal factors.

But most.

It is because the effect is too strong to absorb.

If the waste is small, the problem will arise.

Because there are many examples of indiscriminate eating of spiritual objects that damage the foundation and even explode the body in situ, let alone a land with extremely high quality spiritual objects like Xianyu.

This is no joke.

Therefore, pharmacists and alchemists develop new prescriptions, and in the early stages of pill prescriptions, they all try them themselves.

At this time, it is natural to pay attention to their grasp of their own situation and their ability to save themselves when necessary...

How can a pharmacist who always has a clear grasp of his own situation not even know that he is parasitized by some kind of existence?


what's the problem?

Li Jing was puzzled.

Seeing that Xiang Yunsheng had deliberately made a smile with Bai Meisheng with Xiang Yunsheng, Xiang Yunxian was so fascinated by his younger brother on the spot that he lost his soul, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

What kind of trouble is Li Jing going to do?

With her flowery and jade-like nine-yin body, she doesn't even look directly at her, and hooks up with her brother whenever she meets her!

Could it be that he is addicted to being a woman?

Apart from having nothing to do, her brother likes to go to the brothel for a couple of laps to see a few well-known local Qingxin people in Haoran City who spend a little money to buy a laugh, and there is no advantage in it!

Looking at Li Jing puzzled, Xiang Yunxian made a sound.

"Brother, what about father and the others?"

At this time Li Jing naturally did not continue to charm Xiang Yunsheng.

He simply wanted to observe the blood streaks that would appear on Xiang Yunsheng's head when he lost his mind, not to control the latter.

Xiang Yunsheng's meeting was purely due to his lack of firmness of mind. Even though his cultivation level was at a level capable of resisting natural charms, he was still fascinated, unable to actively extricate himself.

Hearing Xiang Yunxian's voice, Xiang Yunsheng was startled and came back to his senses.

Looking at Li Jing again, he showed a little awe.

Li Jing in the fox demon posture is good-looking.

But he was tricked at every turn, and someone did it on purpose just now.

This can't help him to make a fuss.

Xiang Yunsheng somewhat likes women, but he is not stupid.

A fox demon who can easily confuse himself with natural charm, this level is at least the middle stage of the Venerable or even higher.

A fox demon of this level...


If a person has the heart, it's a matter of minutes to squeeze him dry.

It doesn't matter whether Li Jing is deliberately seducing or seducing him.

important. Fox demons can't touch it. Especially at this level.

Seeing Li Jing looking at him with a half smile but not a smile, Xiang Yunsheng smiled apologetically and didn't dare to say anything, and turned his head to respond to Xiangyun Xiandao.

"Sister, when you came back, you should have bumped into a Confucian or Taoist sacred object and stolen it?"

Xiang Yunxian nodded subconsciously when she heard the words. Seeing this, Xiang Yunsheng continued.

"It was a big mess, and the house was a mess. Seeing the half-demon who stole the Confucian and Taoist relics fleeing, the elders of the clan almost couldn't help but put down their medicine spoons and picked up the flying sword to chase after them. Fortunately, City Lord Sun Afterwards, I immediately thought of our Yun family, and sent a message in time to avoid this situation. Right now, City Lord Sun is at the mansion, discussing matters with the elders."

Hearing that Sun Qu was at Yun's house, Xiang Yunxian was stunned.

The feeling is that the city lord came in person, no wonder the Yun family is not in chaos.

The Yun Family took root in Haoran City.

While having a deep affection for this city, it is also relatively conservative due to the influence of Confucianism and Taoism to a certain extent.

With the ancestral precept of living and dying with Haoran City, these pharmacists of the Yun family will not be cowardly at critical moments even though the fights are not very strong.

Especially the older generation who are relatively single-minded...

When Li Jing heard that Sun Qu would be at Yun's house, his expression was a little strange.

The Yun family has a pivotal position in Haoran City, which is completely predictable.

After all, the profession of pharmacist is popular wherever he goes.

Like Donghua Immortal Palace, there is no shortage of pharmacists who can use it.

It is still very difficult to find a few reliable and capable pharmacists if you change to an ordinary force or family.

But Li Jing didn't expect it.

The first thing Sun Qu thought of after the incident was the Yun family, and he simply came over to discuss matters with the elders of the Yun family.

Rather, Sun Qu believes that the Yun family is the most likely force to really help Haoran City in terms of the current situation.


To be honest, it doesn't make sense.

The half-demon fled.

Next is the problem of dealing with the ancient demons.

How can a group of pharmacists with little cultivation base and little combat power help?

While thinking, Li Jing glanced at Xiang Yunsheng, and then at Xiang Yunxian sideways.


Xiang Yunxian learned that the city lord Sun Qu was in the Yun family's mansion, so he didn't ask any more questions, and took Li Jingdao by the hand.

"Master Jiu doesn't like to be lively, I can take care of it, I don't need you or anyone else to entertain. If such a big event happens, don't go out and wander around, so as not to cause trouble."

After saying that sentence, Xiang Yunxian dragged Li Jing into the door.

Seeing this, Xiang Yunsheng blinked twice in front of the door, turned his head to see him off, and didn't say he wanted to follow.

Li Jing deliberately seduced him this time, which frightened him a little.


The line of Xiang surname obviously has a very high status in the Yun family.

Xiang Yunxian himself has a high status in the Yun family because of his cultivation base and his attainments as a pharmacist.

Walking all the way into the Yun family compound, all the people who met Xiang Yunxian and Li Jing were surprised by the latter, and at the same time, looking at the younger face and seeing the former, they all respectfully called out "Sister Yunxian" .

Xiang Yunxian himself returned to his home and took out the gesture that an elder should have, gently responding to the junior.

Not long.

She dragged Li Jing into a small courtyard located deep in the Yun family mansion.

The seemingly small courtyard suddenly opens up when you step over the threshold.

Li Jing

Seeing this, he raised his eyebrows.

"Space array?"

"After all, our Yun family has a long history, so the background is naturally not bad. Everyone in the family is a pharmacist, how can everyone be able to use it in a small courtyard?"

Xiang Yunxian looked back and said with a smile.

Therefore, as early as the beginning when the Yun family chose to take root in Haoran City, the ancestors spent a lot of money to hire space array masters to individually arrange space arrays for each courtyard of the house to widen the inner space. "

Hearing such words, Li Jing was slightly moved.

Each courtyard has a separate space formation?

This design is a bit outrageous.

Even if he is also proficient in space rules and space formations, it would take a lot of effort to design such a family mansion with many courtyards.

hard to imagine.

How much did the Yun family spend to build such an aristocratic mansion.

their home.

It's really rich... Just as he was amazed, Xiang Yunxian stopped and said.

"This courtyard belongs to me personally. Master Jiu, if you don't mind it, you can live here. It's not that our Yun family doesn't have a guest room for entertaining guests, but the Yun family has always had a lot of customers, and there are often many people who come to ask for medicine. The guest room is easily disturbed."

"It's easy to say."

Li Jing nodded.

Where he lives, he doesn't really care.

Xiang Yunxian's yard is big enough, at first glance, there are more than ten rooms, two people don't need to squeeze into one room.

With Li Jing's approval, Xiang Yunxian smiled and pulled him into a wing room facing south in the middle of the courtyard.

"Master Jiu, I see that there are quite a lot of rooms, but most of them have their own decorations, and many of them are used for medicinal materials and tools. This is the only vacant room, and it was originally prepared for a sister of mine who visits from time to time."

Open your mouth to tell, Xiangyun Xiandao.

"The sky-high prices are just for this house. I live next door. You can call me if you need anything."

"It's not a big problem, I don't care much about living."

Li Jing responded.


Xiang Yunxian nodded, then hesitated and made a sound.

"Master Jiu, if you have nothing to do, I'll excuse you for a moment. Since I'm back, I naturally have to greet the elders, and by the way, see how the discussions between Father and City Lord Sun are going."

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Jing reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist.

? ? ?

Xiang Yunxian.

This surprise attack caught her off guard.

This orphan and widow...


Lonely and widowed.

What is Li Jing going to do! ?

Seeing Li Jing looking directly at him, Xiang Yunxian felt in a trance for a while.


She reacted in an instant, her heart was startled and suspicious, and she wanted to bite the tip of her tongue to keep herself clear without saying a word.

At this time, Li Jing spoke.

"Don't resist."

Xiang Yunxian's delicate body trembled when she heard the words, and she was in a mess against the wind.

Li Jing was trying to charm her and told her not to resist.

How is this different from asking her to **** herself on the trampoline?

But people said that, and she didn't dare to say that she had to resist.

After all, with Li Jing's strength, if she wants to force her, she has no room to resist.


What the hell! ?

Could it be that Li Jing wanted to reveal his true colors and claimed his Nine Yin Body! ?

Xiang Yunxian panicked a lot.

With just this moment of hesitation, under Li Jing's deliberate action, she succeeded, and her eyes gradually became hollow.

At this moment, a blood streak appeared faintly on top of her head, and then it was released quietly.

Seeing this situation, Li Jing frowned.

Sure enough, as I thought.

It is not just Xiang Yunsheng who has "problems" in the Yun family.

Xiangyun Xianya


From this point of view, there may be "problems" in the Xiang lineage and even the entire Yun family.

Although I don't know the specifics for the time being, this is probably the reason why Sun Qu thought of the Yun family in the first place.

Thinking of this, Li Jing dissipated his charm.

Xiang Yunxian is a woman.

She has a relatively high resistance to the charm of Li Jing, who is also a "female".

And she herself is also a person with a relatively firm mind.

Li Jing no longer deliberately acted, she suddenly came to her senses.

After regaining consciousness and seeing Li Jing still hugging her, Xiang Yunxian's pretty face was flushed, and she was puzzled.

At the moment when she really became enlightened, she thought of many, many things.

Even when he woke up, he was stripped naked and thrown on the ground, and everything that should be done was done.

However, the reality is quite different from what she thought.

She was just absent-minded for a short while, and Li Jing didn't do anything.

This time.

Can't help but make Xiang Yunxian a little worried about gains and losses.

Women are inherently contradictory in similar respects.

The Nine Yin Body is a kind of lingering pressure for Xiang Yunxian.

Because of this physique, she has been worried all day long since she was a child, for fear of being found out by others and being kidnapped and turned into a furnace for wanton extortion.

If he could lose Yuanyin Chuhong, the situation would be better.

Like Li Jing.

It wasn't her own choice, but it was an excellent choice.


strong enough.

Even though she didn't like it, it was more than enough for someone to keep her worry-free for the rest of her life.

Xiang Yunxian will be caught in the contradiction of not wanting to give and hoping that he will give, so he feels stuck.

Li Jing saw that she was sober with a dazed expression, and there was a trace of sadness in her eyes, so she naturally saw the contradiction in her heart.

woman heart.

Li Jing doesn't understand.

But women are creatures, he understands.

In front of her, Xiang Yunxian is still an extremely standard little woman...

Even though her real age is to go up with the long live high drum order, she is relatively young due to the lack of experience and trials due to the body of the nine yin.

This is really easy to understand.

Feeling slightly dumbfounded, Li Jing didn't take this seriously.

The woman Mu Qiang.

It's nature.

Maybe she doesn't really like you. But if it is unavoidable or accidental.

You are also strong enough.

She might admit it halfway.

This is the root cause of a man's desire to make progress.

You have to have your own capital...

Letting go of Xiang Yunxian, Li Jing spoke.

"Sorry, I have something to confirm at the moment."


Xiang Yunxian was at a loss.


By charm her?

What can this confirm?

Are you sure you are a chick?

You can't confirm it just by hugging your waist, right?

Confused, Li Jing looked directly at him.

"Yunxian, tell me honestly, is there some kind of strange power or 'problem' in you? Such factors exist in the Xiang lineage and even the entire Yun family?"

Faced with such a question, Xiang Yunxian frowned.

"Master Jiu, what do you mean by that?"

"literal meaning."

Li Jing responded, saying.

"Don't get me wrong, I just wanted to inquire about something, not what to do."

While speaking, Li Jing saw that Xiang Yunxian obviously didn't have the embarrassment that his secret secret was exposed, but he was really puzzled, tilted his head and thought for a while, and said.

"To tell you the truth, my eyes have a special ability to see all kinds of abnormalities. I was born to be able to distinguish the aliens pretending to be human with the naked eye, whether it is a monster or something else, even if

It's a parasitic possession, as long as there is an abnormality, I can see through it at a glance. "

After all, he continued.

"I met Xiang Yunsheng just now. He was not strong enough to be seduced by me. I saw abnormalities in him. I charmed you just now, and I also saw abnormalities in you when you were absent-minded."

Hearing such a narration, Xiang Yunxian frowned.

"Jiu Ye, what do you mean, me, Yun Sheng, and even the family of the Xiang surname, and the whole family of the Yun family are actually not human, but a different kind?"

Li Jing replied, saying.

"Looking at you, you obviously don't know it, and Xiang Yunsheng is the same. Think about it carefully, have you ever noticed something wrong with you all the way to this day?"

If someone else said this, Xiang Yunxian would definitely look at it with blank eyes.

Isn't this pure bullshit?

She is a Zhongzhou person who is a scholar.

Suddenly told her that she might not be human, what kind of trouble is this?

But it was Li Jing who said it, and Xiang Yunxian couldn't take it seriously.

There's no need for people to talk to her like this, and they won't be so idle...

Li Jing said so.

He even charmed her and confirmed with Xiang Yunsheng successively.

I'm afraid it's true...

Suspicion appeared on the small face, Xiang Yunxian hesitated for a while, and then said.

"In terms of abnormality, our Yun family does have such a problem. On the last day of every year, the pure descendants of the Yun family's older generation will fall into a deep sleep, and will wake up naturally after three days, and their cultivation will improve a little. The comprehension will deepen a lot, and the younger generations who will be born through marriage with outsiders will not be like this.”

With that, she added.

"So far, no one has made any trouble during the deep sleep. In addition, the Qing people have seen it for us during the deep sleep, and have not noticed anything wrong. Therefore, from the ancestors, it is believed that this is the God of Medicine blessing the Yun family."

Blessed by the God of Medicine?

Li Jing couldn't help but laugh.

This can be a little more ridiculous!

But that would have been perfectly clear.

There is indeed a problem with the Yun family.

The problem lies in the blood.

After thinking for a while, Li Jing raised his eyes.

"You might have to ask your father about this."

"Ask my father?"

Xiang Yunxian was slightly stunned, and said strangely.

"What could my father know?"

"Your seniority in the Yun family is not low, but you are obviously a junior in the pure blood passed down from your ancestors, otherwise you wouldn't be urged by a group of elders to start a family."

Li Jing spoke calmly and said.

"What you don't know doesn't mean that those serious elders don't know, they just didn't tell you the truth."

Before Xiang Yunxian could speak, Li Jing said again.

"Have you ever wondered why Sun Qu thought of your Yun family first after I told him to deal with the ancient demon? Are the pharmacists of your Yun family very good at fighting, or are they capable of poisoning the ancient demon with durable medicine? Yun The family has the ancestral precept to live and die with Haoran City, what is the reason for this? It can’t be because the ancestors of the Yun family thought that the Yun family must take root in Haoran City, right?”

To meet someone's questioning, UU reading www.uukanshu. com Xiang Yunxian was at a loss.

These. She really didn't think about it.

How did the ancestral training come about, how could she think about it?

Ever since she could remember, the Yun family had played a pivotal role in Haoran City.

How could she think that the city lord, Sun Qu, would run to Yun's house as soon as such a big event happened?

Now that Li Jing said that, Xiang Yunxian naturally thought in the relevant direction.

This thought, the more she thought about it, the more wrong she became.

As Li Jing said.

Everything seemed so unreasonable.

Taking a deep breath to calm the waves in his chest, Xiang Yunxian raised his eyes.

"I know the matter, Lord Jiu, excuse me first, I will ask my father about this in private later."


Li Jing waved his hand, went to sit aside.

Seeing this, Xiang Yunxian bit her red lips, turned and left.


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