Hunter × Hunter: The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 728 sky attack

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The Blackwater Fleet is hidden in a hidden bay ten nautical miles away from the port of Adina, and Yin Lumi condenses an ordinary eagle to go to Adina to track down the people of the World Government.

In the port of Adina, the ship of the World Government was moored, and three black-clothed agents got off the ship, and there was a nobleman in gorgeous robes on the pier to entertain.

The two sides communicated for a while, and the black-clothed agent followed the nobleman to the warehouse in the first area of ​​the dock. The warehouse was heavily guarded outside. The black-clothed agent and the nobleman entered the warehouse together. Yin Lumi controlled the eagle to turn into a fly and flew in.

There were piles of wooden boxes in the warehouse. The noble looked at the officer next to him and nodded slightly. The officer gave orders to the soldiers in the warehouse to open the wooden boxes.

rattling rattling...

Dozens of wooden boxes were opened to reveal paper Baileys chock full inside. The officer waved his hand again, and the soldiers opened the wooden box on the other side again, and a burst of bright precious light came into view, all kinds of precious gems, gold, and antiques.

"The gold in the sky is ten billion, do you want to count it carefully?"

The nobleman looked at the leading agent in black and said calmly.

"No need, Vitat is a big country, and the world government believes in your country's reputation."

The black-clothed agent just glanced casually, then turned and left.

After the black-clothed agent left the warehouse, hundreds of porters entered the warehouse under the **** of the soldiers, and moved out wooden boxes containing a lot of wealth one by one, onto the ship of the world government.

An hour later, all the crates were loaded onto the ship, and the barque set sail for departure.

Unbeknownst to everyone, a fly boarded the ship of the World Government together and followed them.

"It's time to act."

On the warship of the Blackwater Fleet, Yin Lumi opened his eyes and ordered to follow the three-masted sailing ship that the world government transported the gold from the sky.

"This tracking will last for a while, do we have enough supplies?"

Yin Lumi asked Praide.

"Considering possible accidents during the mission, our materials can last for six months." Pride replied: "Although it is possible to rob the world government's materials, to be on the safe side, the tracking this time cannot exceed four months." months."

"The world government collects heavenly gold from 1470 member countries at the end of each year according to the economic situation. It only takes less than three months to collect all the heavenly gold by using the special channel of the world government." Yin Lumi narrowed his eyes slightly , "Four months, enough."

What he is looking at is not just the 10 billion, but the heavenly gold from the first half of the great voyage and the world.

As for the gold in the sky in the new world, there is no such force to loot it for the time being.

But fortunately, most of the world government's annual heavenly gold comes from the four seas and the first half of the great route, because some countries in the new world are under the control of pirates and cannot collect heavenly gold.

"The troops protecting Tiantianjin cannot be poor, and our soldiers should not be useful."

Last reminded.

"It doesn't matter, just let them fire the cannon around the perimeter." Glid smiled arrogantly, "It won't even work against the Yinshugal army, let alone fight against the navy, a bunch of trash."

Grid was gearing up, he couldn't wait any longer.

"What about Germa, they are still waiting for us to take them to Balkimoa." Last asked.

"Let them go to Balkimoa on their own." Yin Lumi said, "Contact Enwei who is in Balkimoa and ask him to closely monitor Germa's every move."


Rust nodded, turned back to the cabin, and went to the communication room.


March 10, 1503, the first half of the Great Route, in the Adriatic Sea.

Twelve naval warships escorted a super-large luxury sailing ship slowly sailing in this sea area, and each mast of the sailing ship was hung with a flag bearing the logo of the world government.

"Your Excellency the Vice Admiral, the signs of gold in the sky are over, and the fleet has six hours to reach the Triangle Current."

"In addition, there is an unknown fleet five nautical miles away from us, tracking our army."

On one of the leading lieutenant-class warships, a captain reported to Dalmesia.

"Unknown fleet?" Dalmesia frowned, "Is the force clear?"

"The other party has been hanging far behind us. We sent investigators to investigate, but they all lost contact." The captain replied.

"Hmph, are you going to hit the nameless rat that the gold in the sky pays attention to?" Dalmesia said disdainfully: "Order the fleet to prepare for battle."

"Hi Yin!"

The captain stood at attention, saluted, and turned around.


As soon as the captain turned around, he saw a shadow passing across the deck for a moment, looked up to the sky, and an eagle was gliding in the sky.

"It turned out to be an eagle."

The captain shrugged and went down to deliver the order.

However, what the entire fleet didn't notice was that the eagle stopped gliding after flying over the fleet, but went straight to the luxury sailing ship guarded by many fleets.

On the luxury sailboat, a knight standing at the door of the cabin suddenly lowered his head because he saw a black spot on the deck in front of him.

"Is the person in charge of cleaning lazy?"

The knight in full armor whispered, and blinked. The knight had a feeling that the black spot was getting bigger. The knight thought it was his own illusion, so he blinked again, and the black spot on the deck was getting bigger.

"It's not an illusion!"

The knight looked up, and a black shadow came into view, and it was descending at a high speed. The target was the [dea].

"Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"

The knight immediately roared, warning the whole ship.

"Enemy attack!?"


"Someone dares to attack the World Government!?"

Many knights and agents on board looked around for a while, but they were surrounded by naval fleets and did not see the enemy.


"The enemy is in the sky!"

Someone inadvertently raised his head and found a black figure in the sky, and shouted.

At this time, a thousand meters above the [dea], a giant black eagle was swooping down towards the giant sailboat below at the fastest speed.


With a loud noise, the giant black eagle smashed through the main mast and broke through the deck, UU reading www.uukanshu. com crashed into the cabin of this giant luxury sailing ship.


The entire giant sailboat shook because of this, and many knights and agents on the deck quickly grabbed the fixed objects around them to maintain their balance.

"What happened!?"

On the warship, Lieutenant General Dalmesia suddenly turned around and looked at the giant sailboat in the center of the fleet with a shocked expression.

"Your Excellency, Lieutenant General, the Dea has been attacked!" It was still the captain who came to report.

"Damn it! I miscalculated, it turned out to be from the air, and it was directly attacking the ship transporting the gold in the sky. The cannon can't be used, and now I can only engage in close combat!"

"Order the whole army to maintain formation."

"This is just a sneak attack, the enemy will fight from the front after all!"

After finishing speaking, Dalmesia jumped up and landed on a nearby warship, tapped his toes lightly, jumped up again, and quickly arrived at the dea four times in a row.

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