Hunting College - v5 Chapter 375 thanksgiving gift

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The cold wind of Thanksgiving roared in the school all night.

It didn't stop until the next morning.

After getting up, Zheng Qing was not surprised to see dead branches and fallen leaves all over the floor. Bald-nosed crows and gray squirrels hurriedly picked up nuts blown by the wind against the cold wind, collected gifts from nature, and prepared for the foreseeable winter.

Fatty Xin was full of praise for the Thanksgiving gifts that the elves gave yesterday.

"I thought I would never use these things in my life."

On the way to class, he tugged at the thick scarf hidden in the hood and collar, his round nose was flushed red by the wind, and his voice sounded a little gruff in the wind: "I'll bring them a bottle when I come back in the evening. Apple dew, that's the drink that unicorns love!"

"You should have given it to them last night to show your sincerity, instead of temporarily pulling off the leaves from your laurel and putting them in the box where you put the fried chicken." Zheng Qing hid behind the fat man's generous shoulders , said unceremoniously.

Although Thanksgiving will not be celebrated enthusiastically, it does not mean that the students of Jiuyou Academy are completely indifferent to this day. In particular, such a well-known festival will inevitably lead to the bad habit of giving gifts to each other - of course, different from Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Christmas and other big days, giving gifts to each other on Thanksgiving is mostly concentrated on those with a 'thank you' relationship. group.

For example, the store owner's gift to his employees is the first time for D&K to celebrate this year. The gifts from Zheng Qing to the ear brothers of the rat tribe and Hank, the fox accountant, are half-day holidays without any discount. The falling door panels gave them a holiday.

Another example is the gifts from the student council and school clubs to their members. Gifts from the Student Union have been the practice for many years, nothing more than legal books, classics, talisman paper or cinnabar, nothing new; while the gifts of the community are all kinds.

Because of the high income from selling grass people and 'Zheng Qing's surroundings' during this time, the provident fund of the associations who have committed crimes this year is very rich. After a brief discussion with Dr. Xiao Da, Zheng Qing waved his hand and issued a gift to each team member. The festival fee for each jade coin, including the little monk Shi Yuan who seldom participates in club activities, and Li Meng, who forcibly joined the hunting team, are no exception.

There is also a small interlude.

When listing the list of money to be sent, Zheng Qing asked, "Would you like to send a copy to Qingqiu Mansion", and as soon as he said it, he immediately realized that it was not good, raised his head, and sure enough, he saw a few pairs of meaningful eyes .

"It's not good to be a scumbag." Fatty Xin hugged the fat cat, his face full of emotion: "No matter what you do, you need to be comprehensive and stable. If there is no level of water, the world will be destroyed."

"I really can't afford to be a scumbag if I don't have any background." Xiao Xiao also commented.

While Zheng Qing was annoyed, he couldn't help but say two sentences: "I mean, during the school hunting competition, Su Shijun served as our guilt instructor and helped a lot, shouldn't I give her a gift? ?"

"It should be, it should be, it must be delivered!"

The fat wizard got up in a hurry and bowed deeply in the direction of Qingqiu Mansion to show his respect for the great wizard. Finally, he tilted his head and glanced at the young public Feisheng: "That's you... if anyone else is so careless. Calling Councilman Su's real name, he went to the school hospital to lie down a long time ago."

Zheng Qing was speechless and gave up arguing with him.

Of course, the discussion is a discussion, the jade coin was finally included in the expenditure column of the Thanksgiving Day, but Zheng Qing doubted that Miss Qingqiu would notice this in her long gift list. A very humble little gift.

In addition to the neat gifts such as shops and clubs, Zheng Qing, or the 403 dormitory, also received some other special gifts—scarves, gloves, hats and wool sleeves woven by the elves raised by Zheng Qing. Last year, everyone received a set of four this year.

Because these elves gave Zheng Qing a great surprise last year on Thanksgiving, so this time, the young public student had prepared a small bottle of lucky magic oil as a return gift. The preparation method of this bottle of magic oil is also from the "Shaman Magic Dictionary" recommended by Jiang Yu, using grape seed oil as a carrier, adding comfrey root, fool's gold (pyrite) shavings, as well as cinnamon, essence , holly, etc., can allow users to maintain good luck for a certain period of time.

Xiao Xiao's return gift is a set of delicate brass pendants that can decorate the paper houses of the elves; Dylan's return gift is a beautiful cyan gauze skirt, one set for each elves, and a hood.

Only Fatty Xin completely forgot about this. After receiving the wool gloves from the elves, he hurriedly took out a laurel branch, took off the leaves one by one, and gave them to each elves. one slice.

At this moment, hearing the sarcasm of the young public fee student, the fat wizard was still a little unconvinced: "My sincerity is much more expensive than yours! Is your bottle of magic essential oil worth three golden beans? My laurel passed through the great wizard. Blessings! It was originally a Christmas present to give to …, but the market price can’t come down without seven or eight jade coins, and now I’m giving all those leaves to the elf, will it be a big loss?”

"Sincereness is not necessarily related to the value of a gift." Xiao Xiao seriously refuted the fat wizard's remarks: "Don't you hear the allusion of 'giving a goose feather a thousand miles'? In this sense, the scumbag made it by himself and has a beautiful meaning. Magic essential oils, more precious than your leaves!"

"I didn't say he wasn't precious either!"

"Don't call that nickname outside!" Zheng Qing first looked around nervously. After confirming that there was no one nearby, he glared at the doctor angrily, then turned to look at the fat wizard and changed his expression: " Compared with whether it is precious or not... I am more concerned about the name he just didn't say clearly... Who was your laurel branch originally intended to give?"

"Your law book is very beautiful. Did you buy it new?" The fat wizard looked at the brand new law book that Zheng Qing was holding in his arms, and asked him about it.

"You clearly know that this is a Thanksgiving gift from the students' association at public expense, and I am not the only one to receive it!" Zheng Qing hehe, without any hesitation: "Don't change the subject!"

"But the doctor doesn't like the new and hates the old, and just uses the new one casually. UU reading" The fat man replied with a gun and stick: "If you say you have no other thoughts, I don't believe it. "

Jiang Yu is also a public student, and this time he received the same legal book as Zheng Qing.

"Don't tease me. My bamboo slips are in good condition and don't need to be changed." Xiao Xiao helped his glasses, feeling speechless, and turned to look at Zheng Qing: "As for his laurel, the eighth achievement is to send him to edit. The senior Linda in the ministry... I heard that she is going to participate in off-campus practice, she really needs a bit of luck."

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