Hunting College - v5 Chapter 376 temperature survival

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The 'Sister Linda' that Xiao Xiao mentioned is Fatty Xin's leader in the editorial department of the school newspaper. She is a junior this year, and she is only a year and a half away from graduation.

A year and a half is neither long nor short.

For many students with very good grades, the junior or even sophomore has already completed the credits and began to prepare for off-campus practice content - including but not limited to becoming a trainee member of a formal hunting team, performing long-term tasks in the silent forest, Serving in an agency of the Wizarding League, or traveling to new worlds, etc.

This senior Linda started preparing for off-campus practice in the second semester of her junior year, and she has done a great job.

Zheng Qing didn't have much impression of this senior, except for the name in the school newspaper and the occasional mention of Fatty, it was her blond hair and blue-eyed appearance, her flamboyant momentum at all times, and her silver high-heeled shoes. .

Hearing Xiao Xiao's teasing, Fatty Xin rarely showed a trace of panic on his face.

"What kind of senior, that's one of my seniors in the editorial department!" He waved his arms, his chubby face was red and blue, his speech was fast, and seemed a bit sharp in the wind: "She is going to participate in the silent forest Long-term assignment... Many classmates in the editorial department have given her gifts, so I will give her a laurel to wish her good luck... Is it strange?"

Zheng Qing looked at the fat wizard with an intriguing expression. After a long while, he smiled: "Did we say this is strange? Is there any difference in the title of senior or senior to you?"

Xiao Xiao also shook his head slightly, raised his hand, pushed his glasses, and sighed: "Nen, it's too tender. Tell you, if you want to chase girls, you can't be like this..."

The fat wizard's face turned blue, his figure rose silently, and he stopped talking. He just buried his head and strode towards the classroom, leaving the two roommates behind in a short while.

Zheng Qing and Xiao Xiao looked at each other and smiled. Just as he was about to make a few more jokes, he suddenly felt something jumping in the gray cloth bag, and he subconsciously frowned.

Xiao Xiao's half-open mouth just now closed again.

The young public Feisheng put his fingers into the gray cloth bag and pinched a slightly hot ring. The moment his fingertips touched the ring, a message was transmitted.

"It's the seven deadly sins."

He looked around carefully, and responded with a low voice to his companion's concerned eyes: "'Pride' applied for the party again, and wanted to check if I could find a way to contact other organizations."

While they were talking, the two had already come to the shore of Linzhong Lake.

"I remember you said that he applied for the last meeting?" Xiao Xiao asked softly, staring at the group of big red birds surrounded by the cold wind to keep warm by the lake.

Zheng Qing nodded slightly: "It looks like he has something to do... But aside from wandering, I haven't found a way to communicate with other tripartite societies."

The wandering wizard promised that if the Seven Deadly Sins completed certain tasks, he would be willing to provide detailed information about other societies, but the boy clearly remembered the complexity of those tasks, and was insensitive to the wandering wizard's proposal.

"Does the Seven Deadly Sins stipulate that a sinner must accept the task of a member?" Xiao Xiao retracted his gaze, interrupted the young public fee student's memories, and asked sharply.


Zheng Qing was stunned for a moment before reacting, and slowly organized the language: "You mean, attend the party as usual, and accept the request of 'arrogance' as usual... If you can accept it, do it, if you can't, tell him that you can't do it?"

"If it doesn't violate your organization's internal regulations." Xiao Xiao adjusted his glasses, and suddenly the conversation changed, with a hint of confusion in his tone: "By the way, don't I remember that Xin likes that little girl Li Meng? But if I don't remember Wrong, that Linda-senpai and Li Meng are completely two extreme styles... Well, apart from her temper, I heard that Linda-senpai has a relatively straight temper."

Using 'more straight' to describe Li Meng's temper is too euphemistic.

Zheng Qing couldn't help but smile.

"Well, people grow up."

Although the topic of the doctor is very jumpy, it is also within his interest, so he analyzes it carelessly: "Li Meng's little girl needs to have no boobs, no buttocks, and she has a short body... Royal, mature, rotten, young. , Shu, the house is also stained with a child..."

Next to him, Xiao Xiao coughed violently, and squeezed out two words between his teeth: "Li Meng."

Zheng Qing clearly felt a chill coming from behind him.

He shivered and changed his words smoothly: "…Young, the longer the larvae stay underground, the lower the chance of survival... It is said that the temperature of the crickets is about 24 degrees when they call, and the lower the temperature, the less likely they will be called. The louder the sound, because they know winter is coming... Winter is coming and they are going to die..."

He had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

"Are you two secretly discussing crickets?" The little witch's gloomy voice sounded abruptly but not suddenly behind Zheng Qing.

As she spoke, she squeezed into the space between the two wizards stubbornly and unceremoniously, squinting, looking around with a bad expression, and her tone was a little suspicious: "...Why did I vaguely hear the words 'five short stature'?"

Zheng Qing noticed that she was pulling a stuffed bear out of her schoolbag, and the stuffed bear who was suddenly interrupted to return to the cage raised its paws lazily, covering the dazzling light above her head, and twisted her buttocks unhappily.

The little witch twisted its ears three hundred and sixty degrees, and it settled down immediately.

"You heard it wrong." Xiao Xiao clearly and firmly denied Li Meng's suspicions: "We were just discussing why weasels don't eat crickets in winter... This habit is related to 'temperature survival'..."

He took the word 'temperature survival' very seriously.

Because the two pronunciations were indeed similar, the little witch was suddenly uncertain, rubbing the stuffed bear in her arms, and turned to look at Zheng Qing: "Is that so?"

"That's right, it's 'temperature survival'."

Zheng Qing nodded again and again, and at the same time glanced cautiously at the stuffed bear—he didn't forget that last weekend, it was this bear who wandered through several colleges in the middle of the night and beat up many students, but left no trace.

Xu Shi noticed the boy's straight gaze, the fluffy bear's bright eyes turned to Zheng Qing, and looked at him blankly. After a while, his mouth grinned, revealing a furry smile.

Zheng Qing suddenly retracted his gaze and turned his head to look back.

As expected, Jiang Yu was holding the textbook, UU Reading followed the three of them unhurriedly, and the brand new law book hanging on her waist gently swayed in the cold wind with her footsteps - law books are the school The Thanksgiving gift just distributed yesterday, the standard paperback version, is exactly the same as the one in Zheng Qing's arms.

The wizard smirked unconsciously.

"Good morning." The witch greeted briskly.

The two wizards breathed a sigh of relief, stopped, and sincerely thanked the monitor: "Good morning!"

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