Huoye, Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a Stall - Chapter 1202 You are my one and only, life after life until death

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  Chapter 1202 You are my one and only, life after life will never change

  Qin Ruan's eyes darkened, his pupils shrank in panic, his pale red lips trembled slightly, and his outstretched hands trembled.

  She knew that there was something wrong with the Buddhist beads, but she would never have guessed that it would be broken into eight pieces.

  Qin Ruan really wanted to call Ming Tianheng over, grabbed Ming Tianheng by the collar and asked if it was the day when all the Buddhist beads were broken, Huo Yunyi would welcome death.

  Why is everyone lying to her.

   Are these concealments taking revenge on her?

  Qin Ruan's fingertips touched the cracked Buddhist beads, her heart ached so much that her breathing became weak, as if someone stabbed her heart hard with a knife.


   There was a knock on the door, followed by a familiar gentle voice: "Ruan Ruan, are you inside?"

  Qin Ruan trembled all over, and subconsciously closed the hidden compartment next to the wall of the bookcase at an extremely fast speed, and the books that were taken down before were restored to their original state.

  She turned around and walked quickly to the desk, and picked up the Strolla pen on the table. This pen was invited to participate in a foreign auction some time ago, and she watched it by video.

  When I saw this pen at the time, I thought of my elder brother who often used a pen to sign in the company, so I bought it at a sky-high price of 125 million.

  Strola is a top international fountain pen manufacturer. It is the first choice for the richest man in the world, the royal family, many international celebrities, and even the rich and powerful to use their signatures. Therefore, it has won the reputation of being the most expensive fountain pen in the world.

  The Strola diamond pen in Qin Ruan's hands is inlaid with 1919 diamonds, and there is a super big diamond weighing 3 carats on the cap of the pen.

  The weight of the entire fountain pen has reached more than 30 carats. Its complicated craftsmanship and the influence of the brand and users make this fountain pen so precious.

   "Ruan Ruan?"

  Huo Yunjing's call sounded again outside the door.

  This time, the other party didn't wait for her to respond, and slowly opened the door.

  Qin Ruan stood in front of the desk in a silk nightgown, holding a pen tightly in his hand, staring blankly at the dazzling man who walked in with his own light.

  Seeing Qin Ruan in front of the desk, the corners of Huo Yunzhen's lips curved into a chuckle.

  He looked gentle and doting, walked to Qin Ruan with slow steps, stretched out his hand to brush her messy hair, and said in an unprecedented soft voice: "I thought you were not here, why didn't you make a sound when I called you?"

  After entering the room, he kept his eyes on Qin Ruan, never looking in the direction of the bookshelf.

   This made Qin Ruan, who had been paying attention to him, heaved a sigh of relief.

  She raised the pen in her hand, and brought it to Huo Yunjiao with a calm and soft voice: "I'm here to get the gift I want to give to my brother."

  Huo Yunjiao took the pen from her hand, flipping the pen with his long, white fingers, his movements casually did not seem to be treating the world's top luxury goods, just treating it as an ordinary object.

  He stared at Qin Ruan with deep eyes, and the tenderness in his eyes was about to overflow: "Brother went downstairs and was entangled by someone, can I hand it to him for you later?"

"it is good-"

  Qin Ruan didn't care who gave the gift at all, she was just finding an excuse to hide her guilty conscience.

  Huo Yunzhi reached out and touched her to take off her make-up, revealing some blue eyes, and sighed distressedly: "Your complexion is still not very good-looking, do you want to go downstairs with me to meet someone, or go back to your room to rest?"

  Qin Ruan restrained the body he wanted to avoid, and obediently stood where he was, and said dryly, "I want to rest for a while."

  She knew that she was not in the right state. Looking back on how broken Kun Tianming's Buddhist beads were, she was only restless and uneasy, and there was no time to worry about them.

   Right now, she just wants to be alone, and go through all the information she has obtained from last night to now, trying to find clues that can confirm her guess.

  Huo Yunzhen withdrew his hand and indulged, "Okay, I'll take you back to your room."

  He put his arms around Qin Ruan's thin shoulders, and supported her arm with the other hand to leave the study.

   Sending him back to the bedroom, when Huo Yunzhen turned around to leave, Qin Ruan who was lying on the bed grabbed his sleeve.

  He looked back, with a smile on his face, and asked in a gentle voice: "What's wrong?"

  Qin Ruan no longer avoids his eyes, the fox eyes full of affection are deeply fixed on Huo Yunjiao, his red lips move, and he asks in a soft voice: "Master, did you marry me because you like me?"

  Huo Yunjiao's handsome face suddenly showed a look of surprise, and he gently squeezed Qin Ruan's hand with his fingertips. He sat on the side of the bed, leaned over and kissed Qin Ruan's soft hand softly.

  He raised his eyes, the amorous peach blossom eyes are seductive, full of intoxicating affection.

He said in an extremely serious tone: "The thing I don't regret the most in my life is the beginning of the accidental encounter with you at the Royal Court Hotel. The moment you broke into my world, our fate is destined I will be entangled for the rest of my life, it is too hypocritical to say that I like it when I am old."

  Huo Yunjiao pulled Qin Ruan into his arms, lowered his head to catch her slightly opened lips.

   A low murmur sounded from their lips touching.

   "Mrs. Huo, there is no one in this world who makes me more happy than you. You are my one and only, and I will never change from life to life."

  Every sentence does not mention love, but every sentence expresses affection.

Qin Ruan felt that her soul was about to leave her body at this moment. She looked at the gentle smile in Huo Yunjiao's deep eyes from a close distance. She didn't know whose heartbeat was beating violently. It was so clear, and every sound was telling Excitement.

  She did not avoid the other party's kiss, and took the initiative to deepen it, seeking the source of her stability.

  The warm and cool feeling on the lips heats up quickly as they rub against each other.

  Qin Ruan thought about everything, hugged Huo Yunjiao's waist tightly, and obediently let the other party manipulate him.

  She, on the other hand, only seeks a sense of belonging that makes her feel at ease—it comes from the warm embrace of the third master.

  Because of the low body temperature all year round, Huo Yunjiao's breath was a little cool. He noticed that Qin Ruan's breathing was not stable, and was afraid that her lack of oxygen would affect the child in her stomach. Although he was reluctant, he restrained himself from leaving the red lips that made him sink.

   "Baby, don't think about it yourself, life is so short, we have to spend the rest of our lives enjoying the warmth and light of the world."

  A baby full of pity and tenderness echoed in Qin Ruan's ears, making her heart drunk.

  Huo Yunjiao's comforting words seemed to give Qin Ruan a reassurance. Finally, a decent smile no longer pretended to appear on her face, but a relaxed and bright smile.

  Her red lips curled up in pleasure, and she nodded vigorously: "Okay—"

  Life is short for dozens of years, if she keeps entangled with the past and present, wouldn't she have to suffer the pain of entanglement every day.

   And still some unverified guesswork.

  Qin Ruan suddenly felt relieved.

What she was afraid of was not Huo Yunjiao's concealment, nor the breakup of the two people's broken sword in the dream, but she was afraid that she would have children with each other in this life, and even the step of getting married now may come from a revenge .

  She knows Mr. Huo, this man doesn't bother to lie.

  Since the other party said that he married her because he liked her, it must be true.

  Since this is the case, she has nothing to worry about.

  Huo Yunjiao naturally sensed the change in Qin Ruan's mood. He was still hesitating on how to suppress the memory that she was about to recover. Seeing how she let go of her burden now, he couldn't help feeling hot in his heart.

  He rubbed Qin Ruan's hair, with a gentle smile like a spring breeze on his face: "You are so good."

  The estrangement disappeared after simple communication, leaving only sticky warmth and ambiguity.

  Huo Yunjiao gently stroked Qin Ruan's back with his palms, with gentle movements, one after another to comfort him.

  Qin Ruan lay in his arms a little embarrassed, sniffing the familiar cool fragrance, his restless heart was soothed, and sleepiness also found.

  After an unknown amount of time, Huo Yunjiao stopped his movements, and put Qin Ruanping, who was breathing evenly and fell into a deep sleep, on the bed.

  The warmth on his face faded, the smile in his eyes dissipated, and the tight jaw line looked cold and a little unreasonable.

  Beautiful fingers as white as jade caressed Qin Ruan's cheek, and a low murmur sounded in the quiet room.

   "Ah Ruan, will you always be so good?"

  Qin Ruan couldn't hear it, she fell into sleep with a relaxed expression, and because of the previous conversation, there was still a slight curvature on the corners of her lips.

  (end of this chapter)

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