Huoye, Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a Stall - Chapter 1203 Daughter of the Tu Shan family, now marrying her husband

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  Chapter 1203 The daughter of the Tu Shan family, now married to a lover

   Before the wedding banquet ended, Qin Ruan showed up again.

  After sleeping for a few hours, her face is no longer pale, and she looks radiant. The modern modified version of the ancient wedding dress on her body makes her more bright and charming, with a gentle and elegant temperament.

  The wedding dress on her body is not too loose, and the belly that has been pregnant for more than five months is revealed.

  Huo Yunjiao changed into a wedding dress of the same color as Qin Ruan's. Both of them were full of spring smiles, walking hand in hand among the guests.

  Ling Xiaoxuan came to the wedding banquet today. She is no longer wearing the rigorous Skywalker uniform. She wears a dress that has faded from her sassy temperament, and her temperament is enchanting and feminine.

  She stood beside her uncle Ling Zeheng, her eyes followed the direction of Huo's couple's movement, her eyes were glued to Qin Ruan's body and she couldn't take them off.

   After a while, Ling Xiaoxuan raised her head and said to the man beside her, "The school girl is so beautiful."

  The tone was unspeakably envious, but more melancholy.

  In the past two years, she has personally witnessed how Qin Ruan gained a firm foothold in the top circle step by step. Apart from the strong background blessing of the Huo family, it is more because of her strength that she speaks.

  Qin Ruan acted in a low-key manner, and rarely appeared in the name of the Huo family. She relied on her ability to let everyone remember her name.

  Ling Zeheng glanced down at Ling Xiaoxuan, with a faint smile on his lips.

  He didn't speak, and reached out to touch Ling Xiaoxuan's loose wine red wavy hair.

  Ling Xiaoxuan frowned, avoided his palm, and said coquettishly with resentment: "Don't touch my head casually, I am no longer a child."

Ling Zeheng raised his eyes and scanned the surroundings. Seeing that no one noticed his side, he lowered his head and quickly bit Ling Xiaoxuan's lips, coaxing people in a low voice: "Although Mrs. Huo San is very beautiful, in my eyes, Xuanxuan is the most beautiful. pretty."

  Ling Xiaoxuan has already stretched out her hand, ready to push someone. Hearing this, her charming face and her ears wearing small and delicate diamond earrings quickly burned red.

  Her skin is very fair, and the reddened skin quickly heats up, making her more attractive and delicious.

  Ling Zeheng stared at her collarbone that couldn't be covered by the dress, his eyes darkened, and his voice was hoarse: "Little fairy, stop seducing people."

  Ling Xiaoxuan glared at him: "What, obviously you did it first."

  After speaking, she turned her head and looked for Qin Ruan at the banquet.

  She didn't know how seductive her affectionate, watery eyes were, Ling Zeheng wished he could drag her away from the banquet, find a place where no one was around and kill her directly.

  Ling Zeheng played his luck lightly, went back and forth several times, and finally suppressed the restlessness in his heart.

  Following Ling Xiaoxuan's gaze, he saw the Huo family again.

  He knew from the bottom of his heart that Ling Xiaoxuan was not envious of Qin Ruan's appearance, but that she and the third master could hold such a grand wedding in an open and aboveboard manner, and envied them for embracing their loved ones as if they had nothing to do.

   This is what Ling Zeheng can't give Ling Xiaoxuan in a short time.

  But I believe that one day, he will do it and make everyone call Ling Xiaoxuan Mrs. Ling.

  Qin Ruan walked around the banquet, met all the elders of the Huo family and the Qin family, and was sent back to the small building again.

  This time it is no longer the team of stylists who serve her to change clothes and put on makeup, but Song Qing and Huo Zhi take over.

  She also finally saw the black wedding dress that the third master mentioned before. The dark color and exquisite workmanship of the wedding dress is grand and domineering, with indescribable solemnity and elegance.

  Qin Ruan was wearing the inner lining that wrapped the key points of the body. Looking at the wedding dress carried into the bedroom by the female guard of the Huo family with clothes and hangers, she couldn't help walking forward, reaching out to touch the material that reflected the flowing light and embroidered red flowers on the other side.

  A small amount of gold thread color is dotted on the placket and sleeves. The material of the wedding dress is comfortable to the touch, and the coolness is conveyed through the fingertips.

  Song Qing stepped forward, took out the inner coat from the hanger, held it in both hands and walked in front of Qin Ruan, knelt on the ground on one knee: "Madam, please take off your coat."

  Qin Ruan responded, and Huo Zhi, who was standing beside her, stepped forward and slowly pulled off the light yellow inner lining she was wearing.

   Under the service of Song Qing and Huo Zhi, Qin Ruan put on the red bellyband, followed by the inner jacket, the middle jacket, and finally the solemn black wedding dress.

  After getting dressed, Qin Ruan stood where she was, staring down at the red flowers embroidered on the wedding gown, wondering what to do. After a while, she dragged the tail of the heavy wedding gown to the cloakroom.

  She pushed open the door and clearly saw the person in the mirror through the mirror in the center.

  Black is a very powerful color. It not only gives people a solemn, elegant, stable, and mysterious feeling, but also represents sadness, death, and sin in some areas.

  The wedding dress on Qin Ruan's body was in three colors of black, gold, and red, and the coldness completely faded away.

  It can no longer be summed up by warm and cold, but a very natural color match, which is just right, calm and mysterious, and this is the most classic and perfect match.

  The meeting of black, gold and red is the endorsement of grandeur and magnificence.

  Qin Ruan looked at herself in the mirror wearing a wedding dress, her attractive red lips slowly curled up.

   Huo Zhi and Song Qing who came over looked at each other, knowing that Madam was satisfied.

   It was getting dark outside, Qin Ruan was sitting on the head of the bed in an orderly manner, holding a jade plate containing exquisite snacks in his hand, shaking his legs hidden in the wedding dress while eating, looking very comfortable.

   There was a knock on the door, Qin Ruan blinked, swallowed the food in his mouth, and stuffed Yudie, which still had a piece of snack, into Huo Zhi's arms.

  Song Qing has already gone to open the door.

  Qin Ruan thought it was Huo Yunjiao, but he didn't expect to see Xiao Yunchen.

The latter was wearing a fine silk Tsing Yi, with a light blue ribbon hanging from his waist, and a suet jade round jade pendant, his hair was **** in the jade crown, and the rest of his hair, like a waterfall pouring down, flowed obediently behind his back. His handsome face is like a banished fairy.

  The once gentle and handsome face, elegant and elegant like a banished fairy, exudes a natural noble and extraordinary temperament in every gesture, and the restrained domineering arrogance that everyone is like an ant in his body is also inadvertently released.

   Xiao Yunchen, who hasn't seen each other for nearly a year, is really different now.

  Qin Ruan's eyes flickered slightly, and there was a complicated and obscure light in his eyes.

  Xiao Yunchen put down his hand knocking on the door, a gentle smile appeared on Qingjun's face, and his deep eyes were fixed on the bride sitting in the room waiting.

   "Qin Ruan, I'll pick you up."

  Qin Ruan frowned, with a puzzled and incomprehensible expression in his eyes: "Why you?"

   "Eldest Young Master Qin was supposed to send you there for the wedding tonight, but he left due to something else, and the third master and I took the initiative to ask you to see you off."

  After Xiao Yunchen finished speaking, he walked in with Chang Yuan who had changed into a black robe behind him, and Lan Gan who was wearing a light green brocade dress, and the last one who walked in was Hu Yiyan who had resumed men's clothing and was dressed in white.

  He met Qin Ruan's scrutinizing eyes, blinked slightly, and showed an intimate smile on his masculine and seductive face.

  The four people who walked in were filled with immortal energy, but only Hu Yiyan had both evil and immortal energy.

  (end of this chapter)

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