I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - v2 Chapter 1121 3 Under the door, curse to kill the night owl!

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The war in the sky is imminent.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man seem to have forgotten what it means to talk nonsense.

He and Chen Ru could talk at length, but when they met Ye Xiao, they didn't even have a half-word to spare. They just raised their hands after coldly pronouncing "You will die a terrible death".


The wind is blowing.

The illusory, gigantic Lord of Disasters, outlined by the gray-black decaying mist, rose up after the five declines of heaven and man, as if being blown by a strong wind, he leaned forward and swooped down in front of the Necromancer.

"Stand of Rebirth!"

Ye Xiao is also a model of cherishing words like gold, and he never talks nonsense. His mind affects the summoning of the undead. The muscular necromancer can't even sing, and the giant scepter in his hand bursts into black light.


The Undead Archmage draws out of thin air.

With just one blow, the space was instantly shattered.

The disaster lord who swooped in, was swept by this huge force, and exploded into a confused mist with no form and no image, and could no longer form a substance.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man remain indifferent, as if they had expected that their first-hand attack would be destroyed.

He quickly made a formula in his hand, gray light flowed around his body, and after completely smiling at the invading breath of death, his whole body was illuminated with spiritual energy, and his momentum was great.

"Maggots spawn!"

In just half a breath, the Heavenly Man and the Five Decays folded their hands together and let out a loud cry.

The thick decaying mist flying all over the sky suddenly squirmed, and in the grotesque scene, it turned into ugly, twisted, and disgusting gray maggots.

This maggot swarm no longer has the weight of a feather like the decaying fog, it seems to be as heavy as a thousand junctures. As soon as he took shape, Ye Xiaoruo, who stepped on the shoulders of the great necromancer, became the center of the world, possessing an endless gravitational force on everything.

"Papa papa..."

The maggots were like hailstones from the sky, and they slapped on the Undead Archmage at the speed of falling in the air.

These disgusting things are scrambling to be the first, as if they are staring at the most delicious hookless bait, climbing up the body of the undead archmage, trying to get into the body of the night owl.

The scene became very scary for a while!

Rao Ye Xiao was used to seeing big scenes in the past, but this time, he was also disgusted by the group of gray maggots under him.

"The power of decay..."

A cold light flashed across Ye Xiao's eyes hidden under the shadows, as well as a slight hesitation.

She already knows that the five decays of heaven and man are one of the five great bodies of decay.

This kind of physique, not to mention that she is under the half-sage, even if the half-sage comes over, I am afraid that she does not want to fight this guy.

Therefore, the most urgent task is not to continue fighting the five decays of heaven and man, but to look for opportunities to withdraw from this special time and space while fighting.

But this piece of wilderness filled with light is very stable, as if it blocked everyone's retreat from the very beginning.

Ye Xiao could see it.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man never wanted to move Chen Ruye from the beginning to the end.

His goal has been himself from the very beginning!

Seal time and space first, and then go to war directly.

As long as the battle is delayed long enough, when the half saint comes, he will have to kneel under the body of decay.

And these disgusting maggots made entirely of the power of decay... Ye Xiao can use the power of differentiation to disintegrate the undead archmage and turn him into an endless three-legged black owl.

Presumably, once the owls fell, the maggots could only be moths to the flames, being devoured to death one by one.

But that's the point!

The five decays of heaven and man are the body of decay, and what he masters is the power of "bad luck" and "curse".

In terms of difficulty alone, this is even higher than the "Power of Death", which is simply the best in the world!

Ye Xiao dared to use the three-legged black owl to swallow all living and dead things in the world, but she was afraid that swallowing these maggots transformed by the power of decay would bring endless bad luck to herself.

Anticipating this point, she no longer hesitated, and decided to give up all confrontation with the Five Decays of Heaven and Man.


The black owl on the shoulder suddenly croaked.

Ye Xiao soared up from the body of the Undead Master, and the black feather cloak was hunting, and a pair of white hands that seemed to have never been illuminated by the light pierced through it, flying the seal of determination.

"Three doors!"

The cold voice sounded, and the sky suddenly darkened.

There was a loud bang, and at the end of the nine-day darkness, three heavy doors that were as high as the sky suddenly descended.

The three doors smashed to the ground, causing smoke, dust and dead grass to rise from the sky.

The whole body of this door is dark, ancient and mysterious.

The door is engraved with the depiction of meals for hungry ghosts, cooking people in a big cauldron, mountains of knives and sea of ​​fire, and other complicated and weird patterns, full of the breath of death.

As soon as it landed, the three gates were spread out in a fan shape, between Ye Xiao and the undead mage full of maggots, as if forcibly dividing the world of yang and yin from the space between heaven and earth.


Ye Xiao gave an order.

The three doors of death opened with a bang, without any sense of stagnation.

"Woo woo woo one by one"

The first door is the first to save the endless hungry ghosts. When they see the spirit, they bite and catch the air, which fully explains what it means to be truly hungry.

The great necromancer hadn't even reacted, and with just a turn of his head, the hungry ghost pounced on its body, tearing out its spirit flesh with decayed maggots and stuffing it into its mouth.


For a moment, the howl of the hungry ghost and the scream of the mage resounded through the sky.

If mortals are here, they can see the scene of the Nine Nether Hells, which is simply horrible!

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

He felt that the ability of the Five Decays of Heaven and Man was disgusting enough, but he never thought that this move by the head of the Anbu, Ye Xiao, was even more terrifying.

The hungry ghosts in the three gates do not distinguish between enemy and friend.

After coming out, some of them even found Ye Xiao. Naturally, Xu Xiaoshou, who had landed on the edge of the corner, was also targeted.

The ghost sign in Xu Xiaoshou's eyes lit up, and without even thinking about it, he forcibly controlled the gang of hungry ghosts in place.

However, he never expected that the spirits in the heads of these ghosts would be held in place by him, and their heads would be torn off with a twist of their bodies. The air was stuffed into his neck... It was terrifying!

If this person is caught, the soul does not know how many pieces it will be torn into pieces!

"His grandma, is this trick used to scare people to death?"

Xu Xiao was frightened and deterred, retreating again and again, not wanting to provoke these gangsters at all.

This is a duel between Ye Xiao and the Five Decays of Heaven and Man. He can just watch the show objectively with his own position.


Being chased by ghosts all the way, staring at the battlefield all the way.

After the first door opened, the second door also opened with a bang.

This door of death, which depicts the image of a big cauldron boiling people, is different from the former one. Once opened, endless turbid yellow boiling water pours out from it.

It looked like boiled Huangquan River water!

The boiling soup is boundless, and the entire wilderness time and space are flooded in the blink of an eye.

And the water level keeps rising, from no ankles, no knees, no one. Still rising!

"What the hell?"

Xu Xiaoshou was forced to go up to the sky, his eyes were horrified.

He once again realized what it means to "fairies fight, and mortals suffer."

This day, the Five Decays of Heaven and Human Beings started fighting with Ye Xiao, and the first one who was about to be injured would be himself!

The space became distorted under the steam of the boiling hot soup.

Everything is spent, and it is completely unclear.

Xu Xiaoshou's curiosity is limited, he doesn't want to know the consequences of being contaminated by these filthy things.

He is the same as the behavior of the five declines of heaven and man, so he keeps flying upwards.

As long as the five evils of heaven and man don't make a move, I don't need to make a move. I will do whatever he does. Once I can't even beat him, then I will disappear.

In this way, there should be no accidents, right?

The five declines of heaven and man seemed to be shocked by Ye Xiao's hand. He had the same idea as Chen Ruye behind him, and he didn't want to taste the hot soup at all.

Just as Ye Xiao chose to shy away from his declining power, he also had a deep fear of Ye Xiao's death power.

And at this moment, Wu Shuai noticed keenly that Ye Xiao, who had opened the double doors of the three doors, seemed to be unable to hold on, and his body trembled slightly.


The third door was opened at the same time, also without any delay.

This time, countless cyan-colored soul blades flew out of it.

The soul blade lingered around the karmic fire, and wherever it passed, the void was completely ignited, and even the boiling soup below was instantly dyed into a sea of ​​flames, bubbling.

"Your uncle!"

Xu Xiao went crazy, and he was forced to the end of his life.

The sea, land and air are all occupied by you, and if you make the best use of the entire time and space, you, Ye Xiao, are the only one in the world!

Following the five declines of heaven and man, dodging left and right, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly had an idea in his mind.

Mr. Jiren always said that he has extraordinary inspiration and can see what ordinary people cannot see, which means that his soul and body are also very strong.

Ye Xiao's three attacks belonged to group attack skills, so the damage of a single soul blade should not be that terrible.

Think and do it!

Xu Xiaoshou intends to try again, he can no longer hide.

I can hide today, but can I hide in the future?

If he meets someone like Ye Xiao again in the future, or if there is a situation where he has to face such a person alone, he has to fight with all his strength.

If you don't know the strength of the opponent's attack, how can you decide how to counterattack?

In Xu Xiaoshou's eyes, the masterpiece of the ghost sign, You Guang, was so excited that he directly lifted a large number of headless hungry ghosts from the "everything is a sword" in the boiling soup, and blended it into a ghost sword.

Holding the Hungry Ghost Sword in his hand, he slashed at one of the soul blades that had been sliced ​​towards his head.


The Hungry Ghost Ghost Sword hadn't even touched the soul blade, it only got a little closer to the karmic fire above the soul blade, and it was burned on the spot!

Xu Xiao turned pale in shock and tilted his head.

The soul blade sliced ​​through his scalp without hurting his soul body.

But the fire of karma ignited on his head!

"Uh ah one by one"

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou covered his head, and a scream of pain burst out of his mouth.

It wasn't his soul that was burned by the fire of karma, but his emotions and desires, and the three dirts of his spiritual roots!

When such karma was ignited, Xu Xiaoshou felt that everything in his mind had turned into a devil.

Desires, emotions, distracting thoughts, spiritual wisdom...all crazy demons, all set up their fangs and claws, and tore their heads.

"Being attacked, passive value, +1."

"Being attacked, passive value, +1."

When a ray of light flickered on the Lingtai and his spirit awakened, Xu Xiaoshou finally found his sanity from the pain.

But at this time, he was startled to feel that his body was falling, below the waist, he had already been submerged in the boiling soup above the ground.

Burning heat spreads from the soles of the feet...

"Scared, passive value, +1."

"Do it!!"

Xu Xiaoshou roared at the five declines of heaven and man, his eyeballs almost protruded, and they were bloodshot.

Ye Xiao is too strong!

One of the tens of millions of soul blades in one third of her group attack spirit skills can cause this kind of damage to her current self.

With such a person, who would dare to call her Taixu?

Shuangdai, Hong Dang and the like, in front of Ye Xiao, can't even compare with half a finger!

But the stronger Ye Xiao was, the crazier Xu Xiaoshou became.

Now there are the five evils of heaven and man by her side, and if she is alone in the future, and then confronts Ye Xiao alone, she will choose to go out regardless of other things.

hand it?

So what to do?

wait to die? !

Since Ye Xiao can't be allowed to survive in the future and continue to target her, the only way to do it now is to bury her here, in the underworld created by San Limen!

As long as you can't die, work hard.

Xu Xiaoshou didn't use the disappearing technique. After he finished yelling at the five evils of heaven and man, his body was completely submerged in the sea of ​​flames, and he let countless headless ghosts rush towards him wildly.

The golden light of Buddha nature glowed from his body.

It's very light, but it's like being able to save thousands of ghosts.

"Fudo Myo!"

The Heavenly Man and the Five Decays never imagined that while he was still waiting for Ye Xiao's weak and weak opportunity, Chen Ruye from Chengyue Gray Palace would choose to pay such a painful price in exchange for an opportunity to make a move for him. How touching is this?

Even at this time, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man don't even know what the so-called "opportunity" is and where it is. But who is Chen Ru?

This is the character who can represent Chengyue Gray Palace to go to conquer the void island in the Eastern Region!

This is the ghost beast that led the mission to the first hall of sin and successfully released the ice-type semi-holy ghost beast Han Tianzhi!

Even if he refused to reveal even the slightest breath of ghosts and beasts until his death, he still chose to trust Chen Ruye unconditionally!


The air of decay exploded on the surface of the body, turning into a spherical enchantment with layers of defense.

The five declines of heaven and man did not hesitate, carrying countless karmic fire soul blades, sprinting at full speed, and rushed towards Ye Xiao who was behind the three gates regardless of the consequences.

Ye Xiao was startled.

Soaked in the sea of ​​fire, Xu Xiaoshou, who could only use "perception" to see some sluggish images, was also shocked.

Even at this moment, he can't move Ming Wang and can be immune to most injuries, but he still feels that his body heat is rising, and the pain left by the karmic fire before is still giving people a splitting headache.

But heaven and man have five decays, he is really crazy!

With his sprinting speed, Ye Xiao and Xu Xiaoshou could see the decrepit air around him, and he didn't even cut off a layer of power from the soul blade Karma.

But bearing the damage of countless soul blade cutting and karmic fire burning, the five declines of heaven and man remained silent, and straightly stabbed in Ye Xiao's direction.

what is this?

It was almost unimaginable to Xu Xiaoshou, what kind of torture would it take to be able to forge a person who could still remain silent under the soul attack of the Sanjimen.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man...

Has he experienced the punishment of Ling Chi?

In other words, he is a dead person, and he will never feel the indelible pain that normal people can feel, from the seven emotions, six desires, and the three dirts of the spiritual root?

However, the look in his eyes during the sprint was distorted and painful!

Ye Xiao couldn't take it anymore.

She broke off the ties to San Limen.

Because the five declines of heaven and man are not human at all, he gritted his teeth to resist the burning pain of karma, and as he was approaching, a wave of decay was shot from the air.

"Papa Papa~"

The night owl's figure exploded and turned into countless three-legged black owl phantoms, flapping its wings and about to fly away from the surrounding area of ​​the decaying air.

But it was also at this time that Xu Xiaoshou couldn't bear it anymore!

There was an explosion in my mind, "Fudo Myoko" was finally boiled through by the boiling fire, and a monstrous huge wave exploded in the distance.


The moment he escaped from the sea of ​​suffering and regained his sanity after his spiritual awakening, Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously wanted to use the vanishing technique to avoid the next pain.

He didn't want to fight anymore, it was too torture.

But he stopped suddenly!

Because Ye Xiao, who turned into a group of owls in the distance, suddenly exploded with endless blood at this moment.

"Ye Owl's physical body is worse than mine"

"Ye Xiao is currently performing a spell. Her three-strike gate is so powerful, it must consume a lot. If it is forcibly interrupted, the power of backlash will be even more terrifying..."

"I was hit by 'Fudo Mingwang, blown to pieces. According to the experiment with Lei Xi'er, Ye Xiao must have also been hit, and all her counterattacks combined must be worse than me."

"Cursed, passive value, +1."

Surrounded by thoughts, Xu Xiao realized almost immediately that the curse could only come from Ye Xiao who suddenly realized that his injury was due to Chen Ruye.

He was overjoyed.

Because at this moment, Ye Xiao's body was blown out by the backlash of "Fudo Ming Wang" from the scattered retreating group of owls.

Lian Sanjiemen's attack was forcibly interrupted at this moment. Under the backlash, Ye Xiao couldn't even make a counterattack except for cursing!

Who are the five declines of heaven and man?

He finally saw the "opportunity" that Chen Ru also asked him to do it.

"Lord of Disaster!"

At this moment, he stood up again, and Xu Xiaoshou finally heard the same trembling that he was suffering from endless pain in his roar.

But even enduring the burning pain of karmic fire, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man can still move.

From the back of his waist climbed out again the huge monster that was so tall, extremely vicious, and outlined by the aura of decay.

But now, as soon as the monster appeared, it stabbed the immobile Ye Xiao.

"Ah one by one"

There was a scream.

Xu Xiaoshou's pupils trembled, and he stared in shock at the Lord of Disaster who was as huge as the Void Attendant. He turned into the air of endless decay, and poured all his strength into Ye Xiao's trembling and convulsing body in mid-air. "This is, too scary!"

No one can imagine, except for the five declines of heaven and man himself, any spiritual master who has been injected with so much decay will have what kind of consequences.

Ye Xiao also didn't expect that the long-distance confrontation between him and the Five Decays of Heaven and Man was due to Chen Ruye's unknown spiritual skills...

Just because of that inexplicable backlash!

A mistake that would cause eternal hatred, not only did she fall into the trap, but at this moment, she fell into the abyss!

"One by one"

There is a black owl crowing in the sky.

Ye Xiao seemed to be awakened, and his body was about to collapse as he struggled, and he was about to split into three-legged black owl again and disappear into nothingness.


But Heaven and Man laughed.

In his dreams, he wanted Ye Xiao to be exposed to a large amount of decaying energy in a short period of time, so that his curse could be completed. UU reading www. uukanshu.com

Right now, how could he let the other party go?

Under Xu Xiaoshou's dazed gaze, Heaven and Man Wu Huai took out a long nail from his sleeve. This is a rusty nail full of rust, without any aura, like a product of the mundane world, not even a tenth-grade spiritual weapon, it is as long as a forearm and as thick as a thumb.

Holding such a rusty nail, Wu Huai looked at the group of owls that were about to disappear in the distance, his chest heaved rapidly, as if he was taking a deep breath for pain.

After that, he breathed a sigh of relief, and his eyes were more relieved.

"Curse to kill!"

It fell with a sound.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man suddenly pulled out the rusty nail, pierced it into his forehead through the mask on his face, and the rusty nail pierced out from the back of his head on the spot, spattering blood.

Xu Xiaoshou's pupils were startled, and his whole body was hairy, and his body that had just soaked in the boiling soup suddenly turned cold.

"Scared, passive value, +1."


Another blood mist exploded in mid-air.

Ye Xiao, who turned into a group of owls for the second time and wanted to escape from this place, was forced out of his original form again.

It was as if her head hit an invisible barrier on the way to the end of the world, the hood exploded on the spot, and her body turned upside down. After spinning for a week, she shook off her long black hair in mid-air.

Time seemed to stand still at this moment.

In the time and space that belongs to the underworld full of mountains of knives and seas of fire, boiling soup, and endless hungry ghosts, the beautiful and beautiful face in the sky finally escaped from the shadow and revealed its true face.

Willow leaves and moon eyebrows, red lips and red phoenix eyes, muscles like white dew,

Hair like night election.

But at this moment, on this beautiful oval face, the eyes lost focus.

On her forehead, there was also a thumb-sized... blood hole that slowly oozes decaying mist!


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