I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive - Chapter 660 feign death

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Zhou Feng finally figured out that this small world has always been operating according to certain rules.

The so-called abbot is just a puppet, and has no core authority at all.

And the people in this small world are just leeks.

People in this small world basically cannot escape forever, and offering incense and incense is their only destiny.

This is more like a big guy's vegetable patch.

But this made him a little confused why this small world chose him as the abbot.

And is the position of the abbot really necessary?

"There must be a reason for this. If the position of abbot is useless, it will never be established."

He frowned.

I didn't expect to be so unlucky, just entering Zhongzhou, I strayed into the vegetable field that I thought was a boss.

Is it that all monks will experience this kind of thing when they enter Zhongzhou, or is it just him who is particularly unlucky.

"Wait! The last abbot also came from outside? And every abbot is not from this small world..."

Suddenly Zhou Bong caught the point.

There must be something wrong with this, even related to the secret of this dojo.

Just as Zhou Feng was thinking about it, the fire of Buddha lotus on his body not only failed to restrain, but became more and more terrifying.

The power of Buddhist vows is infecting his whole body bit by bit.

The Sanskrit sound in the ear is getting clearer and clearer, and it is becoming more and more difficult to suppress this sound.

Seeing this, Guan Ming couldn't help shaking his head, it seems that the new abbot in front of him still can't do it.

It was even shorter than the time the previous abbot insisted on.

The previous abbot had persisted for several years before giving in, but Zhou Feng seemed unable to persist for a few days.

Facing the infestation of this Buddhist vow, he did not strongly resist, but let go of it little by little.

Compress all the spiritual power and blood energy in the body into the life wheel.

The life wheel is the foundation of Zhou Feng's current practice.

Longevity matter, spiritual power, blood energy, and even the power of blood are condensed here, and the foundation of all cultivation is forcibly compressed into this place.

Even the Immortal Qi inside the Immortal Golden Bone was forcibly compressed into the Life Wheel.

The originally indestructible physical body began to slowly disappear, and began to turn into the body of a Buddha.

As if sensing Zhou Feng's current changes, countless incense and vows began to flock to him, constantly encroaching on his body.


Among them, Zhou Feng's soul was the most polluted.

The idea of ​​converting to Buddhism began to arise continuously.

If he didn't stop him, he might really convert to Buddhism and become the abbot of this small world with peace of mind.

Correspondingly, the suppression of King Ming's seal began to weaken.

All this is within Zhou Feng's prediction.

Since he was forcibly pulled into this small world, he let his brain start to analyze how to escape from this place.

First of all, if you want to escape from this small world, the most important thing is these two inheritance marks on your head.

Especially the King Ming's mark, like a long nail, nailing him to death here.

How to weaken the suppression of King Ming's seal became a difficult problem.

So Zhou Feng suddenly suppressed the spiritual power in his body, and began to let the power of the Buddhist vows be infected.

Sure enough, the pressure began to slowly weaken.

"As long as the life wheel is not infected, then everything is fine."

Zhou Feng's current idea is to use the method of escaping the golden cicada.

Abandon most of the physical body and part of the soul, and then forcibly leave this place.

Just take advantage of this opportunity to reshape the physical body and recreate the soul.

All along, his cultivation aptitude was not top-notch.

Even at the beginning, his cultivation aptitude could be described as inferior.

After so much experience, his physical body has undergone many transformations, and he has been reborn from Nirvana once in the middle, but his aptitude is still a bit lacking.

In other places, Zhou Feng might be regarded as a genius.

But in Zhongzhou, where monsters are everywhere, it's not enough.

So he moved his mind and wanted to completely reshape his physical body, and by the way, even his soul.

This is not his whimsy.

"Golden Body Nirvana Sutra, Three Lives Reincarnation Sutra..."

The above two doors are related to the inheritance of the body and soul.

This is the core lineage of Mahayana Buddhism. Compared with other lineages, these two lineages only have the front part.

If you want to get more, then you need to get more permissions.

"Some of these are enough."

Zhou Feng is not greedy, even if there is only a small part of the front, it is enough to provide an idea.

Anyway, he has two passives: God rewards diligence and intelligence.

With these two passive bases, it is not too difficult to create a suitable method.

Although the method created at the beginning will have various disadvantages, he doesn't care.

He is completely acceptable to go crazy or something.

There is a large amount of long-lived substances contained in the life wheel, and with the support of these long-lived substances, his life essence declines to the slowest.

So he doesn't need to worry about Shouyuan at all.

Obtaining the inheritance of Changsheng Tianzun should be the luckiest thing for him.

"However, if you want to reshape your physical body, you must find a place full of inspiration and a lot of resources."

While Zhou Feng was thinking, the Buddhist vows around him had infected his whole body.

His soul was also compressed to the extreme.

If he continues to allow this wish to rage, his true spirit will sink in an instant.

But correspondingly, the suppressing force of King Ming's mark on his forehead also weakened a lot.


At this time, he no longer hesitated, immediately cut off half of his soul, and then used the long life step with all his strength.

The surrounding space was immediately torn apart.

An extremely huge formation tried to suppress him, but this huge formation failed on Zhou Feng.

The passivity of the forbidden body made him ignore the suppression of the formation.

And most importantly, because Zhou Feng gave up half of his soul, he immediately got rid of the two Buddhist inheritance marks.

The big array didn't work, and the seal of King Ming on his head didn't work either.

Zhou Feng forcibly left the dojo in this way.

Before leaving, he also swept up a large area of ​​things in the warehouse.

"This... this... this..."

Guan Ming was completely dumbfounded.

This... this person actually escaped directly from the control of King Ming's seal~www.novelbuddy.com~ and even tore apart the space to escape from this small world?

how can that be!

how did you do that?


Aside from the surprise on Guan Ming's face, he couldn't help feeling a trace of remorse in his heart.

Isn't this a great opportunity missed?

A great opportunity to escape from the Kongshan Temple.

"and many more!"

Soon Guanming realized one more thing, Zhou Feng ran away, but the position of abbot of Kongshan Temple was vacant again.

So who will fight against those demons next?


Before Guan Ming could feel too much emotion, the owner of this small world was also shocked.

In an instant, the entire small world burst into dazzling Buddha light.

Zhou Feng had no idea what happened in this small world afterwards.

After forcibly tearing apart the space and escaping from this small world.

He randomly found a place to bury himself, and at the same time, all spiritual power, blood energy, and soul were placed in the life wheel.

If there are monks passing by, they will definitely not find anything wrong here.

Because at this time, Zhou Feng not only lost his breath but even his temperature, his whole body was like a stubborn rock.

The technique of feigning death!

This is a small spell that Zhou Feng comprehended from the inheritance of Changsheng Tianzun.

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