I Have a Random New System Daily - Chapter 2751 dangerous situation

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the other side.

Those who are strong are fighting against the mighty demigods!

It is indeed a little difficult to fight!

Mainly this is the dead soul. The dead soul can't feel the pain, the strength is very high, and it maintains the once powerful martial arts, combat power, including part of his consciousness!

It's just that his mind is limited to being able to talk to people and make some judgments, but it seems that he still knows what he wants to do, which is to kill everyone here!

However, these powerhouses are not ordinary people.

Although their realm is incomparable, but they are many, and they also have many methods.

Even if there are not enough people, there are still all kinds of spiritual tools, so the problem is not very big!

The pressure on them from other aspects has basically disappeared!

Ye Tianyi was waiting not far away.

Wait for these people to beat the state of the dead soul to almost the same state, and then absorb it into the soul-suppressing streamer!

The demigod-level souls are still very attractive to Ye Tianyi.

As for the situation in other places, Ye Tianyi doesn't need to worry for the time being!

After this is resolved, let's look at the big troops.

As for Ye Xian'er's safety, Ye Tianyi doesn't need to worry!

In the entire ancient battlefield, the strongest person is Ye Xian'er and the strong person she brought. It is impossible for her to have an accident. Even if something happens, she has to wait until the end!

Besides, she still has the Void Illusion Stone in her hand.

Ye Tianyi needs to consider his own safety even more.

The demigod soul was quickly wiped out.

Ye Tianyi took out the soul-suppressing banner!

"Soul Soul Banner! Get up!"

The power of the soul-suppressing banner directly absorbed the demigod soul who was condensing the ultimate move!


Everyone's eyes turned to Ye Tianyi.

"You can actually absorb the soul of a demigod directly with your spiritual weapon?"

Ye Tianyi said: "It's not that simple, it's not because the seniors have destroyed the state of the dead soul. In this case, I can try to absorb it."

"Oh? It's a good thing."

Someone seemed moved.

Ye Tianyi naturally didn't want them to be moved, and then Ye Tianyi said: "It's okay for the younger generation, to absorb these dead souls, you can cultivate a small amount of soul power, but here is the meaning of killing, this soul power... hey, Some of them are polluted by dead souls and killing intent, and the juniors don't have much thoughts anymore."

"I see."

They don't particularly believe either, but there doesn't seem to be anything to believe either.

A boy of the gods, who doesn't seem to have a background, how strong can the treasure he took out?

Moreover, if it is really a very powerful treasure, generally speaking, if a person has a very powerful treasure in his hands, it is very strong in his mind, and there is only a first-order cultivation of the gods, who would dare to take it out in front of so many people? ?

So, this should be a not so powerful treasure!

At least they won't get the attention of their group of ancient gods and kings.

Around, the hundreds of thousands of dead souls were gradually eliminated by others!

These dead souls, Ye Tianyi couldn't absorb them into the soul-suppressing banner.

Because the soul of the dead falls, it represents true death.

They are dead and their souls are gone, how can they be absorbed into the soul-suppressing banner?

Naturally, Ye Tianyi couldn't immediately absorb hundreds of thousands of dead souls in front of their faces!

If so, it's time to pay attention.

At this moment, a voice came from above the void.

"All warriors, please follow the guidelines to gather."

"All warriors, please follow the guidelines to gather!"


That majestic voice also caught everyone's attention!

At the same time, they looked at the dark void, and a red arrow appeared. The direction of the arrow should be where they wanted to gather.

For some more powerful people, this method is nothing!

"It's time to gather, it seems that it may be a major event or it may be to launch a counterattack against the dead after everyone gathers."

"These dead souls can lock our position. After all of us gather, all the dead souls should come to everyone's position. In this case, it will not be so scattered. Now we don't know what to do, but we can think of it. It is to get rid of all the dead souls here first, and then we can better solve all the dead souls by gathering!"

"Well, then let's not hesitate any longer, and let's assemble according to the guidelines! Everyone gather, don't fall behind, if you fall behind, I am afraid that you will be attacked by countless dead souls!"


Afterwards, everyone followed the directions and rushed forward.

After about three days, they probably came to the confluence.

Their number has also changed from more than 500 to more than 3,000!

They are all people you meet halfway to the meeting point from all directions!

In the middle of this, they also encountered a large number of dead souls. The reason why it took three days to reach the meeting place was actually just because the distance was too long.

Here, countless dead souls are fighting!

"It's here!"

"Well, let's rush in! Gather with everyone first!"

"It seems... the number of these dead souls is not very large. Is it possible that they will kill us soon?"

"Comparatively speaking, it really doesn't look that much, so go take a look first!"


Ye Tianyi and Mo Li looked at each other.

"Follow them and gather with a large number of warriors first."

Ye Tianyi said.


They rushed into the souls of the dead and made a hole!

Ahead, countless human warriors are also fighting.


"Everyone, someone is here again, kill!"

"Not a single one!"

"You bastard, this old man is in the immemorial god-king realm, and he dared to trap this old man in this ancient battlefield. It turned the sky upside down. Then this old man will kill all the dead souls here!"



After Ye Tianyi rushed in, he glanced at it.

This battlefield is too big, he doesn't know where Ye Xian'er is for the time being!

However, when a moonlight fell, Ye Tianyi directly locked the position!

People of Luna Temple.

It doesn't have to be Ye Xian'er, but it's possible!

"Senior Sister Mo Li, let's go meet with Moon God Palace."

Mo Li glanced at Ye Tianyi.

Gather with Luna Temple?

All right.

Anyway, she didn't have any friends here, and she didn't know many people. She could always take care of each other with Ye Tianyi.

"it is good!"

Unfortunately, that was not where Ye Xian'er was.

About three days later.

All the dead souls that could be seen around were killed by them.

A large number of human race powerhouses began to meditate and cultivate in place!

Ye Tianyi and Mo Li were looking for Ye Xian'er's location.

Now, Ye Tianyi can be sure that Ye Xian'er at least still retains some emotions.

Being with her is safer on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can also take care of her.

"We killed them?"

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