I Have a Special Forces System - Chapter 2186 come out strong

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The brief silence was for the outbreak of the top spot. At this time, Yu Sheng finally understood these meanings, and the path of cultivation became clearer in his heart.

Tianmen shook, and such fluctuations came from the retreat in the back mountain, which shook the heartstrings of many people.

What is that, that power is like a vast ocean, and the fluctuation of spiritual power like a tsunami directly swept the place, filled with a strange fluctuation.

Many people were dumbfounded, because they didn't know what happened, they just knew that the fluctuation of the back mountain was too violent, so they thought a lot.

"It seems that another amazing person has made a breakthrough, and I don't know who it is, who can have such power."

Many disciples have already begun to whisper, and have even secretly guessed a few people and have a candidate.

"Could it be Senior Brother Mo Yan? He has made rapid progress recently, and even the elders have praised him. Not long ago, he even broke through the Great Luo Realm and became one step closer to the Great Master. How long has it been? so amazing!"

The person who spoke was a female disciple with a graceful figure and good looks in all aspects.

She was rejoicing in her heart, with peach blossoms on her face, and her whole body seemed to melt into honey. The person he hoped for did not disappoint her.

"Don't come to a conclusion first. From a common sense, no one has broken through the two major realms within a few months, so Senior Brother Mo Yan can completely rule it out."

The person who spoke was a relatively handsome young man. At first glance, his clothes were fluttering, and he looked a bit immortal, but it was a pity that his face did not have the calmness and composure, and he was more frivolous.

"Why not Mo Yan, who else would it be if it wasn't for him."

Another female disciple came out and retorted, holding injustice for Mo Yan.

Ye Qingyun also looked at this place at this time, and when he saw many disciples gathered, he also came.

When many people looked at Ye Qingyun, they all showed strange expressions, because just now, some people thought that this fluctuation was caused by him. Besides him, who else has such aura.

"Senior Brother Qingyun, you are here."

Yue Lingling came at her pace, every time she fell, there was a little bit of star ups and downs.

She is one of the top ten disciples with the most outstanding qualifications in Tianmen. She is deeply liked by the elders of the older generation and has a good relationship with Ye Qingyun.

On weekdays, she was lively and active, like a spiritual fairy, but now Zi Yan is slender and asks Ye Qingyun.

Ye Qingyun nodded, "How could I not come for such a feast."

Many disciples heard that, a clever, since even their senior brother Qingyun said so, he must be a great person.

"Also ask, who is this exuding breath, it seems that it is not weaker than me."

An elder said in a low voice.

Ye Qingyun nodded, "You're right, apart from me, I'm afraid no one can handle him."

When the elders heard the words, a shivering spirit shuddered, "Could it be that this person is not from my Heavenly Sect?"

They were a little scared. Listening to Ye Qingyun's words, it was true. They were stronger than their elders, and could be on a par with Ye Qingyun. Could this be someone from Tianmen? They have never met them before.

Many people are a little confused, if it is not their Tianmen, then I am afraid it is an invader, or a big enemy.

Ye Qingyun waved his hand, indicating that they should not be nervous.

Yu Sheng didn't know what was going on outside. He slowly rose up from the valley and felt the spiritual energy above Tianmen. At this time, a sea of ​​spiritual energy came in and was absorbed by him. He felt a burst of relief.

"This retreat in the back mountain is really good."

Yu Sheng couldn't help but express such emotion.

He continued to move forward. He wanted to leave here and go to visit his former friends. I don't know if they were busy in Tianmen.

But at this moment, there seemed to be many figures in front of them, and they were black and pressed into pieces, unevenly distributed around the various peaks.

Their eyes looked in this direction invariably, with doubts, hopes, and strange expressions in their eyes.

Noticing so much focus, he didn't expect it.

Yu Sheng knew that his own heels, he understood that he was handsome on the outside, and his heart was good when he told the truth, both on the outside and on the outside.

To put it bluntly, he is really handsome, he has never questioned this point, and he will not question it in the future.

He never felt anything wrong, handsome, is this a crime, this is very nonsensical, there are so many handsome people...

However, what is the situation now, with so many eyes on him, is he trying to see through him, or even his underwear, which is too much.

"How can the rest of your life be you?"

It was an elder who was speaking, and I saw a jump bar tied in his palm. He was whipped with a blood whip for Yu Sheng a few days ago, and he was attacked.

At this time, his face was surprised, his face twitched, and he said these words.

Immediately afterwards, someone next to him came over and asked, "Did you send that wave just now?"

Everyone's faces were not calm at this time, they were not as sullen as before, they all faced Yu Sheng and wanted to hear what he had to say.

Yu Sheng didn't know what they saw or heard, but he did not see anyone after he came out of the cultivation cave.

"Is there an enemy attack? I didn't see it. I am indeed the only one here. Are you looking for me?"

Yu Sheng didn't speak much, but it was like a shocking wave in everyone's ears and could not be calmed down.

Many things, it is one thing to guess by themselves, and it is another to hear it with their own ears. The thunder in their hearts is even louder, as if they are overwhelmed.

After his words, several elders got up and flew high into the sky, and some of the elders were already exposing their eyebrows, and some sentences were awkward, but the aura that erupted at this time was unparalleled, like a volcano eruption, unstoppable.

Everyone was surprised, what are these elders or real people going to do?

Besides, in front of so many disciples, isn't this bullying the small? Moreover, Ye Qingyun is also there, so this face is not given.

The crowd was in an uproar.

Yu Sheng's eyes were firm, and under such pomp, he did not flinch.

If it was before, perhaps he also had a kind of retreat, or a sense of caution.

However, at this time, he had an impetus to greet him.

One person fights the crowd, a powerful group of powerhouses are powerful or real people.

It's like a fantasy.

Is this person humiliating Tianmen?

"You don't need to exaggerate this kid.",

Even Mo Yan, who has always been a bit arrogant, can't see it anymore. He knows that Yu Sheng's aptitude is high. When he confronts so many old guys like this, I'm afraid he will suffer.

Although it is said that he will not be beaten by force, there are still some punishments, and if it is serious, it may be abolished directly.

Yu Sheng's palms slashed like a celestial knife, directly creating a radiance.

As he advanced, he shot it with his right palm, with a majestic momentum, like a mountain ups and downs in this world, shocking everything.

The two palms directly transformed this kind of power, making everyone's face solemn, and directly using their methods to deal with it.

The two energies collided, vented here, and dispersed directly in all directions.

Some of the disciples onlookers twitched their faces at this time, and they were all panicked. This energy was so strong that their defense method was directly broken and they fell down.

Seeing this, Ye Qingyun went straight forward, and with just a wave of his hand, he dissipated that energy, and at the same time he came to the middle of the elders and Yu Sheng.

"Everyone, don't worry about this junior. To be precise, he only broke through the power."

Ye Qingyun said.

As his words spread into the ears of all the people, it was also clear.

However, at this time, someone carefully investigated and found that the rest of his life had actually reached the middle stage of great power.

"This kid has reached the mid-term, what's going on."

This is what surprised everyone. Yu Sheng broke through the middle stage of great power in one fell swoop. I have never heard of anyone in this realm who has broken through two levels in a row.

You must know that after ordinary people enter the realm of power, they must consolidate. After practicing for several years, they slowly enter the realm of the middle stage of power. The strength at that time is naturally the same as when they first broke through the realm of power. Not a world power.

However, now, Yu Sheng is indeed subverted. This kind of subversion is meaningless, and it directly denies the routine that everyone imagines in some respects, and thinks it is unreasonable.

"Oh my God, this person actually broke through two major energy realms."

Yue Lingling seemed to have heard something surprising, her mouth opened like a cherry, and it seemed like she could lay down a goose egg.

Others also have a sullen, wanting to vomit blood.

Who the rest of their lives are, they know, even speak, very clearly.

They may not know his origin, but his resume is clear. To be precise, he was just a book boy in Tianmen.

To be more precise, when I first entered the door, I was introduced by Fairy Furong, and I barely managed to get in.

In their eyes, such people are simply scum, trash, and people who are not worth mentioning.

Some people also personally experienced Yu Sheng's failure to enter the inner door. They were there at the time, and some people even laughed on the spot. They looked down on this kind of failure after going through the back door.

However, they are a lot more awake now, and the rise of the rest of their lives is like a slap in the face of some people, making them hot.

At the same time, those friends who are optimistic about Yu Sheng, as well as Fairy Furong, have smiles on their faces. Compared with those who look down on Yu Sheng, they have been silently supporting and helping. At this time, they seem to be comforted. There is nothing more than this. Good news.

Some of the elders' views on the rest of their lives also felt ok at first.

But since he killed the elder and shook the Haotian Realm, he began to pay attention to him.

I think he is an arrogant person. Although he can cultivate talents, he is too ruthless to make good achievements.

However, this part of the people is slapped in the face, and the rest of his life has reached the realm of great power at the age of youth like bamboo shoots.

What does this mean? It means that as long as there are no accidents, if you continue to grow, you will definitely be able to reach the Venerable, or even a higher realm in the future.

It can be said that such people are destined for a smooth life, what do they compare, what do they judge and look down on others.

It can be said that everyone's mood is complicated at this moment, and the rise of the rest of their lives has illuminated this place.

It is very possible that he will shine on the Southern Regions, and even the entire Wuzhou Continent, in the near future.

Such talent, such wildness, such years, these old antiques dare not imagine.

The golden years that belonged to them are no more, and many people sigh, maybe only they can set foot in the rest of their lives.

To embark on the road of great power at this age, it can be said that the future is bound to be boundless, and a golden age is waiting for them.

Yu Sheng recovered from the battle just now, and the fiery feeling in his body disappeared.

The cohesive force needs to be dissipated, and he can only feel the pain all over his body now. These powers, or real people, are too merciless, and they do it directly. In the aftermath, he was affected, but he was fine.

"Nephew Yu Sheng, we are disrespectful, just to measure your strength, it seems that it is really out of blue, we old bones are useless."

Yu Sheng was ashamed, they were attacking several times together, even if he had the power of the mid-term power, I am afraid he would be shocked and vomit blood.

Of course, if they go up one by one, they will be confident for the rest of their lives, and they will be able to compete with each other, at least to a tie.

Even if he is behind, he can retire calmly.

Under the real person, invincible, able to equal the combat power with the real person, this is Yu Sheng's evaluation of himself.

The real person, what is that, the great power is supreme, in the next chapter, it will reach the realm of respect, and if the venerable goes up, it will be the realm of ordinary immortals, that is, earth immortals.

In ancient times, how many people could reach the Earth Immortals, one could count them with one hand.

Perhaps some Earth Immortals, after reaching this realm, may not practice in this plane dimension at all.

Will go to a higher place to compete.

Perhaps, there is no such place, and there are rumors that even if it is an earth immortal, it will be sitting.

Before becoming an Earth Immortal, one has to go through two processes, Nirvana and Reshaping. This process is long and many people can't get through it. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

In front of them for the rest of their lives, these may be difficult, but they are not out of reach.

As long as the years give you a chance, time will inevitably stain their footprints and become a contender.

Who will miss, who wants to miss.

Yu Sheng looked at the old men at the upper levels of Tianmen and nodded. After all, as a junior, he still had to obey some etiquette.

"I know the elders are tempering me. It's too late for me to cherish the opportunity. How can I blame you."

Yu Sheng's remarks left everyone speechless. Although he was in awe in his words, he could hear that he and these strong men had made a move, and they were already on an equal footing. They looked at each other in a way of asking for advice, which was enough to explain one thing, Yu Sheng's The cultivation base has already pulled out 108,000 miles with ordinary disciples in Tianmen, and is not a person from the same plane.

At this time, Ye Qingyun came, and also surrendered to Yu Sheng.

Everyone was surprised. They ignored one person, that is Senior Brother Qingyun. They thought that perhaps among their peers, only people like Senior Brother Qingyun could deal with the rest of their lives.

Yu Sheng nodded to Ye Qingyun, and his eyes became hot at the same time.

The two are friends, but inevitably, there will be a war.

The two pursue high pursuits, whether it is the pursuit of martial arts or other pursuits.

In the eyes of both parties, even ordinary disciples can feel the twinkling of stars.

One sect and two emperors, this is what every sect desires.

But one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, which is also a fact.

If two or two want to survive, there is only constant checks and balances. No one can absolutely oppress the other, and they can last forever if they keep each other in check. Otherwise, it will be boring.

Ye Qingyun smiled, "You have become stronger again, it seems that I have to work hard to surpass you again."

Yu Sheng replied, "Don't worry, it will take a long time to come to Japan."

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